Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • asdcrajnet
    07-06 07:13 AM
    Berry Appleman really sucks. Dont ever go there.
    I gave all my signed I485/G28/I325/I765/I131/693/Photos forms by June 8th. They filed mine on June 27th. They reviewed it for 17 days.
    They never attend email or calls. Hope mine gets accepted.

    I don't think Berry Appleman is a good firm, they took 30 days for all people to prepare simple docs for I 485 which takes 2 hours for us to prepare and they never respond to calls and email.

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  • NolaIndian32
    02-18 01:24 PM
    Now y'all got some competition going on, LA will probably never catch CA, but TX better watch out! :)

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  • ksvreg
    06-15 01:59 PM
    Please provide good reasons to purse EB3 to EB2 thru another company. I am not getting enough motivation or strong points to port from EB3 to EB2. Please provide serious input. I will definetly purse new job for porting.

    Some of the reasons in my mind to go for EB2 thru new job:
    1. Immigration freedom (like financial freedom)
    2. All new and old eb2 filers are going to get green card before me. I am not jelous about them if I have filed my case recently. But my filing happend 7 years back. So, I should really think about it but not in terms of jealous.. it could be shame on my part...
    3. Immigration rules and regulation fluctuations..
    4. Early GC means, early citizenship. Chance to survive here in Federal, Navy, Army IT jobs with security clearnace if get citizenship early. Otherwise, govt. sector will also be saturated. My position is taken away just because of not gettting early GC.. Too much think ah!!

    Some of the reasons in my mind for not to go for EB2 thru new job:
    1. Unneccearily touching the immigration process one more time and is kind of risky when INS dig deep into and do micro auditing the old and new filings. Though my case is strong,, they some time create tensions... you know what I am talking about..
    2. I have EAD. Just like GC. So, what else make difference..
    3. After spending lot of years in North East winter weather, I moved to NC. Good place in terms of everything. If I start looking for job, not sure whether I get here or somewhere in cold.

    Unable to decide about porting. Please provide your serious input so that I get good motivation. I have MS and have excellent skills in J2EE/WebSphere world. Not able to buy home due this EB3/EB2 porting in my mind. Because location change may happen if I decided to go for porting and place change happens due to that. And also not sure whether I need to look for Desi employer or corporate. I am with corporate now.. decade.


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  • snathan
    03-28 02:04 PM
    thanks you sir for reply but you joke joke me call obama. he president how me call him?
    i asking eb3 get spilllower july when spilllower coming. means how much spillower eb3 get in this july 2011. i think eb3 green card for myselves and family when sopillovwer comwe

    I dont understand what you are trying to say. There wont be any spill over coming to EB3 until EB2 - I/C become current which is few years away


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  • diptam
    07-06 09:38 PM
    Lawyers can't be trusted in immgration area ... I wrote in the other post too.

    Could you ask him for a PROOF and that the package actually reached there and USCIS actually rejected it without opening ??


    I got an email from my law firm, that my packet was refused to be accepted by USCIS.
    I received the email from my law firm (Monday night - July 2) that:
    Please note however your case was sent to Nebraska last night and did arrive - we tried!

    Which means mine was sent or reached NSC sunday night or must have been hand delievered early Mon morning. Don't know exactly what happened. I just trust them!!!!

    I didn't bother to ask my law firm further details. I will ping them first thing monday morning and try to give any update I get. I hope they have some proof of the refusal!!!!!!!............

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  • uma001
    08-19 12:16 PM
    First thanks to those who put there first hand experience in this thread, it made me think again. And now I am deciding to cross the border and go north, after 9+ years in US on H1b.

    Could someone please refer a Do-it-yourself kit that they have used and/or immigration consultant?
    I contacted one consultant, they email almost every week and when I called/emailed them saying I am ready to pursue there has been no response from other side yet.

    It will be great help for me if you could refer a kit or a consultant.

    Looking forward to join H1->Canada community :D



    Are uou IT manager or working in non IT field. If you are in IT and non manager then doors are closed for you to go to canada.


