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  • a1b2c3
    08-17 12:34 AM
    Looking at the recent approvals looks like USCIS does the following:

    1. Pick up x number of files using a random algorithm.
    2. Arrange these files in a random order using the same random algorithm
    followed in step 1.
    3. Randomly pick any file arranged in step 2.
    4. Toss a coin.
    5. On odd dates if it is heads,approve the file. On even dates if it is tails
    approve it.
    6. If file is not approved in step 5 put it on the shelf to be picked up
    in step 1 in next cycle.

    I can only hope you are wrong :). I hope they sort first by PD and then by RP.

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  • mbawa2574
    07-06 01:49 AM
    Why does the line on top of this page say

    Goal amount for this month: 10000 USD, Received: 0 USD (0%)

    I guess, last month is about $2500, and previous month is less than $2K.

    Any plans in your mind how to get every member pay $1 every month?

    Funds will follow if people see viability. Anywaz nothing is coming out of lobbying efforts so currently how does it even matter ?

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  • Lisap
    08-10 01:58 PM
    My app was received at the NSC on June 28th at 9:02am. I havent receviced receipts or checks cashed. If for some reason my app is denied or there is a request for evidence after the 17th of Aug are we able to resubmit or will it be too late?

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  • sanam9696
    09-14 11:02 AM
    Why this fight for EB2 vs EB3..

    ideally GC should be given based on one's arrival in US or based on first filing of GC..irrespective of which category u r

    keeping that in mind, it doesn't matter, if u r EB2 or EB3 or if u r porting the date..because in either will get GC (luck is still a factor) based on number of years in US or years since GC process started.

    given a chance and if permissible under the law, most of us would want to switch to EB1..or even change the avoid this mess..but then it is too difficult to switch to EB1 compared to switching from EB3 to EB2. one would always take the least resistive path and it is right as long as it is not illegal under the current law..('t talk about morality..because when personal interests are at stake..nothing matters..for most of us)

    anyway..they have successfully created enough divisions among ourselves EB1,2,3...row...the bright side of eb3 to eb3 porting is..that everyone will become eb2 and then we will stand united..hopefully..but then we will have divisions..eb2 before this year..eb2 originally filed..eb2 with masters from us..eb2 with 5 yrs of experience..eb2 with two masters...eb2 with fair screen..eb2 with black skin..

    we have been always like that..divided and self centric and we will remain so and that's why u can see those blood sucking idiots can kill as at their will because we are not indians..but..from up, bihar, gujarat..from castes..region.language..list is endless but then we have never learnt anything from history..that's why ruled by minorities for most of the years in last 2000yrs history..


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  • asdqwe2k
    01-10 01:56 PM
    May be yes....applying greencard is required to extend the H1...having said that one has to spend huge money in applying for the same time one can also stay out of US for an year and come back if required...

    well the reasons are many...and all seems to be valid...

    I agree having 1 crore is sort of middle class..especially with the real estate boom in won't get a two bedroom flat in a decent area unless you pay around 20 lakhs...

    on a lighter note...1 crore is just simple....for the people over there...for example my father retired in early 2004 and spent his retirement money to buy a two bedroom apartment and a small piece of land (about 10 lakhs in total) the apartment itself costs about 11 lakhs and land costs about another 14 lakhs.........earning/saving of about 15 lakhs in 3 many of us could do that ;)

    when i came to US at first i thought i would go back to india if i have 1 crore, but when time goes by, i came to know that now a days in india people who have 1 Crore are considered as Middle Class,

    Who said that 1 crore is middle class in India ???

    That would mean 1 billion poor people in india according to this article, and that will include you... rtment&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1
    India�s millionaires on the rise
    India�s millionaire population in 2005 shot up by 19.3 per cent over the past year, second only to South Korea�s 21.3 per cent on world charts. The World Wealth Report, released by Merrill Lynch and Capgemini, says India had 83,000 millionaires (people with more than $1 million or Rs 4.5 crore in net financial assets, excluding their residence and consumables).
    The rate at which India is producing rich people is hardly surprising, says the report. It goes on: "Also according to the most recent Goldman Sachs projections, India has the potential to become the fourth largest economy by 2025 and the third largest by 2050, behind only the United States and China."
    Worldwide, the number of millionaires swelled by half a million in 2005 and there were 8.7 million of them, more than New York's population.
    On the top of the charts is the US with a millionaire population of 2.67 million, nearly a third of the global millionaire population. Germany, the UK, China, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Russia, among others, each have more than 100,000 millionaires

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  • amitjoey
    05-06 12:21 PM
    Any sample letters to Senators with the 'text' outlined for this current cause?
    I'm thinking duly signed letters have more impact.

    We have sent letters in the past only to get a standard CANNED answer. It is my opinion that the letters we send do not have any impact, cos as soon as they see "Immigration" as the subject, they (staff) sends the standard letter they have definining the position back.

    I do not mean to discourage you, but the need of the hour is to call all the senators. There are 100 of them.

