Saturday, June 11, 2011

badges of rank british army

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  • Marphad
    01-13 10:07 AM
    ...I will donate minimum $100 for the cause.

    You can't donate for a particular cause on IV. You donate and core team decides depends on priority what to do with that money.

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  • headhunter
    07-20 04:59 PM
    I am not sure about effect of patriot act, but some of my friends who left in 2002 era still have accounts here. Another friend left for Banglore but his 401K is still here.

    You can keep accounts. NO problem. Patriot Act targets money laundering. You dont have to worry

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  • prince_charming
    09-12 06:47 PM
    Hey guys

    Just received email from CRIS regarding I-485 denial notice for both me and my wife.

    I used AC21 after 9 months of filing I-485. My I-140 was approved before even filing I-485 in July fiasco.

    My attorney promptly sent AC-21 and G-28 and i did see LUD on my and my wife's I-485 after that.

    My previous company informed me sometime ago that they are going to revoke I-140 and probably they did and i am assuming that's what triggered this.

    This is certainly a big damm mistake they did even after sending AC-21 docs and G-28.

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  • MightyIndian
    02-29 04:22 PM
    Sent letters to WH and to my state congressman who happens to be co-chair of India caucus in Congress. Also sent a copy to IV.


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  • aeroterp
    07-07 01:16 PM
    By exempt, you mean exempt from the cap, right? Does this mean that you still need an employer to sponsor you even if you have an advanced degree? Or can you self-petition as in the CIR?

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  • ameryki
    12-07 08:50 PM
    hey guys quick existing AP just expired yesterday. however I had applied for AP renewal 120 days in advance and received an approval in Oct. The problem is the new AP that I received in Oct is valid from Oct 2008 until Oct 2009 even when I had a valid Ap until Dec 2008. So basically I lost 2 months when I reapplied for AP. Can I do anything to get 2 months added?


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  • sobers
    06-30 12:57 PM
    CompeteAmerica press release on SKIL Bill

    I'm sure the AILA guys can get Democrat votes for this measure. After all, they're supposed to be Pro-Immigrant, right??

    IV- i think we ought to send webfaxes to the Reps who've introduced this bill for legal immigrants. This is a concrete step towards honoring America's tradition of welcoming Lawful Immigrants. Could you guys set it up? The least we can do is thank these guys. After all, its not easy doing this with "Crank Tanc" :eek: around...

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  • starscream
    06-19 03:14 PM
    CIR is to be read in the Senate Calendar tomorrow as S 1639
    Bill text:


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  • pappu
    03-05 09:05 AM
    If you guys read the letter a bit carefully, it says they do not have information about the country of chargeability and they cannot share it with us. For $5K all we can get is a breakdown of how many apps are there in each category and then it will be a guessing game of how many are pending for applicants from India/China/ROW etc. Just something to keep in mind.

    Can others analyze the letter too so that we can get the info we need rather than generic info.

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  • hsingh82
    08-09 12:36 PM
    Yes what you are saying is true. I am not denying that but how long can you stay on
    H1B is the question. But yes I also started with 50k but I am moving up. IT salaries are higher. I know banks paying 70K and going even more above 80K. You can also work as independent contractor type unlike H1B. No middle men inbetween and all expenses before tax.
    Yes ofcourse US is a far bigger economy. But I was born in India, what can I do. Within my contraints I am looking for best possibility.
    When I feel down/upset I look at this video and I feel far better and motivated: YouTube - Man with no legs and arms - Inspiring story (

    Since your wife is Canadian citizen, basically your downside risk in US is hedged. If things don't work out you can quickly move to Canada. But for others with Indian passport
    it is not so. Like I said before I am not against working in US under TN1 or H1B. Just that
    I am willing to work under desperate body shopper slave like conditions. If I get position under direct client in H1B its fine with me. In fact when your company knows that you are not that desperate they also treat you differently. Is your wife also born in Canada, if so then it is even beter, you are out of the EB-I trap. You should definiately look for US options.

