Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pictures Of Massachusetts State Flag

images See Color the state flag of Pictures Of Massachusetts State Flag. state flag, massachusetts
  • state flag, massachusetts

  • ho_gaya_kaya_?
    07-14 01:43 PM
    Excellent idea

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  • GayatriS
    01-08 09:34 PM
    Ok then why dont we teach some respect and humility to professor ji to show some respect for his country men as well..

    what a harsh speech that was..seems like some personal anger against india and their colleges...

    The only harsh thing he said was that Indian education was awful. Everything else he said was extremely positive especially when he talked about the amazing progress India is making. I think he said that because he was saying that India is racing ahead and Indians are very successful entrepreneurs. (I am not sure).

    I clicked on the link section under the video and found the slides that go with this. I have no idea what this website is or what NGA is, but here is where you can download the slides --

    He has many interesting slides on immigration and seems to be fighting for our cause.

    So if you want to get nationalistic and get upset over silly things go ahead!!!

    I wish I could go to Duke University or Harvard. I could not get admission or afford it if I did.

    Pictures Of Massachusetts State Flag. US State of Massachusetts
  • US State of Massachusetts

  • amitjoey
    07-19 11:19 AM
    Do you know Aman spent $64000+ in the past 18 months for IV?

    Please read this thread before you make a decision on your donation. We need to step up and contribute.

    Thanks Aman and the core team for your efforts.

    Can any one know how to edit subscription amount in paypal. I signed up for a $50 recurring contribution last week. After reading above mentioned thread i want to change my subscription amount to $100

    Cancel your $50 recurring and sign up for $100 recurring.

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  • hourglass
    07-20 05:12 PM
    even if it is available, the principal applicant wont be able to take real advantage of it. As you cannot switch to company B, without invoking AC21, which kicks in only 180 days after, filing 485.

    You forgot to attach the link!


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  • vactorboy29
    07-20 11:14 PM
    Check this web site and do ur calculations;


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  • Virginia State Flag (Coloring

  • smuggymba
    08-12 01:15 PM
    I dont think this will change anything ...

    2. Desi consulting companies here with more than 50 employees will split them selves into 2 or 3 companies of less than 50 employees and avoid the 2000$ extra fee...



    Pictures Of Massachusetts State Flag. the state of Massachusetts
  • the state of Massachusetts

  • csriram45
    09-09 05:59 PM
    Came to US in Aug 1997. My first company start up closed in 2002 recession and so joined another which by the time started the process etc.. delayed till Sep 2004 PD with EB3.
    13 years in the US and waiting....

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  • desi485
    11-17 04:07 PM
    desi - I am not sure how we do that but I personally think if we ask such a thing we are letting USCIS send us denial notice even though they must not send it.

    I absolutely agree with you that in first place, CIS MUST NOT revoke 485 when a person changes to similar job after 485 is pending for more than 180 days and 140 has been already approved.

    IV is already running the campaign to send letters (I did send mine) and hopefully it will get us good results.

    However, we should still know what happens to EAD in such unfortunate event. Many AOS candidate, specifically from retrogressed countries may have gone beyond 6 years of H1B and may not get H1B extended based on this pending 485. or many must be working on EAD as many employers are not willing to sponsor the H1B. In this case, knowing the validity of EAD will surely helps.

    Meanwhile, here is another RG thread ( found, clearly talks about this issue.


    Pictures Of Massachusetts State Flag. Massachusetts state flag.
  • Massachusetts state flag.

  • greyhair
    08-12 11:13 AM
    Why is the senator backtracking from "chop shop" comment ? Here is why

    Visa row: US keen not to hurt ties with India before Obama visit - US - World - The Times of India (

    What difference does it make? Whatever he calls it, the law still means the same. Indian companies should know better than that. I mean if this is their best defense then god help consulting companies.

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  • skv
    06-20 10:03 AM
    Any trend of backlogs getting cleared?

    My employer is a big wall street investment bank, and they have filed my PERM on May 14th.

    The trend for PERM certification at Atlanta, as per my employer is between 90-120 days. Because they handled so many PERM cases at Atlanta, they know this trend.

    Nothing muck we can do here. Just pray and hope for the best.


    Pictures Of Massachusetts State Flag. Massachusetts state flag.
  • Massachusetts state flag.

  • tikka
    07-18 02:04 PM
    As a $20 recurring contributor till now, I am upgrading my monthly contribution to $50 from today onwards.

    Good luck to everyone and my wishes to IV CORE.

    Also IV membership just crossed the 21000 mark.

    Threads: 5,912, Posts: 118,961, Members: 21,000 , Active Members: 14,163

    for your contribution.. :)

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  • 485_se_dukhi
    07-18 08:31 PM

    $50 is approx the cost of two lunches (for two people) per month => we are going to eat out two fewer times each month.

    So, we eat healthier food and the IV fund grows. :)


    house the Massachusetts State Pictures Of Massachusetts State Flag. MASSACHUSETTS FLAG - OFFICIAL

  • makemygc
    08-12 01:28 PM
    Srikondo man,

    I dont care your fight with 'buddyinus' or your friendship with 'frankzulu' and whether you were travelling by air/car/ship - I would like to ask you a SIMPLE question.

    You started this thread saying that USCIS has a "deadline" for completing stuffs last Monday or last last Friday.... All of us trusted you that time - Could you please give us a responsible answer or status Update.

    I hope you will reply this time.


    I guess forum is all about sharing information that we gather from different sources. No body can assert anything not even USCIS. They open up the gate for all July filer, then closed it and then re-open it again when many protested. So, when someone shared the news that USCIS is not going to accept the july filings, everyone mocked him but that came out to be true.

