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  • javadeveloper
    08-14 06:39 PM
    People who can buy houses are more important to USCIS/US than people who already have bought houses.

    Thats what I am saying , if they come up with strategy like this , people will start buying homes.

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  • gc_maine2
    04-04 10:27 AM

    I am excerpting Internal Revenue Code Section 1361 below:
    Internal Revenue Code
    � 1361 S corporation defined.

    (a) S corporation defined.

    (1) In general.
    For purposes of this title, the term �S corporation� means, with respect to any taxable year, a small business corporation for which an election under section 1362(a) is in effect for such year.

    (2) C corporation.
    For purposes of this title, the term �C corporation� means, with respect to any taxable year, a corporation which is not an S corporation for such year.

    (b) Small business corporation.

    (1) In general.
    For purposes of this subchapter, the term �small business corporation� means a domestic corporation which is not an ineligible corporation and which does not�

    (A) have more than 100 shareholders,

    (B) have as a shareholder a person (other than an estate, a trust described in subsection (c)(2) , or an organization described in subsection (c)(6) ) who is not an individual,

    (C) have a nonresident alien as a shareholder, and
    (D) have more than 1 class of stock.

    (2) Ineligible corporation defined.
    For purposes of paragraph (1) , the term �ineligible corporation� means any corporation which is�

    (A) a financial institution which uses the reserve method of accounting for bad debts described in section 585 ,

    (B) an insurance company subject to tax under subchapter L,

    (C) a corporation to which an election under section 936 applies, or

    (D) a DISC or former DISC.

    There is no mention here that the "resident" must be a permanent resident.

    Here is an excerpt of the Federal Regulation that defines who is a "resident alien" for taxation purposes:

    Reg �1.871-2. Determining residence of alien individuals.
    Caution: The Treasury has not yet amended Reg � 1.871-2 to reflect changes made by P.L. 108-357

    (a) General. The term �nonresident alien individual� means an individual whose residence is not within the United States, and who is not a citizen of the United States. The term includes a nonresident alien fiduciary. For such purpose the term �fiduciary� shall have the meaning assigned to it by section 7701(a)(6) and the regulations in Part 301 of this chapter (Regulations on Procedure and Administration). For presumption as to an alien's nonresidence, see paragraph (b) of �1.871-4.

    (b) Residence defined. An alien actually present in the United States who is not a mere transient or sojourner is a resident of the United States for purposes of the income tax. Whether he is a transient is determined by his intentions with regard to the length and nature of his stay. A mere floating intention, indefinite as to time, to return to another country is not sufficient to constitute him a transient. If he lives in the United States and has no definite intention as to his stay, he is a resident. One who comes to the United States for a definite purpose which in its nature may be promptly accomplished is a transient; but, if his purpose is of such a nature that an extended stay may be necessary for its accomplishment, and to that end the alien make his home temporarily in the United States, he becomes a resident, though it may be his intention at all times to return to his domicile abroad when the purpose for which he came has been consummated or abandoned. An alien whose stay in the United States is limited to a definite period by the immigration laws is not a resident of the United States within the meaning of this section, in the absence of exceptional circumstances.

    Here is the relevant Federal Regulation on Proof of Residence for determining status for tax purposes:

    Reg �1.871-4. Proof of residence of aliens.
    (a) Rules of evidence. The following rules of evidence shall govern in determining whether or not an alien within the United States has acquired residence therein for purposes of the income tax.

    (b) Nonresidence presumed. An alien, by reason of his alienage, is presumed to be a nonresident alien.

    (c) Presumption rebutted.

    (1) Departing alien. In the case of an alien who presents himself for determination of tax liability before departure from the United States, the presumption as to the alien's nonresidence may be overcome by proof�

    (i) That the alien, at least six months before the date he so presents himself, has filed a declaration of his intention to become a citizen of the United States under the naturalization laws; or

    (ii) That the alien, at least six months before the date he so presents himself, has filed Form 1078 or its equivalent; or

    (iii) Of acts and statements of the alien showing a definite intention to acquire residence in the United States or showing that his stay in the United States has been of such an extended nature as to constitute him a resident.