    Long back when we were working under H1B/OPT for a company in India, there was the annual bonus/promotion announcement. And I saw that none (except 1) of the H1Bs got a promotion. Just one H1B got promotion and that person had recent married a US citizen. Basically the company knew that its leverage over him is gone and in order to retain him they need to promote him. It is all a zero sum game my friend.

    These were answers to someone who asked questions and not a reply to your post.


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  • gbof
    06-10 02:55 PM
    question to experts. will they send RFE's if they have already sent one and have pre-adjudicated? I hope not...

    Look forward for your think of RFE at this stage

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  • hsingh82
    08-09 11:16 AM
    yes these are very relevant qs.....will someone from canada pls advice abt these especially the cost of living, property and savings....

    I have never lived in Canda but married to a Candian citizen so I am writing this with her help and with my limited knowledge. I don't think 50K per year is enough, you may survive but living standard won't be as good, say, compared to Texas (if you are in CA then its different comparison). You pay more taxes, high insurance premiums, clothes are expensive etc. everything is higher. As per my bro-in-law, the sale price of houses in Houston is less that the cost of building house in Toronto (he is a financial consultant in Toronto). I heard socially Canada is better than US and have nicer people.

    Heathcare is free (not dental, vision etc.) but you eventually pay more taxes for that so if you are planning to bring your parents this could be good but for healthy young family basically you pay more taxes for health of others. Healthcare can be compared to US but not as good because there is cap on doctor's income (300K??) and many good doctors move to US.

    TN is defnitely good and hopefully it will remain for canadian citizens and can be renewed with no cap for maximum years but but your dependents can not work with your TN visa.

    I, myself, have applied for Canadian PR and should get it soon but that's just as stand by and won't move there unless I have to.


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  • factoryman
    02-12 11:29 AM
    Simple and yet we have not acted purposefully. I have a strong feeling that this visa grab is still going on. HLG has sent out another immigration alert to all registered emails, similar to one posted on Feb 9, 2007. . And I quote a bit

    FEBRUARY 12, 2007

    Stopping this 'unused visa grab' for only one section of retrogressed and demanding it for all retrogressed is a sure WIN for us, if it happens; if it is stopped, it will make a tectonic shift the focus to the whole gamut of issues of retrogression, backlogs etc and will put more pressure on Congress to act.

    I have seen and read all the posts in this thread started by me. I appreciate all points and posts, particularly by core team.

    The least we can do is write and fax to Congress and demand. The IV team should set up a fax, so that each of us here can protest these moves by Congress without considering other severely backlogged applications. For this I propose a simple message.
    We are severely affected by retrogression and lack of visa numbers. Many of us, high skilled workers are waiting since 2001 for our Priority Date to become current.
    We understand, as openly trumpeted by Hammond Law Group (reference: a post by HLG on Friday, February 09, 2007 at and an email sent out by HLG on Monday, February 12, 2007) that the 110th Congress is considering allocating 90,000 unused visas from EB3 category EXCLUSIVELY for Sch. A workers. They had been given relief of 50,000 unused visas once in 2005.
    We protest such a biased action. We had tried to reach many members of the house and senate and presented the above issue to them. Still our issues have not been resolved. We demand relief at equal footing. Do not appropriate all unused visas to one single category of affected workers.

    Next one/two days are crucial. Let's make a difference.

    1) In the above, I am trying to be focused, addressing one issue at a time. Backlogs, Slowness, Finger Prints are also other genuine issues. Let us stop the greedy stealing by HLG and their ilk.
    2) If for whatever reason IV will not come up with a web fax, a few of us must act individually and let the congressmen and senators know of our protest. I had faxed to a few Congressmen and Senators, from the fax machine at my workplace. Believe me, these types of protests have worked in the past.

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  • bubbles
    06-10 02:53 PM
    I wonder if anybody noticed the cyclic pattern of dates for EB3 India
    Bulletin date Visa date
    9/1/2007 Unavailable
    10/1/2007 April 22, 2001
    Steadily Advancing
    6/1/2008 Nov 01, 2001
    7/1/2008 Unavailable
    9/1/2008 Unavailable
    10/1/2008 July 01, 2001
    Steadily Advancing
    4/1/2009 Nov 01, 2001
    5/1/2009 Unavailable
    9/1/2009 Unavailable
    10/1/2009 Apr 15, 2001
    Steadily Advancing
    7/1/2010 Nov 22, 2001

    Every time it hit Nov 2001, the dates were made unavailable and the cycle started again from early 2001.
    I wonder what is going to happen next month??


