Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • felix31
    12-04 11:29 PM
    How can you say there is no stress for the person working at home, raising the family?

    The poor H1 soul is constantly over-stressed as he is supporting a spouse and a child or even two children.

    Imagine how the H4 spouse feels...he/she cannot do a thing to alleviate frustrations of his loved ones as her hands are tied..
    I deeply care for my husband and I had lived through some agonizing days in the past when he was out of work, without salary etc..knowing how much he is in pain himself as everyone and everything depends on him, literaly....

    We will be moving away soon 'cause we care too much for each other's happines to continue to live in the circumstances where we only suffer ...

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  • asanghi
    11-08 01:53 AM
    Now that Democrats in charge, I think that there may be a chance Republicans might in fact be eager to pass Immigration related bill in house before they go out.

    The president wants to have this bill passed for 2008 elections. In 2004 he made big deal on Soc Sec and immigration issues. Soc Sec is dead. So in order to show that he accomplished something he would like to pass immigration bill. He has shown eagerness to do so. Looking at another way, it must be clear to Republicans that they may have over-estimated public's anti-immigrant sentiment. If they don't pass the immigration bill now, democrats will get full credit for immigration reform.

    So I think that unless there are more important issues, we might have a chance.

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  • marlon2006
    07-18 11:10 AM
    Skills in general are typically formed by three components:

    a) 1/3 - Formal hands-on Training
    b) 1/3 - On the job experience
    c) 1/3 - Reading, research on your own

    If you have some indirect project experience by working as a programmer for example, I don't see why not you cannot do items a) and c) above. At least the PMP (or whatever certification you intend to take) will be ready when opportunities come and the training should help you expand your horizons. Good luck.

    I really don't know, As some body suggested doing PMP, for doing the PMP certification you need to have a project management experience of few years right?

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  • walking_dude
    10-19 01:42 PM
    Thanks to Logiclife for Linking to us from the Homepage of IV. A rare honor bestowed for the very first time to a fledgling state chapter. MI chapter shall forever be grateful!

    Goes to show the importance of State Chapters to the IV Core and the IV strategy. And the kind of support we get from IV core to our activities.


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  • sixpockets
    07-05 08:47 AM
    my app reached USCIS on July 2nd. I called up USCIS, the lady read the July Bulletin update word by word and then told me that my application will be rejected and the original documents will be sent back. She did not have an answer on how soon this will happen.

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  • stuckinmuck
    06-14 09:27 AM
    Please check with your lawyer but as per my understanding, your wife needs to be in 'status' to be added as a dependent on the 485. Since she is on H1B, she is already in 'status'. There is a separate thread for documents required for 485. Check there.

    Hi folks,

    My labor and 140 got approved and PD is march 05.
    After the good news, I can apply for 485, But I have
    a question. My wife she came on H4 here and then converted
    to H1B and get stamped also. Is it going to be a problem if I apply 485 for
    her ( because of H1B) and if its not a problem guide me what are the necessary documents
    for her.

    Thanks in advance


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  • eb2_immigrant
    10-27 05:14 PM
    Are we/employees really supposed to know all the steps involved in the approval of GC process (Perm, 140/EAD/485 etc.)?

    I work for one of the fortune 100 companies, to my surprise, none of my European colleagues is aware of all the GC process. All they do is just provide documents what ever the HR department asks for. They don�t pay from their pocket for GC (ideally correct). None of them has clue about priority date etc�.they get communicated by the HR department about their GC process.

    So putting your case in perspective. I am assuming that the HR department would just hand over the GC to the employee. Neither the HR (I think) nor the employee (definitely) would worry about the PD being current.

    Ideally if a law firm is point of contact for a petition, what would they do? Would they go back to USCIS and tell them that the GC is approved by mistake? I don�t think so but some one can confirm if they had experience otherwise.

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  • frostrated
    06-11 02:32 PM
    I hate to say this and I hope I am wrong. All of us EB3 folks need to start speaking up or else our fate is sealed. I do not see any hopes of CIR passing. There is always going to be some political backlash due to the AMNESTY factor.
    From what I have seen, most employers are now filing only in EB2 category. They know that filing in EB3 will see their applicants backlogged so severly that there is no hope in seeing their applications approved. So, even those with less than 5 years of experience create resumes that show 5 years to qualify for EB2. Imagine the flood of applicants in EB2 that will pour in when the dates move forward beyond July 2007. There will be a new backlog of EB2 numbers that we have to wait behind. When are we going to get our turn?
    With nearly 10 years of experience and a master's degree, I am still languishing behind all these new comers who come here with fake experiences to qualify for EB2.
    We EB3 folks need to speak up, and have the spill over given to the oldest filed applications IRRESPECTIVE of category. The spillover rules from what I know were defined at a later stage and not as per the original law. If we cannot get CIR passed nor a piecemeal regulation, at least let us get the spillover changed.
    Or, let us en masse transfer to EB2 by porting, thereby making us all eligible for GC ahead of those that are coming in through the back door. I see them as no different from the undocumented immigrants. Breaking the ethical law at the expense of those of us who followed the law. Our positions did not require a Master's degree and I dont see why a programming position today still requires such. I also dont see why our experience today should not count towards qualifying for EB2.
    I dont care what or how many reds the EB2 folks give, but the fact of the matter is that we EB3 must join hands.