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  • gc_on_demand
    06-26 08:21 AM

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  • cbpds
    05-19 07:00 PM
    Although I raised questions about the donations earlier I thought it was time to donate as I was impressed with the email Senator feature and have been helped by IV thru various threads.

    Hence I donated $50 to IV !!

    I would encourage other non donors to donate as well......its time we all did instead of questioning IV.


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  • Robert Kumar
    03-29 08:45 AM
    It happened last year no reason why it should not happen again this year :)

    In any case i really prefer all you EB2 I guys get their GC and get out of our way so that we EB3 I guys get our (GC) seeing that is the only way we will get ours. :D:D:D

    At least if not GC i hope you guys get to file 485 to receive benefits like EAD and AP. Then you will not have to worry about going to India for a vacation. I know it is painfull to go to the embassy again for stamping.

    OK, NOW divert all your energies to my thread I just created with sub 'Good news for EB2" as below::

    I dont want to raise your hopes too much , but this is from
    So stop whining and all those posts against other categories. Lets hope the best.. EB2 guys. Pray somehting for us, EB3 s also.

    03/09/2011: May 2011 EB-2 Cut-Off Date Substantial Move-Ahead Predicted

    AILA has reported that the EB-2 cut-off dates in Visa Bulletin in May 2011 may progress ahead substantially because of large unused EB-1 numbers since October 2010 since it has about 12,000 unused EB-2 numbers. Very good news from AILA and Mr. Oppenheim.

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  • Totoro
    06-19 03:45 PM

    I didnt mean to offend you... i really appreciate the awareness (and hope) that you have brought to this issue.

    I apologize if my selection of words have hurt you or anybody else in this forum.

    No offense taken. It just gets a bit frustrating when it feels like I am taking on all of this by myself. In fact, there have been a lot of frustrations in this process, but I won't go into them here, because most are personal and not relevant to the discussion. I haven't heard from the lawyers in two weeks, so I should probably touch base with them to see what is going on.


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  • Hinglish
    03-21 05:30 PM
    The following are your words, aren't they? I am not sure how anyone could read this anything other than a suggestion that people in ROW category are unskilled and a worker from a oversubscribed country is skilled. You may be the most skilled, intelligent and smart person around here but rest of us can at least read and gather what you are trying to say.

    I have nothing against you but I wouldn't want people calling ROW folks unskilled. I know you were talking about EB3 ROW but there are ton of engineers, software designers, and many more who applied in EB3 (some by skill sets, some by force, and some by choice). They are not unskilled people by any stretch of imagination.

    Now thats unfair .... you are just using one part of the quote to distort the entire post ... The discussion and context of that statement was always on categories.... and was using that sentence as an example on categories...
    The assumption was that readers would understand categories over individual qualifications/countries of origin in this context

    If you destroy the context in which a statement is made it makes the entire post "look" bad and is disingenuous

    Here is my entire post

    "It does make sense that the overflow numbers are given to higher preference categories in single state oversubscribed countries. When you think about it, will that not be the most beneficial to United States? Who would you prefer .... and Unskilled professional from a ROW category or a skilled worker from an Oversubscribed country. I would gather it would make more sense to give the opportunity to the higher skilled since the benefit to US will be higher"

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  • gcformeornot
    03-20 07:10 PM
    a transfer or new H1?


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  • NolaIndian32
    04-28 09:59 PM
    Just send $ 100.00 through PayPal


    Thanks Karthik!!!!

    We appreciate your support!!

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  • santb1975
    04-26 12:29 AM
    We do not have Google Checkout option anymore. Thanks for comming forward to contribute

    Earlier I used google checkout for contribution but now I could not see that option. Not sure whether I am missing something, could anybody direct me to the relevant page where I can make the contribution through google checkout?


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  • natrajs
    09-04 12:44 PM
    We are not asking for any special rights or entitlement. We are not doing anthing illegal. We are just petitioning the government to treat us - fairly - in the spirit of the founding charter of this nation, Declaration of Independence - That all men are created equal, and deserve equal chances in the Pursuit of Happiness.

    No one can harm us for rallying to our cause. Our actions are protected by the First ammendment which gives Freedom of Speech and Expression to even the non-citizens.

