Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    07-15 09:37 AM
    Please be considerate to your good employer and good attorney of yours. You do not want to burn bridges, when you leave. Give them at least 2-3 weeks notice. That is the least or at least work with them for 6 months since that is what the law would require you after getting GC.
    AFAIK there is no law requiring you to work with your current employer after getting GC, particularly if it is based on an EB1-EA petition. But there is an underlying intent that you will at least continue working on areas related to your extraordinary ability. And I read elsewhere that this will likely be a major factor later, should you apply for citizenship, when USCIS will go through your employment and GC history with a fine tooth comb. In worst case scenario, they will not only deny you citizenship, but may even revoke your GC (again, this is what I read on other forums, and makes good sense too). So yes, switch as many employers as you want, but stay within the scope of your promised field of expertise and ability.

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  • risker
    07-20 05:43 PM
    I accept what risker says.. I am also one of the people with PD 2003 and waiting for the backlog center to send my ad instructions and my friends & neighbours with PD 2005 have all filed I140 & I485 with current fees and expecting their EAD and AP soon. Where is justice? I am in. Common guys pls. join risker.

    Hey, thanks for the support. Please talk to anyone who know has been affected personally. Please spread the word. I with few other people will talk to a lawyer soon on this to get things initiated.

    But we will need enough support to gather a critical mass and start things rolling in the right track.

    So can we have a online form where everyone affected can sign in? How do we do that?

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  • bondgoli007
    12-10 11:37 AM
    I would think and HOPE that seeing this thresd and message from Logiclife, MOST people who have been visiting IV and not contributed money or time will do atleast ONE of the following:

    1. Just register on the website.
    2. Join State chapters.
    3. One time contributions to the 30K Omnibus fund drive.
    4. Join for monthly contributions.
    5. Volunteer via State chapters.

    If people don't even do this, it is obvious one or more of these can be made of them.

    1. They are our "friendly" visitors from ALIPAC.
    2. They are incapable of helping themselves via IV efforts. Thus the word 'Cowards' fits rather well for them.
    3. They are so broke that they have time to browse the website but don't have any money to contribute.

    In my very very very honest opinion, either one of the above reasons makes you a very sad and selfish individual. I am sure we have many many good people that can help and will help, it is just a matter of injecting some urgency.

    We have a great organisation and capable core leadership. We have seen lots of new members joining. We have a huge task in front of us and we will all need to put at least the basic effort. Thanks to all those who are contributing and those who will be contributing.

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  • samcam
    12-11 03:40 PM
    I know you have done a lot for IV.. no body needs to vouch that.. i have seen you in action..but.. i disagree with you on only one thing, calling names.. I understand your frustration, but as a leader you cannot set a bad example... No leader has ever got people to do the right things by calling them names.. while your intent is right, you have done more harm than good by starting this flame war..

    I guess the right thing to do for the texas chapter is to call the members and find out what happened. We have chapter members phone number right?

    I myself was slated to attend the MO chapter meeting, but could not do so and I called the co-ordinator to let her know..

    remember having people skills is not the same as being politically correct..

    Again everything you said is right on point except for calling names.. I respect you for having done SO much till now and I believe you will raise the expectations of new comers with right actions and right words!

    Please contribute for the omnibus bill..

    I have said what I have felt. I am not going to be politically correct, never have been. This is not a forum for pracitising genteel speeches, pampering and politically correct messages.

    If you RSVP that "I will come" and the host prepares entire day for meeting, makes her daughter skip the extra carricular activities, ends up using better part of weekend for an event she is thinking will be attended by you, but you dont show up even and dont even bother to call they you are cancelling, then you ought to be ashamed of yourself. If you do something like that in your workplace, then you will get fired. If you signup for a volunteer training/conference on behalf of your company, get company to book your travel, make them spend time/money and then on day of travel, you dont even show up at the airport and attend conference/training that you volunteered to attend, then you will get fired. You wont get fired from Immigration Voice and there are no personal consequence to your bad, lousy manners therefore its afforable to do so, and so you can do it.

    If you think EAD is the end of the road and you are free now with AC21 options BUT on the contrary you feel more and more need to visit forums here, on Khanna portal, on Murthy's forums/chats then probably you are wrong, you are not free. You are still bound by strings that restrain your mobility and freedom.

    LURKERS : And finally, if the only reason (and this is the most common reason) for not volunteering or participating in activities or contributions is that you are afraid of USCIS or some agency retaliating against your pending 485, and the problem is cowardice. The most common reason why we have 3 times more "visitors" then logged in members is that "visitors" are afraid of the government in the most democratic and free country in the world. I need you to login so that I can get email and information about you so that I can seek your help. And I dont need your help for my own personal gain. I am not going to sell you used cars to send you spams and advertisements about something I am selling. I am one of you. Struggling and fighting against an unfair system. I need your email - not to sell you fortune cookies - but to ask for funds, ask you to attend local events, ask you to meet lawmakers. None of these things bring a single penny to my bank account. None of these things make my PD current. This is for you, if you think you are up for it. But if you are a coward then no one can help you. And if you are offended by being called a "coward" by me, then you are too coward to even recognize that you are a coward.


