Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • unitednations
    03-23 07:03 PM
    This is an indictment of the labor certification system and not a defense of the country based quotas.

    Not sure what you mean by this...

    I never said I agreed with country base quotas for EB. However; lawmakers, etc. are not stupid people. We have to try to understand why they are there and why it is not being changed. We have to understand the symptoms before you can find the cure.

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  • priderock
    05-31 01:23 PM
    No. What I am saying is that this is a good amendment that can help us. But if its introduced and voted upon, it will fail to pass in the Senate because this amendment has a H1B exemption and H1B quota increases are very very unpopular and controvertial since last few years.

    Therefore the achilles heel (Weak portion that will cause failure) of this good amendment is the H1B quota trick attached at the end. The amendment may pass the senate with a majority vote if it doesnt have H1B quota exemptions in it.

    logiclife , you may know more, being close to or part of the core group, about how these processes are going. But from my observation , I think these bills get passed or failed based on lobbying (apart from legislators political considerations) , even though those provisions may not be fair to all. consider why a sweeping change like amnesty(what ever you name it) to illegals is being voted in, while legals are made to stand in line forever.

    I think it will have better chances if H1 provisions are included because of a broader industry lobbyists that support H1 program. They do not support GC backlog elimination as much as they love getting more H1s.

    Who do you think will push for a bill that has only all good things for EB GC applications ? I am not questioning your reasoning, I just want to know :)

    As some one put it, " But for the bad luck, we would not have a luck". This immigration issue is being discussed because of undocumented workers and their group's push.

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  • optimist578
    04-10 07:03 AM
    I am both surprised and grateful to see the response. I am open for any positions which require expertise in programming, design, research and analysis in Securities industry. I have PM-ed most of the folks here who offered help.

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  • sbdol
    08-03 10:44 PM


    My Own Case:-> I work for a multibillion dollar telecom company and joined this company almost 15 mos ago with a promise that they would start my GC immediately. Till Now, they have not yet file my labor. Their lawfirm is Larrabee in sanDiego. I don't have much experience with them as my application is still in my company's internal queue but based on the basis of my little experience, I would certainly not recommend them



    I had extremely bad experience with them .
    It even came to the point that I had to decline a job offer after I had learned that the new company is also their client.


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  • chanduv23
    09-04 02:47 PM
    Jaime , Very good post and very encouraging. It will change at least a few minds.

    Chanduv23 , I know you are a very active member in these forums and feel very strongly about these efforts. I can probably understand your frustration, But I don't think we can embrace/attract people by alienating them.

    It is pretty broad generalization to say those who don't/can't attend the rally or those who does not have a positive disposition about the rally are bunch of lazy, TV watching , cards playing , bargain hunting , un-ambitious people.

    Let us move with a positive message. :) :) .

    If Jaime is the good cop, I am the bad cop :)

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  • abracadabra102
    07-18 04:12 PM
    Sc3 and other friends. Here is what has triggered this bad blood on the forum

    Apr VB EB2 is U and EB3 is doing well every one is normal exactly like every other VB no surge of threads and replies everything is normal

    July VB Eb2 is in Apr 2004 and Eb3 is in U again every thing is normal

    Aug VB Now suddenly Eb2 is 2006 and Eb3 is U ( no change) and all of a sudden there is a flood of e-mails complaining injustice against EB3. I think the timing of when Eb3 folks realized injuistice is what ticked off many.

    I am not saying every one shares this feeling but just the sheer volumes of posting on this thread speaks for itself. I am sure many do not agree with me (or least pretent not to agree) Any one can query Eb3 injuistice posting before Aug VB and compare it since this bulletin was posted and see the data speaks for itself we do not need any body to prove anything

    In fact looking at statistics posted by sachug22 here (, it looks like it is EB2 that got shafted all along and finally DOS/USCIS realized their folly and tried to correct the spillover rule starting this april (as explained in July'08 bulletin). This re-interpretation does not affect EB3-I negatively. I do not know why so many are getting riled up over EB2 progress.


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  • gc_delhi7
    12-23 07:28 PM
    I work for company A on H1 B. Got offer from company B and I accepted it set all the papers for H1 B transfer. Company B filed for LCA and recvd. it. They are ready to file for H1 B transfer. Gave notice to company A and they countered the offer and I want to stay.

    Now my concern is as Company B has filed for LCA but H1 transfer is not filed yet. If I decline the offer will it effect my current H1 B?

    do my present employer Company A needs to file another LCA?

