Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • needhelp!
    02-11 01:30 PM
    Thanks for your pledge.. Looking for the same spirit to awaken in all our members.

    I will do 50+ from my side over the weekend , sorry shadowing till now will post exact as i mail all these. I will try to pump up as much as i can .

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  • cshen
    06-10 09:03 AM
    Senator Hilary Clinton introduced an amendment to exempt apllicant's dependents from visa quotos, which will reduce the retrogression signifcantly, why Core choose the Coryn's not supporting Hilary Clinton's? She is very likly to be our future president.

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  • dskhabra
    07-15 08:02 AM
    Even mine is EB2 with level II. I did not see a single case from my company with Level III or Level IV but still a lot of them are EB2.

    My 140 approval says: Mem of Profession w/Adv Deg, or Exceptional ability Sec 203 (b) (2).

    My understanding: this is EB2.

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  • mihird
    07-28 05:16 PM
    Consider my case:

    Myself: MS In Electrical Engineering - Been on a H1-B sponsored job with Fortune 100 companies for the last 6 years.

    Spouse: MD Medicine - Initially on H4 for 2 years, now on a H1-B sponsored residency with a prominent healthcare institution.

    I fully agree, H4s should prove their worth, and that is why I never ever let the feeling settle in my spouse's mind, that, that GC was going to just drop from the sky one day for her...

    In short, both of us have proved their worth and are on H1s.

    Here's where the unfairness of the H4 system kicks in for us. The time spent on the H4 is counted towards the initial 6 year period. By the time she would be done with her residency, she would have exhausted most of that 6 year time. LC cannot be filed for resident doctors, while they are residents.

    Result: When she becomes a doctor, her time has run out - technically she needs to be out of USA for 1 year, before considering a re-entry (unfair by all means).

    Only solution to this problem:

    1. Either the laws change to decouple H4 time with H1 (which I think, is the biggest unfairness of the H4 visa, especially due to the retrogression wait times)
    2. I get to file I-485, which I currently cannot because of retrogression. I have an approved LC & I-140 with a PD of early 06. If retrogression gets worse, who knows, even EB2 could retorgress to more than 3 years...


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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-21 08:08 PM
    Indebted to our employers for anything or in any form. We work and get paid for it - it's an even exchange, imo.

    How long will it take them to lay you off tomorrow morning (or Monday morning or on X'mas/Diwali eve for that matter) if they didn't need you?

    And vacation time, if part of the employment package, is a legal obligation of the employer - you can hold their feet to the fire for that and if you end up not taking any vacation you are entitled to compensation for the extra time worked when you leave.

    These are the lines of thought that should prompt one to join IV and be involved with it .


    Having time off with my boss is traumatic to say the least. I am entitled to seven weeks vacation a year and barely get three most of the time. Even when I am off I get phone calls and have to leave contact numbers, that includes when I am with my parents in England.

    Can you imagine asking for two days off to go to an immigration rally that just reminds him that I will be out of his employment jail some time in the not too distant future I hope.

    My green card process is in its sixth year. Look forward to shaking off my shackles and moving on with life. Glad to say my husband now has an EAD so at least he is free to work and join the human race again.

    I am sure many people are in this sort of situation since we are indebted to our employers which is one of the things we would like to change.

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  • PresidentO
    02-15 04:01 PM
    Now it's clear. You don't want people to drag you down, even when they have had gone through everything, Labor, I-140, been in the country for 10 years, etc. -- I thought you had a noble cause from the older posts, but apparently I was wrong.

    This also started getting ridiculous. In my own post, and agreed by almost everyone else, I specially said to put on restrictions to those who can file AOS, e.g. with I-1140 approved, or with a PD older than a certain number of years. Where did you get the impression that every H1 can arrive this country and be on EAD in six months? Why did I found that the extreme generalization and scare tactic employed by you has an alarming resemblance to those from Lou Dobbs and Grassley?

    And to answer your last question, even with a PD of 2007, I've been in the US for ten years, but could not file green card due to company bankruptcy, layoff, etc. and I am 90% certain you've been here shorter than I am. Then should give up your EAD till everyone who stays here longer than you does?


