Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • rpeter
    02-08 04:09 PM
    Given that 23800 letters is appearing tough to meet can we tweak the approach such that a survey is created on IV and people can respond to it (since more people read IV than actually respond to requests) and we can use those numbers to prove the number of people behind the idea.

    Is that a possibility?

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  • santb1975
    04-26 03:04 PM
    This is awesome. Thanks for your trust

    Keep up the good work, signed up for $50 a month.

    Unique Transaction ID #171210094T036761N

    I am recently out of project and looking for job but that would not discourage me from contributing.

    BTW I have EAD.

    I would like all the members to atleast contribute $50 even if one time.

    Togather we can win.


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  • Administrator2
    02-13 03:00 PM
    Indeed it seems very few people are interested as most member may have their 485 submitted already. EB immigrants are a small minority of this country, yet we are only a small portion of this small minority. It is a sad fact, but it should not stop us from fighting..

    Dear jchan,

    We are very interested in this provision. Immigration Voice has heavily invested in this measure, both, legislatively and administrative. We have consistenly advocated for this provision which we believe will curb arm twisting by bad employers, that are like few bad apples in the big basket. Such a provision will help everyone including USCIS, lawyers, genuine companies, and direct+indirect beneficiary. Its a win-win for all.


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  • jkays94
    06-09 12:08 AM
    After watching Senator Kennedy say that the "highly skilled" are adequately taken care of under the H1-B program and thus that there is no need to work on EB amendments, then watching Bernie Sanders have his anti-H1 amendment passed under the guise of a scholarship program not to mention his claim that H1 workers replace laid off American workers, and to have Dorgan (the master of the poison pill amendment that probably killed the bill "for now") rail against the H1 program while constantly complaining that "fruit of the loom" underwear is no longer made in the USA and to see Senator Ensign's effort to reform the merit system to give high skilled workers more points shot down, one can safely conclude we have little chance attaching provisions for our cause to other bills. Any attempt to try to pass pro-legal legislation will likely meet strong opposition from the pro-undocumented lobby, not to mention the propaganda disseminated by NumbersUSA, Alipac and Co., IEEE etc etc who have managed to sneak in their provisions into CIR. Unless we can lobby stronger and dispel the myths perpetuated by these groups we face a very uphill battle. Recently these groups have been quoting a Tata executive saying that they pay their H1 workers lower wages than an American would receive. When the pro-legal immigrant groups fail to counter these accusations or fails to deny them, then they become accepted and give leeway to restrictionists to accept them as fact when they are not.


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  • raydon
    04-25 10:38 PM
    In addition to monetary contributions, it would be helpful to call the office of your representative asking them to support the bills being proposed. The representative can be looked up by zip code (5+4 digits format) at this site If you reside in a representative's congressional district (based on zip code) you are his/her constituent.

    Constituent's issues/calls/letters are given priority by the representatives over non-constituents. I became aware of this when participating in the recent lobbying activity. The more number of constituents that call, the more likely is the congressman to give importance to the common issues. The anti-immig groups have been doing this all the time. Now it is our turn to beat them with the strength of numbers.

    Please contact the representative when the bills are being taken up. This is very important in order to get support for our issues.

    More power to IV. Let's get this done.

    IV MA chapter
    Recurring monthly contribution $50.
    Participated in the DC lobbying activity

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  • gc_lover
    09-22 11:19 AM
    That is an excuse.

    If someone wants to attend, nothing stops them from attending the rally

    What you say are silly excuses

    ... and it also means those who do not want to attend are free not to attend.


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  • amitps
    09-25 03:24 PM
    I have many positive experiences with Fragomen.

    My RIR case was first filed in 2001 by a different lawyer and he screwed it up. It got rejected by DOL and bumped back to non-RIR. When the BEC was about to take the case for processing, my company hired Fragomen for the processing. Fragomen reviewed my case, worked with me, prepared and filed a new Labor petition in 24 hours as I was reaching my 6th year limit.

    When PERM was introduced, they worked with me to convert my traditional labor filing to PERM.

    During the July VISA bulletin fiasco, they kept communicating well and worked overtime (I used to get emails around midnight sometimes) and filed my case. They even followed up and made sure that I was going to attend my finger printing appt when they got the courtesy copy.

    They do well with email replies. I have never called them and hence, not sure about responding to calls. But I never had a requirement to call them as they normally reply to emails within 1 working day.

    Since Fragomen is so big, they might have a small percentage of attorneys / para legals who are not customer focussed. I have dealt with 3 different attorneys / para legals withing Fragomen, and I have high regards for them.

