Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • Macaca
    09-21 06:27 PM
    I want to thank this european who got his greencard 2 weeks back but still attended the rally. There may be more heroes like this. I was in a group of people when we spoke to him, didnt catch his name as i was encouraging bypassers to honk their cars to support our cause.

    He is over 6 foot, in immigration voice t-shirt and blue jeans. He is swedish...Please share his name if anybody knows....
    I was the guy from Sweden. I agree with the Russian student.
    The reason I was there was because my green card process was a painful and stressful experience for 5 years. And I was still one of the lucky ones! I don't want to put anyone through the same agony, not even my worst enemy. I really feel for the people still stuck in the mess.

    I talked to a Polish guy who had been here 9 years fully legally and could not leave. He had not seen his family in 9 years and did not want to risk going back just in case they would not approve his H1B in his home country. They are very strict there it seems, because none of his family members or friends could not even get a tourist nor visit visa to see his graduation. Shocking!

    I was glad I showed up at the rally just to hear all the peoples' stories.
    Most people who did not show up probably think they are ok after applying the i485. They will join IV rallies, when they realize how wrong they are. People have applied for i485s years ago and still don't have a green card...
    You are in trouble until you get your green card in your hand.

    Sent $100 earlier and an extra $200 now.
    Google: 172399199441976

    If you have not contributed yet: This is money well spent. Changes has started to happen already, thanks to IV. Just renewing AP, EAD, H1B every year will cost a lot more than this.
    There was another russian gentleman who got his green card 6 months back and is a student now. Yet, he had driven 3 hours from NJ just to cheer us. He mentioned that he understands how painful this process is and wanted to encourage us by attending.
    I met an Indian who got his green card in year2003. Still he attended to give moral support to IV. Hats off to all those guys who made it to the rally even after getting there GC's. Hopefully those people who are still stuck in the GC mess realize the importance to actively participate in the events organized by IV.

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  • Nagireddi
    04-29 12:35 PM
    This is my contribution once again.
    Amount: $100.00 USD
    Transaction ID: 61S724350D2008301
    Members, guests please contribute and help IV achieve our goals.:)

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  • happiness and love quotes

  • fall2004us
    08-21 03:14 PM
    One of the required documents for PIO card is (apostilled copy of the US passport holder)
    just wondering what did you do to get the documents apostilled ?
    I tried looking for an answer, looks like it is a long procedure and you have to get it certified by the US dept of state ???
    So I applied for a 10year visa for my daughter and they issued in 8 days from san francisco.

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  • GCBy3000
    11-09 10:16 AM
    I did not see the list till now and this link helped me. There is no offense in putting this link here to show others who are not aware of.

    Jimmi smarty.

    tell us something new. it is all available in CNN or anywhere, everybody knows That.

    Go back to sleep now.


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  • asdcrajnet
    07-05 07:51 AM
    Just talked to a USCIS customer representative
    my application is still not in the system. My application reached USCIS in June 27th. I told her that it reached on June 21st....I think I could give it a try on July 12th...

    She also said I will get a response(Receipt Notice or the application sent back) in 4 weeks time.

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  • hopefull
    06-09 01:16 PM
    From Immigration bill drew fire from both sides (,1,3157639.story) By Janet Hook and Nicole Gaouette, LA Times Staff Writers, June 9, 2007

    Just one anti-immigration group, NumbersUSA, has sent more than 100,000 faxes and made thousands of calls to Congress since Wednesday. The intensity of that anger propelled some of the bill's opponents.

    To make it a fair debate and an honest opinion the senate and the congress should take the SSN of all anit immigrant groups and analyse their credit history work record etc...


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  • mshelat
    05-16 09:56 PM
    Votes are here:

    The amendment was sponsored by Senator Ensign (R-Nevada) who said his staff discovered that the stimulus payments would go to illegal aliens.

    In reality, the change was the result of lobbying by FAIR, an anti-immigrant group:

    FAIR is accused of having ties to White Supremacists.

    I have updated the Wikipedia article to reflect this information.


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  • love and happiness quotes.

  • sands_14
    07-01 09:50 AM
    was your first labor PD before April2004?
    If yes,then they might have taken that PD.
    If not,maybe we can see a forward movement for PD for EB2 in coming bulletin as USCIS might be trying to use as much visa numbers as possible.
    Congrats and Enjoy!

    No its I-485 I just cut and pasted the two emails I received, first at 10am then the second at 3 pm check online and the system had same messages. If its true I am having a party wow man thanks I did come to US in 1997. I do have a labor which was approved under RIR PD date 2004 but the employer refused to file I-140. Then again filed PERM in 2007 under EB2 and filed I-140/I-485 based on this PERM


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  • santb1975
    04-28 11:33 PM
    We are at 6186 now

    Total amount: $100.00 USD


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  • stuckinmuck
    02-09 08:38 PM
    If you read my post carefully, I am suggesting this 'in addition' to what's already on IV's agenda. Why can't we work on this item in conjunction to what's already being worked on? I have started preparing a fraud list from a bunch of websites like I noticed that almost 90% of firms reported there are fraud firms and it makes me wonder about the efficiency of local authorities. Also I don't see how targeting blood sucking desi firms would feed the anti-immigrant trolls. I would think we Indians would benefit the most since it would increase our credibility in general. Thanks for considering this idea at least. I would like to know other people's thoughts based on my clarification here. This drive might clean up cases freeing up visa numbers for genuine EB cases from India. Why should I be in line with crooks ahead of me? It doesn't make sense whatsoever.

