Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • missourian
    09-18 10:24 PM
    Anyone !!!

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  • newuser
    06-20 08:53 PM
    paper based.

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  • mrdelhiite
    07-20 02:03 PM
    Hi ,

    I have a my my case in pending state for H1B transfer from company A to company B.

    Pending status h1b with company B.

    From Company A : I got the Labor and I140 Approved.
    I m trying to file my 485 through comapany A- But my employer says that I need to have new H1B with him- Cos his company merged with another another company.

    Can someone try to help me on it:(

    H1 and green card are seprate things. H1 is for current employement and green card is for future. If down teh line you can come back to employer A you should be fine. Although all this can generate a RFE. Please consult a lawyer. I recommend Rajiv.
    Hope it helps.

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  • Almond
    07-03 06:45 PM
    Well, I just made my third call and the lady sounded quite confident that applications that have been received and are in processing are not affected by this and it's only NEW applications that would be coming in after July 2 that are affected. I understand what you're saying that they don't assign it but I have read before that they "assume" each application qualifies unless they eventually figure out otherwise. And now I am making my own assumption that if they assume it qualifies then it's assumed a visa is indirectly assigned? Wait, I'm confused:D.

    I've noticed that it's hard to get someone who can sound like they are really sure of the information they're giving you. I wonder if they're reading from something or just guessing sometimes. i shouldn't have to use the internet to get my information, they should be the #1 information center, and they can't even do that.:(


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  • sc3
    05-21 04:38 PM
    I had hoped to embarrass the government further by exposing the connection to a known "hate group," but the media has refused to report that part of the story. If I could get the media to expose the racist origins of this law, we might have some hope, but don't count on it.

    The next phase is to focus on legal options.

    Define free media again...

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  • pappu
    01-23 12:11 PM


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  • n2b
    06-11 07:02 PM
    This is for the ones who think that the discrimination based on EB3 or Eb2 is a bigger issue! I would not get into the discussion on why I think that IV is not just about EB2. Also, on our forums it's about reality and not empathy, which everyone should understand.

    Now having said that, please direct your energy towards elimination of country limits rather than fighting a fight which was in your past. Why your company put you in EB3 and not EB2 is not something USCIS or US can control anyways. But when you are EB2 or EB3 with same qualification, experience and expertise compared to someone from say Europe, Australia and many other countries but China, India, Mexico and Philippines than why should that other person get it before you do when you applied before him???? What is America getting anything different from this other person?

    Now talking about diversity for country limits India is more diverse than any other country in the world! And hey, most of them are already here in the country and waiting in queue, how is this helping the diversity?

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  • delhiguy79
    07-19 08:38 PM
    svam77 thanks for the valuable info....

    i also found one link

    If you are filing based on an offer of permanent employment in the United States, you should submit the following:

    I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status
    G-325A, Biographic Information
    Copy of your I-797, Notice of Action, showing that your I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, has been received or approved by INS (As of July 31, 2002, an interim rule was published in the Federal Register allows for concurrent filing of Form I-485 with Form I-140, if a visa number is immediately available.

    There is also one more link how to the ppl who want to file individually can have help thru it...


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  • go_gc_way
    06-14 02:53 AM
    1st July is Sunday!!! so we have to apply on 2nd July..

    Sure, though I am not back from a party... IT IS INDEED PARTY TIME FOR MANY :D

    My question was more specific, with dates being current, can you apply for 485 on any day of next month July.

    I suppose the next bulletin for Aug (that may probably be released 10 or 11 July) will be only effective since Aug 1st.

    Please confirm.

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  • pappu
    02-12 03:24 PM
    pls post contact of the reporter or newspaper with your news link


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  • patha007
    06-02 02:21 PM
    My wife is on H4. She has applied for SSN for stimulus package and got denial letter. How will be useful this letter to get SSN for her. Please advice.
    Thanks for your great help.

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  • neeidd
    03-05 02:24 AM
    Why do they need money to respond to RTI request. IF they don't have a program, its their job to comeup with one. They shouldnot/cannot go asking for money.
    Sounds like a scam.
    Perhaps this should be brought to attention of Secretary of State or President.
    If you have a copy, lets go to press with that.
    I am happy to pay $25 for this cause


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  • Goodintentions
    03-27 05:52 PM
    Kindly note that my suggestion to look for other opportunities is ONLY directed at youngsters in their early and mid 30s..not for people like you are me who are in this mess! i left UK and came here ...that was a GREAT and WISE decision!!!! ha ha ha !!! (Before leaving , I told my friends there ---> I am going for a great future...I am sure my friends are laughing at me now!!!) If I had stayed there I would have become a citizen of UK with the whole of EU open for employment and Visa free travel to the whole world..