    (2) Other aliens. In the case of other aliens, the presumption as to the alien's nonresidence may be overcome by proof�

    (i) That the alien has filed a declaration of his intention to become a citizen of the United States under the naturalization laws; or

    (ii) That the alien has filed Form 1078 or its equivalent; or

    (iii) Of acts and statements of the alien showing a definite intention to acquire residence in the United States or showing that his stay in the United States has been of such an extended nature as to constitute him a resident.

    (d) Certificate. If, in the application of paragraphs (c)(1)(iii) or (2)(iii) of this section, the internal revenue officer or employee who examines the alien is in doubt as to the facts, such officer or employee may, to assist him in determining the facts, require a certificate or certificates setting forth the facts relied upon by the alien seeking to overcome the presumption. Each such certificate, which shall contain, or be verified by, a written declaration that it is made under the penalties of perjury, shall be executed by some credible person or persons, other than the alien and members of his family, who have known the alien at least six months before the date of execution of the certificate or certificates.

    (c) Application and effective dates. Unless the context indicates otherwise, ��1.871-2 through 1.871-5 apply to determine the residence of aliens for taxable years beginning before January 1, 1985. To determine the residence of aliens for taxable years beginning after December 31, 1984, see section 7701(b) and ��301.7701(b)-1 through 301.7701(b)-9 of this chapter. However, for purposes of determining whether an individual is a qualified individual under section 911(d)(1)(A), the rules of ��1.871-2 and 1.871-5 shall continue to apply for taxable years beginning after December 31, 1984. For purposes of determining whether an individual is a resident of the United States for estate and gift tax purposes, see �20.0-1(b)(1) and (2) and � 25.2501-1(b) of this chapter, respectively.

    In summary, I submit to you that if you work in the US for more than 6 months out of a given year, you are a resident alien, and therefore are eligible to set up an S-Corp.

    Since I am still learning about this, any input/feedback/logical arguments with relevant proof/citations would be appreciated!

    Very good info, thanks for the posting. BUt its still not clear whether the spouse who is on EAD and does not work at all or for that matter 6 months in a given year, will she/he be eligible for setting up a S -corp??


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  • raysaikat
    01-06 12:35 AM
    Couldn't agree more - especially about paying for ANY college here vs. in India.

    I studied in IIT (B.Tech), got M.S. and Ph.D. from here and now a professor. My observations/opinions are as follows:

    1. Up to class XII, Indian schools are good. However, there are certain fundamental differences. Indian schools teach more material and sometimes more challenging material than U.S. schools. However, the majority of the students end up merely "remembering" and not learning; even in sciences. In general, an average student from an Indian school system would "know" more than an average student from an U.S. high-school, although in my view such "knowledge" (remembering something as a "data") is worthless. However, U.S. school system tends not to kill the curiosity and creativity of the students, which Indian system does. For good and brilliant students, however, there is no clear trend; you can get excellent and creative students from both systems.

    2. There are a handful of fine undergraduate institutes in India. The names comes to my mind are IITs, some RECs (Trichi used to be good), Jadavpur Univ., Roorkie, BHU, etc. (although IITs remain at a level higher than the rest). If you include maths, then count ISI's, which are better than IITs. The rest are just crappy. And I know how crappy can they be from my experience. I have the misfortune of teaching 100's of students who come here with an Anna University (or Osmania) B.Tech./B.E. degree in engineering, and knows absolutely nothing. And I am not exaggerating: they cannot write an elementary program in any language (apparently they learn something called "theoretical" computer programming in which they do not actually learn to program); does not know any mathematics (most cannot integrate x*exp(x); one student could not tell me what is f(0.7) by looking at a graph of x vs. f(x)) and cannot operate simple lab equipments. It is just unbelievable! Anyway, moving on.

    3. M.S. onwards, Indian Universities are bad. The only quality Institute in India in Engineering at the M.S. level is IISc. You have some more in other science related disciplines like TIFR (not sure if they give M.S. degree). IITs are not good at the M.S. level and beyond (in case you did not know: M.S. students in IITs are called "Matka"s and professors never grade M.S. students in the same scale with the B.Tech students in the fear that most M.S. student would then fail! And this indeed happened; true story.).

