Sunday, June 12, 2011

catwoman batman returns

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  • stueym
    07-06 11:00 AM
    Bobzibub you are a funny guy :-) That made me smile. Maybe we should petition for you for an EB1NIW as a comedy script writer of international reknown! :D

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  • godbless
    07-10 11:28 AM
    Does anuone has anything latest on the progress on the SKIL bill in the house?

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  • webm
    03-14 05:36 PM
    Yes 27 EB-I approvals seems pretty low. Hopefully DOS would move EB3-I cut off date in May.

    Yeh let's hope for next May VB cheerup and so on....:(:)

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  • x1050us
    09-26 10:11 PM
    I got a reject for missing/incorrect fee. Any one out there?


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  • Catwoman from quot;Batman

  • supreet
    05-21 05:00 PM
    Thanks IV!!!

    - s

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  • Batman Returns#39; Catwoman

  • H4_losing_hope
    02-21 09:22 AM
    My week has been a bit upside down so far but I am back on the letter hunt this space! :D


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  • amitjoey
    06-01 04:35 PM
    Thank you malibuguy007, Thank you jimytomy and a BIG Thank you to m306m


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  • Catwoman

    04-18 10:05 AM
    How many of you all dealt with the lawyer named Alex Elsberg?

    which branch r u all talking about pls


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  • susie
    09-22 01:10 AM
    Genuine reason, my husband passed away last year and just could not afford to go, sorry

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  • LostInGCProcess
    03-05 03:17 AM
    This is what Ron Gotcher had to say about this wonderful organization:

    Quote" Not even Congress has been able to rein in the INS/CIS. Repeatedly, they have passed legislation ordering the agency to produce reports on their backlogs - all of which have been ignored with impunity."

    So, I think this is just another tactic to discourage people from getting the information thru FIA by charging some imaginary figure of $5k to get some basic information. This is the heights of Arrogance.


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  • Batman Returns Catwoman

  • srkamath
    07-17 07:36 PM
    The current interpretation of spilling over to EB2 before EB3 is CORRECT. If there are three preference categories, EB1,2,3, then it is in the best national interest to maximize allocations to higher preference categories. Note that Eb3 and 4 are even lower preferences, they get only 7.1% each and NO SPILLOVERS. The preference system is in the order of EB1,2,3,4,5 - that is the law.

    Is it fair to EB3 ? - NO as they have to wait much longer.

    USCIS and DOS are trying hard to get all EB2 to become current asap. By doing so..
    1. USCIS / DOS will look efficient (only EB3 will be backlogged)
    2. 2010 onwards EB3 will get a lot more spillovers

    Of course, if we have EB3 to EB2 conversions by the thousands, then the DOL - USCIS combo will clamp down on it, they will scrutinize the cases even more, slow down the processing and we will have EB2 and EB3 retrogressed for a decade.

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  • lalithkx
    07-02 01:43 PM
    Called him last week itself. The polling page says I may not vote for this. how do I vote???

    Thanks Guys I just voted


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  • Macaca
    09-10 12:00 PM
    He has
    sat on the fence
    so long that
    the iron has entered
    his soul
    David Lloyd George

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  • asanghi
    04-30 12:21 PM
    Just contributed $100 through Paypal.
    Receipt ID: 9KK73848NS0845404


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  • ashutrip
    06-14 08:56 AM
    can somebody please tell me how long does it take to labor clear under PERM...Mine was applied on March 21st 2007?
    & where can I Find A Sample of Non-Availibility of Birth certficate from the Muncipality

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  • prince_charming
    12-19 07:34 PM
    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your help guys.

    My MTR has been approved after 70 days and I-485 has been reopened. Though online status has not been changed yet but attorney received an MTR approval notices.

    Ram, have u seen any online updates?



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  • GreenMe
    05-02 10:59 AM
    Contributed $100

    Paypal Receipt #: 2A117364NY238244U

    Thanks IV ...

