Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • SmSm
    12-01 10:50 AM
    Lets NOT do a hunger strike.
    Think of something that is unique, gets media attention, something that has not been done, but conveys the message in a very subtle way and yet is very powerful and will create a lump in the throat.
    Free math turoring, free SAT preperation classes, you get the idea....

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  • cagedcactus
    10-19 06:32 AM
    WD has clearly stepped up as one of the leaders in Michigan chapter...
    We will follow the lead.....
    great job brother..... keep them coming.... we will turn 15 into 150.... and many more.....

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  • santb1975
    04-26 03:19 PM
    We really do


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  • WeShallOvercome
    09-27 12:49 PM
    See this example to find how dates can move back after going forward in the last few months.


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  • vin
    06-14 01:44 PM
    But the million $ question is, how did the INS clear a 5 year backlog in a month! That's so unreal. I think they must've used the HIGH SPEED cable internet liquid as used by the guy in the COMCAST AD to do the dishes :-)

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  • raju123
    02-12 11:25 AM
    I agree with a_yaja,

    We all came from H1B root. We pass that barrier and want to shut gate!!
    This is not fare. Remember, when some people have opposed I 485 filling provision in Feb 15, many of our members hammered them with selfish label !

    How come we suggest to stop H1B?

    It is amusing to see that there are quite a few people who want the very door closed that they used to enter. It is even more amusing to see that the fault is always someone elses. It is similar to all the people who are opposed to immigration because it is someone elses fault that they are losing their job. Down right funny :p.

    We need to focus on solving our problems without blaming others for our problems. Because once we go down that lane, we are no better than anyone from NumbersUSA or any other organization/ people who are against immigration. It is OK if we do not support increasing H1B - but saying that the H1B program needs to shutdown is not correct. I am sure that one can reason in the same breath that the EB3 category needs to be eliminated so that retrogression can truely be eliminated :eek:


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  • IfYouSeekAmy
    08-10 09:34 AM
    India would be a good option for an Indian. For others I still think Canada and Australia are are the best options after US, in terms of standard of living, quality of life etc. It will take India decades more to achieve the same standards.

    I agree, India is a far better option.

    Assuming this discussion is about immigration/permanent-settlement and not about short term visits, work and study.

    On the side note, The only problem faced in india is over population which triggers almost all other issues. If india implements onechildpolicy most of the problems faced today will disappear in few decades. Your child (note: singular) need not leave india to enjoy international level lifestyle & benefits.

    As a backup plan to greencard advocacy we need to lobby the indian government to implement onechildpoilcy immediately.

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  • naveenarjun
    05-31 04:05 PM
    Ok - checked up the Congressional reciord the S. AMDT 1249 has status " lie on table" that means it has been killed. I guess that is bad news. But then again why does AILA say

    One amendment that has been �filed,� but is not currently �pending� is the Cantwell amendment which is very important to business immigration interests. We do not know at this time what will happen with this amendment � whether it will come to the floor for debate or be negotiated through unanimous consent into the final package.

    Is there some procedure that can undo "lie on the table"

    It's dead as a dodo


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  • willigetagc
    07-15 05:22 PM
    can somebody explain the meaning of "processing date for I-485"? For example, the Texas service center has July 17 2007 processing date for I-485 petitions.

    How to interpret that?


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  • FinalGC
    03-05 09:48 AM

    Money is not the issue here....if needed I could contribute too....

    However, if we take all these letters to the press..and have them run the show for us....also by keeping the confidentiality of the individual....Guys one letter from the guy who was fired from Microsoft made news all across cnn, yahoo and everywhere.....Let the press of US do the job for us....they will make USCIS accountanble. I lilke the idea about taking to the President or Sec of State....actually, if we take to the local Senator...that will be good enough....all these guys are always looking for spice reports like this to make things happen...Hopefully this will bring more transparency from USCIS and they will be forced to report status to the Govt, by which we will also see what we need to see.....


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  • kate123
    02-14 10:51 PM
    I did not expect such a cheap statement from a senior member like you. Infact posts like yours creates separate groups.
    Please try to contribute towards achieving the goal. If you do not like our posts please ignore this thread.
    Please do not call any one as IDIOT..


    Look at the two group of idiots here, each one trying to agrue for a specific provision to benefit him ONLY, and finding foolish reasons to support their arguments. Insane idiots or educated illitrates? You deicde. Either way, they are both the same.


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  • kate123
    02-14 10:18 PM
    Be pragmatic. How can you ask CIS NOT to raise RFE's for EAD extensions? If they find some thing fishy they would definitely dig the issue. Remember, CIS is not working for you or for me. I cannot stop laughing!

    One more thing which I do not understand is how prefiling of AOS is related to Remove\dilute same similar job requirement? If you feel there is so much of importance for your SO COMPLEX CUSTOMIZED REQUIREMENT then why dont you start a new action item and gather people?

    I hate to say this but your post is SO ridiculous which clearly implies that there is no place for people in IV who have PD's after may 2007.
    I have a strong advice for you... 'THINK B4 U INK'

    I hear some people saying childish things like hijacking this thread if anybody says anything different from what they say. What do you prefer, should I open another thread with title "oppose prefiling AOS", nobody wins neither will I or you when somebody does that. Please tolerate others views then they will tolerate yours.

    Without strengthening AC21 if you allow everyone to file AOS then anti eb folks like Grassley, Sanders, Sessions, Durbin will move from targeting H1b to targeting EAD. It takes 6 months to get Perm approval, with pre filing AOS everyone can get EAD in 6 months, anti eb folks and USCIS know that people will be jumping to EAD to escape H1 crackdown, what do you think they will do, they will add amendments and Bills to put restrictions on hiring EAD just like they put restrictions on hiring H1b. We cannot make EAD into another H1b like hell.

