Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • ashishgour
    05-18 01:35 PM

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  • pandu_hawaldar
    06-30 05:33 PM
    Based on the instruction of the paper file EAD, you can file your application based on the state you live in. it is either nebraska or texas.


    You have written nice procedure for efiling.

    Do you happen to anything similar thread or resource for paper filing.

    I am confused on address fro mailing....
    I live in PA and 485 pending at Nebraska...whereas EAD was issued last time from California...

    Thank you.


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  • mbartosik
    09-21 07:24 PM
    If you are from India or from a country which fought for its freedom, you would not ask this question.

    When M.K.Gandhi held his first rally against the British rulers(nothing personal here Franklin and Mark :) ), it did not result in immediate freedom, but was it worthless ?

    It's not just India that won freedom either, don't forget USA!
    Although I do admire Gandhi's approach more.

    If Britain still ruled India, I'd probably be marching with you in India!

    What would rather you tell your children, "I sat at home and read the forums", or "I marched in the streets".

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  • vxg
    07-14 12:50 PM
    I dont think so as I am from BEC with PD of Jul, 04, EB2 I and still waiting.
    Are we assuming that all the BEC (Backlog Elimination Center) EB2's have already gotten their GCs..?


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  • naushit
    11-17 10:46 PM
    While we are brainstorming constructive ideas, I would like to suggest some fund raising ideas. ( I have posted this kind of ideas earlier but no solid response.)

    Instead of strictly relying on funding drives IV should consider alternative source of funding.

    Here are two most simple ideas

    1) Start showing Google ads on IV website. I am happy to see click on ads and generate some fund for IV

    2) IV branded credit card, its very simple Chase/BOA will be happy to sponsor IV credit card and pay 2% back monthly to IV if they can sign up 20,000 new customers.

    Keep asking for donating fund hits wall everytime, its time to work on alternative ideas.

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  • Jaime
    09-04 10:18 PM
    Jaime - SUPERTASTIC!!!

    don't foget to send your info to

    => one more from lonestar state

    Everybody! Have you been thinking? Making up your mind? Let us help you, the decision is YES! Now, just make your reservations and come to Washington! We will help you with anything you need! Just PM us!


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  • sumansk
    07-09 02:06 PM
    Donot Worry..Every one eligible to apply is included in the suit even though you may have not sent the packets...

    Have FUN and NJOY

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  • Anna35
    09-25 06:02 AM


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  • gconmymind
    04-28 03:32 PM
    Hurry up guys...let us make the first 10K latest by tomorrow....I will contribute another $50 then..

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  • garybanz
    05-21 03:29 PM
    Sent a $100 check to the TX chapter towards lobby day expenses.

    Go IV Go


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  • geevikram
    05-20 12:31 PM
    Thanks rayoflight. But am'I not helping myself? Please donate generously, this is your future/your child's future.

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  • bvibhu
    07-17 12:25 PM
    These guys are just great. They prepared my case in less than a week. The turnaround time for any e-mail was less than half a day. They answered 90% of my phone calls.


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  • GCard_Dream
    03-20 08:46 PM
    So are you suggesting that everyone in EB3 ROW is unskilled professional?

    And I think you need some reading lessons .... read my post ... the comparison is between categories for eg EB2 for IN/CHina vs EB3 for ROW

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  • Hermione
    09-19 06:33 PM
    Good post. Politics is a game of give and take. One thing legal immigrants should learn is not to distance themseves too much from the cause of illegals. If we support DREAM act, they will support SKIL bill. If we support admission bar repealed or 245(i), they will support higher numeric quotes and not counting of dependents. Think about it, our common goal is the same - to have a fair immigration system, where every desrving person has a chance to come to this country legally and with dignity.


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  • permfiling
    01-08 11:17 PM
    Hi folks,
    I used to work in company A where my I-140 got approved but I was laid off. Now I am with company B in a higher position and pay but B has delayed filing my PERM. As the economy is bad so I am looking to go back to A and file 485 when PD is current. I need to give a copy of H1 for transfer from B to A. Will i be needing the original H1 copy from B at any time as B gave me a copy not the original (weird).

    EB2 : 10/05

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  • CaliGC
    06-14 01:24 PM

    Ofcourse everyone is very excited that the priority dates are current but let's take a careful look for why it became current all of a sudden even when the demand for visa numbers is so high and was backlogged by 5 years up until couple of months ago.