    I am with you on the ludacris comparison brought by hydboy77. He keeps calling the EB3-EB2 porting line cutters as if these guys were paying 10,000 USD to buy substitute labors. Those Eb-3 folks have stood in line just like him, you and me and have an employer who values their contributions and has a position that has EB-2 requirements he can hire this EB-3 guy. Rather than thinking about the problem at its root, he keeps attacking people who port their PD and calls them line cutters. Bottome line: He has EB2 PD and worries that he will be screwed worse. While it is good to worry about the problem, it worries me when that worry comes at the expens of other's good. Jeez! we dont need anti's. We get dragged down by your own. Probably he does not know what USC code 1571 section 8 says even before AC21 came into picture. Congressional intent was to get a GC for every one with in 6 months. Infact he does not want every one to get EAD because he is scared. Doesn't a legislation that takes out the similar/same after 6 months and gets every one on to EAD is the best one as people will be able to demand what ever they want and put the kabosh on Grassley who keeps bitching that H1B's are paid peanuts?

    I do not intend to take shots at any one but this discusssion of dont do this because Grassley will do this/that is nothing but shitting in our pants and telling Grassley to become draconian. If you cant stand the heat in the kitchen, get out. Now dont tell me that the house is under fire and If I dont get out, I will burn. To hell with that counter.

    As far as your pre application post is concerned, desi3933 is right on money. Janet,IMO, has used wrong words or meant some thing else and use pre application. With out, legislative/executive change USCIS/DHS/Janet just cannot do that.

    His whole argument about the 06 guys getting GC ahead of 03/04 guys is entirely different. DOS had no other way to handle the inefficient USCIS other than forwarding dates ahead. I dont know whether he would have been happy, if DOS did not move dates and neither 04 guys and 06 guys got their GC, 20,000 visa numbers were wasted. I for one have a 02 PD and am happy for those who got out of the hell hole, regardless of their PD and at the same time I will keep pushing for USCIS to get better. I am actually seeing this effect in DOS VB this year. DOS is getting better at the game and moving the dates slowly and this summer EB-2 I/C will not go beyond Jun/Jul 05.


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  • EB3IFiasco
    03-05 10:05 PM
    The letter is a clear indication that Dept. of State and USCIS are not in sync. The concept of priority date apparently is only used by DOS and not the USCIS. God knows how PDs cutoff's are determined given this incoherency between USCIS and DOS.

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  • go_guy123
    08-09 03:31 PM
    go_guy123, since you have MS+MBA, you should seriously consider applying for US GC in EB1 category. I know a friend who had similar qualifications and he got this EB1 GC approved within a year. You need not be in US to apply in EB1 and you can do all the paperwork in Canada via consular processing. My .02 cents.

    I dont think MS+MBA makes a case for EB1. Anyway I can look into it. Pease PM me some details/contact of your friend if you can give.

    I know long long back in early 90s they were liberal about EB1, not any more.


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  • GC_Wait2002
    07-23 04:10 PM
    Any good one in Edison, Islin, Woodbridge area...New Jersey?

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  • ca_immigrant
    08-21 05:52 PM
    I am not sure if it is only me.....but many times I see strangers wishing me or each other morning, evening...."how u doing" ,,,etc....

    but Indians (I am also an Indian -:) are a little reserved....I do not see a greeting from fellow Indians that easily.....again I am not saying Indians are bad (cause I too am one -;)

    maybe it is a culture thing for us not to greet strangers ?

    PS - I have had my share of experience where non-Indians are also sometime rude me to me .....


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  • chanduv23
    12-01 09:02 AM
    Good decisions, to move on with part time studies

    Call "Circuit" if you have any issues and he will come to your help :)

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  • tnite
    07-05 11:10 AM
    Just called USCIS and told her that My application was mailed on Jun 28th and it got delivered on July 02. I also told her that my PD is May 2003 (hence i'm eligible to file in June)..

