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  • starscream
    05-31 03:49 PM
    As per member priderock's post the LAY ON THE TABLE description from THOMAS means that the Cantwell AMDT has been killed .

    But then why is AILA saying this on their post :

    One amendment that has been “filed,” but is not currently “pending” is the Cantwell amendment which is very important to business immigration interests. We do not know at this time what will happen with this amendment – whether it will come to the floor for debate or be negotiated through unanimous consent into the final package.

    From AILA's description it would seem that the Amendment is does not have the status "lie on the table" as that would mean that the amendment has been killed with no possibility of coming up but AILA's description as to possible future of the amendment is to the contrary.

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  • eb3India
    06-08 03:50 PM
    Did anyone research whether it is possible to get some relief through rulemaking, instead of legislation? For example, there is no 'explicit' prohibition against issuing employment authorization to spouses of H1bi employees. The rule-making agency (in this case the DHS or USCIS) can grant a benefit that spouses be provided with employment authorization. Recently, the USCIS actually did provide regulatory relief by de-coupling the H1bi period of stay from the period of stay in H4 status. An idea to consider...

    well I don't think anyone spent time in understanding current law and try to work for us,

    current immigration law is very subjective and many organizations or interpretting for their own advantage,

    we just need to put some effort to see how we can close certain loopholes and make better for us, e.g. labour subst, was big loophole, thank god itz closed now,

    I think we should not discuss stratergies any more in this public forum and should take this outside either on conf call or thru private message

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  • rkg000
    01-12 02:02 PM
    You are talking about rights as if you are a citizen of this country. Constitutional rights are given to the citizens of the country. It is not your right to stay in this country. Legally it is your employer who wants you here and petitions for your Greencard. Now can you get your employer to talk to your congressman or media or file a lawsuit for you?

    There were some folks talking about lawsuit 3 months ago after the visa bulletin. That thread ran 9 pages and nobody did anything. 2 months ago again people talked about lawsuit and hunger strike. Nobody did anything. So it is not going to happen. Are you willing to spend thousands and keep going to courts or testify? Are you ok with your greencard application be used as an example and allow USCIS to scrutinize it?

    This talk about lawsuit is all gas.

    "Like citizens, aliens are protected by the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights and the due-process clause of the 14th Amendment".

    Its altogether a different matter if this lawsuit thing will move forward or not, but your point of contention is not correct.

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  • walking_dude
    12-10 03:46 PM
    It's a sad day to see IVers granting each other 'red squares' , and committed members asking each other to 'shut up'.

    We are quick in jumping at each others throat for no apparent real reason ! Being part of a forum is sharing space with others, with those whom you disagree, and those who disagree with you. Argue logically, but don't make it a personal fight.

    Don't agree with someone, make your displeasure known. If things seem to be getting hotter, ignore the other person. Live and let live. We have bigger issues to worry here - GC mess - instead of who said what !


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  • kshitijnt
    06-11 05:23 PM
    The frustration of EB3 folks is very visible and I might get a bad rap for my post. But I wanted to share a few thoughts , if you will:

    I fully sympathize with EB3I folks. Of all, you have been waiting longest. But were you really expecting a miracle in this Visa bulletin? Or are you more upset now that EB2 has moved forward significantly and EB3 has not? This is not a criticism , just a question.

    Secondly, given the reality, I would say with lobbying etc, let me advise you that you ask your employer to start processing EB2 application for you and then use PD porting. With number of years you have spent in current job, I would advise you try and impress on your employer to do this urgently. If this does not work out, I would say you can look for another job. (This would apply to those who are in permanent job and not paying out of their pocket for GC). I mean with so many years in the same job, you definitely qualify for promotion. If I were you, I would not take the corporate BS.

    It is also a matter of numbers. If you are the only EB3 person from your company then you are probably screwed, but if you have a few employees, then you network with them informally and then press as a "group" on your employer.

    I have always been a supporter of EB3 to EB2 porting and even when I was not current, I did not oppose it. While there are other avenues such as lobbying, lawsuits etc, it takes a lot of work and at the end of the day benefits are not really tangible. I would suggest you guys make full use of the door that is open, EB3-> Eb2 porting. It is in your hands to get this done.

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  • walking_dude
    09-21 01:21 PM
    Here's what they got that we don't

    1) Numbers - 12 million new voters indebted to them for life, is too hard for some national-level politicians to resist

    - We are barely 1 million. Given we are "highly-skilled" most of us never likely to vote in elections (to avoid jury duties)

    2) Strong support from US Citizens who vote for ethnic reasons. Whether anyone likes it or not legalization of "undocumented" has become a ethnic issue. More powerful than our international/global approach, because there are 25% of US population belong to that ethnicity ( and they also vote in greater percentages than the natives)

    - Chinese/Indian/Phillipino/others USC/LPRs communities are miniscule in number. And most of them don't give a you-know-what.

