Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • June05
    06-24 04:40 PM
    Just called.

    The lady's voice lit up when I told her I was from San Antonio. She took down my information and zip code.

    She told me that she has informed other callers to also ask people from Mr. Smit's district to call. That would be more effective.

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  • desi3933
    03-20 10:17 PM
    Desi, with due respect, I have to clarify this, I am not talking about H1B status here I am talking about "unauthorized work" part upon change of sponsor.

    Please explain.

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  • coopheal
    05-21 09:10 AM
    Please contribute.

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  • ArunAntonio
    12-01 07:24 PM
    I support Hunger strike.... We should do a Relay Hunger Strike for may be 3 days ... I am sure we will get volunteers and will create some media attention as well.


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  • test101
    07-06 06:49 PM
    Mine was applied and it has returned back ........:mad:

    when did you mail your packet? when did they recieve it ? did they have rejection letter or just returned.

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  • mallu
    03-24 11:05 AM
    It's really meaningless for you to keep talking about "too many here from EU". ......

    No . I don't think it is meaningless. It is just a reminder to those who boarded here earlier ( not too in the distant past , say before 200 years ) and now concerned about controlling diversity .

    When this country starts the immigration law, does the law say only people from Asia is limited to 7% and not for people from EU ?

    It doesn't matter if 7% is applied now to some of EU. Already many are significantly represented.
    I perfectly understand. Those who got earlier ganged togoether and devised 'beatiful' laws that fits 'them', telling others 'Hey, the gates closed, right behind us' .


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  • yabadaba
    11-08 03:50 PM
    The reason some of us long timers at IV are ired with the Ombudsman is because this drives us off message. We end up discussing non relevant topics.

    We have one goal. Relief for thousands of us who are stuck in limbo because of antiquated immigration policies for skilled immigrants.

    Today is a good day for us. Why? Because any change is better than the do nothing congress before this one. We need to be energized and reinvigorated to take this race to the finish line.

    In times like this the Ombudsman is a distraction. His views are a distraction. When you start feeling helpless or get the age old feeling that nothing will happen, you have lost the battle.

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  • seenu302
    06-08 01:45 PM
    IV core team,

    Whats the plan of action given that CIR is dead for now?The best would be to try to attach a small relief like S.1932 in 2005 to some budget appropriations bill.Even SKIL will gather lot of unnecessary attention.Did we spend all our funding on this lost cause and need to contribute again?If so its better to start now as IV got lot of new users.

    As I said my numbers are not accurate, there are lot of visas unused since retrogression, we need to take look at this and spent more time researching and contacting right organization


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  • saikatmandal
    11-15 11:36 AM
    Just saw the post on the Christmas Tree campaign:

    I think this is a great idea.

    This is the holiday season and what better way to touch the chord of the Senators and House members but send one Christmas tree to each one of them. I am sure this would be a very emotional (in a positive way) appeal from IV for our cause.

    Please post your thoughts.

    I am for it.

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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-13 04:23 PM
    Thank you abhijitp, waiting4gc and needhelp! These are some great pointers, and my chances sound better already. I am going to see what I can do :) Things have picked up a little on my numbers today, happy to say at 163 now!


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  • H1bslave
    11-15 04:01 PM
    Doesn't it sound rude... they celebrate, feast and we fast. If we admire this country for giving us so much we should also show our support and adopt the culture and celebrate with them to show we are tax paying Americans who enjoy in American way.

    We can show our protest by sending 1-wish for our own GC ( may be in the form of Christmas tree ornament) to all law makers. Everybody makes a wish and our wish is GC.

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  • pak
    07-24 10:18 AM
    I came on B2, then B2 to H4, H4 to F1, F1 to AOS. All transfers were very smooth with me and my wife's visa extensions and GC process, intime and prompt. Fees are very reasonable. He has sub office in NJ.

    K K Rastogi ESQ
    Empire State Building
    350 5ht ave suite 5014
    New York NY 10118
    Ph: 212-279-4403


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  • ksrk
    09-12 06:52 PM
    Hey guys

    Just received email from CRIS regarding I-485 denial notice for both me and my wife.

    I used AC21 after 9 months of filing I-485. My I-140 was approved before even filing I-485 in July fiasco.

    My attorney promptly sent AC-21 and G-28 and i did see LUD on my and my wife's I-485 after that.

    My previous company informed me sometime ago that they are going to revoke I-140 and probably they did and i am assuming that's what triggered this.

    This is certainly a big damm mistake they did even after sending AC-21 docs and G-28.

    Uh-oh! Sorry to hear that. But please keep the hope - it may not be all over yet.
    Aren't they required to issue an NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny)...check this out under
    2. USCIS on Issuing RFEs, H1B Revocation, eFiling, and Other Matters -

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  • ncrtpMay2004
    03-26 12:23 PM
    Just to add.... porting process is legit for EB-2 as well. EB-1 is current now. :p

    The Indian CRAB is the story of how a fisherman kept a basket with crabs, uncovered. When asked, he replied " They�re Indian Crabs - If one tries to climb out, the others will pull it back in, hence there�s no need for a lid "
    The Indian CRAB - Contribute - MSNIndia (

    Porting process is a legit process and for well qualified EB-3 india folks thats the only ray of Hope.

