Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • girishvar
    07-11 11:02 AM
    Priority Date to 2006 to me is like a flashlight in the middle of the tunnel. Whether battery will run out (retrogression again) before USCIS acting on my file is a miilion $ question.

    Let us hope for the best.

    I pray for EB3 brothers and sisters and they realizing so called american hope sooner with CIR.

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  • mihird
    08-01 10:52 PM
    Again, no journalism experience, but good at composing English, in general, and vast knowledge on USA, global economics, the H1 visa program etc.. Have written to US Senators in the past.

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  • Libra
    09-10 03:09 PM
    thanks manugee for contribution and consideration for rally.

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  • ashutrip
    06-17 02:02 PM
    not sure why is this question imp , but it's nov 2006 .....
    nov 2006 still pending!!!
    Man, mine is march 2007.....guess I will miss the bus......cuz as per my lawyer dates will retrogress in october big time


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  • yabadaba
    02-28 05:38 PM united nations may post

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  • crystal
    09-11 05:51 PM
    Seeing ur quote I remember another quote..

    Though What I am going to tell is not in the context of D.C.Rally

    Late Indian Prime Minister P.V.Narasimha Rao has a great quote, which he often quoted to reporters at interviews, where he was silent on many burning issues of his time and later used to say

    "Not taking a decision also a decision."

    In a moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing to do.
    The worst thing you can do is nothing.

    - Theodore Roosevelt


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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-13 04:37 PM
    Till last year EB 3 would get additional visa from the leftovers of ROW, both EB2 and EB 3-I would benefit from the ROW visia, now all the visas are going to EB2, so i agree with you, there is little hope for EB 3.

    Why are there no repurcussions if USCIS admits that they were incorrectly allocating the visa earlier. they can suddenly change the rules and everybody keeps quiet....strange.

    EB-3 won't need help when everyone else is done because the only people left to allocate visas would be EB-3 only . I guess we are just in for a long long wait.

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  • diptam
    08-20 03:51 PM
    I sent the email with almost similar content as the hardcopy letter we are talking here and CC 'ed the email to USCIS-COMPLAINT@DHS.GOV as well.

    My Subject was : "Complaint about Unfair and Haphazard EB3 I-140 handling at Nebraska(NSC)"

    Also i just noticed that USCIS account where i CC'ed came back with a "Out of Office Autoreply" and in the out of office message they said its an inactive account - blah ! blah !.... which gives me a feeling someone is definitely reading the account and its pretty much active but just to avoid burden of replying emails they utilized ( rather mis utilized) the feature in a very Naive manner.

    Did anyone else received any reply - i'll post if i receive any reply.

    By the way - How about dropping a email to Ombudsman as well , saw in another thread that this approach worked ... TSC and NSC 140 sufferers can put Subject as TSC and NSC accordingly.

    Let us know how many wrote emails ( in case they couldn't get 7001 from employer) or both email and letter is good to keep the pressure ON !


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  • eb3_nepa
    07-11 10:50 AM
    Not to put any dampers here, but this is extremely frustrating for the EB3 India folks. I mean how freakin long do WE have to wait before we get our turn!

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  • Gravitation
    09-29 02:13 AM
    Nah... not mad at all. It's just my twisted sense of humor... I'm happily resigned to my fate;)


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  • pappu
    06-06 04:33 PM

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  • sidbee
    03-07 10:08 AM
    Unless india address issues of Population Growth ( now it is hard to walk in many places in big cities), Morality of the Peoples (govt can not do any thing about this, we as a people always take shortcuts aslong as it does not affect us personally !!!) Broken Judicial system ( Recent statement of supreme court tells they have enough court case to deal per judge for next few decades !!) Purity of air, water,milk, Increasing corruption and detoriation in quality of education (because of priviatization we have engineering , pharmacy and other technical education colleges in every village, 95% of them dont have faculty, labs etc and only care for profit, you can graduate as long as you pay fee for admission and pay fee for their annual due) (that is why our 90% of engineers are UNEMLOYABLE) THERE ARE many other issues to list here but all we know

    If you go to our home country for short visit, you will probably like it , if you stay there more than three months and try to settle there again, you will start comparing all above to US and might feel that you made wrong choice of abondoning your GC process

    Also in money we make in some big cities in our home country we can not buy a decent home to live in as real estate prices are so INFLATED and there is no body which regulates real estate in India. Prices double evey day. I dont know how local middle class which hardly make 2-3 lac per year can afford such properties.

