Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • HariDod
    07-20 01:48 PM

    We are on same boat too.Looking for options to file I-485 without receipt number.Our lawyer insisted that we can not file I-485 without receipt number.

    We spoke with employer to let us know if they can see cancelled checks online.People who have applied in early july ,can you please let us know how many days it took to get the checks..

    Just hoping to get the receipt number ..

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  • bigtime008
    07-18 01:46 PM
    I am also stuck in BEC, but I know IV has kept BEC victims in mind.

    See the following links



    Quote from LogicLife's post

    'And finally, if you do rejoice at the revisions of July bulletin because that would somehow do justice to you and your other BEC brothers, please rejoice privately, not publicly. Rejoice all you want, if that's what gives you happiness, but send PMs to your BEC friends or do it over the phone. Have a barbeque at your home. Have a conference call and celebrate. '

    If all others can rejoice the open of visa filing at our expense publicly, why couldn't we rejoice something that'd bring fairness? Why don't they rejoince in private? You think they have us in mind? I call that BS.

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  • trueguy
    03-14 04:56 PM
    There are total 27 EB3-I approvals on since Oct'2008. In 6 months, only 27 approvals is not a good number.

    Does anybody know why USCIS is not touching EB3-I aggressively and are we close to using all EB3-I for this year already?


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  • satyasaich
    03-20 11:08 PM
    I have got an RFE for 485 application. USCIS is asking me for Employment Letter, Paystubs and W2 for the employer I NEVER worked. (I have typed exact message below)
    This is my situation-
    I worked for 'Employer #1' from Jan-2000 to Jan-2005
    Then I started working with 'Employer #2' from Jan-2005 to present. Employer #2 filed my H1/Labor/140/485. I am still working for Employer #2
    However, I thought of changing job in 2006 and 'Employer X' offered me a job and sponsored my H1 and it got approved too, but I changed my mind and decided to continue with my current employer (Employer #2) and I am still with Employer #2. Please note my latest H1B was sponsored by “Employer X”, but I never worked for this Employer.
    Please advice-
    1) What should I send to USCIS? As I don’t have (can’t get) Employment Letter, Paystubs and W2 for “Employer X”
    2) Would you consider this as simple case or complicated?
    3) Should I hire attorney? (I self filed my 485 in July-2007)
    This is the exact text - (changed Employer names)
    Service records indicate that you were granted an H1-B nonimmigrant worker classification for employment from DEC 11, 2006 to DEC 11, 2009 for “Employer X"-. However, according to the G-325a submitted with your application, you had only worked for "Employer #1" from Jan-2000 to Jan-2005 and for the "Employer #2" from Jan-2005 to the present. Please provide evidence that you were employed with “Employer X". Such evidence may include copies of: employment letter, pay stubs or w2s

    Thank you for your time and help.

    First of all,based on the information you provided i believe that
    1. You are continuously employed WITHOUT any gap, meaning working 40 hrs/ week and clean history of pay stubs, W2s etc
    2. You have been working for only one employer at any given point of time, as a full time employee
    IF What i said above is true, then RFE makes no sense. because based on the H1B rules and regulations, one can have multiple H1Bs BUT can only work for ONE employer as full time, meaning 40hrs/week.
    It is also completely legal that one can work up to 20hrs/week for second employer by paying proper taxes . but in your case i believe that you have worked for only one employer and i think you can show the evidence.
    Please contact your attorney and draft a response carefully

    Please correct me if were wrong


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  • arunmohan
    02-14 01:09 AM

    This would be a ray of light for us. Please make a strategy or plan for how to move in this direction.

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  • willgetgc2005
    07-16 06:58 PM
    I changed my law firm to Ron gothcher is very good and speaks at length,answers all questions.

    If u take, do insist on Ron Gother as your attorney and Peter Calrk as ur para legal. They are good.

    I highly recomend. They give you time and answer all questions.


    I have read your previous posts. No clue about the lawfirm you mentioned.

    speak to Ron Gotcher at, in los angeles, very experienced.



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  • zico123
    06-19 09:52 AM
    if my previous company revoke my visa after the new copmany filed for the transfer will this be a reason for ins to deny my h1b transfer?
    Once you get a receipt for your H1 transfer application you can start working for the new employer. From that point onwards your H1 application is linked to your new employer and no longer dependent on your old employer. I would suggest follow up with USCIS regarding your case.

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  • gk_2000
    03-28 09:21 PM
    Well I didn't start using it, I was responding. And thank you no one needs your lecture.

    Lecture is needed whenever the expert forgets. And you did use it first in this "discussion". Not mentioning past here. When at fault, just listen up to the music. And I repeat, it's not personal. Personally, I would like nothing better than associate in cooperative spirit and stop all childish bickering.

    When Seniors like you get down to using expletives, you are doing something like what Manmohan did when fighting against Advani. He simply lost his own respect. Get me? I consider you as seniors. Dont let that balance be disturbed, for everyone's sake.


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  • days_go_by
    03-08 04:58 PM
    of course, a different visa type, discrimination built into the law.

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  • Jaime
    09-20 12:18 PM
    I was sick rest of the day.

    I hesitate every day in doing things that help them. So far I have taken temporary decisions to continue.

    It is mentally very draining!

    I totally understand what you are going through, been there myself! Don't mind those people, keep going and do this for YOURSELF! Yes, many people will benefit from our struggle without having moved a finger, that is sad but that always happens, in every struggle, in every issue. There are other very sad things such as the visa lottery, or the 1985 amnesty which saw thousands of people from overseas come to abuse that even if they didn't qualify, and all those people got a free ride! But you know what? They are there and they won't go away. It is our choice to stay and not go away, and we have to fight for that. Together, we are friends and family at IV. That was evident at the rally! Times may get trying at times, but we'll keep going and succeed!


