Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • rockstart
    06-26 11:54 AM
    My lawyer asked me $400 / form as his fees so $1600 lawyer fees to apply for Spouse and mine EAD , AP. Plus $1300 USCIS fees. All this to fill a one page no brainer form. I decided to file it myself but I am sure there are lots of people who will pay them for that and why would they want 2 years EAD when they can make money every year for so little effort.

    In this big black hole we are alone, not the govt. nor the lawyers really care for what goes with us. USCIS is just a money making machine for the govt. Rules are made complex and there are several layers of forms. I wonder why a person should go thru 2 stages before filing for I-485. Or why they have 5 different forms filled Labor/I-140/I-485/I-760/I-131 blah blah blah when they could just do it with 1 form like any other country have or may be 2 layers, labor and I-1485. There's no logic of having to file I-140/I-760/I-131. It's all money game...

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  • texanmom
    08-14 05:52 PM
    Alisha has been my immigration attorney since I completed my schooling. She did my H1B, labor and I140.

    She has been very very responsive, and is now a great personal friend. I'd be happy to recommend her to everyone who needs an attorney.

    Alisha Clester Campos,
    Morley & Morley, P.C.
    5909 West Loop South, Suite 300
    Bellaire, Texas 77401
    713-839-9955 Phone
    713-839-7249 Fax

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  • desi3933
    02-02 11:08 AM
    This is another example where lot of noise made and then nothing happens.

    People talk here about filing lawsuit as it it is easy as filing something and on first hearing, judgment will be passed in their favor. Of course, no one even bothers to get initial professional advice.

    Soon, we will have some other topic that will have similar discussion and similar fate.

    Good Luck to everyone.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-26 11:02 AM
    with the help of MA volunteers, was able to collect 27 more letters.
    Mailed to the president today, and will be mailing IV soon.

    GO IV GO.

    This is great!!! :)


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  • GCwaitforever
    07-06 02:19 PM
    Some non-IT companies would not sponsor H-1B visas because of unwanted complex process/paper work or they can not compete for visas filed left and right by big companies. The job is not going to wait for the visa availability. Please stop nonsensical, insensitive posts without knowing the reality and frustrations.

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  • ZeroComplexity
    09-21 06:40 PM
    I really admire that. I feel I missed out on all the satisfaction you get when you are proactive about something.

    I was paranoid that all hell might break loose at work when I am gone. Nothing happened. I have to blame my paranoia.

    Hey zerocomplexity & jay75:
    We flew from Seattle on friday mrng at 5:30 am. Had a 5 hours lay over at LA. We wanted to be present & it was worth all the pains....


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  • Kodi
    06-26 08:36 AM
    I hope someone will keep us updated as the the senate proceeds.

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  • paskal
    12-10 07:12 PM
    Thanks for devoting a whole paragraph to me.. but wasn't that the point to begin with. "Battering of members publicly or personally" What good does it do to the movement?

    I rest my case....

    heard you loud and clear,
    and usually take complaints very well.

    but when someone only complains and spends time undermining us and our efforts elsewhere and when they return only to take potshots...i reserve my right. you are actively harming this organization by your actions and it's not hidden to us, therefore you are retarding our goals- and those will benifit all 25,000 here- active, passive etc. not every person is creating value here and that is the fact. your attitude is childish, i will say it again. it's childish because your purpose is not to improve things in any way or help us achieve our goals but to prove some silly point about how you were treated in the past. but this is the last time i'm bothering, i want to move beyond this. some of us have better things to do than lurk around and wait to score personal points. you have already stated you have no wish to contribute further in any way. so be it.

    also know that free speech is all well and good. but no organization will allow it's forums to be used to undermine it's objectives. try doing it on numbers usa or alipac and see how long you last.


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  • md_alien
    07-05 11:52 AM


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  • vik_tx
    06-14 08:57 AM
    Good news for some and not so good news for others. I have been waiting for my labor for last 4 years and have still not got the approval on hand. So I am not ready to apply for 485. Where as a friend of mine who came to US last year and applied for labor through perm 2 months back has his approved labor and can apply for 485. I feel this is kind of unfair. The dates should have progressed slowly but steadily instead of trying to create a mad rush now.

