Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • chanduv23
    12-01 10:09 AM

    Good to know you are pursuing a part time MBA. For people stuck inthe GC dilemma, further education is really a good oiption.

    For folks around Philadelphia, if you are looking for a good part time programs, Wharton Business school is offering evening programs (Certificate) for Working Professionals. For me it was really a good experience doing the program.


    Thanks for letting us know :)

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  • santb1975
    04-27 08:43 PM
    you get us to $3336.

    Receipt ID: 9FJ35855WV298890L

    GO IV GO...

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  • gsc999
    02-08 03:05 PM
    no one cares?

    "Yes we Care, couldn't resist that slogan. sounds like "Yes We Can"

    Update: subsequent to the change in deadline we have redoubled our volunteer efforts in Northern California from once a week volunteer work to twice a week, volunteers on the ground effort. this effort entals that volunteers actively approach High-skilled legal immigrants for support for this admin fix campaign.

    We are excited about this and are getting more traction as more people hear about this. The best way to motivate others is to do it yourself.

    PS: the number of letter on the first page are understated. Abhijit and Digital have updated numbers. Growing by the week.

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  • PD073102VA
    03-19 10:49 PM

    I hope you are right and I am wrong. So, "special handling"
    cases do not go through labor certification at all. Do professors have to go through "special handling" labor certification?

    If you are right then it means that an advanced degree holder in STEM from a US school with 3 years of prior US experience will be able to apply for I-140 and I-485 right away.

    Thanks for clarifying.

    Your interpretation is incorrect. An advanced degree holder from the US will not need labor certification. Please go through my and Appu's reasoning in earlier posts on this thread to understand why.

    Per Frist's bill, an advanced degree holder in STEM with 3 years experience will be subject to special handling in labor cert. Your (iii) refers to this person. This person is not subject to the numerical quota.

    An advanced STEM degree holder from the US does not need labor cert. This is because notwithstanding the applicant's admissiblity for permanent residence, the applicant can file for adjustment of status as long as he has an immigrant petition. "Applicant's admissibility for permanent residency" refers to labor cert for EB 2/3 workers - see section 212 of INA. So irrespective of labor cert, the advanced STEM degree holder from the US can file for Adjustment of Status and I140. However, this person is subject to numerical quota and has to wait for a green card number for 485 approval.

    Put both the above paragraphs together - the advanced STEM degree holder from the US with 3 years experience has the best of both worlds - no labor cert, no quota, can file for I140 and I48.


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  • yoda
    09-21 11:09 AM
    Let us give IV Core a few more days to think through and recommend the next course of action. Many must have returned home from DC only yesterday after being present even on Wed. after the majority of us had returned.

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  • ianlock
    09-17 04:01 PM

    so the the US lists, the catagories as Mexico, India, china, and the philpines.

    that is 4 counties..... with what ever percentage of the total visas..

    But ROW the rest of the many countries is that???? i am guessing lots... i personally am only conserned with the UK as that is where i am at the moment. so how do i go about finding the number of visa's that the UK is aloted per year? in EB catagories.

    because i dont see how if say Germay, or Italy used up all there visas for the year, but the rest of the world hadent, or even half and can the entire of the rest of the world be retrogressed.??? is there not a list of how indervidual countries are retrogressed....? if this is stupid please say though, but i think it is quite a valid question.


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  • nomad
    07-20 08:28 PM
    I filed I-140 on July 5, and was hoping to get the receipt by this week because as per the press release ( dated 7/13), NSC was supposed to be time complaint with regards to I-140 receipt date by 7/18/2007. But they again changed to 8/1/2007. You never know they will NOT change it again!

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  • gg_ny
    09-20 02:35 PM
    .... difficult in a mass rally where huddled masses are easily seen as being the downtrodden.

    Hope this mail was not in response to my earlier posting. If so, I would delete my earlier posting as this one from
    'husamymd' stinks. Is it always like this or just when your brain is used?


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  • Totoro
    05-05 06:37 AM
    I receive the standard IRS letter regarding stimulus rebate.
    I took this letter and went to SSA office to apply for a SSN for my wife.
    Point number 3 in ss-5 clearly says .....

