Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • nfinity
    09-21 06:44 PM
    Here is a message from Ajoba regarding the San Jose rally....


    I must say that this is a great great effort. Both, the flower campaign and the rally. Nothing like this has been done before by wanna-be immigrants. We are hardworking, law abiding, well educated people. But until now, the general opinion was that we are at the mercy of the American immigration system. I was especially so frustrated when some of my friends thought that there was nothing wrong in what the USCIS did. Their response was simply "what can we do? let's just re-apply when the dates become current again". Historically, Indians (at least, from my experience) have been hesitant to protest against the wrongdoings of their rulers. This is seen even today, when we fear to raise our voice when our bosses or managers at work exploit us, or our advisers/professors exploit us, or if the USCIS changes rules in the middle of the game. In India too, the general opinion is "Nothing is going to change, let's not get into trouble". This rally has shown that things are changing. We all should wake up, and fight for our rights! I could not attend the rally as I am based in Michigan, but I thank all of you who protested for me and my family. I will do my best to support this effort in whatever way I can.

    Hi Guyz,

    First off, kudos to all the friends who attended the rally. I really appreciate the efforts and thank all of them.

    I just thought of starting this thread for people who did not attend. Please explain in one or two sentences why you did not attend. Whether it was a personal reason, whether u were scared, didn't care, forgot, didn't know! etc.

    My reason:
    I really wanted a green card, but because India is growing so fast, I really don't think I want it so badly anymore. So, I did not have the motivation to go ...

    I am honestly curious. What changed in two months? You were desperate then, and you are not now?

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  • testsite
    08-20 07:44 PM
    Berry Scheniderman, Virginia. Horrible experience. They took 3 months to file for my H1B extension and then I was running out of time so I had to get it converted to premium processing. They simply sit on the case.

    Alan Heckler, (Specially the paralegal named Cathy)., takes months to respond . The only thing they are quick are at getting money. Totally unresponsive.

    Under current, LLC in Chicago , takes weeks to see the paperwork that you send and weeks to process them

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  • walking_dude
    04-25 09:22 PM
    My contribution of $100 to the Recapture Drive. ID #9SC496742L7390206. This is in addition to $50 monthly contribution (already sent this month) and money spent to travel to DC for Phase II lobbying.

    Together we will Recapture all the wasted visas. Go IV.

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  • indyanguy
    03-14 12:28 PM
    I agree porting to EB2 will be much faster.

    Can we use experience gained with the current employer while porting from EB3 to EB2?


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  • arkanand
    09-13 03:45 PM
    whats with the quotes...comparing to Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr...Please dont kid yourself.

    They did it for their country and fellowmen to be free from the clutches of oppression (a much serious issue than green card i think). Although even that is extended selfishness (cos of being Indian or African American) but they dedicated their entire lives for that cause.

    We are not even close...this is just for MY GREEN CARD!

    am i wrong?

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  • guesswho
    06-04 09:51 AM
    Can someone with similar experience please help?



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  • life99f
    07-05 08:42 AM
    There will be new VB in Oct and many people will get returned 485 at that time.

    Dont dream that USCIS will take all July applications.

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  • nixstor
    03-20 11:10 PM
    Well, which interpretation? The one from April '08 or from November '05? They substantially differ. That's part of the controversy. What motivated them to change it?

    I do think that the interpretation is, at least, debatable, and I can see both interpretations. In the end, the question comes down to: does the country limit have priority over the EB category, and I don't think you can have a conclusive answer.

    But it also doesn't say the opposite.

    It also states: if Visas available. You can certainly construe the case that Visas can only be available if they cannot be assigned to a lower category. 202 (a) (5) (B) actually states that only in application of 202 (e), Visas should be deemed to be required. Does that mean they are not required otherwise? 203(b) actually uses the same terminology to allow non-required visas to fall through.

    Historically, before AC-21 was added, Visa numbers were wasted because they needed to be assigned in proportion. Irrespective of the interpretation of 202 (a) (5) this cannot happen with AC-21.

    Snips from Nov 05 Bulletin (

    The AC21 removed the per-country limit in any calendar quarter in which overall applicant demand for Employment-based visa numbers is less than the total of such numbers available.

    >> As per my understanding, When there are no per country limits, It can be assigned to any one with oldest PD. Not that it is working like that with USCIS. As I said, before in my previous post, we can imagine these visa numbers tagged with the category name beside them. <<

    During FY due to anticipated heavy demand, the AC21 provisions are not expected to apply, and the amount of Employment numbers available to any single country will be subject to the 7% cap. It is anticipated that the addition of unused FY-2005 Family numbers and the remaining AC21 numbers to the 140,000 annual minimum will result in an FY-2006 annual Employment limit of 152,000. This will mean an Employment per-country limit for FY-2006 of approximately 10,650.

    To illustrate the effect of the reduced per-county limitation during FY-2006 on the oversubscribed countries, it should be noted that during FY-2005 India used approximately 47,175 Employment numbers.

    >> Just to let you know before you think I am biased towards one thing or the other, I haven't looked at the text of the INA until a week before and for the past 2 years I have heard the same story that country limits trump category. I have spoken with an attorney and he expressed above similar opinion where we might not have noticed how numbers were overflowing and NOT overflowing to demand or lack of demand. Either way, This is not a panacea for the problem at hand as there is no clarity what so ever in either procedures. <<


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  • vbkris77
    03-05 08:54 AM
    Lets do it..