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  • guy03062
    03-17 02:23 PM
    Click here ( to view .pdf file.

    The Senator introduced his bill yesterday to the Senate bypassing the Senate Judiciary Committee. Surprisingly, this bill include more positive reform for the "legal" immigration, particularly "employment-based" immigration, indeed somewhat better than the Specter's Mark!


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  • Winner
    07-01 05:37 PM
    Now go ahead and give me red dots. but my only request is please call and get your Husbands/Wifes/GF/BF to call. I will be happy with red dots if you at least call.

    You don�t deserve a red dot. Thanks for explaining the need for action in a passionate way. I know it does not matter, but gave a green dot anyways.


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  • sanju
    06-19 10:20 PM
    Hello mmandal,

    Many of us who visit IV forums everyday know that snethil1 is an idiot. I would highly recommend more people to add him to your ignore list, just as I did. I read his post because you quoted him in your post. Otherwise his posts do not even show up on my screen. He and his posts are inconsequential if you add him to your ignore list.

    Hope this helps.


    This guy's a congenital pessimist.

    Companies were vague on numbers. So how could they satisfy Senators. I knew only a few companies gave detail about open positions including Microsoft, Intel and oracle. How you can impress Senate or house? But anti immigrants gave all the layoff numbers, h1b numbers used and details of abuses happened for past few years. It is not just money power will win. With facts and numbers if you have money power then you can win. That is reason for past 3 years H1b numbers or GC numbers were not increased inspite of heavy lobbying.

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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-25 08:45 PM
    Me and my wife had each sent a letter on Feb 10 to the President and the IV PO Box. I did not see my id in the names of peeps who sent a letter.

    Just posting here to make sure you guys got the copies I sent you.
    Maybe my letter was not considered in the total sent so far and there could be others like me.
    Just a thought...

    Thanks jackisback, efforts appreciated very much, cheers for posting.

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  • swaroopmukka
    07-18 10:39 AM

    I'm also in the same situation. My labor is approved May 2007. I'll need to apply for both 140 and 485 together. Can I do it at the same time ?? or do I need to file my 140 immediately and then 485 after a few days. Time is running out now, as we never know when USCIS would again stop accepting 485s. Please advice.


    07-25 01:27 AM
    to gc28262 and maddipati1,

    Thanks for listening, I googgled to see if there are others like me and how the mess was solved.. I dont want to have problems down the line when naturalization comes around.

    If it turns out that GC was indeed approved erroneously, I will return it and that goes without saying...but who can tell how long will re-instating of AOS take and also I wish to know how I can keep my H1 from being denied. Luckily I am still with GC sponsoring employer, but ...still, I did not need all this hassle..

    I know I have received approved RIR Labor in June 2004 (it was for the same category EB3 ROW), but I do not know if the company filed I-140 or not. I will have to dig up old contacts from the company and inquire...But that was 6 yrs ago and I am not sure where people are...
    Anyways, I will try to patienty wait to get the hard copy of whatever USCIS is sending to check for Priority Date, and if it is not what I expect it to be (Nov 2005), I will call TSC to inquire.

    09-20 07:27 PM
    One thing I wish to add is that we must develop a good way of sending out many letters at will/as per the strategy of IV core to the lawmakers at critical times. We are 23K strong. Surely we can get atleast as many letters sent in to lawmakers at critical times. If you can't send a written petition to a lawmaker then I doubt it makes any sense to even think you or anyone can alter your fate, in that case time spent on sites like this is for what reason?
    Professional organizations do letter campaigns all the time and get a good response. If everyone moves on these issues it does create a splash and can bring visibility and attention.

    All ideas should be collected here in this thread.
    Thanks for your feedback, we are mindful of this issue.

    Studies regarding what is the most effective way to communicate with lawmakers have shown that writing mail is not one of the best way. Face to face meeting is always the best option. If not in DC, we can always do that in our local districts.

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