    "If you check "Legal Alien Not Allowed to Work," you must provide a document from a U.S. Federal, State, or local government agency that explains why you need a Social Security number and that you meet all of the requirements for the U.S. government benefit. NOTE: Not all U.S. State or local benefits are acceptable for non-work SSN purposes. Contact SSA to see if your reason qualifies.
    If you check "Other," you must provide a document from the U.S. government agency that explains why you need a Social Security number and that you meet all of the requirements for a Federal benefit except for the number."

    I believe that IRS letter should be treated as a sufficient reason for need of SSN. BUT THEY DIDN'T ENTERTAIN ANY OF THE FACTS AND DECLINED TO ACCEPT APPLICATION FOR SSN.

    They cannot refuse to accept your application. Fill in the forms and send them in. They can deny your application and then you can appeal. If they refuse to accept the application, you have two options. You can contact your congressman and complain. You can file a discrimination complaint with the SSA ombudsman. Here is the discrimination form.

    Finally, if you believe you have been denied your rights because you are an immigrant, you can contact your local ACLU and ask them to represent your case. As a last resort, you can file a lawsuit at the federal district court. The filing fee for this is $350. However, I hope we are all doing this to exercise our rights rather than for the money. At least that is my motivation.

    In my case, the first time I called, the person hung up on me. But I did not give up. I got them to accept the application and it is currently under reconsideration. I was also able to get a response from the Regional Office. So far they have not addressed any of the points I made in the original case as described in the OP. I expect they will continue to ignore their own laws and regulations, until I appeal this to an administrative judge, who will make a legal ruling.

    BTW: All this costs you nothing but your time.

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  • obviously
    07-23 10:31 PM
    What an absolutely useless discussion! EB2 and EB3 are based on each employer's attestation of job/work requirements.

    Obviously, there is little correlation between book knowledge and real world results. Highly educated lawyers and Top B School MBA's can be found stuck in dead end jobs or suboptimal careers while barely educated street smart folks can be found enjoying productive careers.

    So, let us stop this nonsensical analysis about something that adds ZERO value towards the core mission and objectives.

    Lets use those 'high skilled' grey cells for something that matters. Stay away from the keyboard if you cannot resist the urge to puke over it with your fingers putting forth filth.

    Seriously. Take a break folks!


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  • jimytomy
    05-19 05:54 PM
    Appreciate IVs hard work ! Contributed $100 :)

    Receipt ID: 0329-8249-7486-9205 :)

    An email with your order summary has been sent

    Merchant Contact Information : Immigration Voice


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  • qasleuth
    04-10 11:46 PM
    Simple e.g. I like Target as a store. That doesn't mean I give Target money and let them give me whatever they want for that money. I want to know before hand what my money is getting me.

    very true when you are talking about a person who walks into a store. But you are asking for Target's strategic plans, how many stores it will open in the next quarter, what is their marketing plan in regards to Walmart (their main competitor).

    Are there any immigration bills that IV supports? What are they? What is IV going to do to get them through? What does IV expect from the lobbyist?

    I take it you did not go through the action alerts page...Here is a link

    Other than the FOIA thing, is there anything else IV is collecting money for? I don't want to see IVs tax statements. I just want a quarterly report of what IV did with the money it collected and what IV will do with the money it collects in the future. A simple 5 line explanation is enough. It has to be something concrete though. "IV will improve the EB immigration process" is not enough. E.g. "IV will contact all senators in support of XYZ". "IV will make sure there is constant media attention to our problem" etc.

    Two different things here: a. Action items b. Lobbying
    I would agree as to what items are in the horizon in terms of action items is something more often than not can be given out.

    Lobbying...check out the landscape....go visit numbers usa website, capsweb or similar websites...come back and tell us if "IV will contact all senators in support of XYZ" is a good idea.