    If you were going to do something in addition to the phone calls, Please set up an appointment w/the senator or staff and do a 20 minute Powerpoint presentation. That is more effective.


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  • gonecrazyonh4
    04-25 11:04 AM
    My husband has been working on H1B with a leading company in USA since early 2000. Our Labor was filed in March 2005 and is stuck at BEC. I am on H4 and am not able to work or contribute.

    One of our friends starting working in USA through a consultant in late 2004. Filed his I-140 directly with a substitute PD in June 2005. They received their EAD same year in October 2005 and received his physical Green card on February 2006 . He used a priority date of 1999 due to his substitute PD. Now he is a free bird and can move jobs, his wife can work and they receive all the benefits of green card.

    How fair can this be?

    We are unable to move, take up a better job, receive a promotion or take up fulltime studies even after getting admission in best Universities due to our Visa situation.

    Sweeping changes are necessary in immigration rules and the date the person starts to work on H1B should be considered as the priority date. It will eliminate lot of corruption and reward those who truly contribute to the economy.

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  • kvrr
    05-30 06:52 PM
    I reside in Minnesota. My H1 expired in Dec 2006. Applied for 3 year H1 extension in Oct 2006 based on approved I-140. H1 extension approved on Feb 5, 2007. I received H4 extensions for my family. My H1 extension was lost in the mail. Contacted USCIS on phone a minimum 100 times and local senator's office. Local senator's office called the DMV and requested they extend my license temporarily for 3 months. Meanwhile I filed I-824 for duplicate copy and my lawyer filed I-907 for premium processing. Both were rejected. Last night I searched through google and sent mail to 4-5 mail addresses at CSC. Also called CSC for the last 2-3 days. Today I got a mail "Duplicate notice sent." I do not know whether it is a duplicate approved notice or instructions on how to reapply. Life is hell if document is lost in mail.


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  • coolvigo
    06-10 09:57 AM
    How about having another session of flowers campaign? Got to practice gandhigiri continuously. Should we select a date for that? I will say 23rd June'08? We need to draw media attention!!!

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    07-25 07:56 AM
    We applied in Nebraska in August 2003, Cleared in State on August 29th 2003, Transferred to Chicago DOL on Sept 1st 2003..Got Certfied on Oct 16th 2003...So some states Labor was VERY Quick.


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  • priti8888
    07-23 06:07 PM
    My husband doesn't even want to look. He says he'll become too agitated, so only let him know the good news. I'm addicted too, but this could become a problem for me, since this week I have finals at school:o

    I am the better half too!:) Anyway, just an FYI. Since you got your RD, i would suggest you inquire about your and your familys name check status in the next few months. As far as i know, name checks are cleared whithin a few months of RD or few months after 1st Fingerprint. This would just give you some peace of mind...

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  • sprash
    02-25 05:00 PM
    I think dates won't (and should not ) move much. So at the end of year we can see big jump and then may be people like me can file I-1485.


    Yes and then they should process in LIFO order so people like you can get their GCs :p :rolleyes:


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  • Openarms
    12-17 11:52 AM
    I think most of the members in this forum updated their data, at least from EB3 India I am sure. If you guys can pull data according to PD from administration console, you should be able get some valuable data to show. I wondered why this has not been done so far??? million dollar question???

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  • hourglass
    03-06 12:07 PM
    could someone take the initiative of organizing conference calls.

    Hi pappu (admn)

    i work for an indian media/newspaper here in southern california, and trying to get an interview done for IV, which can be published subsequently, basically aiming our cause and goals and achievements and to create more awareness/publicity campaign about GC logjam.

    Can you write me your contact number and suitable time for this, it will be a telephonic interview.



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  • punjabi
    09-10 08:59 PM
    Its shocking!!! They've foolishly approved many 2006 cases and dont tell me it was unpredictable and now ppl with 2003 r still logical is this? A bunch of A** H**** working there or what?

    I know, this is very illogical. And very upsetting for the people who are waiting for a long long time. Hopefully, we'll see a shine in the clouds this year. A lot of people are aware now and have stood up against the "injustice" since last year, mainly through the efforts of IV.

    And I strongly believe that higher is the volume of the prayers, sooner they get answered.

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  • needhelp!
    09-11 10:25 AM


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  • GoldRod
    09-10 02:38 PM
    Green card is a gold rod. anybody knows why?

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  • GotGC??
    01-03 03:05 PM
    This thread is long time coming, and thank you for starting this. This is a question often discussed in friend circles, but most people I know hesitate to take a position. I think the anonymity of this forum will let us express ourselves more honestly...

    When I came to the US 6 years ago, I had deliberately made the decision not to decide in the first couple of years about staying on or returning back after sometime. I had seen too many friends and relatives who all said "don't worry, we'll back in a couple of years" and never made it back. Marriage, kids, school, house, kinds of gets on you. And before you know, your kids are making the decision for you. I know of a couple of families with grown up kids who moved back to India only to move back to US because the "kids could not adjust". It's not hard to read between the lines that "we also could not adjust".