    1. I sincerely feel this is just to keep the legal immigrants to stop protesting for benefits in the CIR. Well, the CIR is supposed to be dead right? Wrong, count 2 weeks from now and the Bill will be back with tons of benefits for Illegal aliens and none for legals.

    2. Currently Service centers are processing cases received in Aug-Sept. '06 with the few thousands of applications being submitted for the next few weeks the processing dates will be moved back by couple of years. All this time we were waiting for the priority dates and now will wait for the processing dates to be advanced. What a circus!!!

    3. Just when the case is ready for processing that would be atleast couple of years from now, the priority dates will be retrogressed may be by 10 years this time.

    To my knoweledge we should still continue to lobby the senators and get the Visa numbers increased, get the country quota eliminated, Only one visa should be counted per family... and get it into the CIR. Should the CIR pass without these ammendments legal immigrants will be stuck in limbo for every because there will be no more CIRs in the near future.



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  • ssa
    07-21 03:08 PM
    Please don't start shouting at me for being "anti-BEC-victims", because I'm not. But just consider this. Even if you are able to turn mountains around and get a suit filed against DOL before Sept 2007 they will be be able to get it thrown out or at least get a stay simply by stating they already have a public commitment to clearing all the cases by Sept 2007 so it will be non issue in just couple of months. You will not have strong case till Sept 2007 is actually passed and they have not delivered on the commitment. Sept 2007 is just two months away. Use these months to do your ground work like finding and mobilizing BEC victims etc. and go for the actual action only after Sept 2007 dead line has passed. This way if they really deliver on their promise you would save yourself lot of money and trouble.
    Just my 2 cents. Your grievances are 100% genuine and I do feel for you. Hopefully they will clear this mess soon.

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  • thomachan72
    06-09 02:46 PM
    I replied to the EB3_Nepa's first post saying that we probably should support killing this bill and try to attach our amendments to other bills.

    And then I saw posts from others saying there were 700000 faxes from anti immigrant groups to kill the bill. And we barely managed to send some 10000 to 20000.

    Like someone else said we seem to fighting their huge swords with our toothpicks. With a member strength of 14000, we will not be able to fight their web fax camaigns with any bill this year (even appropriations bills etc.).

    So I come to this conclusion (which IV pundits probably arrived at long back) - the only way we can fight the anti immigrants is by aggressive lobbying. We have only 14000 members, but we together can contribute like we are a 700000 membership. And then we could think about hiring more than one lobbying firm if that helps, otherwise apply more pressure through the one we currently use.

    This is the only way, I feel we can get anything done this year, because increasing membership takes a longer time than raising funds, and we dont have time!!!!
    I completely agree with you. We have not come all this way just to look up at the sky and say "Thank God, the CIR failed" OK. Dont know how many hours / money the core members could have put in in washington or otherwise regarding this bill. I firmly believe that failure of cloture of vote was part of the lobbying effort too. If eveyone wanted to just get this passed in the current form, then why did the vote fail? They know there needs to be key changes and thats what they will now work towards. Now neelu whether you are UGA / sharma's lab or not, I completely agree with you.

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  • waitforgc123
    01-21 04:48 PM
    H1b Transfer from IT to Marketing.


    Hello All,

    First THANKS to all for the fantastic information and help on this forum !

    I have a H1 B based on IT ( Software Engineer).
    I have already completed 6 years in the US, but I have three year extension till 2010 based on my labour pending for over 1 year.

    I am not very keen about Green Card - But I wanted to change my job to Marketing for an insurance company (better pay and it is a role I like).

    My questions are :

    1) Can I transfer my H1 to do Markeing for the insurance company ( the job profiles are going to be different as my current job is in software) ?

    2) Since I am on a three year extension based on my current Labor will it be an issue to transfer to the new company ? ( The new company is willing to transfer but is not willing to file a new H1).

    Your advice is much appreciated.


    08-15 11:28 AM
    I work for company A in india which has a subsidary company "B" in US.
    On "B"'s request i worked in US for company B from July 2006 to Nov 2006 (for which i have valid pay checks).
    I went back to India and worked for A till June and i came to US again to work for Company B.
    Now as soon as i entered US, i have applied for a premium H1 company transfer to Company C.
    Now i got a query to submit my Pay checks which i do not have as i resigned Company B after coming to US.
    Please suggest me whats the ideal way to answer this query...

    This is really urgent and Please reply ASAP

    04-27 11:47 PM
    Contributed $100.00
    Receipt ID: 8Y827090SS825123P

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