    And yes, my contribution to IV so far as been $1000 and involvement in other drives. Your question to me regarding my contribution made me squirm a bit since you might have categorized me with many of IV's freeloaders. That's just like Americans asking me all the time "Are you on an H1-B visa and do you work for a bodyshopper". :)
    But I will work on making new contributions as well.

    Contribution so far: $1000


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  • kumhyd2
    07-03 02:39 AM
    Does any one have suggestions for good attorny's in San Diego for filing GC
    Or in Souther california for that matter.

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  • amitjoey
    05-25 03:33 PM
    Unfortunately, unless we write to our senators, congresswo/men, and media our issues are going to be sidelined. That is why we need to call, write emails and get to DC, step up the advocacy effort.


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  • gcformeornot
    03-20 06:47 PM
    never worked for "employer x" after H1 transfer, perhaps you are out of status. What is your lawyer saying? You never transferred H1 back to emplyer#2?

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  • chanduv23
    09-07 07:19 AM
    To all those fence sitters - this is the time to make up your mind.






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  • stuckinmuck
    06-13 07:39 PM
    Thanks a lot to IV. Congratulations and Good Luck to everyone. :)

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  • quotes on happiness and love.

  • coopheal
    06-23 04:58 PM
    Called, the lady said she was handling immigration issues for the congress man. She took the message about supporting the immigration bills. She just asked my name; and was very supportive during call.


    sayings about happiness and love. true love quotes and sayings
  • true love quotes and sayings

  • risker
    07-20 04:14 PM
    Subject: Injustice :mad: for people with priority dates in '02, '03, '04 etc. who are still waiting for their labor certs to be processed using the traditional process - we want to file a case against DOL's lethargy - Let us join together and file a case against DOL and bring justice to this unjustified system.

    The manner in which the backlog reduction center have been processing the
    labor certs seems to be very unfair for people like me and others who have been affected. I know of cases with priority dates as late as 2005 that have gone through the traditional process and have been approved already. And there are cases like mine and others with much earlier priority dates that haven't been done. This is very unfair and unjustified. It is like we have been standing in the queue for several hours and a person who came much later than me just sneaked into the queue and got his service done while I am still waiting for my turn. Also the fact that now the UCIS has made the filing of I-485 current adds more insult to the injury that I and others in my position have endured.

    The fact that the I-485 was made current and then withdrawn was made a big deal and people wanted to file cases, whereas the plight of people like me who are still waiting for the labor cert to be cleared has been totally
    ignored, inspite of the fact that people who applied for labor much later
    have been approved through the traditional process.

    We want to file a case ASAP with the DOL or other relevant
    authority regarding this issue and the unfair way of the process that we
    have been subjected to. So can all those folks who have been affected by this join and voice your support? We shoud put up this fight because this is in no way justified. Why would it be?

    The next steps should be:

    - Get all of the support we need from all affected folks ASAP
    - Get in touch with a lawyer who can help us to prepare the case
    - File the case in a court against DOL
    - Make sure we get justice

    Please join and show your support. Please help!!!

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  • andy garcia
    02-07 01:51 PM
    23800 more to go

    If you extend the deadline anymore, you should change the name to either
    The Honorable Barack Obama :mad::mad: or
    The Honorable Hillary Clinton :mad::mad:

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  • franklin
    09-21 08:58 PM
    I didn't attended because recently I had a new boss and he was monitoring my daily schedule and being in H1b and coming so close to filing I-485, I was just waiting for my EAD or I-485 cheques to get encashed. On 21st Sep, they got encashed. Now I am bold enough to take a day or two as vacation and attend rally if organized in eastern part.

    I did paid 50% travel cost to one of our member from CA.

    Sorry for not attending this time, will do it next time.

    Another perfectly valid reason - thank you for helping someone go in your place :)

    I can guarantee first hand - those CA to DC flights aren't cheap

    03-24 11:05 AM
    It's really meaningless for you to keep talking about "too many here from EU". ......

    No . I don't think it is meaningless. It is just a reminder to those who boarded here earlier ( not too in the distant past , say before 200 years ) and now concerned about controlling diversity .

    When this country starts the immigration law, does the law say only people from Asia is limited to 7% and not for people from EU ?

    It doesn't matter if 7% is applied now to some of EU. Already many are significantly represented.
    I perfectly understand. Those who got earlier ganged togoether and devised 'beatiful' laws that fits 'them', telling others 'Hey, the gates closed, right behind us' .

    02-10 05:37 PM
    With a due respect, I am differ with your statement on Competeamerica. Competeamerica has always promoted H1B and EB provision together. I haven't seen any time that they promoted only H1B.

    I spoke with one guy at Competeamerica and he told me that IV is neutral on H1B issue eventhough all members have came through that root. Personally I am very positive with Competeamerica and it is not good for us to speak negative for this organization.
    I know CA promotes both , but issue is whether they do that equally.
    I have a feeling h1b is more on agenda.
    Just that you belive what they are saying....either way u will see when h1b gets increased without eb reform.

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