Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • walking_dude
    11-17 09:47 AM

    Here's the guy who is the head of both CIS and FAIR

    As you can see his views borderline on White supremacism.

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  • qplearn
    12-01 02:06 PM
    its probably a better investment to get a Masters degree in your specific area than an MBA. Of course then you get pigeon holed in your specific area
    I agree: the MBA gives you perspective on strategic management and is useful in every field. But if it is not from the very very best schools, I would go for an MS in your own field. An MS from Univ of Arizona is almost as good as an MS from Berkeley when it comes to propelling your career. But an MBA from Berkekely is a different story. Of course, it is very hard to get into those top schools.

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  • needhelp!
    02-13 07:49 PM
    bump for the night owls..

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  • gulti_bhai
    03-25 03:57 PM
    I guess by the end of FY-11, EB2 cutoff will reach Dec 2006 or early 2007.. but movement from there on would be slow as many are started porting now.. In any case I don't there will be more than 10K porting per year.. If porting exceed more than 10K, EB2 progress will be slow.. Good luck to all


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  • rp0lol
    07-15 02:41 PM
    I share your concern, there were more than 905 in that period, I don't think the DOL data sheets have any data for NOv 04 to MAr 05. I'm not sure of the source of the original post...

    I believe this is because of PERM implementation. PERM was started in March'05 and it was announced in Oct'04. Mnay companies (I know few for sure) might not applied during that period (period of uncertainity). and even after March'05 many companies were reluntacnt to apply right away. They want to see how other cases turns out. Also note that till Sep'05 EB2- Ind was current so many EB2 cases approved approved in initail phase were also got approved before Sep'05.

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  • logiclife
    06-19 07:14 PM
    I doubt if the house is going to toe the senate line on the CIR. The new bill that has been introduced in the House is seen as a rebuke to Bush, directly contradicting the Senate version. I think this CIR will be killed in the house if it somehow passes the Senate.,0,3608273.story?coll=la-home-center

    That is another HR 4437 in the making.

    The House leadership is so silent in this issue, its hard to find out what Speaker Pelosi and Maj. leader Hoyer want to do. The only thing they have said is "Illegal immigration is a problem and we need support of 70 Republicans to schedule an immigration bill". That's it. Nothing new. No comments, no discussions, nothing.


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  • krishmunn
    05-23 09:38 AM
    I have been successfull to motivate a co-worker (EB3-ROW) to contribute to this cause.

    Guys, remember not only India/China are suffering, EB3-ROW is also impacted . Forward this to anyone from EB3-ROW that you know

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  • mirage
    06-26 08:57 AM
    My post which you quoted clearly says paper file. I used USPSmirage - Did you paper file or e-file. Did you use USPS or Private courier to send to TSC.


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  • nareshg
    06-15 01:18 AM
    My birth certificate has my dad full name
    <First> <Middle> <Last>
    and mom's name as
    <First> <Middle Initial> with no last name on it..

    Is that an issue ?

    Any ideas ?

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  • uma001
    08-08 10:29 PM
    If you dont have an offer from candian employer or you are not an international studen , then you should

    �be a skilled worker who has at least one year of experience in one or more of the following occupations:
    0111: Financial Managers
    0213: Computer and Information Systems Managers
    0311: Managers in Health Care
    0631: Restaurant and Food Service Managers
    0632: Accommodation Service Managers
    0711: Construction Managers
    1111: Financial Auditors and Accountants
    2113: Geologists, Geochemists and Geophysicists
    2143: Mining Engineers
    2144: Geological Engineers
    2145: Petroleum Engineers
    3111: Specialist Physicians
    3112: General Practitioners and Family Physicians
    3141: Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists
    3143: Occupational Therapists
    3142: Physiotherapists
    3151: Head Nurses and Supervisors
    3152: Registered Nurses
    3215: Medical Radiation Technologists
    3233: Licensed Practical Nurses
    4121: University Professors
    4131: College and Other Vocational Instructors
    6241: Chefs
    6242: Cooks
    7213: Contractors and Supervisors, Pipefitting Trades
    7215: Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades
    7217: Contractors and Supervisors, Heavy Construction Equipment Crews
    7241: Electricians (Except Industrial and Power System)
    7242: Industrial Electricians
    7251: Plumbers
    7252: Steamfitters, Pipe fitters and Sprinkler System Installers
    7265: Welders and Related Machine Operators
    7312: Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics
    7371: Crane Operators
    7372: Drillers and Blasters � Surface Mining, Quarrying and Construction
    8221: Supervisors, Mining and Quarrying
    8222: Supervisors, Oil and Gas Drilling and Service
    9212: Supervisors, Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Processing and Utilities