    After living long time in other country, it will be hard to adjust with people there. You will always face morality issue, duplicity in the people (what they talk and what they act, it is hard to trust) also artificial and selfish nature of so called social relations in home country (of which all we are proud of some how ) I find people and social relation here more frank and trust worthy (they are more open and close to reality) then our social structure where evry one try to take advantage of other some how under the so called social relations

    So think three time about all these issue of long term before you try to abondon your GC process. All these isssues you will be facing in our home country no matter how much money you make. On long term your choice might hurt you. If you are fed up with immigration issues here try to open up other avenues for you along with this country.

    This post is not entirely true.. I have never seen an college(recognized by AICTE) where u will pass only by paying fees.
    There are issues in india , but i have seen many people going back , and settling without any problems. The choice to move is more personal , then what could be discussed here ..

    I was in India recently for a 2 months vacation, and some work from our Indian office,. First few days were tough , lot of dust , traffic , pollution, But after 2 weeks i was loving it the old way .. and when i was flying back i realized I love Delhi .

    If you own a house in the major cities ( ie lot of jobs and business opportunities) then going back makes sense. But if you belong to a small city , and have to move to a bigger city anyway, then living here makes more sense.

    The reality (which is bad) is that if you have money in india , your life style is much better than what u have in US (dont forget , even earning 100K, doesn't really make u rich here , Honda and Toyota are poor people's car in US.. I have seen very few EB applicants driving a BMV,Bentley)

    When i was in India, i went to best hotels for food (2000Rs buffets) virtually every week.,just went to NY once for a 200$ buffet, in 6 years.

    So everyone has to take a personal decision, based on personal factors..


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  • saimrathi
    08-10 11:42 AM
    No checks cashed for us yet.. check my signature for details..

    We still haven't got ours, wondering if others have got it or are still waiting like us. No info on check cashed too.

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  • haddi_No1
    06-26 10:52 PM

    Building a Wall Against Talent

    By George F. Will
    Thursday, June 26, 2008; A19

    PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Fifty years ago, Jack Kilby, who grew up in Great Bend, Kan., took the electrical engineering knowledge he acquired as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois and as a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin to Dallas, to Texas Instruments, where he helped invent the modern world as we routinely experience and manipulate it. Working with improvised equipment, he created the first electronic circuit in which all the components fit on a single piece of semiconductor material half the size of a paper clip.

    On Sept. 12, 1958, he demonstrated this microchip, which was enormous, not micro, by today's standards. Whereas one transistor was put in a silicon chip 50 years ago, today a billion transistors can occupy the same "silicon real estate." In 1982 Kilby was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, where he is properly honored with the likes of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

    If you seek his monument, come to Silicon Valley, an incubator of the semiconductor industry. If you seek (redundant) evidence of the federal government's refusal to do the creative minimum -- to get out of the way of wealth creation -- come here and hear the talk about the perverse national policy of expelling talented people.

    Modernity means the multiplication of dependencies on things utterly mysterious to those who are dependent -- things such as semiconductors, which control the functioning of almost everything from cellphones to computers to cars. "The semiconductor," says a wit who manufactures them, "is the OPEC of functionality, except it has no cartel power." Semiconductors are, like oil, indispensable to the functioning of many things that are indispensable. Regarding oil imports, Americans agonize about a dependence they cannot immediately reduce. Yet their nation's policy is the compulsory expulsion or exclusion of talents crucial to the creativity of the semiconductor industry that powers the thriving portion of our bifurcated economy. While much of the economy sputters, exports are surging, and the semiconductor industry is America's second-largest exporter, close behind the auto industry in total exports and the civilian aircraft industry in net exports.