    My emails just go to a black box who no one opens....

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  • chiecoli
    02-13 07:54 PM
    factory man dont talk non-sense!!!!!! what is the goal your trying to achive!!!!! will you get anything????? tell us! if we suceed in preventing the release of 90,000 visa for scheduled A (nurses and PT. do you think they would allocate these visa for H1B... i dont think so factory man.

    factory man just always look at both sides of the coin.

    HLG is also firmly committed to EB relief for other classes -- such as the reform pushed by the SKIL Bill proponents, AILA, immigrationvoice, and other like minded groups � and is actively lobbying for those reforms as well. Our experience in advocacy is that the worst thing that can happen is that like minded groups pull others down. We've never talked to a Congressional staffer who believes that there is a "zero-sum" of immigrant visas. Our opinion is that we should all work together to help all visa classes, and that no one who wants EB visa reform should lobby against, say, a Schedule A carve-out.

    Those commentors in favor of immigration reform should also recognize that a Schedule A carve-out helps ALL EB visa applicants by taking visas out of the general EB3 visa classification. In other words, every EB3 applicant moves that much closer to the end of retrogression.




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  • mirage
    06-25 04:17 PM
    They hushed up and approved my EAD in 20 days. Why ???? 'cos So they don't hit Jun'30 and give 2 years. They wanted to milk another 680 from me so they hushed up and sent me the 1 year EAD in 20 days.

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  • WFGC2006
    06-09 11:21 PM
    Please don't shoot me for these thoughts, but please consider it only for sake of discussion.

    Now that CIR is defeated again for nth time, We really need to consider rethinking about our stratergy,

    I guess we are about 15K membership and if we include spouse and take a guess every one in five has dependent kid to join (wild gusstimate) we come close 35-40K approximately.

    most of us are legal and we should not having any issue in getting Green card with current law only if backlog is cleared and we recapture visa numbers.

    to recapture visa numbers we don't need any legislative reform AC-21 does apply,

    We need to spend more energy in researching possibility of recapturing 90K visas and we will be done,

    I really don't think we have strength and will power to fight legislation change along with illegals for most controversial subject.

    we are legals letz use it our advantage.

    I did belive in piggy back ride along with illegals, but I don't any more,

    Follow this post and read on !!!!

    I got RED CARDED because of this post.


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  • franklin
    09-18 12:47 AM
    oh.... i see....thats how it works...

    got it


    I just wonder how long it will be untill EB3 ROW is current. ???

    When will EB3 ROW become current, or current for YOU? The answer would be different depending on your exact question.

    Without administrative and legislative changes, the answer to number one is "a very long time" and I think I'd be safe to say that is a conservative estimate. For the record, I'm also EB3 ROW, with a PD of early 2004. I would say that would be current in 3 or 4 years

    There are roughly 200 countries in the world. It is very simple maths to figure out that 200 * 9800 (the 7% limit per country) = about 1,960,000. Its pretty obvious that this is much more than the limit of 140,000 total per annum.. and you begin to see why there is a problem. Sure - each country has a 7% theroetical limit, but not EVERY country will use that in a year. Of ROW countries, UK is pretty close to its 7% per year. Others, like Lichenstein are not (or they would all be in the US and the country would not be just one big vacation home)

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  • chiecoli
    02-13 01:40 PM
    FACTORYMAN. It is clearly stated in the rules of the NVC visa bulletin that scheduled A nurses are entitled to up to 50,000 "recaptured " numbers.... AND SHEDULED A nurses and PT are the only two occupation on the SHORTAGE LIST of the DEPARTMENT OF STATE!!!!!

    Third: Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Other Workers: 28.6% of the worldwide level, plus any numbers not required by first and second
    preferences, not more than 10,000 of which to "Other Workers".

    Schedule A Workers: Employment First, Second, and Third preference Schedule A applicants are entitled to up to 50,000 �recaptured� numbers.

    "if you can't be happy for others then you'll never be happy yourselves...your being self-righteous & "seem-to-know-it-all attitude" will get you nowhere..."

    once again STOP ACTING like a CRAB!!!!!

    nurses are not stealing the recaptured VISA those recaptured visa are specially alloted to them by the DEPARTMENT OF STATE!!!! cant you undestand simple and concrete rules!!!!!!!


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  • gccovet
    09-25 08:27 AM
    prince_charming, you had mentioned that you had done H1 transfer with AC21.
    I think it was mentioned in one of the posts in Murthy site that such a situation could lead to denial of I-485 as it would constitute abandonment of AOS application. One should use EAD after filling AC21.