    I do not want my younger brothers and sisters from India to suffer like me..I have NOTHING to gain in this process!

    We have to stay and fight UNITEDLY or go back to India...choice is yourrs and mine !!!!

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  • test101
    07-05 11:49 AM
    You can call as much as you want. No one will give you a clear cut answer.
    99% you will be rejected and 1% you will slip through.

    Instead of wasting your time on them.Go ahead call & write to the media. Do not put it on the side and say let someone else do it. if we do not help ourselves in this matter no one will help us.

    I hope i did not offend anybody.


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  • rajuram
    06-13 10:46 PM
    Read the visa bulletin fine print carefully.

    C = Can not file
    U = Take a U turn and go back home

    So guys no one can file 485.

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  • vgayalu
    07-19 12:21 PM
    My two friends are leaving.
    They are completing six years. Their labour is approved. but I 140 is not approved.
    They applied for their labour in sixth year.
    Due to retrogression they are unable to apply for I 485 and EAD. They are working as DB2 DBA's.
    They choose last option to leave the USA.


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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    07-15 05:14 PM
    My GC filing company is not a non profit institution still my labor took 2 months and I 140 took less than 3 months.

    Hello All,
    I was reading the posts, I somehow believe there are some variations among EB2 categories, of what we all have been calling I,II or three.

    It is not not primarily based on salary only, I believe, it has more to do with the nature of your job, job title, size of the company, type of company, for profit or non-profit.

    My wife is a University professor, applied for our GC, EB2 India PD date august2007. We got our labor approved in a less that 2 months, we got our I40 cleared in 5 months, ( applied in January 08 got approved in June).

    I believe , we are able to move so fast in this process was mainly because the type of company she works for, in this case the non profit institution.

    Now at this point in time, I would like to ask all the gurus, are the dates going to move fast in next few months?



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  • senthil1
    07-18 09:57 PM
    Actually some of concern of EB3 is valid.But their explanation cannot convince DOS or USCIS. According to DOS/CIS EB1 has more skills than EB2 and EB2 has more skills than EB3. That is not true in many cases. EB1 most cases are genuine except some cases in multi national managers. A manager in CTS could file in EB1 but at the same time similar manager in Intel cannot file in EB1. But only very few are in numbers because of restrictions like working in other country branch etc. So people do not bother about EB1 being current always.

    Coming to EB2, the job requirement require Masters or 5 years experience. If the requirement is genuine then it is ok to give priority to EB2. But in reality(mainly consulting companies) the job requirement is decided mostly in Lawyers office or by candidate just because candidate has
    master degree or 5 years experience. Though CIS scrutinise the EB2 applications still rejection rate is less. And also many persons trying to use 3 year degree and 2 year Master and apply for Eb2 by adding PG diploma etc.
    So it appears that there is no difference in skills between EB2 and EB3. If CIS and companies follow strictly the law and good faith then number of candidates would have been less in EB2 and EB2 would have been current and remaining would have been transferred to EB3. But these reasons could not be given to DOS/CIS. According to DOS/CIS EB2 has more skills than EB3.
    Good post . And there is no basis for anyone to accuse IV of being anti EB3 or anti -anything immigration related . It's a truly fantastic organization .

    That said, EB3's concern are real and not based on Jealousy. Everyone should support recapture effort but I do not think that is the only solution.

    Challenging/airing concerns over DOS 's spill over distribution is a valid issue too. May not be as important as recapture issue but still important like 2 year EAD/AP,s etc.

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  • anilsal
    06-09 12:28 AM
    Was listening to NPR today and some anti-immigration group apparently sent 700,000 web faxes/emails to get the current CIR bill down. Try matching that at IV... Also mentioned that their members called the lawmakers in thousands.

    The group is not NumbUSA. Some other group.....

    01-14 06:01 PM
    Why H1B, F1, etc.?

    Whenever US allows a person/family to come in US on work/study, US should provide equal opportunity to that person/family in most aspects of life (except National Security, Voting Rights, etc. which is after becoming citizen).

    If at all any binding required, it could be somthing like six months - not of years and years.

    Some bold decisions required - just like closing Guantanamo prision

    07-03 02:43 PM
    When exactly did you submit your application? I just called a few minutes ago to ask about mine (which was submitted early May) and the guy said I should not be affected by this as I should already be well into "the process by now" meaning I should have already been assigned a visa. He spoke very very I don't know if he was 100% sure of what he was saying:confused:

    My 485 application was also received my USCIS in second week of May '07. Does this mean that they have alloted visa number to me as well? I am confused :(

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