Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • kopguy
    05-27 01:42 PM
    Krupa and Sreedhar

    Thanks for sharing your experience of on line filling for Advance Parole.

    I thought I should mention that I got my AP papers on May 22, 2009 that is just under one month after my application (4/24) and sending them a letter with following documents �

    1. Bio metric page of Passport, (I guess photo copy of drivers license is also acceptable)
    2. I 797 action notice for your 485 application to prove your 485 is pending
    3. Two passport size photos
    4. Confirmation receipt received after e-filling for AP.

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  • paskal
    09-29 04:47 PM
    then why are visas about to be wasted yet again this year?
    after...they said all numbers were exhausted on July 2?

    i think it's not quite that simple.
    there is no doubt that lack of numbers is a key key issue. but letting uscis off the hook when they have failed to process 269,000 Green Card numbers since 1994 is not kosher. that is >20% of the backlog right there.

    my straightforward NIW application based on national interest service not exceptional ability (which may be more subjective) will take almost a year to process. wow....!

    uscis also takes the narrowest interpretations of any law- even when it clearly conflicts with the law's intent- then it takes a lawsuit to budge them- speaking from personal experience and the loss of 4 years in PD in an India line...believe me this is not an agency i feel like defending.

    just my 2c.

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  • SOA
    07-23 03:23 PM
    Seems like it's the same info as the NSC Updates dated November last year... So it's official that we can file 485 without 140 receipt notice!

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  • gbarquero
    09-04 05:25 PM
    Alterego, what great news! You WILL NOT REGRET coming! I totally agree with everything you say! At least we know that we will have stood up for our rights and we will be proud to tell our children that we did so!

    Besides, you are absolutely right. This country takes notice when people speak up! The problem is that that's not the case in our birth countries, and thus we are not hard-wired to speak-up! But if we make an effort we will definitely see the results! When people speak up and make a case for their basic rights then they are given those rights! But the rights will be taken away if we give them away, and the way to give them away is to remain quiet! This is a country where the fittest survive, and people will take what is yours if you do not claim it and/or protect it!

    We will make our voices heard, and we will end retrogression! But we cannot do it without us all joining together!

    I think we can do it, now just decide if you want to be part of history or not. Think if you want to remember this action for the rest of your life, or maybe you will regret you didn't spend one day out off the office. I sure want to be there!


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  • nrakkati
    03-24 10:43 PM
    I-797 validity dates determine employment authorization.

    Belle is incorrect, IMHO.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin


    I am going with attorney. Attorney has just asked me to send all H1Bs, EADs, W2s and Tax Returns. Attorney is working on it.

    Thank you

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  • hopefull
    06-08 07:59 PM
    Mandal ka Kamanadal will do. What this means is that we are back to square one. All the effort, money and energy was spent on making sure that we didnt get screwed any further. Meaning, it hasnt moved us a step ahead but just helped us to retain our positions without going back.

    END RESULT - NULL....hhhmmm would I be stereotyping if thought too much into it???

    Would appreciate the input of all..just my two cents


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  • anindya1234
    06-30 09:24 AM
    Remember the petition that I wrote supporting the SKIL bill, which was not endorsed by IV core at the time of the party with CIR? Lets work on it now and give it its final shape and lets get this bill passed...

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  • gauravster
    02-25 09:42 AM
    Reading through this, this only says that the status cannot be changed (to a PR). It does not say that the prefiling of of AOS application cannot be done.

    I think we should definitely try to work towards this. There was also an article on Immigration daily (,0225-endelman.shtm) which suggests pre filing as a administrative fix that will solve a lot of problems. It argues that "there is nothing in the INA that compels a particular definition or understanding of what "immediate availability" means."

    I am definitely in for such a initiative.

    Incorrect! Please read again.

    Section 1255. Adjustment of status of nonimmigrant to that of
    person admitted for permanent residence

    (a) Status as person admitted for permanent residence on application and
    eligibility for immigrant visa

    The status of an alien who was inspected and admitted or paroled
    into the United States or the status of any other alien having an
    approved petition for classification under subparagraph (A)(iii),
    (A)(iv), (B)(ii), or (B)(iii) of section 1154(a)(1) of this title or \1\
    may be adjusted by the Attorney General, in his discretion and under
    such regulations as he may prescribe, to that of an alien lawfully
    admitted for permanent residence if (1) the alien makes an application
    for such adjustment, (2) the alien is eligible to receive an immigrant
    visa and is admissible to the United States for permanent residence, and
    (3) an immigrant visa is immediately available to him at the time his
    application is filed.

    This means that visa number must be available at the time of filing I-485.

    Well, Read again. I hope it answers your question.

    Here is the test from newsletter
    What regulatory or legislative changes (including a possible pre-application filing procedure for adjustment cases) are recommended to facilitate caseload planning and make optimum use of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services adjudication capacity?

    Have a good day!


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  • awenger
    08-21 02:17 PM
    In fact a fellow indian wearing a turban tried to get into the consulate just before the consulate officially opens. The person inside (not the security) threatened him that he/she will call security and through him out!. Thats their attitude... They (at least think) belong to ruling class of india, so they behave like that?!

    Why was your "fellow Indian wearing a turban" trying to enter the Consulate before it officially opened? The Consulate official had every right to call security and "through out" your "fellow Indian wearing a turban". If your "fellow Indian wearing a turban" had followed the rules and not tried to force his way, maybe he would not have been treated thus.