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  • hebbar77
    04-10 02:16 AM
    oh ya, so you have a problem with donor status? Why don't you start with your cable company and ask them why do they charge you any money? Why don't you ask the gas station, that why do they charge you for the gas? Why don't you argue with the cashier at Walmart about the bill you have to pay if you want something? Its easy to be dismissive of others. Its even easier to fault others and argue that just because no one shared the information, so I have license to throw stones at others. But being an Eb2 highly skilled humanity savior personality that you are, why do you need a 3rd class Eb3 programmer to show you that it cost money to get things done. Why can't you see that in last 8 months this nation was going under a presidential election and nothing got done on any issue, other than bailouts and budget? Why can't you see that nothing has happened in the Congress on immigration for any other group? Why can't an highly skilled highly educated chanakya of this planet not see that it is ok for everyone to praise some immigration lawyers who are known to deliberately delay green card application, but its not ok to ridicule someone sincerely working to fix my issue? Why is it ok for me to track my application all day and not complain even once when some tracker website is asking for money to have my question from a lawyer, but will not leave any stone unturned to put the "burden of proof" of innocence on someone sincerely working to stand-up for me because I am too coward to stand-up for myself?

    Let me help you understand it because it will be too much for your eb2 species brain to understand. Simple answer - You cannot see past the things that you cannot understand. Just go and ask Walmart cashier as to why he/she is charging you money for the things you want? Maybe that will help.


    reading above posts it reminds me what I read :
    Lot of junk sold in US...
    People have gotten used to buying things that have no value. Wherever donation boxes are putup or beggers stand , people put money. Come on one does not need to pay because a other guy is asking.

    So its upto the individuals to donate. Personally I dont feel one can do much to accelerate the GC process. If you read the history you can comeup with a list of things that changed the way things got done in US!!
    Have a good one guys.


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  • javadeveloper
    07-23 03:47 PM
    Any Idea about Cohen & grigsby (

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  • vadicherla
    05-19 02:15 PM
    I just contributed $100 apart from monthly contribution

    Unique Transaction ID #0E1384565N275081J)


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  • Marphad
    01-13 10:07 AM
    ...I will donate minimum $100 for the cause.

    You can't donate for a particular cause on IV. You donate and core team decides depends on priority what to do with that money.

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  • mallikonnet
    05-29 10:30 PM
    My Contribution: 100 Dollars
    Transaction ID: 94130259F3054143G


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  • H1B-GC
    06-26 09:24 PM
    Few min back I just got the "Card production ordered" email - Took a total of 28 days

    I feel that USCIS Workers/Contractors might be working all through this weekend to Approve as many EAD's as possible. I really wish they work the same way in approving AOS Applications.But Never... Punish the immigrants as much as possible, thats the Motto.

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  • sunny1000
    06-23 05:30 PM
    I just made my call and told the lady I was from Harris County in TX. She took down my message!



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  • kshitijnt
    04-17 02:40 PM
    Now a days any junior, if they ask me about GC process, I ask them what is the law firm of the company and find out how company handles GCs. Like, do they file at the last moment? do they get into a holding pattern and delay everything etc? One of the questions I directly ask people who seek my advice is , is the company's law firm fragomen? If they say yes, I ask them to talk to their manager and stay away from fragomen and change their jobs if its a slow process.

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  • paskal
    06-27 12:46 AM
    I got my EAD card earlier this week. My validity is 6/19/2008 -6/18/ is the same day as I recieved EAD "approved" notice via the CRIS email. My "July Fiasco" EAD expires 9/16/ yes I lose 3 months!!!!

    So much for applying early :(

    appply early and lose time
    apply late and risk not being able to work

    lose- lose for us
    win-win for USCIS.

    we really need to make the retrogression a relic of the past...


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  • elliptic
    05-11 11:06 PM
    H1-visa holders with H4-spouses and children are not the only victims
    of the SSN requirement:

    (And serveral other newspaper. It is an AP story)

    Unfortunately, the article doesn't mention the problem with the SSA.


    It seems this was discussed already in other threads.

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  • rinkurazdan
    05-31 10:44 AM
    no news is good news until we see this beeing duiscusse don the floor of the senate...
    so plese keep webfaxing, emailling, calling and contributing...

    We need to keeep the momentum going.

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  • hindu_king
    05-29 05:10 PM
    Looks like the French felt like Indians are 3rd world country people and thats how they treated them. Reality is France is the newest third world country. While there are less slums in India now than 10 years ago, it's the opposite in France. They have more slums than ever and their work culture is pathetic. 35 work hours/week, 3 months vacation, endless sick days and no one can get fired. all they do is complain, riot in the streets, burn cars in suburbs. The Champs-�lys�es type of fancy France is only 10% and the remaining 90% is a sh*t-hole.

    04-28 10:26 AM
    Contributed $100

    Receipt ID: 8NN61818WV0476425

    Thank you to all of the IV team members for working so hard for all of us.

    09-20 02:02 AM
    but I did my bit because I could not attend. I was part of the rally that happened in San Jose.

    Please try to understand the message I am conveying rather than making fun. Although I did have a hearty laugh :)

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