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  • santb1975
    09-25 01:24 PM
    I have no complaints about Fragomen so far. They have been really good to me.

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  • pns27
    07-21 10:30 AM
    Lawsuit will not help you. See AILA lawsuit for Visa Bulletin. USCIS did not even negotiate with AILA and chose to negotitate with IV. So you need to learn from it.
    AILA now feels defeated because they could not show themselves as the protector of this community. If you see the lawsuit text by AILF, it clearly asks for money for lawyer fees, but does not asks for moeny for Medical exam and mental agony. So if you are going to trust your lawyers to help you, then good luck.
    By the way, your Indian lawyer I dont know the name, sued DOL once and lost.
    Secondly, how are you going to pay for the lawsuit? People here dont even want to pay $20 and you will need 20K or more for a lawsuit. Do you think you can raise that much?

    Thirdly you are using IV site for your agenda. Instead of supporting IV you are creating your own selfish agenda and not listening to IV. I have seen lot of offensive messages by you guys. You guys celebrated when all of us got screwed

    I do not support your agenda.

    internet, what you say dos nott make sense.

    1) "Lawsuit will not help you" that is what everyone said about July Bulletin. The fear of many lawsuits is what made USCIS ot backoff.
    2) "... AILF,it clearly asks for money for lawyer fees,"I would rather trust lawyers on what and what kind compensaton I should ask for rather than people like you.
    3) "How are you going to pay"? that is a question for next step, and I dont think you care.
    4) "You guys celebrated " I am not in BEC but I don't agree with you, none of BEC guys celebrated, yes some repeated words we said to them.
    5) "Thirdly you are using IV site for your agenda" is this not on IV agenda? even then this is an immigration cause and there is nothing wrong in some of the(BEC) members opening a thrad, they can fight there fight and use this site.

    6)"I do not support your agenda" that your choice, and looks like it the hate that is making you say this.
    7) Be careful, you are not out of woods yet, you can also get stuck in an odd scenario where you can be a minority.

    internet, Dont be so anti BEC, they are suffring and if they want to fight let them.

    I support the BEC fight, guys go for it and fight. This the right time.


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  • walking_dude
    10-16 09:25 AM
    Yes. Completely agreed.

    I've an idea that I want to discuss at the Meet. It will not only help us show the World how much we contribute (real figures), but also get our group (state chapter) legitimacy in the eyes of Lawmakers. It also might get us some media attention. This and other ideas will be Exclusively premiered at the Meeting. So anybody interested, be there.

    Anybody with great ideas - FIFO for GCs, Earned GCs (based on years in US) included, be there at the meet. We'll surely forward these ideas to the Core. If there's a great demand for these ideas at the grassroots, Core'll surely include these as their top agenda. So be there and share your ideas. Ideas will be put to vote and passed on to the Team IV. It's a great opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and push for your ideas.

    You are being given a rare and valuable opportunity here. Use it! Don't crib later on IV forums that IV doesn't care. [ I'll be there, for sure, to ask you - Did you care about your state chapter meetings? If Not, why should we care for you?]

    PS : Bestin, same here. Lets build a strong network in Michigan and succeed together.

    We also need to make the public aware what we contribute to the society.Not only our jobs,but also how we contribute to ssn,work without unemployment benefits (when compared to citizens),how much taxes we pay,etcs tatus of h4 dependents without driving licence and with all these stress we also do our job with a smile isnt?WE DEFINITELY NEED TO OVERCOME THE PUBLIC OPINION THAT WE ARE JUST HERE TO TAKEAWAY JOBS.

    Rather than mentioning it as our right,we need to make people aware of how we contribute and why we deserve a green card.;)

    My 2 cents.

    BTB,nice taking to u over phone WD.

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  • lalithkx
    07-02 01:43 PM
    Called him last week itself. The polling page says I may not vote for this. how do I vote???

    Thanks Guys I just voted


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  • navyug
    06-12 10:16 PM
    First - EB2s stop replying posts that were written in frustration and you understand why, They will not affect and take away your GC. Since you are not frustrated you have to start first.

