Sunday, June 12, 2011

miley cyrus tattoo just breathe

images miley cyrus tattoo just miley cyrus tattoo just breathe. Miley Cyrus TATTOO Says #39;Just
  • Miley Cyrus TATTOO Says #39;Just

  • sugaur
    05-21 06:49 PM
    200 dollars
    Transaction ID: 8HG01298U04455942
    An email with your order summary has been sent to
    Immigration Voice

    200 dollars.
    Transaction ID: 1L279599B40070348
    An email with your order summary has been sent to
    Immigration Voice

    Total 400

    wallpaper Miley Cyrus TATTOO Says #39;Just miley cyrus tattoo just breathe. cyrus-images/just-reathe-
  • cyrus-images/just-reathe-

  • gcformeornot
    04-27 09:07 AM
    funds coming....

    miley cyrus tattoo just breathe. Miley Cyrus has been getting a
  • Miley Cyrus has been getting a

  • nonimmi
    11-08 02:02 PM
    Very well said.

    Simple and easy to accept. Not like some people here pretending as SMARTer than others!!

    2011 cyrus-images/just-reathe- miley cyrus tattoo just breathe. Miley Cyrus#39; “Just Breathe”
  • Miley Cyrus#39; “Just Breathe”

  • raju123
    02-11 11:30 AM
    I know, what you said and I agree as well. It is universal truth that every one has priority. We know the science experimental story:
    Monkey mother and her small kid were trap inside the water tank and water is slowly rise. Mother took care of her kid and hold to her belly. Water further rose and she hold her kid to chest. water further rose and she hold kid on her head. Now water come to her nose and she tried to stand on her toe. Still water was rising and finally she threw her kid and stand on her and tried to survive.

    Moral of the story:

    Compete America is pushing H1B/EB together but when they will have only one to select, they will go for H1B. I don't see any thing wrong on it.

    Think that If IV have only one choice between EB provision and H1B. What IV will select?

    I know CA promotes both , but issue is whether they do that equally.
    I have a feeling h1b is more on agenda.
    Just that you belive what they are saying....either way u will see when h1b gets increased without eb reform.


    miley cyrus tattoo just breathe. Miley Cyrus
  • Miley Cyrus

  • gapala
    03-20 11:44 PM
    As so many members have posted there is no such thing as H1 transfer. If OP continued to work for employer# 2 without joining employer X that is fine as long as OP's employer 2 did not revoke the H1 petition. So OP should be fine , all he has to do is point that he did not accept employer X offer and decided to continue with current employer (i.e. #2) and his work with employer 2 was authorized based on the continued validity of h1 petition of employer 2. Now I saw that OP mentioned somewhere that he used EAD when his H1 with employer 2 expired. This could be a potential reason for the RFE. Here's my take on it:
    When OP's H1 ultimately expired there were two possible work authorizations which OP could have used : Join the employer X on H1 since that employer did not revoke the h1 petition even though he did not join them OR used EAD with either employer 2 or employer X. The OP got this RFE for I-485. If you are doing AOS from H1 the burden is on you to prove that even while your I-485 is pending you have not engaged in unauthorized work. I just feel that the IO is doing an extensive scrutiny of the OP's application and trying to make sure that OP did not engage in unauthorized work at point.

    In any case the OP should get a good lawyer.

    This exactly is my point "unauthorized work" part of the game.

    miley cyrus tattoo just breathe. Miley Cyrus shows off her
  • Miley Cyrus shows off her

  • husamymd
    09-20 02:28 PM
    If we are to acheive what we have set out to do, paid ads are the way to go. In a way we have to disseminate via propaganda the difference between us and the illegals and our worth to the country.
    Stuff like this takes time and more importantly money. While IV is a grass roots organization a certain degree of sophistication vis a vis public relations will go a long way in strenghtning our stance and garnering public support.
    Projecting ourselves to the media as educated, intellectual elite requires a lot of image building that would be difficult in a mass rally where huddled masses are easily seen as being the downtrodden.