    As days go by, it is becoming more clear everyday that I will also return back one day, sooner rather than later. I have some questions that haunt me:
    - if/when I get my GC, and if I return back, is there a way to hold on to the GC status?
    - if someone has a US citizenship, when companies such as Infosys hire them, do they have to get a work visa or something? Is there a concept equivalent of H1/GC for non Indians yet?

    When my son was in 3rd grade, he was asked a question ...who were the pilgrims from your family. I told him it was his parents.

    I presume just like the first pilgrims in USA had a lot of struggle, similarly we too are in the same boat....a time will come when we all will get our GC's....however the true beneficiary of the GC will be our children and our benefit will come by seeing our children getting that benefit. However, we all seem to be living better off than the 1st pilgrims...we are living more comfortably, driving good cars and have homes, enjoying the US dream to some extant....Even now if you go to your home are considered a wealthy guy.....even if you have less money in your bank than your counterparts in India or other places...this is due to the standard of living in USA is expensive.

    With the global economy and Infosys hiring US Citizens, I am not sure where where the job market is going, but I feel for the next 50-60 years US is still the place to live, since it has a very strong economy. With that perspective I believe a little struggle is acceptable.....

    GC is out there for all of us...keep the hope alive...

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  • garry_kay
    06-20 12:20 PM
    Finally I got my lawyer to start an inquiry at the Atlanta PERM center. My case is pending since Feb 07.

    Do you know if you got an audit? Any idea about how they decide to do audits?

    08-04 10:19 AM
    I would request everybody to send out the mails ASAP. This will certainly help....
    Pani, I was not able to upload the word doc. Can you make a word document from this and upload it...


    To, 08/05/2008

    Charles Oppenheim / Visa Section
    U.S. Department of State
    2201 C Street NW
    Washington, DC 20520


    Your Name/Your Address/EB-3 India Applicant
    Priority Date: May 2003
    Some City,

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub: Statistics on Employment Based AOS(Adjustment of Status) applications pending at USCIS under various categories

    I am writing to you to express my sense of helplessness over the unpredictability of Visa Number allotment to various employment based category. I want to bring to your attention that it�s been nearly a �Decade� since we saw any meaningful Visa Date movement from year 2001 for EB-3 Green Card applicants from India.

    It is important to know that despite of severe visa retrogression and random visa cutoff date movements, USICIS or DOS hasn�t released any official information on how many Adjustment of Status applications are pending at USCIS under various categories which leaves thousands of AOS(Adjustment of Status) applicants in complete darkness and dependent on guessing games by various Law firms.

    A green card application requires enormous amount of efforts and money from the beneficiary and his/her employer. People who are waiting for 7-8 years now would have had already spent average $15,000-$20,000, in maintaining their statuses and keep the Green Card process going on. Being stuck in a green card process keeps us bonded with 1 employer, job type etc.
    We need to know if there is any light at the end of the tunnel. We need to know for how long we have to live our life in limbo. If there is hope than we need to be patient and plan to live like that for another 1-2 years. But if there�s no light at the end of the tunnel than we need to move on with our careers and other family commitments. Only your office and USCIS can help us by releasing statistics on the number and categories of applications pending with USCIS people waiting in this category can plan their lives accordingly.

    It will be a great help if DOS or USCIS could tell us about the number of AOS application pending at USCIS along with their Categories(EB-3, EB-2, EB-1) and chargeable country.
    We have been waiting for a decade and continue to wait would it be reasonable to request you for some guidance with regards to the Visa allotment. I request your office to provide some statistics on home many Adjustment of Status applications are pending at USCIS.

    We understand that you work with in the limits of the law as set by the Congress and are limited by various constraints that are beyond your agency realm of work. We appreciate your hard work and sincerely thank you for all the hard work.

    God Bless America!

    Thank you for you attention,

    (Your Name OR EB-3 India Applicant )
    Priority Date: April 02
    Category: EB-3
    Member ImmigrationVoice.Org

    Copy Sent to

    Honorable Secretary of State
    Dr. Condoleezza Rice
    U.S. Department of State
    2201 C Street NW
    Washington, DC 20520

    Honorable Director, USCIS
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
    20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20529

    Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman
    Department of Homeland Security
    Attention: Case Problems
    Mail Stop 1225
    Washington, D.C. 20528-1225

    Senator John Cornyn
    Chairman - United States Senate Judiciary subCommittee on
    Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship
    517 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
    Washington, DC 20510
    Main: 202-224-2934
    Fax: 202-228-2856

    Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren
    Chairwoman - United States House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship,
    Refugees, Border Security, and International Law
    102 Cannon HOB
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Telephone (202) 225-3072

    05-28 05:44 PM
    Thanks for your contribution. Please join us also in calling the important list of representatives:

    Contributed $100 and ready to volunteer...
    Receipt ID: 1265-7063-2043-8518

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