    You can rant about it but noone going to stop the porting process becaue the folks who initially filed under EB-3 are now eligible to get Job promotions , new roles and responsibilities in their Career and in some cases new Sr. Job positions which are qualified EB-2. By the way they do file new PERM labor and new I-140, it is not a automatic qualification just based on number of years waiting in the endless EB-3 india queue.

    Under the current circumstances where EB-3 india doesnt get any spillover numbers or any such relief like VISA recapture bill, do you expect them to go behind the lines with new EB-2 PD? What about the wait period in the backlog centres, in the PERM process and for few I140 stage waiting period? Its the law and people are following it. You can try porting to EB1 if you are qualified enough and port your EB-2 PD to EB-1.

    Just because you are qualified initially for EB-2 doesnt mean others are inferior and they are not eligible to port to EB-2.


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  • seahawks
    09-22 04:18 AM
    No need to jump the gun. I didn't ask it at a personal level, in case you didn't understand it! Instead of nitpicking on a single statement, read the whole paragraph! I am a member of a state chapter and keep posting on the Yahoogroups, though it's been a month since anyone else posted there ( and I don't get any replies).

    I'm not getting into personal level/ad hominem discussion as it's pointless. I don't need to prove anything to anybody.

    Here is the deal, the idea of state chapters is for grass roots organization. We can't reach out to everyone if we don't have remote hubs, it is as simple as that. We recently revived the WA state chapter and I keep sending emails, one or two respond, the rest are silent readers. However they did join the group and we are now 30+ members. Now, we plan to have a conference call and then we are planning to get together within 2 weeks to meet all of these members. No one is forced, but we would send out and invitation to every member. Then we come out with certain agendas and action items that fall within IV goals. Like one of the main things is to meet local law makers within each state for follow up. This is best done at state level. So I understand the part that you care confused is nothing is happening and you just keep writing. I know the feeling but can you get everyone together, can you get to meet them one by one. Trust me, once you get the ball rolling, before you know, you will have a big strong chapter that makes it easier to pass targeted messages and so on. When IV events are held in a national level, information and action items can be distributed to state chapter leaders who can then follow up.

    But yes, it is hard work in the beginning to get every one on board, trust me, I am fighting the same battle, but hard work pays off!

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  • avi101
    04-05 11:32 PM
    With due sympathy for affected folks, you really can't blame US govt for this. The law had H1B with dual intent and work constraints based on LCA and H4 as a dependent visa and not eligible to work.

    Why? I don't know. Is it fair? Maybe not if you consider that L1 dependents can work but US govt did not have such provision for H1B dependents.

    But that has been the law even before you got married and came here. If you did not know that you can't work on H4 then it's your own ignorance. Blame your spouse for not mentioning it to you or blame yourself for not asking that question or blame ignorance that you were not aware that would happen. There have been spouses who came here on H4, transferred into H1 because their skills were marketable (Marketable in the sense that companies (not body shops) were willing to get into the hassle of an H1B) or chose to pursue further studies, arming themselves with an US degree and made themselves marketable. Some took up unpaid internships for a while, thereby gaining experience, and when the opportunity presented itself were able to get an H1. some others took up volunteering jobs nearby.

    Frankly, US govt is not responsible if you did not do your due diligence before getting married.

    Now, that said, I think it would be great if H4s are allowed to work considering that so many are well educated and possibly skilled and trained. Take up the cause and enlist more people and try. Nothings impossible. Good luck.


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  • legal_la
    05-10 09:11 PM
    Quick question on behalf of my friend. His H1B is being revoked by the present company. His previous employer did not revoke his H1B, can he go back to the previous employer without filing for transfer or should he file for the transfer again?

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  • nightowl76
    03-03 02:34 PM
    Sent two letters, one for myself and one for my wife.

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  • vivid_bharti
    07-27 04:00 PM
    Guys, I just checked my bank statement and it seems they have cashed the check for mine & my spouses fees, but haven't cashed the check for my Son's AP renewal. I am already wondering what's coming in mail....They'll never let you sit in peace...

    USCIS's moto : strip them to the last penny then drag them to their last breath

    09-22 10:01 AM
    I did not go to DC because i did not want to get the green card this way.I grew upwatching aunts,uncles coming from USA bearing gifts.I grew up watching cousins go for USA for higher studies.It used to be so special. Now its become so cheap. Now you guys have literally taken it to the streets. There's no difference between those illegal immigrants and us. This H1visa has ruined it for really smart students who come here on F1 with full scholarship.
    This software industry and these cheap bodyshopping companies made it nothing more than a whore business.
    My heart is broken. I dont care anymore.thats why i did not come to DC.


    05-01 10:32 AM
    Thanks newuser & deaftunes

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