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  • gonecrazyonh4
    04-06 12:11 PM
    I would like to share my story with other H4 hopefuls and immigration voice.
    I came to this country 2 years back. I am well qualified and had an excellent job in Bangalore with more than 4 years of experience in HR. After coming here I have not been able to get an employer to sponsor H1B Visa mainly because my skills sets are not in high demand occupation like Computers/technology but in Human Resource Management. I passed the professional certifications in HR in USA within 6 months of landing here and did get a number of job offers but was unable to take them up because I do not have an EAD.

    In fact even my old company in Bangalore where I worked offered me a position here in their office and job offer is still on -provided I have a employment authorization. They are not keen to sposor H1b visa as they consider it too much of a hassle for a non tech employee.Also with the visa cap there are many hurdles to get through to get the H1B visa. Meanwhile our LC is in the backlog center and we are unable to move forward. My husband has received MBA admissions in some top schools in USA. But he had to give it up because of the GC process which seems to have now come to a stand still. When people who has come here illegally (if the bill passes) can now work legally - we who has come here legally and has followed all the rules are not given a chance to contribute to the economy and better our quality of life.

    we are not going to go back -our GC is in process - so why shouldnt we be given a change to work while we wait for years for the process to be through. I feel that I have already lost my most productive years where I could have steered my career to H4 Visa rules.

    I request Immigration voice to work on the issue of H4 work authorization.

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  • saikatmandal
    11-15 11:57 AM
    But how will the media cover a fast ? The logistics of getting everyone at public venues to fast will be difficult I am sure !


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  • hsingh82
    08-09 11:16 AM
    yes these are very relevant qs.....will someone from canada pls advice abt these especially the cost of living, property and savings....

    I have never lived in Canda but married to a Candian citizen so I am writing this with her help and with my limited knowledge. I don't think 50K per year is enough, you may survive but living standard won't be as good, say, compared to Texas (if you are in CA then its different comparison). You pay more taxes, high insurance premiums, clothes are expensive etc. everything is higher. As per my bro-in-law, the sale price of houses in Houston is less that the cost of building house in Toronto (he is a financial consultant in Toronto). I heard socially Canada is better than US and have nicer people.

    Heathcare is free (not dental, vision etc.) but you eventually pay more taxes for that so if you are planning to bring your parents this could be good but for healthy young family basically you pay more taxes for health of others. Healthcare can be compared to US but not as good because there is cap on doctor's income (300K??) and many good doctors move to US.

    TN is defnitely good and hopefully it will remain for canadian citizens and can be renewed with no cap for maximum years but but your dependents can not work with your TN visa.

    I, myself, have applied for Canadian PR and should get it soon but that's just as stand by and won't move there unless I have to.

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  • bhatt
    07-19 10:51 PM
    One way is to invest regularly in 401 K. By that way you let your investments grow tax free and if you have to or go back to India then you can withdraw them next year, TAX free or less tax. Thus you actually pay less tax and ultimately you might pay lesser tax than your social security. Who cares if the social security is being taken from me.
    I heard that if you are non resident of USA, the tax rate is 30% ( for Indian residents). Also I heard that you can collect SS if you have paid 10 years SS tax even if you don't have GC/ citizenship at the age of 60. But we don't know whether the SS will be there by that time when we turns 60!.:rolleyes: Don't know whether we will be there!. :eek:
    The Dollar value may go upside down by that time:cool:


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  • jayleno
    07-18 12:15 PM
    I dont know the whole background...but they say they will use 5000 unused visas per year. Where do these unused visas come from? FB visas?

    Welcome our new friends to share the green cards.

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  • gcretroiv
    04-10 02:33 AM
    Hey man this guy is BTech Computer science fro IIT Bombay

    You can help him to give some pointers of agencies.

    Regarding skillset and all, he can very much figure it out.
    We need not to help him wrt skillsets,
    but we just have to give pointers. That shd make it i guess...

    Is it right fellow iitian ???


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  • sam_hoosier
    11-15 03:29 PM
    Flower campaign wasnt started by iv (atleast not by the seniors), it slowly gathered momentum on its own and produced results. After seeing this bulletin I ve lost hope in all this lobbying and stuff. We need publicity and more of it. Fasting for a day if organized by iv could bring more results.

    Lets not undermine IV's efforts in promoting the flower campaign. IV may not have started it, but the publicity on IV went a long way in making the campaign a big success.

