Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • needhelp!
    02-12 11:31 AM
    Still too far from our goal.

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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    06-08 03:27 PM
    I wish there was a better way to establish priority date other than an approved I-140. Anyways...

    I am worried that if I get laid off or other people at our site are laid off, how will it affect my I-140 processing which is pending at TSC? Has anyone been denied I-140 because of layoffs by the company?

    The company said they will not revoke the 140 application and will send me the approval if it comes later (so I can at least retain the priority date if I have to do this all over again at a new company).

    Another thing that worries me is that the company is refusing to do premium processing of the I-140 application, even if I am ready to pay for the premium processing fees. I am at loss how to convince their dense mind what it means to lose the priority date.

    Green card processing can be for future employement also. So even though you laid off it won't stop your 140 processing.

    About premium processing Can't you deal with lawyer directly? . Just sending 1000$ check will do your job but I am not sure there is premium processing for 140 is valid now or not ? (until July 16)

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  • thomachan72
    06-09 02:51 PM
    Because most of the people here have smoked a weed called CIR and are halucinating. This bill is digging our grave, people wake up and stop day dreaming, please start opposing this bill no cir period.
    Now Pitha, imagining you are fighting an oponent more powerful than you, when will you try to throw some blows? when the oponent is down on the ground crying for help, right? when somebody else has brought it down. Thats just what has heppened to the CIR, we all hated this in the form it was presented and now the big bully is down, face in mud. Now the core / our members should get on top and give as many blows as possible so that when it rises again it has a better face.

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  • spicy_guy
    05-26 03:27 PM
    Please donate guys.

    Has anyone posted this link on other forums?


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  • NolaIndian32
    04-30 04:49 PM
    Looks like $8036 so far.

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  • small2006
    08-08 01:08 PM

    Hi folks,

    Here's my situation:
    Currently applied for 485 and waiting for receipt
    Will be applying for EAD/AP this week.
    I am working Company XYZ, in State A, City A currently and will be transferring to State B, City B within the same company, with the same job designation/description etc., absolutely no changes on that front and virtually no change in salary but in compliance with prevailing wage etc. for State B, City B.

    Also the transfer is not going to affect my 485 because of my 140 which said "relocation within the US may be necessary" and this was expected when I started my GC.

    The issue is with a technicality - my PERM was for XYZ, Inc and the same company in State B is called XYZ Engineering Inc, technically 2 different companies and that's because every state has its own rules as to how a national company can be registered/operated.

    Coming to my question re H1B:
    My corporate attorney says that due to this technicality, my H1B needs to be AMENDED which according to my GC attorney is the same as applying for a new H1B but not having to wait in line. My question is whether this will have a negative impact on my pending 485/EAD/AP in any way.

    Please advice. Anything will help.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • unitednations
    03-21 09:41 PM
    this whole issue of undistributed visas has been going on since 2005. It was thoroughly digested/analyzed by many, many people. The discussions had a lot of infighting just like this thread does.

    The law hasn't changed; therefore, a different interpretation leaves open possibility of lawsuits.

    I read the law to say specifically that if there is more people in que for greencard then hard limit of 7% to anyone country. Until there is less demand for eb1/eb2/eb3 as a whole then hard cap.

    2005 and 2006 the number of greencards issued to anyone particular company had 7% total. Last year; particularly the summer, visas were used to overflow to china/india when they shouldn't have because in september eb3 row was retrogressed and so was eb2 row. Under the law; if eb3 row is not current then there can be no overflow of visas.

    Most of row has sat idly while the visas have overflowed when they should not have. All it takes is someone from ROW to sue USCIS over this. However; no one does simply because by the time the lawsuit comes; there dates would probably be current and lawsuit would go away.

    as an fyi; i don't think anyone has posted but there has been some peoples greencards which were approved in september and october where uscis sent a notice to rescind because the date wasn't current when it got approved. USCIS does have a track record now of rescinding or starting recission procedures if they have made a mistake. If ROW people do make some commotion to ombudsmen, senators, etc.; and oversubscribed countries go over 7% in this fiscal year then we could have some problems.

    as an fyi; i am from row (got greencard a year ago) but thought I'd intervene since I was pretty heavily involvded in these discussions about three years ago.

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  • prince_charming
    09-25 02:17 AM
    Apart from Deniel notice I also got LUD on I 140.

    Could it be related to old employer revoking I 140?
    Since I have transfered after 180 and did Ac 21 - am I covered.

    Prince - Did you get any LUD on 140 on the day you got this deniel e mail?


    Hey ram

    I did saw LUD on I-140 and I-485 same day for both me and my wife....


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  • ksircar
    03-16 10:40 AM
    The US Immigration Law is a nightmare.

    Couple of years ago, I migrated to Australia.

    The Australian laws are very clean and straight forward. There is only one application form with some very simple question and detailed instructions. Just fill up the form, enclose the necessary documents and fees. That's it. You are done. In due time they will let you know "YES" or "NO".

    There is no need to feed fat-belly hungry sharks called "Immigration Attorneys" (of course there are exceptions).

    Once your case is approved, you and your family are eligible for the all the rights (except Vioting Power) enjoyed by any Australian Citizen.

    Once accepted, there is no official discrimination.

    Here the US Government cries about anti-discrimination, human rights etc, but those are only eye-wash. They should take lessons from the Australians.

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  • naveenarjun
    05-31 03:07 PM

    I don't think it bodes well for anything that is sent to the Table. This Senate Language Glossary has what "motion to table" means, essentially something that senate does not want to Consider. This Amendment(1249) is said to have been ordered "to lie on the table" not sure if it is same as the motion to table. But, I think we should hope for an amendment that does not have a table associated with its status.
    where does it say that this amendment has been ordered to lie on the table..can u please post the link.. I am looking at the amendments page and there is nothing of that sort...