    There is indeed a severe dearth of qualified Ph.D. graduates in India. I had spoken with the director of Bell Labs in India and he finds it very difficult to find people who can work in R/D as a profession

    The basic problem is finding qualified teaching staffs. Professor's salaries, even in IITs, are about 7-10 times lower than what a qualified person with an equivalent degree currently gets in Industry. No wonder they cannot find faculty members (I have---well, at least had---an open faculty position offer from the director of an IIT; they are desperate for good persons). The compensation gap is too large, even considering nice faculty housing in a good place and good community for your family inside the IIT.

    By the way, no doubt there are crappy universities in the U.S. as well; especially at the M.S. level since there is no accreditation at the M.S. level.

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  • sj2273
    08-18 09:52 AM


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  • srikondoji
    09-09 10:58 AM
    Ah, so you are looking to purchase in Hyd. Here is the latest, if you already don't know.
    There is a talk about HMDA which is an agency to overlook a project extending the Hyderabad to Bhongir in the East and to Medak in the west.
    There will be strict implementation of plans for constructing new houses.

    Realtors have already started marketing this and extracting high prices.
    If you do have time to research, you can purchase land for cheap (around 3-4 thousand rupees per sql yard) in the outskirts.
    Good luck.

    Thank you very much for the suggestions.Once the elections are done next year do you think rates will go down..I'm actually thinking about Hyd.Have been waiting so long but rates are only going up.

    Is it possible to apply for loan with SBI/LIC from here (US)?

    Thank you.

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  • desi485
    11-19 03:29 PM
    desi, thank you for sharing above. Can some one clarify what RG means by "beyond his control exception"???

    is this a standard CIS term? Have anyone heard this term before? If it is a common term used while appeals or MTRs, I would say, RG is correct. However I haven't come across this before.

    AFAIK, it is a legal term.


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  • lazycis
    11-24 04:48 PM
    it does say that H1B ext beyond 6 years can not be granted if there is not underlying pending process for GC (LC, 140 or 485).

    However it does not talk about 'what happens if an ext is already granted'? so it still remains gray area. did I understand correctly?

    If extension has already been granted, it remains valid until it's expired, revoked by USCIS, revoked by employer or employer goes out of business. However, H1B status is technically lost (similary to the situation when h1b holder leaves the petitioner but petitioner never revokes h1). Even if USCIS does not revoke the extension, it will be investigated during new I-485 processing/H1 transfer or extension.

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  • swissgear
    08-24 12:00 AM
    Context is everything

    And people here are scolding and ranting against the program, not "loophole". But why even fight against the so-called loopholes? Don't we have anything better to do? Visa recapture is a much more worthy goal

    And BTW, a 30k salary doesn't matter for executives. Jerry Yang works for $1 a year, so does it mean he is not eligible? And what about the executives working for free for a noble cause? Not everyone is money-minded, and they may choose their goals and priorities

    GK, All I can say about your disconnected arguments are one thing. Myself and Nathan are talking about fairness about the system and on how corporates exploit the loophole thereby exploiting the hardworking individuals like you and me. We never here scolded and ranted about the program and as a matter of fact we are having issues with the so called "LoopHole" But your arguments are going in a completely different direction. You can re-read all of our posts again and see where we mentioned anything about ranting against the program.

    And BTW FYI, I never worked for TCS. And to let you know, I did my Masters in Soft Engg from BITS and Bachelors in Technology. When I say I got paid 65k for the kind of service I did to the company(5 yrs ago) , itself says a lot of things on how companies exploit which has no relation to the number of yrs of experience and qualifications.

    All that matters for those companies is whether client is made happy or not, irrespective of what you undergo. FYI I worked company starting with W (top 3 IT companies in India at that time) .

    Let me explain you how this works.....Exactly as to how it happened in my case.

    First you are given ransom salary offer say 30-40% more that what you might be earning and an immediate on-site offer within 12 months of joining the company. You feel pretty happy with all of those initially.

    Later they send you onsite as promised on L1 by making you wait for 1 yr, (even when they can sponsor you H1) so person would be eligible on L1. Things will look good until now.