    Where is the computer Engineer or IT analyst, Software Engineer in the list.
    So OP (not sure he is in IT) cannot apply for Candada PR.


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  • dixie
    02-13 12:08 AM
    That right doesn't come without a responsbility - put your wallet where your mouth is. We have seen enough of these 3-4 post members suggesting "change" in leadership sitting in their cozy armchairs.
    I know understand why lawmakers want to club us with illegal aliens - because many of us, inspite of our so-called superior education, are in fact worse off than the illegals when it comes to putting up a united front against numbersUSA. So maybe we need the "cover" and "protection" of the illegals to get our provisions passed. Shame on us !!
    As a member, I have full right to suggest a change of leadership when I think it can help.

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  • asdfred
    07-14 05:07 PM
    sometimes i see that no one will get a GC for 10 yrs..sometimes these calculations make me want to dream of getting a GC that too in next two years..i never noticed that i am over 30 now...thanks to immigration issues..:)


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  • vbkris77
    03-05 09:37 AM
    What we get

    1. We get number of EB2,EB3 Primary and EB2,EB3 Dependent applications.

    2. From the wordings, I won't be suprized if they give a summarized number from 2001.

    But if someone else requested this info broken into PD buckets by month and Year, then I think we need to use that. The letter I sent had that wording, but I never received any response yet.

    Here is what we don't get

    1. Break up by country - Helps folks in EB3 as ROW is not current

    2. Some might have not applied for AOS for various reason like their I140 is still pending, Some companies mandate that. - This could be a small percentage

    3. Break-up by PD month& year

    More insight is welcome.. Pre-adjudicated cases are not approved cases. So they can't eliminate them..

    I have received a response on my request last year to USCIS for information on number of AOS applications pending. Here it is:
    February 24, 2009

    We received your request for information relating to Adjustment of Status applications in the employment-based category. You have specifically requested the number of pending employment based AOS applications, (excluding approved, denied) filed with USCIS since 2001, for each of the following countries and categories:
    - EB-2 China
    - EB-2 India
    - EB-3 China
    - EB-3 India
    - EB-3 Mexico
    - EB-3 Philippines
    - EB-3 Rest of the World

    Your request is being handled under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C 552). It has been assigned the following control number: NRC2008065126. Please cite th is number in any further inquiry about this request.

    In order to extract the information you have requested, a customized computer program will be required. You will be charged for the time it takes to write the program as well as the time involved in running the query to extract the date. You will not be charged for duplication, review and search time. We estimate the cost to be $5000.00. Due to the time and effort involved, you will be asked to sign an advance fee agreement before we proceed with your request. In addition, a deposit of $2500.00 payable by check or money order, must be paid within 30 days of the date of this notification. Please make your check payable to the United States Treasury, Failure to submit the $2500.00 deposit within the time frame given will result in your request being administratively closed.

    In order to assure that we provide the information you seek in the format you have requested, we ask that you clarify the information sought. Employment based status is broken down into the following 14 categories.

    Page 2

    E21 203(b)(2) PROF/EXCPTNL ABILITY
    E22 SPOUSE OF ES1 OR E21
    E23 CHILD OF ES1 OR E21
    E26 203(b)(2) PROF/EXCPTNL ABILITY
    E28 CHILD OF ES6
    E30 203(b)(3) CHILD OF E36, E37
    E31 203(b)(3)(A)(i) SKILLED WORKER
    E32 203(b)(3)(A)(ii) PROFESSIONAL
    E34 203(b)(3)(A) SPOUSE OF E31, E32
    E35 203(b)(3)(A) CHILD OF E31, E32
    E36 203(b)(3)(A)(i) SKILLED WORKER
    E37 203(b)(3)(A)(ii) PROFESSIONAL
    E39 203(b)(3)(A) SPOUSE OF E36, E37

    Are you asking tha the information we provide be broken down into the categories listed above, or may we group all EB-2 categories and ass EB-3 categories together?