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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-21 12:12 PM
    Hope you get more than 250.


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  • add78
    04-29 02:11 PM
    Contibution $100
    Paypal Transaction # 8V7485206M3202645


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  • nrakkati
    03-20 11:20 PM
    First of all,based on the information you provided i believe that
    1. You are continuously employed WITHOUT any gap, meaning working 40 hrs/ week and clean history of pay stubs, W2s etc
    2. You have been working for only one employer at any given point of time, as a full time employee
    IF What i said above is true, then RFE makes no sense. because based on the H1B rules and regulations, one can have multiple H1Bs BUT can only work for ONE employer as full time, meaning 40hrs/week.
    It is also completely legal that one can work up to 20hrs/week for second employer by paying proper taxes . but in your case i believe that you have worked for only one employer and i think you can show the evidence.
    Please contact your attorney and draft a response carefully

    Please correct me if were wrong

    Thanks Satya. Your two assumptions are correct.

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  • brb2
    09-27 12:35 AM
    I think it is important to maintain diversity in the overall immigration. However the immigration law has never resulted in achieving diversity. In the period 1900-1910, immigrants came from Italy (22%), Austria (20%) and Russia (18%). In the 1950-1960 period Germany provided 20% of immigrants. In the 1991-2000 period Mexico provided almost 22% of immigrants. In the FY 2005, Mexico provided around 161,000 immigrants (around 17%) of immigrants. It is easy to fix a quota for those immigration categories where visa numbers are limited such as for employment. However spouses and minor children of naturalized citizens have no waiting period. So it will be very hard to control the immigration percentages based on country of origin unless there is a quota for US citizen spouses, and children of US citizens wantin to immigrate!

    The problem here is that we don't have a country quota for foreign students and H1Bs. Thus when these people try to become permanent residents then the quota's are applied and that is the core problem. My take is that country quota should not be applied for employment based immigration. Employers should not be forced in to an affirmative action plan but rather hire the right person for the job.

    Source for my above data, if you like to do some weekend reading:


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  • chaanakya
    04-10 03:11 AM
    Dear Bigheart Sanju

    I would love to get a free lunch but facts are facts. I will not argue with you or about you but when and if you can refute ANY of the following statements, do write back and we can have a healthy discussion on this forum:
    1. Why does Walmart/Gas station charge me money? I pay for a service or product I want which they give and have irrefutable proof that they gave. IV has no such proof of anything it has done for anybody individually or as a group on this forum.
    2. You buy bandwidth and free lunch by donating?? NO. Do you see that big ad for a lawyer splashed on every page? That is what pays for the bandwidth. Many "non-donors" answering questions for each other in this forum or just by the act of engaging in fruitless discussions with you is what is paying for the bandwidth.
    3. You seem to be under the impression that IV got the visa-bulletin reversed??? Moses, wake up and smell the roses. The massive class-action lawsuit being pursued by AILA, the Silicon Valley lobby pressuring Zoe Lofgren, almost all immigration lawyers asking people to join the class action .. what about all of that? Do think your 25 bucks on the flower campaign is what got the bulletin reversed?

    And there were some comments about "if you dont want to contribute, get the heck out of here".... Can you explain to me how this is any different from "If you dont agree with me, dont talk to me?"

    Why is dissent from the popular ideology of "IV is our saviour" treated with such disdain?

    I just said that "IN MY OPINION (which is mine and only mine and I dont speak for anyone else) I dont think IV is doing anything". People who think IV is doing something are most welcome to put their money where their mouth is....But the problem arises when IV pretends to represent the "Immigrant Community" but then turns back and says Well, there are 2 kinds of immigrants, the kind that give money to us and the kind who dont....See where i am going with that? Do try to think about the possibility (and i am only saying possibility) that you might be wrong and the one with the different viewpoint might have some merit to the discussion?

    that's ok, you are eb2. so no worries, totally understand. no one is asking you to donate, did u get a personal email or phone call from me asking you to donate? You came to this thread, read my post, felt guilty conscious, and thought someone is asking you to donate, and came up with an absurd reason not to contribute. who asked you to contribute in the first place?

    History? your I-485 was applied on 2nd July, 2007. Do u know the history of why u'r AOS was not thrown out the window because CIS reversed the visa bulletin? Who cares, as long as you are in the queue and others are paying for your free lunch.


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  • TexDBoy
    06-13 04:51 PM

    My employer has filed second extension and due to the fees was not sent with the proper amount they sent back the application saying it has denied and sent an I-290B with it to apply for appeal, i just got a letter and my H1 was exp in Dec 07 please help what shall i do, i am in helpless state my employer is working but any help or info is much appreciated.


    Do not worry as long as the appeal is filed and with a lawyer cover letter explaining the mistake.
    The most important thing is that you are in status when you filed ... which seems so, since u r filing extension and not transfer


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  • Totoro
    07-22 10:38 PM
    Just an update. I am still working on this, but I have nothing new to report.

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  • santb1975
    04-27 02:02 PM
    Thanks for your contribution

    Thanks for your very clear directions... Just made a one time contribution of US$50.00 through PayPal and the receipt number is as follows.....

    Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #3UM47167F79761703)

    Thanks !!!

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  • Vish
    07-03 06:49 PM
    Wow, this all sounds like music to me. I hope I am not dreaming !!

    05-06 03:27 PM
    Here is a web page that lists IRS media contacts (,,id=97242,00.html) and they respond pretty quickly.

    08-20 12:45 PM
    I agree but I was only repklying to his request.

    Canada rules are not complicated at all. You don't need any agent for doing paperwork.
    Either you are eligible or not.

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