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  • If Miley Cyrus#39; controversial

  • amitjoey
    05-20 10:48 AM
    The total so for is $1950.

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  • rayen
    06-16 01:31 PM
    I applied for my AP renewal on June 2nd by mail and the same got delivered on June 8th but no reply as of now. I sent me personal check for 305 USD. Please advice.


    miley cyrus tattoo just breathe. Miley#39;s not a little girl
  • Miley#39;s not a little girl

  • gcseeker2002
    12-01 09:29 AM
    The basic idea behind this approach is to channel all the negative energy into something positive.
    Here is what me and my wife are doing. When the retrogression first hit us in 2005 January we were both devastated even more so because one my friend and his wife, with same the same priority date as ours and similar EB3 RIR got the Green Card on 24 Dec 2004. We would not have been so frustrated if they had the priority date even a month or so before us. But some are just lucky I guess. Coming back to what we are doing. My wife started her masters and finished in May this year. She could have finished in December but we were really banking on the CIR in May so she took more courses and finished it faster. Well that did not happen so whats next. So now I will be starting school again for second Masters this time MBA from one of the top10 B schools in January 2007. Ideally I wanted to do Full Time because its shorter duration as compared to part time but GC God (I wish there was one like that so that I can do the "Nariyal Pooja" or "Mundan" or "Abhishek") had otherr wishes so I have now switched from full time to part time. Lets see if my part time MBA of 4 years wins the race or Green Card wins the racce against time.
    Moral of the story. Channelize your energy into something positive and get masters or second for that matter, or learn a new language, enroll in classes to learn languages that run for 6 months at community classees by the time you get your GC you will know atleast a dozen languages.
    Lage Raho GC Bhai....
    I know these are good ways to keep our mind off the gc, but for most of us who have spent 9 -10 years waiting and have family responsibilities, the steam of further studies has ran out especially if you have to pay for it yourself.

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  • Miley#39;s first tattoo reads

  • nat23
    11-08 01:11 PM

    "Moron" is an insult. I don't insult anyone. If you don't like my posts, just ignore them.


    The Ombudsman

    Ombudsman is right. This is a public forum and if you dont like something ignore it. I personally find, Ombudsman's posts quiet interesting and good food for thought. They are put forward in a very professional manner unlike some people who use insults and sarcasm.



    miley cyrus tattoo just breathe. Miley Cyrus Has A New Tattoo
  • Miley Cyrus Has A New Tattoo

  • indyanguy
    06-27 04:00 PM
    If we don't receive a notification today saying that our EAD has been approved, does that mean that we would get a 2-Year EAD card? Or do you think that they will work over the weekend? :D

    Unfortunately, sometimes they work on weekends :D

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  • Miley Cyrus was seen at the

  • ssss
    04-17 12:56 PM
    My greencard process started in 2002 and have a PD of 2005. That too it was filed in a hurry because PERM was starting and my last 1 yr of H1 was up


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  • Miley Cyrus Tattoo

  • NolaIndian32
    04-28 09:59 PM
    Just send $ 100.00 through PayPal


    Thanks Karthik!!!!

    We appreciate your support!!

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  • Miley Cyrus Showed Off The

  • nc14
    04-29 12:53 PM
    Just started Reccuring $50 Contribution

    Transcaction id #1KC15805H4137234A

    $370 till date

    GO IV GO !!!

    PD of May 2004


    pictures If Miley Cyrus#39; controversial miley cyrus tattoo just breathe. Miley Cyrus gets her third
  • Miley Cyrus gets her third

  • kate123
    02-14 10:26 AM
    can you PM me the email. we can prepare final draft and send across to DHS secretary.
    If the format is good... then we can use the same letter with out any edits.

    Once the format is final, I can open a new thread and start a poll. we can also post the link in other websites (tractitt, murthy, imminfo, etc)

    Thank you guys,

    Please PM me the Email you sent to CISOmbudsman.
    Don't let others to HIJACK this thread they have developed habit.
    We gotta follow this to the end.


