Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • go_guy123
    08-21 02:50 PM
    India would be a good option for an Indian. For others I still think Canada and Australia are are the best options after US, in terms of standard of living, quality of life etc. It will take India decades more to achieve the same standards.

    Actually its the quality of life why people are here on H1B.
    Barring that I dont see other reason.

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  • Totoro
    05-06 05:55 PM
    Understandable that Economic Stimumus Package is not a federal recuring benefit. However, ITIN holders (H4s) are eligible to claim child tax credit, why not this stiumuls benefit?. They should be given this benefit if they meet residency requirement. One should contact IRS to include ITIN holders to clain this benefit.

    The IRS cannot make exceptions, since it is written in the law. However, the Social Security Act does not say that the benefit has to be recurring. I did get a reply today from the SSA. They claim the stimulus payment is a tax rebate, not a benefit. However, it cannot be a tax rebate, since the law was written to allow people with no income to apply for the check. There are even instructions on the IRS website that explain how people with no income can apply for the check. I am in the process of getting the opinion of an attorney. I will update you soon.

    One last thing. I recommend that any discussions you have with the SSA be in writing. The SSA manager wanted to discuss this with me over the phone, but I insisted on written correspondence, because that is the only proof you have if this ever goes to litigation. The documents I have gotten so far already contain errors and contradictions that could be helpful in a legal case.

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  • nousername
    06-30 12:59 PM
    I received my second AP renewal within 30 days of filing. It was paper based filing. In the process I lost 2 1/2 months of my previous AP approval, which was valid till August '09.
    Seems like they are processing AP very quickly.

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  • Hinglish
    03-21 02:35 PM
    Simply amazing ...
    have you guys lost the ability to think and read...
    It is USCIS that decides the categories and it is they who say that EB1 is more skilled and valuable than other categories
    Again ... like I said in my post .... It is NOT NOT individual's qualifications or Country that matters, it is the JOB descr they do that decides the EB category. IF USCIS places more value on EB1 than EB2/EB3 category jobs that is not my problem .... but thats the way it is... and that was my point .... if the value placed on the job is higher that job...

    If things make you sick .... there is a fix for it .... go to a doctor ...
    But truly... I do believe you are sick, inability to coherently digest a discussion and think is a serious anomaly and you should get it checked out...

    What the hell do u mean?
    How many people in EB2 do a different job from EB3?
    Most of the people in EB2 almost do the same programmer job. I have been in this country for a long time. I have friends who have done their MS from colleges like stanford, santa barbara. I don't see a difference in their role. I have more than 10 yrs of exp. I have worked in different roles too.
    For jerks like u to come and talk abt people in EB3 being unskilled, makes me sick.

    Shut the f*** up


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  • sam2006
    09-23 10:22 AM
    thank you for all the efforts Franklin

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  • small2006
    08-08 01:08 PM

    Hi folks,

    Here's my situation:
    Currently applied for 485 and waiting for receipt
    Will be applying for EAD/AP this week.
    I am working Company XYZ, in State A, City A currently and will be transferring to State B, City B within the same company, with the same job designation/description etc., absolutely no changes on that front and virtually no change in salary but in compliance with prevailing wage etc. for State B, City B.

    Also the transfer is not going to affect my 485 because of my 140 which said "relocation within the US may be necessary" and this was expected when I started my GC.

    The issue is with a technicality - my PERM was for XYZ, Inc and the same company in State B is called XYZ Engineering Inc, technically 2 different companies and that's because every state has its own rules as to how a national company can be registered/operated.

    Coming to my question re H1B:
    My corporate attorney says that due to this technicality, my H1B needs to be AMENDED which according to my GC attorney is the same as applying for a new H1B but not having to wait in line. My question is whether this will have a negative impact on my pending 485/EAD/AP in any way.

    Please advice. Anything will help.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • bestin
    10-18 02:03 PM
    Bestin I've sent you a PM. Please check it and respond ASAP.


    Responded back..BTB i dont have any appointments tomorrow.So i ll be at home.Pls dont hesitate to ask for any help.I can try my best

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  • GCwaitforever
    06-19 04:47 PM

    If this bill text passes, there will be a backlog center for all our I-140/I-485 petitons. We are limited by 90,000. Has anybody found any new relief for BEC candidates?

    They are allocating supplemental greencard numbers for Z visa holders with a flexible limit and this supplemental allocation will go away once all Z visa holders adjust (end of page 287 and beginning of page 288).


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  • learning01
    03-17 04:19 PM
    Frist Pushes For Quick Vote On Immigration
    Majority Leader Bypasses Committee

    By Jonathan Weisman, Washington Post Staff Writer, Friday, March 17, 2006; A04

    Frustrated by the Senate Judiciary Committee's slow progress on politically sensitive immigration legislation, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) introduced his own bill last night to secure the nation's borders and crack down on illegal immigration.