    Hope Spring,

    Can you back your post with any links?

    I recently talked with my lawyer and also took consulting (paid $$$ for hourly consulting) with another lawyer as I am going thru the same route. Both the attorney mentioned there was no problem doing ac21 for H1 while AOS was pending for > 180 days and 140 approved .


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  • Almond
    07-03 06:42 PM
    If you filed early May and received a Notice of Receipt from USCIS, that means your I-485 is already in process, and you have been assigned an Alien Number already. The announcement from INS is very clear, "Effective Monday July 2, 2007 there will be no further authorizations in response to requests for Employment-based preference cases". It says EFFECTIVE JULY 2 and "NO FURTHER" right? That means the only ones affected are applications received July 2 and onwards.

    I don't know what you are confused about. Ther is nothing confusing about it at all. Maybe you're just a plain dumbass.

    Wow, that was rude and uncalled for and it makes you look like a dumbass.

    I think that some people have been waiting for this for so long that they're now starting to get worried about anything the USCIS does nowadays. If I understood correctly someone above said that just having your application in processing does not mean you have been assigned a visa so I can understand why people who have recently sent in their application would be worried. It makes them wonder whether the USCIS' claim that they're out of visas also applies to them. It may sound simple to you, but neither you nor anyone here really knows what is going on in their minds up there, there are only speculations. If we knew what was happening, there wouldn't be so much discussion.


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  • anu_t
    06-22 01:27 PM
    Does the new CIR Bill invalidate AC21...if yes then will it affect people who already have EAD before enactment of the bill.

    I read it too many times. But there is no truth about it.Right?Can anybody clear it please?

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  • sameer2730
    06-11 07:54 PM
    Its just a matter that the Company felt that your skills require only a bachelor's degree for the work that you perform,whereas other companies feel it requires a master's degree.


    I think its time to stop this discussion. It is pointless and self serving. We are all amazingly beautiful, intelligent, strong and sexy. Some are beautiful, intelligent , strong ,sexy and EB2 while the rest are beautiful, intelligent, strong, sexy and EB3.


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  • meridiani.planum
    06-27 02:35 AM
    Few min back I just got the "Card production ordered" email - Took a total of 28 days

    NSC or TSC?

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  • snathan
    03-20 10:02 PM

    Yes....Each employer must file for New H1B. But it does not invalidate the current H1B, untill its revoked by the employer.

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  • gimme_gc_asap
    07-09 04:43 PM
    They cant refuse to accept a package.They have to see what is in the package before they can decide on it.

    07-19 04:22 PM
    I think Canada might be a good option for some ppl. Here are some reasons:

    You move to canada, have greater flexibility to change jobs, your wife gets to work, in the meanwhile your employer lets the GC process continue. This way, you live a free life until you get a GC. But I seriously doubt if any employer will continue to process GC if you leave the country.

    Or you have waited long enough and are too tired to wait any longer. You would rather be elsewhere. In this case it doesn't matter where you go, Canada or back home.

    Another good reason can be that you have waited for 8-10 years in US and have no hope in sight. You are not tired but you can clearly see that the wait is completely futile and you are just hoping. You have decided to stop waiting but still want something that's close to US standards. And I think canada still comes very close to good standards.

    What do you guys think?

    yes corret,

    I do not understand the point of moving to Canada to come back to US when the retrogression seems to end(which never ends).

    What is the point in moving to Canada and waiting for something from US. I would very well stay in US and wait. At least US is better than Canada on every aspect including $$$.

    I would say, if you have PR and if you can get a very good satisfying job than what you are doing here which would add value down the line, then there is a point in moving. Just for the heck of having a PR, moving to Canada is not a wise thing to do.

    09-26 08:25 AM

    How long does it take to get the "prevailing wage info"? Does it come from State DOL or the Federal DOL?? I'm from Ohio


    Hi Nat,
    Fragomen took about 6 months in getting "prevailing wage info" for my case in 2001. My manager ( Canadian who had gone through US GC process himself) finally talked to them and asked them to file without waiting for DOL's reply on prevailing wage. (That was a risk but we agreed to take it at that point)

    That six months delay costed me 6 years in GC processing ! But thanks to my manager , otherwise I dont know how many more years I would have waited.(One of my co-worker still awaits his labor cert !)

    The big law firm goes by predefined steps , which are probably the safest way for most cases but may not be the fastest way. You need somebody who has been through this process and can understand and asks good questions to lawyers and can help lawyers to think for your perticular case. Check if you have somebody in your org to do that.

    All the best.

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