Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • grimus
    07-20 08:23 AM
    Any more news on this? anyone please.

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  • diptam
    07-06 12:40 PM
    I dont want another flurry of emails by explaining no-nonsense "conspiracy theory" behind all this (Hint - The day CIR failed , AILF came up with this 95%-98% truth in their websites and the day 2nd CIR resurrection attempt was being discussed is June 13th which is the July Bulletin release Date)

    Our only option is to expose USCIS wrongdoings ( I mean all Kind of Wrongdoings ) via Media and at the end of the day show your GUTS to support AILA lawsuit by providing our real names etc... ( incase they need)

    Nothing else is going to help.

    We didn't do anything wrong , so lets fight for Justice.

    They are not coming clean on this...first they said they used up 60K visas, now they are saying they worked over wkend to use 25K VISAS... Its a big scandal....Just to prevent us from filing...

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-14 01:29 PM
    Do you know how to pay online from my bank account? I checked the contributions page, but it discusses about paying through Paypal (and for $100+).

    Simply send the check of $5 to Immigration Voice at the address listed in the first post as if you were paying a utility bill. That way your bank will send IV a check of $5.00 (or whatever amount you want it to) and IV gets the WHOLE $5 and no fees are deducted.

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  • pbojja
    09-11 10:58 PM
    when do we all send it? should we wait for oct 2nd?
    Also is it a crime to send such letters in bulk to a govt agency?(kinda spamm?)

    Lets get it started this week end ..our goal should be getting follwoing answers from CIS and DOS ..

    Dear DOS,
    On what basis dates are moved to PD 2006 for India and China during Aug and September ? Is there a memorandum which justifies this move ?

    Dear USCIS,
    1> On what basis you are processing the applications ? Receipt Date,Notice Date or Priority Date ? How can you justify approving 2006 cases
    2> How many 485 applications are pending for India and China , year wise ? Why is it so difficult to publish ? why are we in dark and guessing things ?
    3>What the customer service is for ? your 1-800 number information is so use less ...Why can not they even inform us about our Priority date or Name Check cleareance ? And the service tickets are next to useless

    Dear TSC and NSC ...

    1> How come your processing dates are going back wards ? How can you justify that ?

    Can some one please post the addresses ? I will send the books including letters this week end .

    Dont worry about spam ..we have every right to express our selfs ...we are in free country as they say


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  • gsc999
    07-21 03:39 PM
    Look at this post. The thoughts are compelling. Is this something that we should get some clarifications on?
    This is what trolls have done in the past. When ever we have had a successful event. Trolls from anti-immigration groups, demand disclosure of financial statements and raise doubts on IV leadership. Don't get drawn into this. Lets keep doing what we are.

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  • saimrathi
    07-19 02:23 PM
    Why dont you tell us when we will get the GC .. since you already knew what they were going to do about the July VB.. :rolleyes:

    This is what I heared even before the flower campaigns started.

    Originally Posted by prinive
    it seems they are planning to honor the July VB and make chanes in Aug VB. So I guess they will accept the applications in July.


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  • black_logs
    04-25 01:14 PM
    Guys let me clearify it. We cannot change our agenda at this point . It is not an option. We have done 1000's of hr discussions with QGA and so many meetings with various Senators and Congressmen to get our agenda finalized. Adding something new to our agenda is not an option. But this is a very healthy discussion going on here. Pleople can send personal comments and ideas to the lawmakers. This is surely a very good suggestion.

    . I agree. Also, since F1 is not a dual intent visa this will not hold water. Anyways this is a ridiculous demand. We are not the law makers and we should consider ourselves lucky that couple of IV's amendments are in a few of the senator�s bills, though there are no guarantees if they will be included in the final text or let alone be passed. We should only push for what is already include in the 2 bills and not confuse everyone every time one of us comes up with this "brilliant" idea of using H1B entry date as priority date. So what's the next amendment we want� include the day I first envisioned that I will come to America as the priority date. WE NEED ONE VOICE and we have already been heard so let�s stick to what is practical and push those amendments through.