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  • Cyrus tattoo: Just Breathe

  • boreal
    02-12 12:27 AM
    ok, i am beginning to lose confidence now... first no i-485 relief and now wait till CIR>.....last year, CIR turned out to be a big circus....i hope this time something productive happens....

    why are we changing lobbying firm? what do you mean it is a strategic decision?

    are we dissatisfied with our lobbying firm? pm me if you can post on public forum..
    but we need answers....this leadership is going nowhere now......

    Ok big guy! The phone number that connects you with the core group is here in the web site. Talk to them directly. Why do you wanna get this info in a PM..btw..when did u start owning IV and everyone around?
    [sic sic sic]


    makeup Miley#39;s not a little girl miley cyrus tattoo just breathe. MILEY Cyrus#39; tattoo is a
  • MILEY Cyrus#39; tattoo is a

  • new2H1&GC
    08-31 11:28 AM
    Hi all,
    Sorry to be asking again, but I needed some details on changing employers before Oct 1st.
    Here's the situation. I am currently on H4 and got my H1B approved this year through a consultancy with start date of Oct 1st 2007 (lucky to get through lottery).
    I only have a copy of the H1B approval notice.
    A few days back I got an offer for a full time position with another company (NOT a consultancy). And they are willing to do my H1B.
    I learned through this forum, that applying for a change of employer before Oct 1st with an approved H1B, is like getting a new H1B only i'm already counted against the cap for the fiscal year. And because it's considered "new" paystubs are not required. Hope I've got this much right.

    My questions are:
    1. Are all the documents required the same as when you apply for a new H1B ? Only you also have to add the approved H1B notice?
    2. Is it ok if a COPY of the H1B approval notice is sent? Consultancy had a verbal agreement with me that I should work for a year with them , but I don't think anything is on paper. Also they said they would only give me my H1B approval notice (original) once I was placed on a project with them.
    3. Does the job title have to be the same? Consultancy applied as Programmer Analyst, and the new company needs a Web Programmer/Server Administrator. Would that cause any issues?
    4. The new company plans to do premium processing, so if all goes well, can I start working with them as soon as the receipt notice comes in, or do I have to wait till I have the approval notice in hand?
    5. Can the consultancy cause any problems for me with respect to my H1B? Is there any way they can find out about this and revoke my H1B?

    If anyone has been through this and got their H1B approved with a different employer before the H1B start date, then please post your replies here. What were the hurdles , and what should I be wary of to ensure everything goes smoothly?

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  • ca_immigrant
    08-21 05:52 PM
    I am not sure if it is only me.....but many times I see strangers wishing me or each other morning, evening...."how u doing" ,,,etc....

    but Indians (I am also an Indian -:) are a little reserved....I do not see a greeting from fellow Indians that easily.....again I am not saying Indians are bad (cause I too am one -;)

    maybe it is a culture thing for us not to greet strangers ?

    PS - I have had my share of experience where non-Indians are also sometime rude me to me .....

    hairstyles Miley Cyrus Has A New Tattoo miley cyrus tattoo just breathe. miley-cyrus-shows-her-new-
  • miley-cyrus-shows-her-new-

  • new_horizon
    05-20 06:36 AM
    thanks Raj...I am the one you spoke to on the phone from westland.

    Thank you so much guys for your hardwork . I wont be able to make it But just sent a cheque of 250 to local members who are coming to D.C . Thanks again guys

    02-09 10:25 PM
    To pbojja, if you think being concerned about fraud desi companies and highlighting issues we can resolve easily (like English classes) is being disrespectful to one's fellow country men/women, then I must not have put forward my point clearly and I apologize for that. I never said that only English speaking skills were required to be a good professional. However, they are important tools for effective communication. Not every desi IT professional in the U.S. is a developer and is in roles which do require good English speaking skills. Anyway, I didn't mean to be disrespectful to anyone.

    To sri1309, I never meant to digress from existing items on IV's agenda. All I am saying is that the backlog might get cleaned up a bit if we are able to assist in weeding out fraud cases.

    04-26 10:52 PM

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