    She told me that since i mailed it in June and this Notice goes into effect in July 02 my application WILL NOT be rejected... She asked me to wait for receipt notice :)


    Anything received on july 2nd is doesn't matter when you sent it.what matters is when USCIS received it.
    I spoke to a cust. rep and she did tell me that all apps received on and after july 2nd will be returned. To be sure , she put me through an immigration officer (I am still listening to the music)


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  • umndude
    05-17 01:45 PM
    Just did it. Very easy process. Thanks to IV.


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  • willgetgc2005
    07-16 06:58 PM
    I changed my law firm to Ron gothcher is very good and speaks at length,answers all questions.

    If u take, do insist on Ron Gother as your attorney and Peter Calrk as ur para legal. They are good.

    I highly recomend. They give you time and answer all questions.


    I have read your previous posts. No clue about the lawfirm you mentioned.

    speak to Ron Gotcher at, in los angeles, very experienced.



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  • eb3India
    06-09 09:44 AM
    I am not sure why we are still behind this bill and wasting our money and resources,

    everyone here needs to realize we don't need to sweeping legislative reform to address our concern, all we need few guidelines to impliment current law in more sensible way,

    we simply don't have resources/strenght to address this issue letz not fool ourself anymore and letz put our moeny where mouth is

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  • xbohdpukc
    03-19 10:08 AM
    I see usage if "STEM degree" in most of this thread - conversations .... Would like to understand more on what STEM mean. Can anyone 2 line brief when u get a moment to spare. thanks.

    science, technology, engineering, math
    I am still wondering who came up with this abbreviation :)


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  • greendream
    07-21 08:40 AM
    Hi Ron,

    First of thank you for all your useful replies. I just want your opinion to convert my EB3 India to EB2.

    My details.

    PD: June -2003.
    Country: India.

    Also when can my PD will be current in future. Please suggest.

    Appreciate your help.


    I think it would be a good idea to make the move. There isn't enough data available for me to say anything more than it's going to be quite a while before your priority date becomes current.

    Ron Gotcher.

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  • little_willy
    03-03 03:34 PM
    Just mailed 11 letters.

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  • neamoni
    08-03 02:51 PM
    My experience is that whether an attorney is good or bad depends on the size of the sponsoring company. My boyfriend was working for a big company and got a really great service with Ogletree Deakins who have offices all over the US. When I was experiencing problems with my attorney, he highly recommended Ogletree and my employer contacted them, and our experience was really bad - they promised a lot of things, then realized it was a small company and was not so interested anymore.
    That's why after LC got approved, we decided to file everything pro-se. We have had 3 different attorneys. My case started in 2001 and got stuck in BEC and a PERM case was filed to try to capture my PD from 01, and by looking at my signature you can guess what happened. So, lots of experience with attorneys, not one that could recommend.

    07-08 02:28 PM
    Guys and Gals,
    Lets not bash anyone here. IEEE might sound anti-immigrant on the surface in true sense, its only anti H1B for all the right reason. I am not trying to defend IEEE but just getting the facts straight. Please check the attached file which is a letter sent by IEEE-USA president to Gov of Minnasota.

    IEEE-USA has maintained a consistent position against H1-B visas for a long time. Of late they have been found making statements that cast aspersions on legal immigrants as well. I have often found that people who confess to hate only one type of immigrants are just attempting to air a politically correct view of their anti-immigrant philosophy.

    "Combined with the H-1B visa increases, the Senate bill also includes substantial increases in legal permanent immigrant admissions that could have a major impact on the U.S. information technology workforce and engineering enterprise, according to IEEE-USA.

    Dr. Wyndrum added: "The bill opens the spigot on numerous skilled visa categories. The question is how many high-tech workers can the United States absorb annually without driving up unemployment and driving down wages? The Senate demonstrated its concern about the number of unskilled workers it would allow into our country; it should show the same concern for skilled employees."

    10-18 02:03 PM
    Bestin I've sent you a PM. Please check it and respond ASAP.


    Responded back..BTB i dont have any appointments tomorrow.So i ll be at home.Pls dont hesitate to ask for any help.I can try my best

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