    3) They have the strongest Motivator - FEAR - it's a matter of 'survival' and not just pursuit of happiness like us. God forbid, we go back to our countries we won't starve there. These guys don't have any jobs in their countries and will be living in abject poverty . They risk death in the desert, whenever they go for vacation back home. Cops, criminals, USCIS, abusive Employers, Nativists - everyones at their back. Some of them are married to US citizens/LPRs. They face the prospects of getting separated from their families.

    - We don't have such a strong motivation. If let's say there was a NumbersUSA sponsored bill to bring all legal immigration down to 50,000, believe me, DC would've been swamped by protesters. We may have met, even exceed initial projection of 10,000 participants. You'd have seen a true multi-ethnic protest respresented by every nation on the Atlas.

    4) Money is not a problem for them. Many of them are paid off the books and have never paid Income Tax, SS Tax etc. There are also very strong political organizations, PACs (Political Action Committees) supporting. There are many USCs/LPRs contributing to election campaigns on their behalf.

    - We pay all taxes. There is no PAC supporting the cause of EB immigrants exclusively ( ImmigrantsList is a PAC that supports all immigration including "undocumented").

    Unless a LPR starts a PAC ( Aman?) starts collecting funds from other former-IV LPRs and US citizens and starts campaign contributions we continue to have a limited voice ( paying a Congressmans election campaign is will catch his/her attention more than paying a lobbyist to talk to them)

    So it's not them having many negatives. It's us EB immigrants who face the strongest odds.

    Just an analogy please dont think i am against undocumented fellows.. They are definitely facing a bigger problem than us!
    Compare the following
    Nondocumented vs. Documented Legals

    1] Not well educated / Highly Skilled
    2] Not much computer savvy / Mostly everyone should be
    3] Not have enough resources to advertise their struggle!
    / Trying all ways to advertise & campaign
    4] Do not have enough monetary collection to run a rally / advt /
    set up a website
    / Have some collection to do the basics

    5] Come here illegally and yet have the courage to demand a legal status openly...
    / Feel shy or sorry for demanding a legal status soon! (for those who dont think
    this is worthwhile)

    Inspite of all these negatives , they have grouped up so well ! highly commendable. I dont know what we can learn from them, only that they are all in the same boat , but we are in different ones .. as some have got gc, some have got receipts, some are ready to wait as they have just applied, some are just not interested!!


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  • EkAurAaya
    03-04 10:14 PM
    In my opinion this is ridiculous... it is clear how they don't want to share the information by comming up with this!

    I think you should forward this to The President! show him how open his offices are about sharing information under the Freedom of Information Act - i dont see how is this different then pay-per view on cable!

    EDIT: F$%&ng ridiculous 5000$ to write a sql query... excuse my language

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  • grupak
    06-24 11:35 AM
    Time taken for the calls; a few minutes
    Cost to make these calls; a few cents
    The feeling afterwards................PRICELESS!! :)

    That's the beauty of working together. Individual efforts and contributions are small but adds up.

    Participate. Also there is a funding drive. Contribute what you feel comfortable.


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  • coopheal
    03-14 11:42 AM
    I hope you are correct but look at for EB3-I.
    There are about 14 pages of EB3-I before 2004. So with assumptions of 2% applicants registered on there will be approximately 30000 to 35000 EB3-I applicants.
    (14*50)/(0.02) = 35000

    Sure there may still be 2002 files waiting but it is definately not a GREAT number. Here are three logical bullets to conslude that.

    - Many people with 2000/1/2 dates have already left USA - Tired: Could not
    take the delay:Found good oppertunity back home or elsewhere
    - Black labor market played a part to shift a considerable load either to EB2 or
    PD date from 1999/2000 and thus many people preferred that path either
    stuck in EB2 or have already got their GC

    The only thing we can be unsure about stuck in NC with those early PDs.

    Having said this, it is ofcourse impossible to predict perfect chain of future flow, I see hope for EB3-I in this year, particularly last quarter at least for the people having 2004-Mid and before PDs.

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  • h4visa
    03-17 11:19 AM
    Thats a good point Harsh. If they are reluctant to increase the H1 cap they can simply look for the talent in their own house (USA). After all we all are paying taxes and can contribute to the economy. and also we should seriously think about lobbying for issuance of EAD to H-4's once I-140 is approved.


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  • kushaljn
    06-27 02:25 PM
    Just called. She first said that she will put me on as a supporter. But since I am not from his district, they are collecting all those names in a separate pool.