    Forum is all about sharing information. It depends on our judgement as how much we want to believe on that. Srikondji shared some information which he learned from the CRs, now it's up to you if you want to blindly follow that or use that information as a way to curb your anxiety.

    People started cursing logiclife when he posted about the FAQ4 to be released by friday and it didn't. But it did came after 2-3 days. So someone who shared that info with Core might have just said we are trying our best to come up with FAQ4 and will release it by Friday and core shared that info with everyone. But that doesn't mean that people should take that info as if it doesn't come on Friday, it will be the end of the world and core should loose his credibility. FAQ4 did came after couple of days and all those people who were cursing logiclife were no where to be seen.

    If you put up a clause that no-one should share the info, unless you have a word from God, I guess we'll not have more than 2 or 3 threads here.

    So guys..bottom line is stop fighting over what someone said or not, concentrate on what you are doing about it.

    As someone rightly said, "Listen to all but do what you think is right". There is similar adage in hindi but I'm not using hindi so that everyone can understand it.

    Hope you understand.

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  • shiankuraaf
    07-14 09:58 PM
    Just sent $50 to be received on 07/21/2008. Conf # 7YC45-CWJKT


    pictures the state of Massachusetts Pictures Of Massachusetts State Flag. Massachusetts+state+map
  • Massachusetts+state+map

  • she81
    08-13 04:39 PM
    EB3 is totally doomed. They are not even approving 140s for EB3, visa number issues come later. Although I've been doing it, I seriously didn't come here to spend my time writing letters just to get one simple application processed for which I'm overqualified (I am qualified for EB2, but my company pushed me into EB3). And yes, that doesn't work either. USCIS does have time to draft and send back a reply to the congresman but not to look at my simple and sweet case.

    If they (USCIS) don't know what they are doing, who are we to educate them?

    dresses Valley Forge Flag 4#39; x 6#39; Massachusetts State Flag Pictures Of Massachusetts State Flag. Boston Massachusetts Flag.
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  • NKR
    06-25 03:38 PM
    This is thread for What America is loosing...

    I find it out of context. Please elaborate - I feel some hiddem message is there - needs to clearly come out.

    Why is loosing such a loosely used word?. Guys, it is losing not loosing. Lose and loose have different meanings.


    makeup Massachusetts state flag. Pictures Of Massachusetts State Flag. the Massachusetts State
  • the Massachusetts State

  • sprash
    02-25 05:00 PM
    I think dates won't (and should not ) move much. So at the end of year we can see big jump and then may be people like me can file I-1485.


    Yes and then they should process in LIFO order so people like you can get their GCs :p :rolleyes:

    girlfriend redesign massachusetts state Pictures Of Massachusetts State Flag. the State of Massachusetts
  • the State of Massachusetts

  • paskal
    07-18 06:55 PM
    Both me and My wife were really impressed by the excellent work IV has done and achieved. I have made a contribution (albeit small) in the past, and will very much like to sign up for recurring contributions. We pledge to contribute $50 monthly as soon as my Wife gets her EAD. We were intending to signup for $20/month right away, to upgrade to $50/month on getting her EAD but I do not see that option anymore.

    Anyways, my pledge still stands effective on the day we receive my wife's EAD.

    the $20/mnth was pulled a while back- hardly anyone was signing up for monthly contributions and everyone went for the lwoest amount. all in all a shameful situation. my humble suggestion- in a lumpsome, donate the amount equivelant to 20/mnth for the next 4 mnths ie $80, then when the EAD comes you can start recurring contributions.

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  • Pineapple
    01-06 09:17 PM
    If you have a cogent argument, you can present it. It will be judged by its merits.

    Ad hominem arguments and irate calls to close the thread do not go a long way in proving your point (as much as I can make out there is one in the first place)

    You seem to be a guy from north India who dislikes anything remotely connected to south, or probably you are envious of the strides that south India has taken, anyways I do not care what YOU or Wadhwa says about the quality of education in some parts of the world.

    I do not know how this discussion is going to help our cause.

    Moderators, please close this thread. This thread has potrayed India in bad light to the rest of the world and has given enough ammunition to anti immigrants.

    11-16 08:10 AM
    Update. My attorney has sent a letter (interfiling process) to USCIS mentioning that my case is current now. One of my friends got 485 approved within 2 weeks after initiating interfiling process. I hope it would be the same case with me.
    Thank you for sharing VayuMahesh. I hope I have to do the same. Can you please share, is there any form he has to fill while doing this or he has to write a letter.

    02-24 09:54 AM
    The way this whole thing has turned out to be now is like a challenge or a race where there is no room for values or emotions or in general life and careers.

    Many people have taken this as part of life and looked at it as slow sailing clouds and trying to make the best out of it and it has been challenging at every stage.

    As such, life is not easy - anywhere in the world. Believe me. Those who get lucrative jobs in India or elsewhere does not necessarily mean they are doing great and better.

    The best one can make out of any situation is independent thinking and self introspection. Can we do something to make things better? Are our vlices heard loud? Is there anything that can be done? What have I contributed? have I done anything to make things better for us?

    It is we, who form the society and if we are suffering, we have to blame ourselves for our inaction. In tough situations, we need to come out of the "grass green on the other side" attitude and see how we can improve the situation ourselves.

    The way things have turned out to our kinds is that we have been set to fail - that is the kind of system we are in now.

    Apart from immigration, for an average American, burning issues are economy, jobs, terrorism, war and healthcare - a lot of people die because they cannot afford healthcare and reform is nowhere near.

    Can we all unite and make ourselves heard? Can we make ourselves credible enough that we are heard and a part of the process rather than kept away from it? The answer is in us and the choice is ours. Look at history on how were and how things changed. History is not only to study, one has to make history. Can we do it?

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