Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • bp333
    03-04 06:25 PM
    After reading all these, got curious and checked status of my cases online after a year. I got a soft lud on my, my wife & son's case on 02/25. Something is definitely happening.

    Sorry for being ignorant. How can we determine LUD (last update date) and what is meant my soft LUD ?

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  • cheg
    07-23 03:21 PM
    Wow! Good for you! So when did you apply for your I-485? Please let us know the details so we can compare it with our situation. My husband is EB3 as well with PD Feb 2005 (Philippines). Thanks!

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  • ras
    07-06 12:15 PM
    I dont mean to say against the IV core's efforts. They are doing an amazing job with in their time limits.

    But the issue is the time limit itself. There are 20K members dependent on the limited time of the IV Core. They can only see any change when these IV Core's limited time is put to use. And if for some reason IV core is engaged personal interests ( which cannot be denied because they have their personal life too) then valuable time goes wasted.

    So the issue is the time spent on activities by the IV Core. We cannot force them to spend their lives on IV activities and at the same time cannot let down the IV member activities. So what is the best way. Get full time coordinators who can come up with strategies that can have real time implications.

    Dont bash at me this is just my understanding of the situation.

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  • ind_game
    05-14 11:48 AM
    Just an update from my side:

    I have just talked local Congresswoman's Office and I have talked to a staff member for 1 hour and she is helping me. She is going to call NSC and get to the root cause of this problem.

    If you are reading this, do not lose hope. We have to try every avenue and knock every door that is open.


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  • eb3stuck
    07-15 04:27 PM
    Count me in. I live in LA County - San Gabriel Valley

    EB3 - RIR - India
    PD 4/02, LC 9/05, I140 01/06
    I-145/EAD sent 6/28/07???
    9th year of H1 B, with 3 year ext. not stamped
    Spouse on 9th year H1-B
    1 time contribution ($200)

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  • rkotamurthy
    02-08 06:58 PM
    Thanks Pappu. I have scheduled next conf call for Friday, 2/9 at 7.00 PM PST. Call 641-297-5900 PassCode 562404. Would you care to join?


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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    07-15 11:43 AM
    I donate another $5 if we reach $2000.00 today.
    Total so far = $1170.00
    when the high five drive reaches 2000 $
    I pledge one High ($5) FiVe

    Any one else wants join with me to pledge Just 5$ at 2000 $

    EB2-2005 India
    Jul 2 485 Applied

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  • vparam
    07-21 10:53 AM
    Bring our issues in front of Ombudsman with the kind of time line we expect and let him take it up with the Govt.

    I strongly doubt whether he could help. I am not sure how many people have done like me, but the recent change of de-linking H4 time from H1 was a year long effort by me with all the laws reffered and countered arguments that i provide to ombudsman. He helped in that but the help was routing it to appropriate AG's staff. So with such a deluge of application , he will analysis and make a recommendation that would take as long as this EAD issue will cease to be an issue and that would take another year for USCIS to implement.


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  • GCBy3000
    03-10 12:02 PM

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  • akhilmahajan
    10-25 11:15 PM
    Same with me. I hope people understand that this is a serious issue.

    GO I/WE GO


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  • jungalee43
    03-12 11:54 AM
    I have been a donor since 2006 and donated about $1000+ through 3 or 5 one time payments and monthly subscription of $20.
    But I discontinued my monthly subscription seeing absence of IV core for long time in 2008. But more than that I was completely pissed off with free riders with one time questions and then disappearing, nanny questions, people sharing jokes on this forum, people commenting on the internal matters of their own country and so on. I felt the forum was being used for all other matters except the one issue it was formed to address: "RETROGRESSION in EB IMMIGRATION".
    I am fully supportive of paid membership and welcome this step. I thank IV admin for the same.
    Now my questions are
    What is the vision / mission/ purpose behind the "donor forum"?
    whether members will still be able to post questions for free and get answers? And of course vanish after that.
    Would the anti immigrants still be able to use our forum and make posts to tease us?
    And most importantly do I have start monthly subscription again to gain access to this forum? If yes, Can I just restart my $20 monthly subscription?