    While sending you to onsite, no one will let you know what kind of salary you would be paid. Things will start to get interesting from the moment you land in US.
    You are paid just a week of hotel stay(extended stay) and 1 week car rental(only if you have valid DL). You have to beg / borrow for a ride or take public commute if available.

    After 2 days of settling you will be given a salary letter stating that your salary is 50k with a bonus of 5k.
    This is the catch. The companies feel that sending a guy on site itself is a big deal. Logically you think that person earning more at offshore than the other person will also get paid more. Its not the case, everyone at onsite are paid the same, irrespective of what their salary is are offshore(only 2 salary ranges exist).And there is no offshore component, and the pathetic thing about it is, you are paid basic salary at offshore deducting from your onsite salary.

    Also, just so you know, and onsite person playing a manager role is just an additional responsibility and not a dedicated role. So this is on top of your regular technical role.

    And now comes your GC step. After you spend 5 yrs onsite, since you have to leave back after 6 yrs, the company will file in EB1-A and thereby getting your GC. After you get your GC, you are already out of touch from the rest of the world except from your daily offshore/onsite issues and so on and you would not be able to know as to what exactly you can do with your GC. All that happens is you will not be fit to work anywhere except the place you were working at. This has happened to many of my colleagues. I was lucky enough to get out of that chaos after my 1 yr at onsite. All I can say is I'm very much happy now with GC filed in EB2 and making much more that what I used to ...

    BTW your comment on someone working for $1 or 30k is for their own noble cause and you cannot expect everyone to have that.
    And coming to a conclusion about someone who you do not know about is uncalled for...


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  • pcs
    07-05 10:17 AM
    I will email it you. Send me a PM

    Actual copy of WSJ & Congresswoman made all the difference in the reaction of the office staff

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  • needhelp!
    09-11 12:57 PM
    1, mamthavijai, theMan, lccleared, GC2015


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  • chanduv23
    06-05 10:51 AM
    I will update our numbers tonight

    Just reinstated my $50 monthly recurring contributions back :)

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  • chintu25
    09-11 04:40 PM

    I am in



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  • amitga
    07-06 02:28 PM
    Guys for sake of transparency and moving ahead with a change, we should hold elections for the core team. Lobbying efforts are not working at all.

    People are willing to write a letter or particiapte in a call, let alone spent time in meeting lawmakers and spent time in running IV on a daily basis. Please accumlate few candidates and voters. Let's see if the count of voters even reach beyond few hundreds let alone thousands.

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  • axp817
    09-10 12:54 PM
    Paypal confirmation # 4Y748719GE443013E ($100 one time contribution in addition to my past one time contributions and $50 monthly recurring).

    Thank you everyone for contributing. It is your contributions that made me contribute after looking at this thread for the past few days.

    Let us give back to IV (and ourselves) by raising ten fold ($300K) of what the goal is.

    If only 3000 people contribute $100 each, the amount raised would be $300K.

    3000 people, from my understanding is only an iota of the IV membership.

    $100 is NOT a big amount, no matter what you think/say, when the return is as huge as getting your green card faster, even a month or two faster (although we are talking years here).

    I do NOT make a lot of money.
    I have a Car payment like you.
    I have a house payment like you.
    I also have a lot of time left on my H-1B visa (12 months on the first one, before I even have to renew it for the first time) meaning I don't have worries of my visa timing out.
    I also have an approved I-140 and 485 filed, making me eligible for the EAD/AP benefits, again taking some of the fear out, of H-1 renewal or getting laid off.

    But I still think we need to keep supporting what IV is doing, I would rather take a Green card right now, than be on EAD/AP/H-1B renewals for the next 2,3,4,5 years.

    PLEASE, don't be the person that wishes six months from now, that he/she had made a contribution when the time was right.

    Thank you all.


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  • newbee7
    07-05 11:48 PM
    Guys...digg this one religously..
    For the first time one article connects our needs to what Americans are interested in; Homeland security.

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  • ramus
    07-19 12:08 PM
    Lets keep this thread moving.