    So looks like people from his district calling is more important and carries more weight.

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  • Dhundhun
    06-26 03:21 AM
    I got approval email too. It cant be sheer luck that so many people are getting the approvals when it was taking 3 months as per their published processing times. Looks to me they just want to give 1 yr EAD to as many as possible. Good way to make money in recession year.

    It was general observation that Paper Based EAD is getting approved very fast. We have quickest approval in only 18 days ( And this was reported a month ago (on 05/23/2008).

    So I think it is their speed - it has nothing to do with intention to give 1 year EAD. On the avarage, people are getting EAD in 25 days.

    Myself went ahead with e-filing (this takes 50 days). My FP is scheduled after 5 weeks of notice date ( For E-filing, they have different process,which has not changed in last two months.


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  • what_now
    05-18 08:59 AM

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  • Naruto
    10-16 11:08 AM
    Did anyone deal with EDMUND ANCIANO law firm in Artesia,CA?



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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-21 08:08 PM
    Indebted to our employers for anything or in any form. We work and get paid for it - it's an even exchange, imo.

    How long will it take them to lay you off tomorrow morning (or Monday morning or on X'mas/Diwali eve for that matter) if they didn't need you?

    And vacation time, if part of the employment package, is a legal obligation of the employer - you can hold their feet to the fire for that and if you end up not taking any vacation you are entitled to compensation for the extra time worked when you leave.

    These are the lines of thought that should prompt one to join IV and be involved with it .


    Having time off with my boss is traumatic to say the least. I am entitled to seven weeks vacation a year and barely get three most of the time. Even when I am off I get phone calls and have to leave contact numbers, that includes when I am with my parents in England.

    Can you imagine asking for two days off to go to an immigration rally that just reminds him that I will be out of his employment jail some time in the not too distant future I hope.

    My green card process is in its sixth year. Look forward to shaking off my shackles and moving on with life. Glad to say my husband now has an EAD so at least he is free to work and join the human race again.

    I am sure many people are in this sort of situation since we are indebted to our employers which is one of the things we would like to change.

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  • kc_p21
    12-10 04:03 PM
    It's a sad day to see IVers granting each other 'red squares' , and committed members asking each other to 'shut up'.

    We are quick in jumping at each others throat for no apparent real reason ! Being part of a forum is sharing space with others, with those whom you disagree, and those who disagree with you. Argue logically, but don't make it a personal fight.

    Don't agree with someone, make your displeasure known. If things seem to be getting hotter, ignore the other person. Live and let live. We have bigger issues to worry here - GC mess - instead of who said what !


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  • pappu
    04-28 11:19 PM
    Contributed through paypal and Receipt ID: 5WU062607T926773U

    Total amount: $100.00 USD


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  • mirage
    03-05 12:26 PM
    In my opinion Let's contribute $100 each pay them and get this information. I'm sure there'll be 50 people who would want this information for $100....Atleast I'm sick of seeing Visa Dates predictions and seeing Visa bulletins itself. Atleast we'll know what we are dealing with.

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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-29 03:34 PM
    Sent my letters...

    Cheers and great username too! :)

    01-26 04:36 PM
    The problem is, that for all my efforts, people just don't seem to care. The only reason I had any success was the embarrassment I caused the government because of all the soldiers who were excluded. Immigrants in the US are viewed by most people as an unwanted scourge.

    My employer has also been no help at all. I have been looking for work outside of the US, but unfortunately, the economic situation makes that a bit more challenging. Sorry if I sound pessimistic. That is just my personal experience.

    I agree with you, immigrants (legal or illegal) will always be viewed inferior in this country and we will always be immigrants. I am not sure if I want this tag with me, my kids, their kids all their lives. Sometimes I wonder if this GC path is even worth it. Going through so much trouble every time there is renewal, there is stamping, stamping delays, so much scrutiny, no certainity of coming back once you visit home country, so much even after living here for 6 years and now this back log.

    If you read any news on immigrants and read comment section after it, you will realize the hate from people here in this country. Is it really worth it to live in this country, when people here do not want to accept us? No acceptance in community, such high crime. Yes sure there will be some exceptions along the way who will rise to top.

    Just to point out the difference the amount of celebration among blacks after Obama won. Was there such kind of celebration after Sonia won or Manmohan became PM from their communities? This shows the kind of differences people have. I am not saying things in India are great, or else I would not be here. Just wondering on my random thoughts if its even worth it.

    03-04 02:05 PM
    Hello All,
    I am on H1 Visa and I am planning to go for further studies and converting my H1 to F1.
    Now after completing my studies, can I use same H1 petition from Old Quota or I have to apply again in Fresh H1 Quota.
    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Vipul Garg

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