Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • nageshwarraoj
    06-14 09:12 AM
    My I-140 is approved and already filed I-485. Finger Printing completed twice and Medical also completed. My PD is Sept 2005 filed at Texas. Texas Processing completed for I-485 shows Sept.2006. This means my processing is completed and now the PD is current can I expect the Green Cards ....
    Please confirm


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  • ghost
    07-10 07:10 PM
    I'd like to apologize to every level-headed member of IV for getting involved in an ugly exchange of posts in this thread. It was never my intention to distract us from our common goal.

    Logiclife, I never meant to create more work for you but for some reason that -ve post from ForeverGC got me carried away. May be it was because of the bad lunch:p that I had earlier. Thanks for your patience and bearing with all the childish behavior.

    Next time I see a bad post against IV, I'll just keep quiet and report the person to the moderators.

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  • amsgc
    05-13 11:43 PM
    Is anyone here in SAP? If so, I would really appreciate some help. Please PM me. Thx.

    What sort of help are you looking for? Please elaborate so that someone can help you.

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  • whatamidoinghere
    07-28 03:52 PM
    H1B visa is meant to be for people with skills that are in shortage in the US. If any H4 feels that he/she should be able to work, he/she should get a H1B. I agree that it may be difficult for some H4s to find a sponsorer for H1B, because their skills are not in shortage in the US.

    Some spouses may join their H1B counterparts in the US, with an expectation that they will eventually get the GC and will be able to work, no matter what their skill set is. This is a reasonable expectation. So, blame the retrogression.

    I do not believe that H4s should ever be allowed to work. They just take away jobs of more skilled workers who are unable to get H1Bs and who are still in their home countries trying for one. Skill-less free riders!

    Now, please don't bash me with counter arguments!! ;)
    sorry but this is ridiculous. If the US has a skill shortage and wants foreign workers, it should ensure that the foreign worker and his/her family are given the same rights that a domestic workers family enjoys.
    If they can't give that right, why do they want to invite the foreign worker at all?
    Its true that they are not forcing this on us and we are free to go back anytime. But still isn't the inequality pretty clear here? and this country is supposed to be all about equality...


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  • Munna Bhai
    09-21 08:54 PM
    Ajobha, thank you for starting this thread.

    I am actually curious about peoples reasoning behind not attending the rally. I don't think anyone should judge people's decisions, but if we can understand why we didn't succeed in tempting you to come, we can learn for next time.

    It sounds like you might be considering going to another county or back home? Ironically, if this is true, it highlights perfectly what one of our key messages was at the rally.

    You are a poster child of reverse brain drain. The US needs to keep talent, whether it is home grown or imported. By making the process so grueling, people are starting to leave in droves.

    I didn't attended because recently I had a new boss and he was monitoring my daily schedule and being in H1b and coming so close to filing I-485, I was just waiting for my EAD or I-485 cheques to get encashed. On 21st Sep, they got encashed. Now I am bold enough to take a day or two as vacation and attend rally if organized in eastern part.

    I did paid 50% travel cost to one of our member from CA.

    Sorry for not attending this time, will do it next time.

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  • akhilmahajan
    02-25 11:21 PM
    with the help of MA volunteers, was able to collect 27 more letters.
    Mailed to the president today, and will be mailing IV soon.

    GO IV GO.


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  • nag2007
    04-16 06:04 PM
    Fragomen has been great for me

    First of all, they are arrogant and they dont understand the needs of the Client/Candidate. Most of the BIG FIRMS use Fragomen. LSI LOGIC, IBM (to name a few) used but eventually LSI LOGIC stopped services with FRAGOMEN.

    Because of FRAGOMEN, I dont have EAD inspite of Earlier PD MAR 2005.

    1. My Job requires BS + 5 yrs. They had to file in Eb2 but in March 2005, they told me lets file an EB3(since my 5th year was ending in couple of months) and once they are familiar they can file EB2.

    2. When i asked them after an year to file in EB2, they told me that i cannot do because i am on 7th year extension. (all most all companies have done that).

    3. After that in OCTOBER 2006, i asked to convert my eb3 from NON-RIR to RIR, they took almost 5 months and finally filed on the last day for RIR conversion and by that time BEC stopped processing RIR and started all NON-RIR cases and my labor was not cleared before AUG 17.