    Second - EB3s - Frustration will never bring you anything and you can not move PD faster. Instead capatialize the situation that EB2s are getting GC. How you have to think and focus.

    I can give my example. I made network of some who got GC and have some influence in recruiting. After working 9 years for a big Pharma and got layed off, My one buddy got GC long back in EB2 , helped me and received job through him though I have to drive 220miles everyday.

    Am I frustrated yes!! More than anybody else here but has to calm down and think positivily.

    Hope my post will help you to reduce some frustration.

    I can understand the frustration among Eb3s. Honestly I do not want to aggravate their feelings. My only objection was for someone to generalize all Eb2s as being dishonest.

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  • needhelp!
    02-10 07:19 PM
    Could have got more.. but guess what.. one person from this group of friends had already got everyone else's signature and has mailed out 20 letters for me yesterday!! She is a citizen, and I'm so proud to know someone like her.


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  • neoneo
    07-17 05:28 PM
    Even if SKIL goes through it'll be Oct- 2007 befire its being actually implemented by USCIS. So you have atleast 15 odd months of wait.

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  • logiclife
    02-13 12:57 AM
    I think a change of leadership of IV is critical if we have to get anywhere. IV has not been able to achieve a single thing in all of its existence. Not a single thing, nada, zitto, zapata. Not disclosing the issues they are working on, not disclosing how the funds are distributed, not disclosing the lobbyist they are using. Who in the world calls that leadership!

    That is the reason that no one wants to contribute. First get some results, show people results for what they have paid for. Then ask for more money. Most people I talk to are confident that IV will achieve nothing given their track record. I tried to convince a colleague to join IV. He bet with me that they will not be able to achieve even this filing I-485 issue. He bet that he will join and pay if they did.

    I know IV works like dIVorced wIVes club and saying anything negative is taboo. Anyone saying anything negative is crushed with (p)curses. Only good mushy things are allowed here. So here it is: We will get our GCs by the end of the month. Hallelujah!

    But I am writing this for the benefit of IV and please take this as constructively as you can. As a member, I have full right to suggest a change of leadership when I think it can help.

    Microsoft has not been able to achieve raise in H1 quota in last 3 years ever since it has become stuck at 65,000. Maybe Bill Gates should fire his entire lobbying staff in DC. Change of leadership. US chamber of commerce could not get CIR done last year. Maybe its time for change of leadership in US chamber of commerce too. Technet and CompeteAmerica, after spending 10 times more than IV could not even get the smallest version of SKIL bill passed even though they tried and assured something will happen in lame duck session. Maybe they should be fired by their employers. Unitedfamiles could not get family based immigration reform. They should be fired too.


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  • Ahimsa
    11-09 09:57 AM
    ... tell us something new...

    You have so far been saying "nobody will get GC... it is a scam..."

    Now that there is a chance someone will get GC with a new House, do you still go with your "win-win" stand?

    Will you change your course too and say something new?

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  • paskal
    12-11 04:18 PM
    for your thoughts and your contribution to this movement.
    we need motivated members like you.

    i would like to request all of you to now stop debating this issue and move on. the january bulletin is out. if you had not seen the urgency so far, go take a look. let's do meaningful and constructive things so that we move towards our goal of ending retrogression.

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  • Vish
    07-03 06:49 PM
    Wow, this all sounds like music to me. I hope I am not dreaming !!

    03-21 03:03 PM your post properly...u are making a statement...u r not saying it is what USCIS thinks...

    And nobody is insecure over's just people like u who have made this forum a place of hatred between people of different countries....

    Didn't u learn on day 1 of ur job? a few times before u post/mail to anyone....u have no right to use words EB3 and unskilled together...

    If u think USCIS thinks that way....pls mention it so...Get a life


    OOOPs you are an Indian.... and how does that affect this discussion?
    My mistake .... I thought you were a normal person discussing immigration related matters on an immigration forum and hence have the ability to discern, understand and have some background on immigration law, USCIS

    03-14 09:25 AM
    Its very disappointing to me. My some of friends who filed labor just 2 months before me now will go citizenship for next year.

    All EB3 who filed their I140/I485 in June and afterwards have to wait till processing date cross at least June. Right now TSC is processing April 2007 cases. I believe when both center starts processing July cases then you can see significant movement in EB3 cases. I think you need to wait till September when new quota comes. Till that time as my Atorney says focus and save your Jobs. Get more skill. Without good job all above is meaning less. Busy yourself in NFL, NBA, NHL or Cricket be cool and calm. Nothing is in your hand except waiting.

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