Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • Aah_GC
    09-12 07:47 PM
    I am very sorry to hear about your case. As others are pointing out - it is not all over yet. Make sure you get in touch with a good lawyer and take a good route to fight USCIS.

    Also, could you please let us know of your PD? Doesn't look like you are current right?

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  • franklin
    09-04 05:28 PM
    I would love to attend the rally. However my financial condition at this time does not permit me. I could have booked a ticket on my credit card but all my cards are max out!
    You want to know why I am in this financial deep hole? Well, I have two sons in college and paying out of state tuition, that is over $17,000 per semester for both of them.
    My wife on H4 could not work until now that she has an EAD. It is retrogression that I should blame and I would love to do all in my power to obtain relief or bring the issue to the attention of the American public.
    In my own way I have contributed to IV both in cash and in kind. I have told me story in countless media interviews. I only wish I could do more for IV financially but alas I am not able to do that at this time.
    I would be in the rally in spirit....only I wish I could attend in person.

    We can help! We want to make sure as many people as possible come to the rally. Those in worse financial positions can take advantage of the many generous offers from other members who are willing to sponsor others.

    You have one offer on this thread already - check this thread out for more. Yours is a compelling story, and we'd all love to hear it first hand!

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  • logiclife
    02-12 12:38 AM
    If you have questions, please use the phone number to call us. We cannot send PMs to too many people. Its just quicker to answer the phone.


    We will answer as many questions as we can.

    Please do not turn your anger against each other if you disagree.


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  • gk_2000
    03-27 10:14 AM
    In real life, when resources become less and scarce - even blood relatives fight and kill each other. We here don't even know each other.

    Joker from "The Dark Knight" said the same thing. Leave this pattern of thinking. United we stand and divided we fall. I am not talking ONLY to you here.....


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  • tcsonly
    07-17 08:08 PM
    Hi all, this is the new ID of bigtime007. As many has noticed, I was banned for the following reason:

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    Disruptive posts

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    After thinking about it, I feel very very sorry for disrupting the cheerful atmosphere on this forum. It is time for champagne, not complaints. This should be a place to congratulate and applaud IV's achievements, instead of that to express one's own frustrations. People with 07 PD has the privilege to cheer when they cut in front of us, but we should not feel sad for being pushed back because it is a disruptive behavior.

    Please do not list what you have done to add items in the legislation to help BEC victims, it does not look genuine any more when it is considered disruptive to express one's depression on a board specially for BEC victims.

    This will be my last post, as I am sure they will ban both my ID and IP. For everyone who still reads my post, Good luck!

    Don't be sorry, but take action. Donate to IV and get your papers ready to file for 485.


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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    02-08 11:09 PM
    What about time you already spent on H1? With NEW H1 you do not get your time back Also You do not need approval to start working with new employer. There are many differences between new and transfer.

    You are always free to call it the way you want and I perfectly understand the differences between the very first H1 and the next ones you may get.
    I myself switched employers several times while on H1B, took advantage of the provisions you described and got a NEW H1 every time.
    However, all what I wanted to explain is that legally speaking, there is nothing called transfer (did you read what Murthy said?).
    Is there any USCIS application that says "H1 Transfer"? No.
    That's all I meant.
    Anyway, let's not fight over this!


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  • naidu2543
    04-17 07:53 AM
    The first attorney that we had at Fragomen was so responsice and helpful and the second one rarely responds. It depends on the Attorney you get. In this case the better option is to have good replationship with your employer and ask your employer to request Fragomen for differnt Attorney. Our employer pays them lots of money and they have leverage.

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  • Jaime
    09-15 02:14 PM
    Come on DC, Tri-State, Penn, Virginia, all surrounding areas!


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  • coopheal
    06-23 04:58 PM
    Called, the lady said she was handling immigration issues for the congress man. She took the message about supporting the immigration bills. She just asked my name; and was very supportive during call.

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  • mantric
    07-04 04:43 AM
    Sure, anything for you.:)

    funniest exchange I've read at IV :D:D:D


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  • akred
    05-01 12:49 PM
    $100 via billpay / check.

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  • GCBy3000
    07-18 10:11 AM
    Some people advise to wait and watch and some people ask to do something else. I would like to say one thing and it is purely my perspective. People who are waiting inline for 8-10years does not know when they will be getting their GC in hand. May be in next four to five years. By that time on average their age will be around 35-45.

    Do you want to wait 4-5 years and do the job which you were doing 10years back?

    Did you had any vision for your career when you started your GC and life?

    Do you have the same vision now for your career and life?

    Did you feel you and your family have sacrified enough in your personel life for this stupid GC?


    Do you think you will get a managerial job if you go back to india at the age of 40 when you could see guys @30 doing that job with ease and with better experience?

    Do you think becos of 10+years of expereince in programming field, indian companies will recruit you for managerial job?

    Are you willing to work in India as a programmer with 10+ years of US exp under a 25-30 year old team lead or PM ?

    If you say YES , YES , YES for all the above, do you think any indian company will recruit a programmer at the age of 40? forget about the salary you are going to ask for your exp which they will never accept.

    So at the end if you wait long enough for GC, then it is better to wait here until you get it. At least you can save your life though you have to start your career from -10years. If you quit and decide to go back to your homecountry, your life is going to be tough.

    Options for guys waiting for 8-10years for LC:
    1. Try to get PMI Certification, CISA certificaiton.
    2. Try to get TOEFL, GMAT scores and keep it ready.
    3. Try to get in contacts with most of your friends and manpower agencies in India.
    4. If you file for your 485 in next one or one and half years, then proeceed with MBA plans(parttime or full time or executive MBA) in top 25-30 business school.
    5. Your waiting will yeild fruit in this country only with MBA as in next 10 years, US will need more managers than programmers to manager all their outsourced projects.