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  • priti8888
    07-09 03:19 PM
    Why doesnt US govt allow H4 Visa holders to work like Australian Govt does??????



    So that out of sheer boredom, H4 Visa spouses go to school and get an american degree. Eventually it works out well for the family (more $$)and the govt (more taxes)

    San Jose State University is often called San Jose spouse university :) .
    Its full of hard working H-4 spouses...

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  • stuckinmuck
    02-09 09:24 PM
    To pbojja, your post shows how you may have completely misconstrued my post. I haven't written the post out of frustration of not being EB-1/2 at all. And am I dreaming when I hear you say that good English speaking skills aren't important in the U.S? Maybe I am in another world. I said clearly that the 'fraud' desi firms and their employees have tarnished India's image. They should be removed from the system and we should be in line with 'genuine' cases. What's wrong with that? Where's the unfairness here?

    To snathan, I understand your post but I believe the tone should be more friendly and amiable. And I certainly didn't give you any red dots so peace on that front. I don't believe in petty playground politics. Actually I appreciate you reminding people about contributions since they are needed a lot for our efforts.

    Also, I can see my profile turned red since people haven't understood the essence of my posts. Very sad situation indeed.


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  • Pineapple
    06-20 11:45 AM
    ...These restrictions will impact only Indian bodyshoppers who are running just by H1b. Though H1b will be costly if CIR in the same form is passed but Most of good companies will overcome. ...

    Again, there is a common misconception that companies have unlimited access to talent in other countries, and the only limiting factor is the quota of H1B visas.
    Not true, by a long shot.
    To give a simple example, our company is looking for people in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Canada and UK since the pool of qualified people in India has dried up in our field. Can anyone guess where is the biggest talent pool? Nope, not in Bangalore, its right here in USA!! Not all companies are looking for the cheapest person. They are looking for the best person. And in many cases, the best person is already here, and has gathered more experience over the years working for US companies. But they cannot hire her, simply because she is on a visa and thereby beholden to another company. If she had a GC, that would free up the talent pool and thereby make many companies less reliant on H1Bs. Increasing GCs for EB candidates has the same effect as increasing H1 quota, with the added benefit of making the cream of the crop available and reducing the uncertainty and hassle of hiring an H1.
    This is why it is in the best interest of companies to support EB GCs.
    My friend Senthil makes the same mistakes (repeatedly, unfortunately):
    (A) Assuming that "good" companies will not be affected by any change of increase in fees for H1B, since they presumably have unlimited pockets and unlimited access to unlimited talent. (Big ha!ha!)
    (B) "Good" companies can always get to hire people in US if they exist, and the only reason they hire H1 is that they cannot find anyone in US as there is no one in US who is good enough for the job for love or money (Bigger ha!ha!)
    As to the question "then why are companies not doing enough for EB candidates", I do not know, and neither does anyone know, truthfully. Maybe they are, but as someone pointed out, no single player in the CIR game has enough clout to run the whole show. Or else the bill would have been passed long ago.

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  • sands_14
    07-01 09:50 AM
    was your first labor PD before April2004?
    If yes,then they might have taken that PD.
    If not,maybe we can see a forward movement for PD for EB2 in coming bulletin as USCIS might be trying to use as much visa numbers as possible.
    Congrats and Enjoy!

    No its I-485 I just cut and pasted the two emails I received, first at 10am then the second at 3 pm check online and the system had same messages. If its true I am having a party wow man thanks I did come to US in 1997. I do have a labor which was approved under RIR PD date 2004 but the employer refused to file I-140. Then again filed PERM in 2007 under EB2 and filed I-140/I-485 based on this PERM


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  • bijualex29
    07-07 11:06 AM
    This is regarding the recent ( rather today's) enquiry with House Committee of Judiciary on SKIL bill, HR-5744. The bill is referred to Committee on Home land security.

    They are on recess till Monday. The first step is to Mark up this bill on there calendar. That is very important. I do not know how we can influence them to do so.

    We need to work specially with small group of House of rep under House of Committee on Homeland security. (

    I believe that chairman of this committee is the most powerful person; it is usually one man show.

    We need to draft a letter specifying the chairman.

    It is much better to convey one person that 500 representative.

    I will be drafting a personal letter and sending him by email, by post and fax.

    Based on petition posted in this website , I see almost 1000 people signed. If 1000 people do the same thing to Chairman Rep.Peter King, there is a good chance that he will atleast look at the matter.

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  • needhelp!
    07-01 01:15 PM
    Thank you newuser. The count counts.. We need to get in at least couple of thousand calls. Cannot repeat the importance of this enough.

    Go IV!


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  • abqguy
    06-23 06:00 PM
    Took me a minute. The lady also recommended that I call my local rep. I told her that I already did.:)

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  • panky72
    06-23 05:18 PM
    Called Rep Smith's office. The staffer who attended the phone already knew the bill no's and said that she will pass on the message.

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  • shukla77
    11-15 01:34 PM
    Though majority would not agree but I agree with your point.

    Flower campaign wasnt started by iv (atleast not by the seniors), it slowly gathered momentum on its own and produced results .

    05-28 09:11 AM
    I have made small contribution of $50/-. Thanks to the fellow IV members on their efforts to make this a success :)

    07-05 10:08 PM
    Well let me put it in a slightly direct fashion....

    Most people seem to be in denial...For now they just want to hear that they will be ok...I''m sure we have members whose motherly instincts can kick in. Please help these poor souls...Not sure what else to say...I'm very dissapointed at how much we were able to raise..

    July 2 receipt date is critical for me for AC21 reasons - This is the only reason I am interested to know how they intend to treat cases that were received on the 'day of denial' - not sure why you are interested in polling this thread ???:eek:

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