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  • gc_wow
    02-18 06:30 PM
    Given the current market conditions,I dont think there will be a lot of new EB1,EB-2 ROW filings.Given that EB1 and EB2 ROW are current,there will be considerable overflow to EB2 I and C.The chances are very good that EB2 I and C will move faster than it moved late last year and early this year.April 2009 quarter opens new Visa Numbers too,If EB2 ROW and EB1 are slowed because of economy then certainly there should be some additional visa numbers available for EB2 I and C.At this stage it depends on PERM EB2 ROW data.


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    07-06 10:17 AM
    What the hell on earth is this? Do you know for sure they have ignored it? Do not add masala to the existing crap. Do you understand the consequences of these kind of spiced up stuff? We all would be sulking in the security check for ever, if DHS gets pissed off or gets a congressional hearing and the authorities get lambasted over this. You are seeing how doctors are being implicated in UK and all over. Security is the most important thing right now on this planet and western world is agog over security. I dont know from where Greg Siskind and Jay Solomon got the tip off. They tipped each of their hats off and put the story in our brains to run the show. Security is not a Joke. Do not make it a bigger issue unless you dont know whether it really has happened. The consequences can be pretty dangerous to the extent of revoking all the issued GC's in the past 20 days, if congress gets high on this. I dont know what lawyers want, but my understanding is none of us want to have negative consequences of this issue.

    No matter who screwed up, we should be conveying the following message after we say that USCIS/DOS goofed up.

    "The root cause of the situation is the inability of
    a) DOS/USCIS to recapture the visa numbers from previous years
    b) to carry forward the unused numbers for atleast one year

    If congress makes the needed legislative changes to solve the above two issues, USCIS/DOS will not be in the ugliest predicaments like they are in right now"

    Its our choice to make USCIS/DOS our enemies or we get compassionate to the situation considering how arcane the current laws are. We agree or not, we have to work with them going forward. Just that they are down and we are on a bashing spree right now doesnt mean that it will be situation for ever.

    Agreed 100 % !
    Stop spreading RUMORS that can hurt us guys !

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  • satyasaich
    07-15 01:10 PM
    Here is my pledge.
    If $2000 is reached today, i will send another $50 today.
    (Fyi, i've already sent$50 yesterday)


    Thanks SkilledWorker4GC !

    Any one else would like to pledge just 5 $ when we reach 2000 $

    PD March 2005 India
    485 Applied Jul2 2007


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  • asanghi
    04-30 02:26 PM
    The link got working again, but nothing is happening as of yet.

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  • Administrator2
    04-30 02:19 PM
    Cornyn Open to Working on Immigration Reform - Roll Call (

    We need to get more, but obviously a good beginning.

    This is just in. Thanks for posting Leo07.

    Please Please Please call Cornyn office right now.


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  • skv
    06-25 10:25 AM


    Back again, I'm counting the days for the PERM approval at Atlanta, hope we all be able to file, before the retro kicks in. :)

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-11 01:34 PM
    My application was finally approved yesterday after almost 7 years in queue. Here is the sequence of events right before the approval.

    RFE email on 02/13/09
    2nd Biometrics Notice received on 02/17/09
    Lawyer receives RFE for EVL, EAD cards and Marriage Certificate on 02/24/09
    Completed Code 3 Biometrics on 02/26/09
    Soft LUD immediately after Biometrics on 02/26/09
    USCIS receives RFE reply on 02/27/09, Hard LUD and email on the same day
    Another soft LUD on 03/02/09
    CPO email on 03/10/09
    Welcome email on 03/10/09

    My PD has been current for a long time, but my application had not been touched and then suddenly USCIS became a model of efficiency. I am sure they are opening applications and approving or RFE'ing all they can. Hang in there guys.

    Congratulations! Hope you have stressless life ahead.

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  • ImmiLosers
    12-23 06:38 PM
    I have recently contacted CIS Ombudsman (3-4 Months ago) regarding my I-485 application.
    My lawyer is perpetually suggesting it may jeopardize the case.

    Is it true? and Why?

    07-06 01:04 PM
    He is trying to spin a news and get a answer of his comfort. Guyz never stop :)

    Or may be he is in some mental shock and need know what.

    07-20 04:13 PM
    I think its the right time to get in touch with the USINPAC. Not only USINPAC but all communities who ever have pacts with US government should start getting involved.

    "United we stand divided we fall"

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