    Frist's bill will go directly to the full Senate. But he said he will allow Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) to substitute a committee bill if Specter's panel could approve one March 27. Otherwise, the majority leader will stick to a strict, two-week schedule to finish work on what he conceded would be "as challenging a bill as any we'll have to address this year."

    The majority leader's power move stunned committee Republicans and Democrats, who have been struggling for three weeks to reach agreement on a comprehensive immigration bill. Specter said he objected to the maneuver.

    "It would be chaos on the floor to have this bill debated without the committee acting first," Specter said yesterday afternoon, only to grudgingly accept Frist's move in the evening.

    Some Republican aides said they believed presidential politics were at work. Frist, a prospective candidate for 2008, left out of his bill the guest-worker program that President Bush has demanded and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) -- a potential White House rival -- has championed. Such a program is unpopular with many conservative voters, who see it as amnesty for illegal immigrants. Many Republicans believe a new law to get tough on illegal immigrants is one of the few pieces of legislation that must be passed before the November elections if the GOP is to maintain the allegiance of conservative voters.

    Frist said he was motivated by a belief that only prompt Senate action will allow Senate and House negotiators to reach a compromise on a final bill this year. The House passed in December a border security bill that did not include a guest-worker program.

    Senators from both parties have come to near-agreement on provisions bolstering the U.S. border patrol, adding new technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles and raising penalties on illegal immigrants and those who aid them. Sens. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and John Cornyn (R-Tex.) neared agreement yesterday on a guest-worker program that could smooth the way to bipartisan passage of a Judiciary Committee bill when lawmakers return from a week-long break next week.

    Under the deal, Kennedy would agree that illegal immigrants who qualify for a guest-worker visa would have to go to their home countries for a year before applying for a visa extension of three or four additional years. But, Senate aides said, that one-year return could be waived if guest workers' employers said their continued labor was necessary or if a guest worker could prove a consistent work history.

    With Democrats, Bush and many Republicans favoring a guest-worker program, immigration advocates say no immigration bill can get out of the Senate without one. But House opponents say they have commitments from Republican leaders that no guest-worker program will be considered on the House floor this year.

    � 2006 The Washington Post Company

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  • zephyrr
    07-23 09:35 PM
    Ok, taking the emotion out of proposal, i agree fully with this post.

    My application with PD 2003 was stuck in BECs for more than 2 yrs. There were cases being approved in a random fashion - unfortunately, we were not organized to put enough presssure to sort out the mess and ask the BECs to follow some sane procedure.

    Now that we are at the 485 stage, I think it makes a lot of sense to first try and urge USCIS to follow a simple PD+RD procedure. If the PD of a case is earlier, than adjudicate it first. Plain and simple.

    I'm also happy for the greater good and the fact that people who got their labors cleared as late as 2007 are able to file for 485. The 485 filing problem, namely, being able to when PD is not current is on IVs agenda anyway and a top priority. But for people to just jump the line is more of a selfish act than 'risker' starting this thread.

    Btw, I don't see anything wrong with this thread, it is not a selfish agenda. We should work together to lobby and put pressure on USCIS to make this simple procedural change of using PD and not Receipt Date. It is fair and makes absolute sense.

    I agree with what you say. Yes, backlogged victims need some justice at this moment, otherwise there it is morally not good for everyone.

    1. Why don't we petition first before thinking of Lawsuit. We from IV should write a letter to USCIS stating the injustice brought to the backlogged victims and how it is mentally affecting them etc. We should ask USCIS to consider these things and come up with a solution for backlogged victims instead of threatening DOS and others with Lawsuit. Since we are at their mercy, there is nothing wrong in keeping them higher up and at the same time getting what we want.

    2. If the petition did not work out, then we can think about some suit. Still I don't agree with any suit as it is not going to bring justice. By the time the suit clears, you will have your GC in hand.


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  • trueguy
    07-17 05:16 PM
    None of the initiatives so far has helped EB3-I and in fact it hurt EB3-I

    I am Eb3 Mar 2004 and I am planning to wait until the Oct dates before making any decision.
    But there is a deeper problem that I see.
    IV had been extremely instrumental in making the immigration issue heard outside our community and taking it to the ears of the people making decisions.
    Now, IV, from what I am hearing and am seeing (by openly not supporting the Eb3-I agenda (pappu making comments about what is wrong with the EB3 word petition)
    is interested in pushing the Eb2 agenda only.

    The core team explanation that Eb2 rollover nos are provided to EB3 and that is why they cannot help it, is baseless.
    If everything in the past was to happen as per the process, there would be no IV at all.

    Also, in the recent past, EB3 was available when Eb2 was Unavailable, so the rollover argument is wrong.

    Now, if IV is definite on not providing support to the EB3 community, it is time to rethink.

    I do not have a good feeling about the EB3 to EB2 conversion (it is basically going into unknown territory).