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  • reddog
    06-12 05:12 PM
    Air France still does not get it. neither do other euro nations, Nor does Australia.
    They are now dealing with a entirely different generation of Asians who do not care if they were once a developed nation or that they can manufacture aircrafts.

    The reply is still suggestive of they taking care of the passengers and handling the situation well. No, they did not.

    A technical aircraft problem is something that every airline faces everyday.
    Air France not having a plan to care of non-american or non-eurpoean indians is completely their fault and outright racist. and that too a flight which is flying to India?
    Did they expect everyone on the flight to be from a EU or North American nation, and that they will not require transit visas.

    No, they simply did not care. They just did not make arrangement for Indian residents and hid behind the transit visa excuse.
    If they wanted, they could have arranged for a Airport Transit visa for eveyone who did not have one.
    But no, they assumed that regardless of how we treat them, an indian is going to fly Air France again if that is the cheapest option.
    Funny is, that might be true, but that demographics is changing so fast that they better keep not caring, cos Indians will not fly with them anyways.


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  • waiting4gc
    07-17 07:45 PM
    If you think there's only dimiwitted folks here, need I remind you that you are posting here too.

    Anyways, mistakes are made and can be corrected. Name calling doesn't achieve anything.

    Shows you the general herd mentality on this forum. As long as everyone is thinking the same way, everything is great. If you differ, everyone will call for a ban on you. They are all lemmings. Unfortunately, I had to come to this forum for news. I have never seen such a bunch of dimwitted people in one place...

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  • chanduv23
    09-24 11:22 PM
    yes I 140 has been approved in Feb o7.

    Let me wait for actual denial letter.

    It seems that is the best option at this point for me.

    - Thanks

    Looks like USCIS is sending more denial letters on AC21 cases these days, a lot of VOs may not have been trained on AC21.

    I took infopass this week to find out status of my case (AC21 responded to NOID and case reopened and lot of soft LUDs) - the VO was trying to be judgemental instead of looking at computer and answer my question. She said "If you change job and 140 is revoked, there is no way your 485 will get approved" and when I insisted her to look at computer and let me know status, after some nagging, she looked and told me case is pending and NC cleared and I will receive a decision sometime but not very soon.

    Believe me, a lot of VOs do not know AC21 stuff.


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  • Green.Tech
    05-26 09:40 AM

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  • gc_dega_gandhigiri
    05-17 09:38 PM


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  • kak1978
    02-29 10:04 PM
    I sent my letters today..

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  • grupak
    07-13 11:57 AM
    We need to get the 3 immigration bills introduced with bi-partisan support.

    Did you watch Lofgren video

    Start watching from about 6 1/2 minutes.

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  • Totoro
    05-21 01:24 PM
    recently they were worked or worked to accomodate people working in US Army to be eligible if one in their family has ITIN.

    Then why there are not looking at Legal Immigrants.

    My contact in the government says "it was too expensive".

    09-20 03:36 PM
    So your question is regarding the how u become active volunteer or the way IV operates in dealing with the legislation events? I was answering the former.

    About the funds .. you know the answer and logiclife videos tells exactly the same. But you said I know nothing about the funds. What exactly you are looking for. Money spend on each event? i think they started doing it. Recently pappu mentioned they need 41k for the rally.. I think we are improving on that front ..

    01-02 12:50 AM
    I have made similar post on another thread on IV--so this is a repeat:

    The key is revocation vs. substitution. Per discussions with immi attorneys, AC21 portability is not explicit on what needs to be done if I140 is substituted by previous employer and NOT REVOKED, and the applicant is eligible for changing jobs (same desc and 180 days pending). The fact is that this loophole leads to illogical scenario--2 applicants taking benefit from same I140.

    Question to you and other forum members: Is there a thread on this specific topic?

    My situation:
    I485 denied on Oct 24th 2008. I did not get the letter and realized only when I checked on the USCIS website. My attorney also did not get the letter of denial or even the NOID.

    I changed jobs in June 2006 by invoking AC21 (Priority Date - Oct 2002, I140 and I485 filed concurrently, I140 approved in Feb 2005).

    The fact is that on all forums there is talk about revocation by previous employer. However please note that approved I140 could either be revoked or substituted. While those AC21 memos talk about revoked I140, the law is not clear when previous employer substitutes the approved I140. I know the substitution process is no longer legal since June 2007, however, it has been abused in the past. My questions to forum members:

    1. Is any one in similar situation?
    2. I have H1B only until June 2009 and EAD unitil Sep 2009, Can I work until then (Jun or Sept) assuming MTR is resolved in 2 months (per some optimistic posts on IV). I am working on EAD.
    3. If my employer were to file a new PERM labor application--can I port my previous priority date? How soon is PERM labor in EB2 category getting approved.


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