    6. If you do not have such vision and you are happy with what you are doing now and if your job is secured for next 100years and if you feel that you will be happy in future by doing the same job and OK with other kids going up the ladder stepping on you and if you are ok reporting to them and listening to them, getting bashed by them etc etc, you can very well wait for next 100 years hoping to get GC one day.

    I am not talking about one guy in one corner living beautiful life.
    I am not talking about guys who are lucky on everthing to get on time including GC.
    I am talking about majority of the people and general human nature, people who came to US with a vision for their career and life. People who have had and has a spark in their eyes.


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  • pa_arora
    07-15 03:54 PM
    mheggade, ur calc looks good but with the exception of Level II, I think most of the people who got Labor with MS+0 (or +1...) will have Level II. my attorney applied MS+0 even though I was having 6 yrs of exp when I applied.

    So to say, Level II is to decide on salary level...not only skill level(i understand there is a co-relation b/w them). Most of the consultants will have low level so as to keep themselves safe and keep low level to be safe.

    I guess this is what DOS is looking at.

    April 2004- March 2005 All countries & all Cat: - 905
    (This can be ignored)

    2005 PERM EB2 India/China
    (Level III & Level IV):- 729

    Late 2005 to 01 June 2006
    EB2 India/China ((Level III & Level IV)):- 7037

    Total labors: - 8671

    Assuming 80% of the total made it into 140/I485 stage

    New Total of labors: - 7000

    7000 labors * 2.5 visa per family

    Total expected Visa demand: - 17500

    Assuming 80% cases are ripe for approval.

    Total visas required to clear the case up until 01 June 2006 is

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  • TheOmbudsman
    11-08 12:05 PM
    Hi Nycgal369,

    I am not your buddy :-)

    That's nothing new that Dems are pro amnesty. I am not arguing against that. Nancy Pelosi already said something in that regard I think. What I refute is the argument portrayed by misinformed members that the shift in power was caused significantly by the anti illegal alien position. It is not true. That's all I am saying.

    Contrary to belief of some members, I am not disappointed with this. I will continue to be your Ombudsman as usual and report everything, probably you will hear more good news for those who believe that amnesty is the way to go. Facts are facts. I am not here to defend any side.


    The Ombudsman
    "Your dose of daily reality"

    buddy I dont know if you watched chris matthews last
    night interviewing many dems who won. Several mentioned immigration reform as part of their mandate


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  • manderson
    06-14 09:54 AM
    some of you asked about repercussions of this sudden forward movement. i am not a lawyer or anything but I think the processing time for employment based 485 in Nebraska Center will move back from Aug 13, 2006 (

    I dunno... may be by a year I guess (again total speculation - I am not a lawyer or an USCIS expert).

    also according to ( current processing times by recent approval dates seem to be between 250 to 350 days range (disclaimer: there are other ways to analyze this).

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  • rayoflight
    05-20 08:54 PM
    Thank You Ashwin


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  • skark
    04-23 08:36 AM

    Employee of company A accepts an offer from another company B which promptly applies for a H1B transfer premium processing and its approved. Now the employee cannot join company B due to some problem and wants to remain with company A. Does company A need to apply for H1 transfer?

    As I understand there will be no need to apply for the transfer again and the employee can continue working for company A. But the tricky part here is what if company B cancels the employees H1 visa seeing the employee did not join its workforce (considering that it just transferred it)?

    Can some knowledgeable people please comment on the above scenario please.

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  • paskal
    07-14 10:28 AM
    this is sheer speculation.
    the actual number is likley to be much much smaller based on the few signals we get from our sources. the visa bulletin is issued by DOS NOT USCIS. DOS as we know (remember July 07?) is trying it's best to get USCIS to use EVERY available GC for the year. that is the most important reason for giving them scuh an extended date for RB2 I/C. it appears that they have concluded that udsing the numbers is more important than FIFO.

    whether the overflow goes to EB3 ROW or to EB2 I/C, the fact is EB3 I is going to be the last receipient. i hopw everyone undrestands this. the change in interpretation bu USCIS has not changed the ground facts for EB3 I. ONLY one thing will change those facts- MORE GC NUMBERS, whther by recapture or exemptions or CIR.

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  • snathan
    07-22 11:29 AM
    "exactly because of these rude attitude of hindi people i never speak hindi."

    this is the choice you're talking about? :d what

    07-17 02:24 PM
    i am EB3 apr or may 2002 PD. In late 2005 i had asked my lawyer about switching to EB2 and she told the company that it would be a waste of money because our PD was 'so close' to being current. its 2008 and we are still 'so close' ;). i should have gone ahead and switched, now she says the same thing but i dont plan to listen. at the most i loose 6-9k...

    i guess each one should take a decision on his/her own situation, without over analyzing. I agree with you that people with PDs 2003 and beyond should certianly consider switching.

    PD Nov 2001 - Nov 2002 -> I would say no point in switching to EB2.

    Labour + 140 will take atleast 12 months and another 6-9K US$. Not worth it because even otherwise you might have your GC within 12-25 montha from now.

    PD Nov 2002 and beyond : Have to actively consider switching to EB2. Myself being in this range, I am doing the leg work and waiting to hear on what happens to the recapture bill. If it does not happen then these PD's should switch if they can and qualify.

    Instead of being jealous towards EB2 bonanza , I think EB3 applicants should make use of this Eb3->EB2 conversion option and participate in the bonanza.

    Yes, it costs additional 9K . Consider that the price of the ill advised decision to go in for Eb3 to begin with.

    An opportunity to get past this GC mess and start realizing your dreams on both personal and professional front.

    10-18 01:39 PM
    Bestin I've sent you a PM. Please check it and respond ASAP.


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