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  • frostrated
    06-11 02:32 PM
    I hate to say this and I hope I am wrong. All of us EB3 folks need to start speaking up or else our fate is sealed. I do not see any hopes of CIR passing. There is always going to be some political backlash due to the AMNESTY factor.
    From what I have seen, most employers are now filing only in EB2 category. They know that filing in EB3 will see their applicants backlogged so severly that there is no hope in seeing their applications approved. So, even those with less than 5 years of experience create resumes that show 5 years to qualify for EB2. Imagine the flood of applicants in EB2 that will pour in when the dates move forward beyond July 2007. There will be a new backlog of EB2 numbers that we have to wait behind. When are we going to get our turn?
    With nearly 10 years of experience and a master's degree, I am still languishing behind all these new comers who come here with fake experiences to qualify for EB2.
    We EB3 folks need to speak up, and have the spill over given to the oldest filed applications IRRESPECTIVE of category. The spillover rules from what I know were defined at a later stage and not as per the original law. If we cannot get CIR passed nor a piecemeal regulation, at least let us get the spillover changed.
    Or, let us en masse transfer to EB2 by porting, thereby making us all eligible for GC ahead of those that are coming in through the back door. I see them as no different from the undocumented immigrants. Breaking the ethical law at the expense of those of us who followed the law. Our positions did not require a Master's degree and I dont see why a programming position today still requires such. I also dont see why our experience today should not count towards qualifying for EB2.
    I dont care what or how many reds the EB2 folks give, but the fact of the matter is that we EB3 must join hands.

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  • unitednations
    02-13 01:05 AM
    I posted a reply long ago - it was quite hard-hitting on Berry. It somehow hasn't shown up until now - wonder if the editors "balance" the pro- and anti- immigrant letters :mad:

    BTW this Berry guy seems to be in the know of everything happening on this site. I hope at least now those blowhards among us who insist of by-the-minute updates and "where is my 20$" questions appreciate why the core members don't give updates on these forums. If you are so keen on updates, get off your backsides and pick up that darn phone !!!

    The problem of contacting media with "stories" is that you don't want people who are just hanging by a thread; just trying to stay in status and having all sorts of hardship because they want to stay. It feeds into the fact that there are a lot of people here which the country doesn't need. Discussing layoffs or threats of layoffs or employer abusing, etc., feeds into the perception from an outside person that there are too many people here not doing specialized work that an American is not able to do.

    Regarding Berry. I haven't gone to programmersguild web-site in a long time but the point that they seem to always bring up which seems to really bother them is that an American lost their job after training an h-1b person who was a cheaper option or an American lost their job because they had to train an L-1 worker who would then take the job offshore. He also points to h-1b companies who don't pay very much (information taken from LCA's which is public information).

    Fortunately for the skilled immigrants; many members of congress/senate are business leaders themselves. Everyday there is a merger and job elimintions where one person has to train another who is getting their job cut. After all when Bank One merged with JP Morgan, there were a lot of people who had to train others and the trainer eventually lost their job. This is normal to business and not specific to people on work visas. Therefore, they don't have much merit to this argument. It is a fact of everyday business that if a job can be done by a person with one to two years of experience then they will replace a person who has been doing it for 10 years. the person with 10 years of experience could have pretty substantial pay package because those 4 to 5% increases over 10 years can add up. If a person is overpaid for a job that doesn't require much experience then they are pretty much dead weight and are discarded. This is not specific to immigrants but has been going on for many, many years in this country. Therefore, although their arguments at face value may have some merit to them; the business leaders, members of congress/senate are too smart because they themselves have done this at companies they may have been associated with and those companies probably didn't have much immigrants working there.

    Unfortunately, on paper it does look like the bodyshops are paying very low when looking at LCA's. However, we all know that what is listed on the LCA; in no way has any reality to the total compensation that a person is getting paid. If people are working on ratio which most people do convert to; their billing rate on the low end would be $50 ($100,000 per year) which would probably work out to $80,000. However, the LCA might only show a salary of $50K (people take per diems as the rest or save it for a rainy day).

    09-12 10:48 AM
    I genuinely broke out into a laughter when i saw this! yeah, "THATS ALL HE CAN DO." Dude! Presidents are so lame! :-) ha ha (sarcasm intended).

    With out passing the bill any PRESIDENT CAN NOT DO ANYTHING even if he wants to help us.



    05-17 03:06 PM

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