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  • dannyypk
    07-17 07:56 PM
    I am EB-3 ROW PD 2007 Aug. Reading all the Eb-3 I people's angry, I started to wonder what's gonna happen to the EB-3 ROW. Seems like if lots of Eb3-I change to EB2-I , They will probably eat up all the Spillover from Eb1, EB2 ROW from now on. That makes EB-3 ROW and EB-3 I become the same boat.
    Is it what gonna happened? and think about how many people can afford to spend an extra 10k to change the status from EB-3 to EB-2? That's totally not fair. We need to take action all EB-3 ers!!!!!!


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  • Dhundhun
    06-28 08:11 PM
    Thanks. I know I am bugging you with my questions because I am filling all the forms today and sending. I have one question :)

    For AP documents, it says we can submit any document issued to you by USCIS showing your present status in US. Now, currently I am on H1B. So should I send them my I797 approval document or EAD copy? Also in there instructions they are asking to send copy of an official photo identity document showing your photo, name & DOB? Can it be PP/DL/EAD?

    Your status will be shown buy copy of I485 receipt. AP requires the following:
    AP renewal e-filing (to be Mailed):
    .... Confirmation Page
    .... Two pictures with A# on back, put in envelope and staple to confirmation page
    .... Copy of I485 Receipt Notice
    .... Copy of previous AP
    .... Photo Id such as
    ........ Copy of Biographic Pages of Passport or
    ........ Copy of DL or
    ........ Copy of EAD
    .... Letter -

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  • waitnwatch
    06-09 01:46 AM
    Yeah! sure............. in America you take things and nothing is given to you..........Have any of you guys heard of students protesting tuition increases. Have you really heard of young folks protesting about anything. Folks like Jack Nicholson can say a lot of things but I'm sure I wouldn't depend on him for intellectual sustenance.

    I would request that you find a statement from a better role model before starting such a superficial thread.


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  • H1B2GC
    09-21 06:34 PM
    This time let's do it different. Ideas?

    Shall we offer a prayer in the major church for all congress men to do the needful so that people will come to know the problems we are facing and we'll have to attend the prayer in IV shirts.

    Put adds on major news even if it cost's us urging all legal high skill workers to attend the prayer.

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  • skynet2500
    06-13 07:13 PM
    Can IV Core confirm this is not an error from USCIS?


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  • jsb
    08-10 11:49 AM
    Canada does not have 50 universities, in TOTAL. So your choice is limited to
    (1) Queens University in Kingston, Ont.
    (2) University of Toronto
    (3) UBC

    Well, that is not true. Canada does have 50 universities. Kingston, Toronto and Vancouver are not the only places in Canada. Besides many universities in Toronto area (McMaster, Toronto, Waterloo, York, Ryerson) other Provinces such as Alberta, Saskatchwan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick, New Foundland, etc. all have good universities. If you are a PR, tuition is very low compared to the US. If you are outstanding in your field, you can hope for a grant too.

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  • helpful_leo
    03-21 10:09 PM
    ..this probably is a dumb Q, but will a US STEM PhD, for e.g., require employer sponsorship to file under EB under these Frist/ Specter bills, or can it be done employer independently, as I believe, PACE allows for a select few?

    Thanks guys for your time.

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  • arupkumarsaha
    02-13 01:35 PM
    There are two ways to react once you are not getting any result .

    1. Do not do anything and blame others . Proclaim your leadership inabilities and hope a new avatar will come to save you . ( May be Lord Vishnu can take his final incarnation and save us , let us chant and pray :-)

    2. Do something like say contribute and spread the message .

    One will care about IV only if there are valid business reasons for doing so . Lots of my colleagues does not care about IV because they do not care about retrogression , reasons are ,

    A)They may buy pre approved labor and get away with it .
    B)Their spouse also work ( on h1b in IT or on h4 in sabji mandi ). Their spouse is a home maker and do not intend to work.
    C)They are simply saving money to go back to india and does not want a GC.

    Now even if you are impacted by retrogression still you may dream that in the dream land of USA one fine day congress will wipe out your worries . That indeed may party happen but still the legislature may pass something which can screw up the situation more , like say enforcing hard cap on the per country quota .

    So it may make sense to help IV and not leave everything on luck or congress .

    But above all rationale there is the warm fuzzy desi feeling of getting things free when people of IV are slogging , so no wonder people do not help IV , desi mentality rules :-)

    09-22 06:59 AM
    Thanks for attending rally...yes, you will see lot of Indians taking back seat..just forget them and lets move forward.

    Yes, and the only reason I see is LAZINESS, COWARDICE, SELFISHNESS AND ATTITUDE

    03-19 10:08 AM
    I see usage if "STEM degree" in most of this thread - conversations .... Would like to understand more on what STEM mean. Can anyone 2 line brief when u get a moment to spare. thanks.

    science, technology, engineering, math
    I am still wondering who came up with this abbreviation :)

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