    Here's a thought: try doing the same here and see how well you are treated.

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  • Totoro
    07-23 07:18 AM
    You can file an amendment with the ssn information. If you are not sure how, just talk to any cpa.

    That is wrong. You must wait until you file your taxes next year with the new ID number.


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  • mmandal
    06-08 03:24 PM
    Did anyone research whether it is possible to get some relief through rulemaking, instead of legislation? For example, there is no 'explicit' prohibition against issuing employment authorization to spouses of H1bi employees. The rule-making agency (in this case the DHS or USCIS) can grant a benefit that spouses be provided with employment authorization. Recently, the USCIS actually did provide regulatory relief by de-coupling the H1bi period of stay from the period of stay in H4 status. An idea to consider...

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  • gulute
    05-19 03:30 PM
    That was real quick!



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  • anilsal
    09-21 08:10 PM
    and was operating at 40% output. It was "Airborne" tab in water every 3 hours. A fellow chapter person chose coffee and breakfast at Starbucks on the morning of the rally, I chose "Airborne".

    But I kept my plans to attend as I booked my tickets (40 days in advance). I talked at the lawmakers's offices on two days non-stop for 20 minutes, occasionally flashing my handkerchief.


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  • thepaew
    05-30 11:29 AM
    Millions of Indians cannot fix the bureaucracy at CGNY - but we expect a counter-worker at AF to bypass the French visa bureaucracy. AF is a crappy airline - but it is not racist. Good Luck.

    True, but Airline CAN give some 'guarantee' to get the transit visa for passengers. I flew Singapore Airline, and they arrange transit passenger to take a tour of the city, if the stopover is , i guess, more then 3 or 4 hrs.
    So, I don't buy the argument that its not in their hand. If they wanted they could have done it. Period.

    When one group right in front of your own eyes gets to stay in a hotel and the other group are left high and dry to loiter in the airport (citing they dont have transit visa), I call it absolutely a kind of Discrimination. I dont give a crap about Transit Visa.

    Wow!! you are generalizing here about one community here. So, you mean to say folks from Boston, US are going to runaway in Paris to seek asylum because they dont like the homes and jobs in US????? Yeah!!! Paris is a paradise, and everybody on this planet wants to somehow get there..


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  • needhelp!
    02-21 01:50 PM
    Come on everyone.. it gets good when you start doing it.

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  • richshi
    09-25 10:14 PM
    company legal dept. I seriously doubt any individual will ever consider use them. And many of their lawyers and paralegal are certainly heartless towards the beneficiaries, they suck corporate's money and only respond to employer.


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  • bfadlia
    01-12 03:18 PM
    Don't want to pick on anyone one or anything.. just case-in-point to what I posted earlier.. here we have intense legal debates, and legal opinions with people who can not distinguish between Title VII and EEO which are legislative laws and between the constitution. These laws are not part of the constitution and they include provisions for federal and local governments and their agencies to override parts of rules if they deem necessary.

    Again you are plain wrong. If a non-US citizen buys house in the US then does he have the right to own the house and live as he wants? The answer is YES.

    Similarly, the US Constitution protects certain rights of non-US citizens who are in the US. One of them is right to the Equal Opportunity Employment. Now if a law is passed such that it intentionally or unintentionally goes against the right of the US citizens or non-US citizens, employed in the lands of the US, to Equal Opportunity Employment then YES the US courts can rule that the law is unconstitutional and hence no longer applies.

    The Key Point: Equal opportunity employement advancement is protected by Constitution ("Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII)") and hence the Supreme Court can overturn the per country quota limitation if the Supreme Court finds that the per country quota leads to discrimination at employment, which is unconstitutional.

    Unfortunately, I agree with you, this thread is going no where. It will go on for 10+ pages and then die. I have seen may be 5 such threads on immigrationvoice and .

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  • indiandude
    10-19 04:15 PM
    Hi All,

    I am planning to apply for PIO card for my son born in last month. I would like to send the documents to CGO Houston. Can you please suggest what are the documents should I send. I see the information in their website but looks confusing regarding orginals or copies.

    Thanks !

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  • logiclife
    05-31 04:54 PM
    I am confused. it is very contradicting.
    That's why there is a saying that you should never watch sausages and laws being made.

    The Cantwell amendment and Lieberman amendment will fail to pass the vote. It doesnt matter whether its ordered to lie on table or whether its ordered to take a nap on the table or have some lemonade on the table. And it doesnt matter what any of those "Motion to... " means.

    Both of those amendments, if debated, will fail. It will take 10 seconds for Bernie Sanders, Ted Kennedy and Dick Durbin to scream on top of their lungs and kill it. And the reason is very simple. There is a massive H1B exemption ON TOP OF 180,000 QUOTA. People who have been so successful this year so far in restricting H1 and employment based GCs are not going to miss that nice little H1 exemption at the bottom of both these amendments. So stop scratching your heads over what the "lying on table" means, because whatever is lying on table is unpassable if it somehow awakes from the table and starts dancing in the well of the senate floor.

    05-29 09:22 PM
    Keep it up guys
    Just became a member..Contributed 100..
    Receipt No: 5195-1076-2089-4953


    10-05 11:14 AM
    You are most welcome to join us. Try to get a friend or two along with you.

    We can do it together

    I am from Auburn Hills, Date: 10/20; Location: Troy Recreation Center; Time: 10.00 am; ok to me.

    Count me in...

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