    Please define priority date.

    You have asked for information concerning the country of chargeability. This information is not assigned until the application is approved or denied. Since you have requested information on pending applications only, this information is not available.

    If you have any questions concerning your pending FOIA/PA request, please address them to this office, Attention: FOIA/PA Officer, or call us at 816-350-5570, or fax any FOIA/PA related correspondence to 816-350-5785.


    T. Diane Cejka


    I will post a scan tomorrow

    From what I understand, they aren't able to get the numbers by country of chargeablility.

    Its funny they are asking me to define priority date ! :)

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  • gconmymind
    06-14 06:34 PM
    I am currently on H1 and plan to get married in India next month and file 485 for me and wife next month. She will be able to travel with me on H4. If she starts using EAD after getting it, does that invalidate my H1? I plan to continue with the same employer on H1.


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  • reachinus
    07-20 11:19 AM
    Hi Gurus,
    Right now I am working for Company A and VISA with company A is valid till September 30 2007. Company B applied for Regular H1-B transfer (Receipt Date May 12) and it is still under process. I will be joining Company B on 1st October 2007.

    Now due to some emergency I am traveling to India on 11August, 2007 and will come back on 11 Th September 2007. Also I can’t go for VISA stamping in India for Company B as I have not got my H1 Approval yet.

    Given the above scenario, will I have any problem at the port of entry as my H1b transfer from company B has not been approved yet?

    What all documents I have to carry to reenter safely?

    Thanks in advance,


    If u travel while H1 is pending then its deemed abandoned. U have to file for ur H1 again thru company B and start over the process. Rather I suggest you to convert it into premium and get the approval before you leave.

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  • mheggade
    07-15 09:52 AM
    Everything else looks correct, except for the above...i would have guessed that there would be a lot more in between Apr 04 and Mar 05 than just 905..?

    The numbers are very low in this time period, That's the reason why DOS probably in co ordination with USCIS moved the dates as far as 2006.


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  • chantu
    06-28 06:08 PM
    For I-485 pending you must give A#.

    But I am going to write in Q.15..current immi status as H1-B for me and AOS for my wife. I can understand writing A# for my wife. But for me also is it A# or it should be I94#?

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  • nonimmi
    03-13 04:25 PM
    I agree 2001 and 2002 was really bad job market and not many new labor filed. But things started getting better end of 2002/2003. And I know many of my friends filed EB3. Later some of them got substitute labor and got their GC in 2004/2005. So not really sure if it may go forward that faster 2003...2004...I wish it does.

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  • GCBy3000
    07-19 04:35 PM
    Again what is the point in moving to Canada just because you are tired in waiting here. Are you going to do the same job in Canada. If yes, I would do that here.

    For me, only person who could move to Canada is:
    1. Way better career jump.
    2. Do not have wavery mind of coming back to US. If happens come back, but do not start with that as you will not lead happy life.
    3. Keep the GC processing alive in US.

    I think Canada might be a good option for some ppl. Here are some reasons:

    You move to canada, have greater flexibility to change jobs, your wife gets to work, in the meanwhile your employer lets the GC process continue. This way, you live a free life until you get a GC. But I seriously doubt if any employer will continue to process GC if you leave the country.

    Or you have waited long enough and are too tired to wait any longer. You would rather be elsewhere. In this case it doesn't matter where you go, Canada or back home.

    Another good reason can be that you have waited for 8-10 years in US and have no hope in sight. You are not tired but you can clearly see that the wait is completely futile and you are just hoping. You have decided to stop waiting but still want something that's close to US standards. And I think canada still comes very close to good standards.

    What do you guys think?

    05-20 10:42 AM
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