    Prefiling should be done to give relief to people who missed July fiasco only after
    1. Remove\dilute same similar job requirement
    2. Make sure EAD is extended without any rfe. USCIS will invent thousand things to issue rfe, EAD should be in a different league to h1 and it should not turn into another h1 where you are slapped with rfe left right and center. Example Pay stub rfe, ability to pay rfe, customer Purchase order RFE etc etc etc, Green card holders don’t have any problem working in these same jobs so why should EAD people face this nonsense (otherwise it is just like h1). Before people complain this will become like a green card, lets me answer in advance, if a person from ROW can get his green card within 12 months of coming to US, why cannot people from India\china who have worked in US for the last 5 to 10 years get the above mentioned relief on EAD. EAD should be superior to h1.the only restriction should be you should work in the same field, i.e. if your labor certification is for Software engineer, programmer analyst etc , then you work in a software related job and cannot become a greeter in walmart :-)

    Without strengthening EAD\AC21 with the above mentioned items you are turning EAD into just another h1.If we push for prefiling AOS without strengthening Ac21 it is a big disadvantage and slap on the face for all the people with older priority date. Because of July fiasco when everybody got current and filed for AOS, USCIS issued GC to people from 2006 leaving behind people from 2003, 04 and 05. USCIS should have gradually moved the dates from 2003 to 04 to 05 that way people with older PD would have got it first. With prefiling AOS it will become a lottery like in August 2008 where 2006 PD got GC over 03,04 and 05 in eb2. Safeguards have to be put in place for order of priority date otherwise USCIS will indulge in this lottery mode and excuse there behavior by claiming they did this to save visa wastage.


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  • grupak
    06-26 09:28 AM
    Is the efforts of EB3 (I) volunteers being exploited (indirectly, ofcourse)? What are they fighting for?

    I don't see how. If the bills pass, then everybody in queue benefits. Simply switching to EB2 is not going to work because it is also retro. The people impacted by retrogression should take the lead in fixing the mess.

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  • nat23
    06-26 02:09 PM
    i thought a simple majority i.e. >50 would make the bill pass through senate. is that not true?

    Nope. Need 60 votes to do anything in Senate and that is why even though the Dems have a so called majority then cant get anything done.


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  • manub
    07-08 11:06 PM
    Did any one use Latour and lleras of mainly lorenzo lleras.I appreciate any reviews on that firm.

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  • santb1975
    02-27 12:25 AM
    We will see how it goes

    Good luck santb1975! :)


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  • rklscp
    05-21 08:14 PM
    Really an interesting issue to talk about. I came to this site via google search. I am in the same boat. I am living in country for 14 years (F1 and now H1) with SSN. My wife never worked here; so she has H4. We have a daughter born here with SSN. We could not get this "stimulus rebate" because we filed "married filing jointly". I understand from IRS site that if you filed "married filing separately" you would get the benefit and you can later on amend your filing as "married filing jointly" (04/14/08). This may be beneficial if you "itemize" your deductions. You will still qualify for excemptions. But, if you do not itemize your deductions, your standard deduction will be halved if you file "married filing separately".

    We filed married filing joingly and received our tax returns and no stimulus rebate. Can we re-file our tax return by filing separately this year (i.e. extension/amendment within 3 months?) Has anyone done this? Please let me know.

    I would love to a part of any legal battle to raise our concern. Please keep us posted. I plan to check this site regularly. Also, please keep us updated with getting SSN for H4 visa holders.

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  • needhelp!
    04-29 05:45 PM
    Thank You to IV members who are contributing:
    gconmymind-51, snathan-50, smanikandan-100, ahasan-100, MunnaBhai-100, vineet-100, rameshk75-50, mariusp-35, gcfordesi-50, belmontboy-100, Houstonguy-200, vikasw-50, kshitijnt-100, pune_guy-100, walking_dude-100, prasha98-100, ivvm-50, manojp4-100, Pineapple-100, sammyb-50, ca_gc-100, santb1975-100, nav_saini-100, gcpadmavyuh-100, pcs-100, akbose-100, eastwest-50, ubetman-100, pmurgai-100, deba-100, 5-Jun-100, wa_Saiprasad-100, chaukas-100, arunmohan-50, jimytomy-100, aspiration-50, prshah102-100, czar_the_king-100, maverick6993-100, eb3_nepa-100, kumar_77-50, Alien-100, nagio-100, vin13-100, manja-100, loti_GC-50, sonaliak-100, mdmd10-100, surabhi-100, m306m-100, malaGCPahije-100, patbose-50, clif-100, goel_ar-50, djit71-100, Jitamitra-100, rajtp-100, espoir-50, rp0lol-100, kicca-50, rajmalhotra-100, anuraj1234-100, yetanotherguyinline-100, MI member 1-100, MI member 2-100, NolaIndian32-50, poreddyp-100, Karthikthiru-100, pshah-100, tapukakababa-100, h1techSlave-100, uffyegc-100, rameshk75-50, Nagireddi-100, srinivas_o-100, nc14-50, aa2aa-100, add78-100, jbr-100, jayleno-100, naidu2543-50, vansvenkat-100


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  • helpful_leo
    03-21 10:09 PM
    ..this probably is a dumb Q, but will a US STEM PhD, for e.g., require employer sponsorship to file under EB under these Frist/ Specter bills, or can it be done employer independently, as I believe, PACE allows for a select few?

    Thanks guys for your time.

    06-26 12:11 PM
    64-35 to allow debate on revised immigration bill

    06-19 03:23 PM

    I didnt mean to offend you... i really appreciate the awareness (and hope) that you have brought to this issue.

    I apologize if my selection of words have hurt you or anybody else in this forum.

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