    Will be there in DC

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  • paskal
    09-22 11:48 AM
    I really dont know what the purpose of this thread is, or whether it accomplishes anything.

    It seems to be doing more harm than good.

    if the movers of this thread have no objection i would like to close it.
    i hope though in the meanwhile we can turn the discussion to more productive directions. there is much to be done yet.


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  • kumar1
    03-14 12:04 PM
    No one is talking about what happened in Apr-2001. Bill Clinton allowed all illegal aliens to file AOS in EB-3 category. That brought estimated 8-10 million filings in Jan-Apr 2001 under EB-3 category. That's why it took so long for EB-3 to get past Apr-2001. With EB-3 having a number cap, I still have a feeling that those estimated 8-10 million are still floating around in the system and dragging EB-3 category. Any thoughts on this?

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  • sajidmd
    10-21 02:44 PM
    My wife is planning to visit India and stay there for around 4 months. What should be the answer to 2nd question, On page2....

    Expected Length of Trip ? Is it safe to mention 4 months or ??


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  • samcam
    12-11 03:40 PM
    I know you have done a lot for IV.. no body needs to vouch that.. i have seen you in action..but.. i disagree with you on only one thing, calling names.. I understand your frustration, but as a leader you cannot set a bad example... No leader has ever got people to do the right things by calling them names.. while your intent is right, you have done more harm than good by starting this flame war..

    I guess the right thing to do for the texas chapter is to call the members and find out what happened. We have chapter members phone number right?

    I myself was slated to attend the MO chapter meeting, but could not do so and I called the co-ordinator to let her know..

    remember having people skills is not the same as being politically correct..

    Again everything you said is right on point except for calling names.. I respect you for having done SO much till now and I believe you will raise the expectations of new comers with right actions and right words!

    Please contribute for the omnibus bill..

    I have said what I have felt. I am not going to be politically correct, never have been. This is not a forum for pracitising genteel speeches, pampering and politically correct messages.

    If you RSVP that "I will come" and the host prepares entire day for meeting, makes her daughter skip the extra carricular activities, ends up using better part of weekend for an event she is thinking will be attended by you, but you dont show up even and dont even bother to call they you are cancelling, then you ought to be ashamed of yourself. If you do something like that in your workplace, then you will get fired. If you signup for a volunteer training/conference on behalf of your company, get company to book your travel, make them spend time/money and then on day of travel, you dont even show up at the airport and attend conference/training that you volunteered to attend, then you will get fired. You wont get fired from Immigration Voice and there are no personal consequence to your bad, lousy manners therefore its afforable to do so, and so you can do it.

    If you think EAD is the end of the road and you are free now with AC21 options BUT on the contrary you feel more and more need to visit forums here, on Khanna portal, on Murthy's forums/chats then probably you are wrong, you are not free. You are still bound by strings that restrain your mobility and freedom.

    LURKERS : And finally, if the only reason (and this is the most common reason) for not volunteering or participating in activities or contributions is that you are afraid of USCIS or some agency retaliating against your pending 485, and the problem is cowardice. The most common reason why we have 3 times more "visitors" then logged in members is that "visitors" are afraid of the government in the most democratic and free country in the world. I need you to login so that I can get email and information about you so that I can seek your help. And I dont need your help for my own personal gain. I am not going to sell you used cars to send you spams and advertisements about something I am selling. I am one of you. Struggling and fighting against an unfair system. I need your email - not to sell you fortune cookies - but to ask for funds, ask you to attend local events, ask you to meet lawmakers. None of these things bring a single penny to my bank account. None of these things make my PD current. This is for you, if you think you are up for it. But if you are a coward then no one can help you. And if you are offended by being called a "coward" by me, then you are too coward to even recognize that you are a coward.

    07-17 02:19 PM
    If you file today it will be past october when you have to choose between EB2 and EB3 (I485 stage for EB2) till that time you have both the process going on EB2 and EB3.
    If you start EB2 process in October it will take 6 to 9 months to clear labor and I 140..

    It is taking average of 1 year for I140. And there is a possibility of PERM audit , which can derail all your plans.

    08-19 04:15 PM
    Anyone knows a good immigration lawyer in Illnois?

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