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  • pmpforgc
    03-07 10:44 AM
    This post is not entirely true.. I have never seen an college(recognized by AICTE) where u will pass only by paying fees.
    There are issues in india , but i have seen many people going back , and settling without any problems. The choice to move is more personal , then what could be discussed here ..

    I was in India recently for a 2 months vacation, and some work from our Indian office,. First few days were tough , lot of dust , traffic , pollution, But after 2 weeks i was loving it the old way .. and when i was flying back i realized I love Delhi .

    If you own a house in the major cities ( ie lot of jobs and business opportunities) then going back makes sense. But if you belong to a small city , and have to move to a bigger city anyway, then living here makes more sense.

    The reality (which is bad) is that if you have money in india , your life style is much better than what u have in US (dont forget , even earning 100K, doesn't really make u rich here , Honda and Toyota are poor people's car in US.. I have seen very few EB applicants driving a BMV,Bentley)

    When i was in India, i went to best hotels for food (2000Rs buffets) virtually every week.,just went to NY once for a 200$ buffet, in 6 years.

    So everyone has to take a personal decision, based on personal factors..

    I would agree with most of what you said that it is personal issue and personal choice. if you feel here homesick then better to go home at the earliest.

    I toally dis-agree with you in terms of education issue. I am in education field since I was born (as a student and as faculty both in India and US) so I had seen closely both sides of the coins. Our education system in India is detoriating day by day with no quality control on private institutions and no nation wide approach for QUALITY of education. We have made education available to every one (mostly !!) but during that process we have made it to go in to the tank. With few good institutions among the thousands of colleges and universities does not make it good quality. Percentage of below standard education institution are increasing day by day. Each time I go back home and see how the education is detoriating, I feel deeply sorry about state of education in India. Opening college in every village and giving degree to every one who wants does not make good education. In old days we were giving those degrees to only one those deserve it and can earn it. That is why our old mass of graduates was highly acclaimed all over world. Now a days our average scientist and engineers ( I am not talking about all high quality one from population of billion !!) is very poor.

    Also just to Add here same AICTE who approves technical colleges in India, Its DIRECTOR in CHIEF was under govt investigation of messive corruption in the approval process of the institutions.

    So dont feel so good about CURRENT and FUTURE education system in India, unless we try to improove the QUALITY issue of our technical graduates at put it AHEAD of QUANTITY OF GRADUATES

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  • himu73
    09-09 11:44 AM
    Good analysis. How long did you take to put this together this comparison?

    Sorry wrong post

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  • needhelp!
    09-10 03:28 PM
    asharda rainy Jitamitra kumhyd2 ngaheer sanjay sureddy

    04-02 01:37 PM
    Villamonte - the laws are such that USCIS cannot screw up much for ROW, especially if they are not in EB3. I hope you are not gloating much about your luck. However, you cannot extrapolate your fortune to say that USCIS is an efficient organization.

    However, the laws are such that USCIS does screw up a lot with EB2 & 3 for India and China. They have to play games of predicting visa number availability between two departments (DOS & USCIS). They completely screw up the FIFO for Indians and Chinese within Indian & Chinese applicants. Luckily the FBI namecheck nightmare is over which will restore some sanity. There are many people who have to wait for years due to USCIS inefficiency.

    I know an Indian case where PD was current and USCIS screwed up. He had to sue USCIS to get it fixed.

    D.E.D is such a numbskull retard that he doesn't understand these concepts. All he harps is that you cannot investigate USCIS and USCIS awards H1B. The greatness of American democracy is that even a foreigner can ask the courts to investigate the wrongs a govt organization has done to them. In fact most democracies around the world allow that.

    Besides USCIS does not award the H1B. It just follows the laws set forth by the congress and processes the H1B applications based on those laws.

    D.E.D. just go back to the cave where you came from.

    You are entitled to your opinion.

    10-28 12:52 PM
    In addition to writing Ombudsman, it has been decided to intensify this campaign and write to higher ups at the USCIS. A few new actions items have been identified and posted at:

    Note that this campaign has active support by core members and the strategy of writing these letters has been decided after a lot of discussions. But to achieve positive results and changes at USCIS we need to send these letters in big numbers. Please participate in that campaign and send those 4 letters as soon as you can. Thanks.

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