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  • gc_check
    03-05 09:46 PM
    My PD is March-2003 and I didn't get the labor cleared till Late 2006

    I just can't help wondering how did you get your labor in 2004 with the PD of May-2003? How come snake of BEC didn't bite you? :)

    Prior to BEC, the Labor certs need to clear the state and then regional processing center. Stated like NJ, NY, CA, etc the wait time for Labor was years, while Iowa, MA, etc cleared labor in few months and many lucky folks got the GC from start / labor to 485 approval in 15-18 months... The unlucky ones (me included) are stuck now even with earlier PD in AOS... Hope something good happens in second half of FY09 atleast.... for all


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  • mrdelhiite
    06-23 08:33 AM
    i saw 2 approvals ( on 06/22) in for people who applied in feb starting ... just a fyi

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  • Jaime
    09-12 05:27 PM


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  • sri1309
    09-11 07:43 PM
    How do I start a new thread,

    Please help,


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  • drona
    07-12 05:47 PM
    Los Angeles


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  • mirage
    04-02 11:42 AM
    I don't know what to tell you guys.. I'm surprised to see how some people's thought process work.
    I have no Idea what's wrong in requesting USCIS to release some data which would tell how many applications they received of which chargeability and in which EB categories’ This is the only information needed to stop predicting, everybody here can make almost exact estimate when they can expect their application Adjudicated. And also in the mean time they should provide us assurance that they will issue EADs and APs in less than 90 days. We are in a foreign country and we need to travel to our home countries, if we are stuck with 1 year approvals our file is always in process, how do you plan a trip ???
    Death in the family is the only reason they recognize as urgency for travel.
    We are Humans, we have family back in our home countries, marriage in the family or family visit is also urgent..
    To ask this you don’t need citizen rights you are asking a public agency a service which they are supposed to provide and they are charging us to do that...

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  • Milind123
    09-16 10:55 PM
    Earlier I got a PM from immigration (name on the handle, not USCIS). He has contributed $100 for this round. That takes us to the final 6 shots. Remember these shots can be taken by anyone who believes that IV is doing a great job in order to make necessary changes. If you don't believe so, please don't keep that doubt lingering in your mind, speak up and be heard, if you are uncomfortable posting your doubts on any one of the threads, please use PM. Ask questions, please, if you have any?


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  • gondalguru
    07-18 05:16 PM
    Receipt date is not the date when the application reaches the service center. It is infact the date when your application is entered into their internal system which could be several days after the application has reached the service center.

    How sure r u about this?? I think it is the other way around.

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  • texcan
    09-10 10:07 AM

    here is my humble contribution of 100.
    keep up the great work.

    A suggestion, lets keep a tally where we are for contribution goal,
    this will encourage everyone to contribute more and round off any shortfalls
    in overall contribution.


    On a side note,

    This is my understanding, even if there are some harsh things said
    on the forum, but in all everyone appreciates the great work being done
    by this group.


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  • 485_se_dukhi
    07-20 03:16 PM
    Senators who abstained:

    1. Obama (D-IL)
    2. Brownback (R-KS)
    3. Byrd (D-WV)
    4. Lott (R-MS)
    5. Johnson (D-SD)

    Maybe writing to these senators and explaining our part of the story may help them at least see our point of view.

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  • wandmaker
    03-12 11:19 AM
    It is very easy to contradict or find errors.

    No body is getting paid here to have a tester test it.

    Yes I like the idea of donor for paid members. There are 31000 members not even 2500 members are contributing. This is one way of making them pay for the services or the info you get from the forum.

    Actual ball park is 300-350 members, who actually come forward for all campaigns and contribute, and around 50 one-timers.

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  • mirage
    03-31 10:11 AM
    In this era of IT, USCIS keeps crying about being bombarded suddenly with this application that applications. I wonder such a big agency doesn't have projections etc. When you Adjudicated millions of Green cards lin 2002-2003 than obviously you are going to get bombarded with Application for Citizenship in 2007 you weren't prepared for that ??? This organization is headed by most incompetant people who doesn't have any clue of Management, I guess they should go back to school...

    06-11 09:19 AM
    i dont agree with you, These things are against the law.

    All we need is a recapture. Lets concentrate on the bills in congress and senate and get them passed. This needs very less effort than what you prescribed.
    2) If 1 fails,
    There is no descrimination as such, this is more of a outdated law and bureacratic delay caused wastage of numbers, lets fight it in legal system. Some asylum case won against wastage, why not ours? We have big numbers, If everyone can contribute, this will happen. Hire the same lawyer and am sure he/she wont charge more than what(if any) they charged to an asylum case....

    09-10 05:06 PM
    I guess the reason for moving back eb2 I dates is strategic. Since they have the whole year to use the 140 K visas, they might be trying to start the year conservatively, trying to honor FIFO.

    The aggressive movement of dates in last quarter was ONLY to prevent the visa number wastage.

    I think the reason for the retrogression in EB2-I is obvious.
    There are only 800 visas available for EB2-I for any given quarter (remember the 7% country quota). The spill overs from EB2-ROW and EB1 start only after few months.

    EB2-I will move after the DOS looks at the unused visa numbers from EB2-ROW and EB1, hope fully next quarter.

    There are no spill overs into EB3-I, so it won't move any time soon.

    Note: I am not commenting on USCIS approving cases with later dates before older priority dates.

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