    The semiconductor industry's problem is entangled with a subject about which the loquacious presidential candidates are reluctant to talk -- immigration, specifically that of highly educated people. Concerning whom, U.S. policy should be: A nation cannot have too many such people, so send us your PhDs yearning to be free.

    Instead, U.S. policy is: As soon as U.S. institutions of higher education have awarded you a PhD, equipping you to add vast value to the economy, get out. Go home. Or to Europe, which is responding to America's folly with "blue cards" to expedite acceptance of the immigrants America is spurning.

    Two-thirds of doctoral candidates in science and engineering in U.S. universities are foreign-born. But only 140,000 employment-based green cards are available annually, and 1 million educated professionals are waiting -- often five or more years -- for cards. Congress could quickly add a zero to the number available, thereby boosting the U.S. economy and complicating matters for America's competitors.

    Suppose a foreign government had a policy of sending workers to America to be trained in a sophisticated and highly remunerative skill at American taxpayers' expense, and then forced these workers to go home and compete against American companies. That is what we are doing because we are too generic in defining the immigrant pool.

    Barack Obama and other Democrats are theatrically indignant about U.S. companies that locate operations outside the country. But one reason Microsoft opened a software development center in Vancouver is that Canadian immigration laws allow Microsoft to recruit skilled people it could not retain under U.S. immigration restrictions. Mr. Change We Can Believe In is not advocating the simple change -- that added zero -- and neither is Mr. Straight Talk.

    John McCain's campaign Web site has a spare statement on "immigration reform" that says nothing about increasing America's intake of highly educated immigrants. Obama's site says only: "Where we can bring in more foreign-born workers with the skills our economy needs, we should." "Where we can"? We can now.

    Solutions to some problems are complex; removing barriers to educated immigrants is not. It is, however, politically difficult, partly because this reform is being held hostage by factions -- principally the Congressional Hispanic Caucus -- insisting on "comprehensive" immigration reform that satisfies their demands. Unfortunately, on this issue no one is advocating change we can believe in, so America continues to risk losing the value added by foreign-born Jack Kilbys.


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  • BostonGCVictim
    01-02 04:45 PM
    This is from a guy who left after years of waiting. I don't know him personally but his prose is very powerful.

    Read it here at

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  • newbee7
    07-05 11:16 PM
    "not entirely completed" = INCOMPLETE

    They clearly broke the law...this is the first time we see the officials at ucsics confirming this and the weekend work. Perhaps, they figured out they need to admit it before they are forced to do so.


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  • ssss
    08-11 03:08 PM
    I was planning to mail the letters, but I got my I-140 approval on 08/08. So I didnot send the letters

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  • ashutrip
    06-21 01:12 PM
    search "Cohen & Grisby PERM " in youtube :(

    Looks Scary:eek:

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  • r_mistry
    01-08 02:00 PM
    Please share you experiences!!!


    01-10 02:07 AM
    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know that my EB3 I-140 got approved today. I am a July 2007 concurrent filer. This wait has been frustrating and I've had to let many good opportunities pass by. I had, in the last 2 months, opened 2 service requests. I am not sure if they did the jobor may be the time has come when we will see July approvals coming in hordes.
    Good luck to all of you.

    09-15 10:55 AM
    If somebody is eligible to jump from Eb3 -> EB2, then he should be allowed to jump.

    I am EB2. I had to change my job as my previous employer didnot allow me to file in EB2 as I didnot have prior experience even though i have MS from USA.

    I changed my job and now I am in EB2. My PD is Feb 2008. Sucks that I missed the bus in July 2007.

    Nobody should go through what I went through. If somebody is eligible to jump, then he should jump from EB3->EB2.

    Considering the current delays in labour and I140 approvals, I think the entire process of filing for new labor, then I140 and the PD porting will take around 2yrs if there are no Queries. :p

    Unless somebody's PD is mid 2006 or 2007 above in EB3, I dont think this EB3->EB2 jump will be helpful. :rolleyes:

    YOu never know what rules will change in future. :confused:

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