    4. After that labor was cleared, they took 2 months to file my I-140. They received my papers and i had to literally bang at them to get my I-140 filed.

    After all these, they give ask me to give a feedback. i screwed them up and informed my CEO and CFO about the Attitude of Fragomen.

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  • pointlesswait
    02-25 12:47 PM
    I had emailed CIS Ombudsman's requesting temporary relief in such uncertain allowing ppl to file for AOS..even if their PD is not current.

    They replied to me ..but i think a more co-ordinated and deluge of such requests will make them take this issue seriously.

    I think desi3933 is right -- that one cannot file AOS without PD being current. However, this does not mean we should give up pursuing our goal. The secretary of DHS specially made it clear that she is willing to push for changes both regulatory AND legislative. But before putting in any effort, she will need to know what changes to push for. She even specifically mentioned the issue with pre-application of AOS, which seems to me a real good chance to get the message delivered.

    Just for starters, here are the benefits I can think of about pre-filing of AOS:

    - By having all applications on file, let USCIS better predict case load and allow DOS Visa Office to make informed decision on Cutoff Date movements
    - Create more revenue for USICS (DHS) via AP and EAD applications
    - Reduce the work load of Overseas Consulates when applicants with AP does not have to apply re-entry H1B visa.
    - Many H1B visa holders have to go through the administrative procedure when applying re-entry visa. This process is more or less a duplicate with the background check required for green card application. When the applicant is allowed to travel with AP, the effort of background check is consolidated and allow resources to be better utilized.
    - EAD allows applicants more freedom to change job, this will results in better resource distribution to accommodate the rapid changes of the economy, and it makes the market the most important factor to determine wages.

    Please add whatever you feel missing to the points and maybe we'll come up with a formal letter to communicate to the secretary.

    Last, to address the concern that USCIS may be flooded by AOS applications from freshly off-the-boat H1B's, restrictions need to be put on the qualification of AOS. What I could think of is:
    - Must have approved I-140 (immigration visa. I think this restriction makes the most sense)
    - Must have priority date older than a certain number of years
    - Must have been in the US legally for five years
    - etc.


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  • NolaIndian32
    04-26 06:29 PM
    You get us to $2536

    Go IV!!

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  • transfer
    06-01 02:31 PM
    I may be layed off from Company A in a weeks time. They will immediately revoke the visa. If company B applied for my H1 B transfer an few days before this happens, what will happen to my status.

    Please reply immediately since this is urgent.



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  • gc_buddy
    01-02 01:09 AM
    As far as my knowledge goes, the I 140 substitutions are no more accepted by USCIS. I may be wrong. Other members can comment..

    I have made similar post on another thread on IV--so this is a repeat:

    The key is revocation vs. substitution. Per discussions with immi attorneys, AC21 portability is not explicit on what needs to be done if I140 is substituted by previous employer and NOT REVOKED, and the applicant is eligible for changing jobs (same desc and 180 days pending). The fact is that this loophole leads to illogical scenario--2 applicants taking benefit from same I140.

    Question to you and other forum members: Is there a thread on this specific topic?

    My situation:
    I485 denied on Oct 24th 2008. I did not get the letter and realized only when I checked on the USCIS website. My attorney also did not get the letter of denial or even the NOID.

    I changed jobs in June 2006 by invoking AC21 (Priority Date - Oct 2002, I140 and I485 filed concurrently, I140 approved in Feb 2005).

    The fact is that on all forums there is talk about revocation by previous employer. However please note that approved I140 could either be revoked or substituted. While those AC21 memos talk about revoked I140, the law is not clear when previous employer substitutes the approved I140. I know the substitution process is no longer legal since June 2007, however, it has been abused in the past. My questions to forum members:

    1. Is any one in similar situation?
    2. I have H1B only until June 2009 and EAD unitil Sep 2009, Can I work until then (Jun or Sept) assuming MTR is resolved in 2 months (per some optimistic posts on IV). I am working on EAD.
    3. If my employer were to file a new PERM labor application--can I port my previous priority date? How soon is PERM labor in EB2 category getting approved.


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  • chanduv23
    09-25 01:09 PM
    Now when explained like this anyone would understand. Also do see the point you are making and is worth a try. Is the core team looking into this? Do they need any assitance from us?