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  • ksiddaba
    06-14 12:29 AM

    My I-140 has been approved and my PD was Jan 2006. However my company merged with another company recently and I was told I have to re file for a new I-140 with the "new" company. What is your opinion on this matter?

    Also my wife is in India right now and needs to go for H4 stamping. Should I wait for her to come back before I file for I-485? Can she file a I-485 later once my I-485 has been filed even though the dates have retrogressed?


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  • Sachin_Stock
    06-14 03:53 PM
    I had applied for I-140 in march 2007 in regular processing (not premium). its in nebraska center which i think is taking quite a long time. should i hurry this up by upgrading to premium and then apply for 485?? i dont want to wait cuz who knows those 485 dates might retrogress in a couple of months.

    i wud highly appreciate any recommendations/suggestions.


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  • eb3_nepa
    12-01 10:02 AM
    One option for H4s could be to involve in organizations like Bill and Melinda Gates foundation or similar social service organizations. Well educated people can do wonders in social service. Everyone must do social service, it would be great if H4s can occupy themselves more into voluntary work etc...

    That is all well and good if like Bill & Melinda gates you have millions in your bank account... People like us would prefer 2 working spouses to give added meaning to both the partner's lives. If over and above that you have time, fine do social service.


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  • gapala
    03-20 08:42 PM
    I guess nuthing :)

    Check this post # 9
    And answer this may be I can learn something from you :)
    So in this case if I work for EMP A and apply for a h1b thru EMP B as soon as the EMP B's petition is approved I lose the approved peition with EMP A ??? COLOR]

    In case you missed it, I did answer your question, read the other thread you will find it and I do not want to say "sure you have a lot to learn" not only from me but from others as well on this forum. Lets learn together through these discussions. :)

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  • nojoke
    09-12 08:43 PM
    To the major headache we will be facing. Economy.
    It is going to get nasty and there will be massive layoffs. We will have to hope for a quick recovery. Just today lehman, then washington mutual...who knows what is in store next. I heard that car companies are asking for bailouts. We got to end this war and spend the money here on improving the economy. All this money wasted in war is draining the economy...


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  • rockstart
    07-09 03:40 PM
    Right now the anti immigration folks are not even ready to raise H1 quota by 10K . Imagine if some one asked them to allow H4 visa holders to work that is straight 100K - 300K more people in market plus least 40K added every year. How much ever I like or support your feelings its next to impossible to get any one to support this. I guess most H4 are already aware that they will not be able to work in USA. They can use the time creatively to get higher education or apply for H1.

    Why doesnt US govt allow H4 Visa holders to work like Australian Govt does??????

    Rather than crying for shortage of Manpower they should utilize the talent already present in the country. Has someone every raised this issue with the senate? I dont think so....and I think there is no forum also to take it up.

    This is a pure case of discrimination.

    Please think and contrubute.



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  • coolfun
    07-03 02:43 PM
    When exactly did you submit your application? I just called a few minutes ago to ask about mine (which was submitted early May) and the guy said I should not be affected by this as I should already be well into "the process by now" meaning I should have already been assigned a visa. He spoke very very I don't know if he was 100% sure of what he was saying:confused:

    My 485 application was also received my USCIS in second week of May '07. Does this mean that they have alloted visa number to me as well? I am confused :(


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  • kshitijnt
    04-25 08:35 PM
    Contributed $100. Intent to contribute more in July.

    Total contribution so far: $500

    Receipt ID: 4YY34503LS540804N

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  • sriteam
    05-20 12:53 PM
    Done. Good job Guys

    $100.00 USD - Unique Transaction ID #9KK0369153797784B

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  • Tito_ortiz
    12-04 04:08 PM
    I still like the idea of the "Gandhi" character. 10 IV members could dress like Gandhi, practice some coordinate steps and go for a parate on July 4th. That would be a pacific way to demonstrate our frustration.

    We just need to find 10 skinny, bald and friendly Indian male members. I am afraid that based on how this process has depressed our community, there are a number of us with the two former qualitities required.

    I don't think you should solicit members on the forum without fully letting us know the overall tone and message of your film. Where will the film be distributed and how it will be used? Who is funding your film? Get in touch with Immigration voice organization so that they can help you and let the forum members know if we should help you and if you will convey the right message for us through your film.

    07-17 09:14 PM
    Who are you to decide who is needed and who is not needed? Are you sure you do not access other sites for news on immigration; and, IV does not encourage people who come to it for news only?

    If answer is yes, please ban my access.

    12-10 11:47 AM
    If existing members don't show the commitment to the meetings or whatever we organize, then how can we expect new members to do anything?

    I feel weird even saying this, but guys don't you know that it is simple courtesy to let the host know in advance if you can't make it?

    And anything more than 15 minutes late is just plain RUDE! Do we have to teach this?

    I hear you, needhelp! I think every single chapter leader has felt this at some point.

    I would like to clarify - anything beyond 0 minutes late is rude. I have a management position in my job, and if that happens at a meeting i'd set up professionally, they get a verbal lashing from yours truly.

    It is highly disrespectful

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