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  • 65B4GC
    04-30 12:16 PM
    Receipt Number: 3978-7335-4081-4033

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  • asiehouston
    06-13 10:32 PM
    The Birth Certificate Affadevit posted as a sample soes not have space for 2 people to sign. Should there be nother affidavit submitted by another family member or should the second person just sign below the first persons affadevit?

    Some One please explain

    Contributions so far $100


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  • sbabunle
    04-09 06:01 PM
    The quickets way would be approaching some consulting companies. If you need any names pls give pvt msg me.
    good luch bro

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  • raju123
    02-12 01:08 PM
    Trust IV.
    Interim agenda is not only agenda of IV. They tried, other powerful organize also tried but no body succeeded. They don't want to give any thing out of CIR.

    Trust IV

    We have discussed a lot about things in this forum. Every person came up different thought, links etc and moreover our goal of adding I-485 in this feb bill.

    After reading all the post mentioned by IV core, it is clear that no one can do anyting about it, there is no lobbyist that can force this to happen

    So our struggle is useless, some may not agree to it because, they say they are pushing and trying to make voice that can be heard by the congress.

    Congress did not listen to those million illegals on what grounds we expect our voice to be heard.

    I say it again, our struggle is useless. When they wish then only something might happen.



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  • stucklabor
    03-17 08:35 PM
    Appu, what abt labor cert? Does this advanced degree-holder still have to go thru labor cert? If yes, then the person with advanced degree but no experience has no advantage.

    Here's the summary from Sen Frist's website:

    So if you would have qualified for the F-4 visa if this bill had been in effect at the time of your graduation and you have secured employment in the US, you can adjust your status.

    Plus, Section 406 says: if you have been employed for 3 years, then a visa number will be immediately available to you. Otherwise, Section 405 still says you have to wait till a visa number is available.

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  • sanju
    06-19 10:20 PM
    Hello mmandal,

    Many of us who visit IV forums everyday know that snethil1 is an idiot. I would highly recommend more people to add him to your ignore list, just as I did. I read his post because you quoted him in your post. Otherwise his posts do not even show up on my screen. He and his posts are inconsequential if you add him to your ignore list.

    Hope this helps.


    This guy's a congenital pessimist.

    Companies were vague on numbers. So how could they satisfy Senators. I knew only a few companies gave detail about open positions including Microsoft, Intel and oracle. How you can impress Senate or house? But anti immigrants gave all the layoff numbers, h1b numbers used and details of abuses happened for past few years. It is not just money power will win. With facts and numbers if you have money power then you can win. That is reason for past 3 years H1b numbers or GC numbers were not increased inspite of heavy lobbying.

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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    07-14 01:44 PM
    How did you calculate 50k? Just curious.

    About 50k might be remaining visas alloted for EB2 India. These 50k are the spill overs from EB1, EB2 ROW and Family Based Unused Visas as well.

    In July 2007 Fiasco there have been received about 300k 485 applications. And out of that Say 200k belongs to EB3 because in EB3 it includes India and ROW also. Where as In EB2 its only India and China. Because in EB2 ROW is already current. So I presume about 100k applications are from EB2 and waiting for visa numbers. So this year 50K spill overs +9,800 rgular allotment for EB2, totaled about 60k. So 60k of this year and next year clears off all EB2 applications and make EB2 dates current.

    09-15 07:36 PM
    My friend, you have not seen the complete posting. I mentioned around 15 times that my lawyer has filed G-28 and AC21 together in May this year.

    My lawyer is one of the best in southern California and i am with him since joining new company. He is going to check with TSC for G-28 and if they didn't updated one then i will have no choice but to ask old lawyer to forward the notice to me.

    Sorry I missed that part. As you lawyer side is already taken care of, then I guess I would do the same that you have been thinking of doing. Take an infopass appointment, try to get a copy of the denial notice and also check if they have the updated G-28 in your file. By the mean time, let your lawyer do whatever he possibly can.

    Also, as a professional courtesy, your lawyer should provide everything to the new lawyer once requested. Hopefully, the old lawyer will maintain the courtesy and won't cause any trouble.

    Please keep us posted and good luck.

    10-10 09:20 AM
    My spouse & I can make it to Troy.

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