    Some are good, but some are hard nuts, they take immigrants for granted. A lot of silent suferers constantly remain silent and crib about these Attorneys because they cannot move out of their companies and have to depend on them.

    Some may not understand things in a good way


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  • Alien
    10-04 09:22 PM
    I live in Auburn Hills. Let me know.

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  • trueguy
    07-23 12:56 PM
    You can apply for ITIN even if your spouse is not in US. I have done it ealrier but the only condition is she shouldhave visited US on dependent visa last year for your to claim?

    My wife never been to US and I am married for 2 years now. I have been filing my return as Single.

    Last week I talked to IRS and they said I can apply for her ITIN without her being present in US. The condition of visiting US applied to other dependents and not for the spouse. She has to sign my tax return though that I have to mail it to her and she will mail it back to me with her signature.

    Not sure how true is that and I don't know if I should give it a try or not.


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  • nath.exists
    06-14 09:49 AM
    My pd is jan 2005 and i was waiting for the dates to become current.I am not married and will most probably get married by this year end[parents in the process of searching matches].my dilemma is whether to apply for 485 now or not.can i add my wife's name later on while the 485 is in the final stages of the process[say an year after the process began] or just before the green card is being dispatched etc so that both of us can get green cards.i dont want to miss this chance because i seriously feel that the dates might retrogress again.but if i apply and get a green card u all know how many years it will take to get wife to usa in family based immigration.somebody please clear my doubt.Thank you

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  • gk_2000
    03-28 08:32 PM
    No its not, this is the 3rd time I've seen you use that and similar signs.

    Now Tony, unless you are lacking in any confidence, you wouldn't be acting out like a big baby here. Now shut the trap up and learn to ignore the irrelevant bickerings.


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  • indianabacklog
    07-27 12:56 PM
    Nice idea but does anyone honestly think the DOL cares. I am somewhat fortunate that my 2002 labor finally got approved in the middle of 2006. My son is not so lucky since he turned 21 while I was waiting. When my senators office took the matter of my son aging out up with the DOL I was told to put him on an F1 visa and send him to college so he can REMAIN (he wants to LIVE here, big difference) in the United States. These people do NOT care what they are doing to your lives. They do not care that my son has NO path to permanent residency any more and that I have to write the enormous check for his tuition twice each year so that I can still have him in the same country as me and his father. I feel awful for anyone still waiting for their labor certification but at least you will eventually get in line for your green card and will get ahead of those filing now with much later priority dates. You are indeed victims but I just wanted to point out that there are thousands of young adult children who have had their hopes for getting a green card totally shattered by this backlog center fiasco.

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  • kumhyd2
    07-18 08:04 PM
    If some one has applied for labor substitution for a better PD and I-140 a week back and wants to now file I-485 without the I-140 reciept. I guess the advise was that one can go for it. The question now is as the I-140 was filed a couple of days back does he need to provide the employment letter which in this substitution case is difficult unless the new substitution employer is willing to give. In such scenario can one file I-485 with out the employment letter.

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  • reddymjm
    04-28 03:17 PM
    My contribution is $100
    Receipt ID: 6TC86385X78160434

    First post with a contribution... Need more people like you..

    12-01 10:05 AM
    Just do some volunteering work for IV. You will have good satisfaction/fulfillment.

    04-10 12:27 PM
    How do you check the comments when someone REDs you? I've been looking around but haven't found the link.

    Cool! More reds with these comments. Although you guys didn't make these comments openly, I would like to reply to you openly:

    Red Comment No. 1: Learn to reply back with a cool head. Real, focused, communication in IV should be a marketing strategy for geting more donors...if that is not there...enjoy !

    Neither am I IV's customer service, nor is IV core. All this guy needed to do was to search the forums and read through that thread that I pointed him to, and voila, he would have know what is IV's intention on the donor forum. He probably knew about it but just decided to throw some oil to the fire in this current thread. I agree with your reasoning on giving more focused replies but then that's what I'd keep doing all day because there are tons of folks roaming around here who have nothing better to do but criticize IV!

    Red Comment No. 2: why the sarcasm, hes in the same boat as you

    How is he in the same boat as me? I am on a boat called IV and I don't see him on that boat. You just wanted to give me a red dot but couldn't think of a solid reason, isn't it?

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