    I had a similar issue.. labor was stuck in the backlog ctr for 4 years.. Tired of waiting - i then directed my lawers to request the dol for a screenshot, ven though my h-1b was valid and i did not actually need it.. lo and behold.. 15 days after that .. it was miraclously approved.. I suggest you try the same.. keep me posted if that works.


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  • rayen
    06-04 05:53 PM

    class of adm is basically the status into which u were put when u entered US thro a POE.

    i think in ur case u can give "Parolee (AOS)" or "Paroled pending AOS"

    see below link; looks like pple have sucessfully used those texts and gotten approvals.

    Thanks a lot for your quick response.

    Thanks again.

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  • gsmishra
    07-25 09:57 AM
    Can you give us some more details about the call to get receipt number?
    One of my friend called but they said they can only give I-140 Receipt no to employer.

    I called USCIS today and they asked my name and date of birth and they gave me my Receipt Number for I-140.

    My I-140 was recieved on July 16th and they generated a receipt notice and have sent me...I shud probably recieve it by this week.

    Hope u all also get it soon...


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  • Alabaman
    06-29 10:10 PM
    ...not yet time to rejoice.

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  • shx
    07-27 07:31 PM
    H1B visa is meant to be for people with skills that are in shortage in the US. If any H4 feels that he/she should be able to work, he/she should get a H1B. I agree that it may be difficult for some H4s to find a sponsorer for H1B, because their skills are not in shortage in the US.

    Some spouses may join their H1B counterparts in the US, with an expectation that they will eventually get the GC and will be able to work, no matter what their skill set is. This is a reasonable expectation. So, blame the retrogression.

    I do not believe that H4s should ever be allowed to work. They just take away jobs of more skilled workers who are unable to get H1Bs and who are still in their home countries trying for one. Skill-less free riders!

    Now, please don't bash me with counter arguments!! ;)


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  • saloni
    06-25 11:54 PM
    I sent my EAD paper file on 29th May to TSC. I received my EAD's today for 1 year. Cutoff date for 2 year is 30th june.

    mirage - Did you paper file or e-file. Did you use USPS or Private courier to send to TSC.

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  • furiouspride
    07-22 11:27 AM
    Again its personal choice, desire and necessity.

    "Exactly because of these rude attitude of Hindi People I never speak hindi."

    This is the choice you're talking about? :D


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  • gc_chahiye
    09-22 02:58 AM
    > Has anyone ever asked whether we should mention our association with IV in 485 application? And the repercussions?

    this is hilarious. aman kapoor the visible founder and leader got his green card just recently. and he is not the only prominent or visible leader to have got it.

    Agree with paskal. In fact from both Aman Kapoor as well as Tamsens experience, the only repercussion of getting active and visible in IV is that USCIS quickly gives you your GC (probably just to get you off their backs) :) Dont we all want that repercussion?

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  • pappu
    06-26 11:05 AM
    CORE Please guide us and let us know if we need to talk to call senetors or send faxes etc..
    see the homepage. we posted an action item. please start asap and post this message on other threads also so that everyone can start calling.

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  • arihant
    07-08 06:41 AM
    Just to clarify. You say that "a person with an MBA plus a 4 year bachelors from a US univ. will be exempt" but you don't really need the 4 year bachelors from a US university. The MBA from a U.S. university is enough to be exempt, even if your bachelor degree is from outside the U.S.

    You are right. I typed it wrong. I really meant to say "4 years of bachelors from anywhere (which is equivalent to a US bachelors degree)". I was making the point about four years because some non-us bachelors degrees are 3 years, and they do not accept 3 years + masters as equivalent to US bachelors + masters as the number of years of schooling would be one year less.

    04-28 11:33 PM
    We are at 6186 now

    Total amount: $100.00 USD


    10-15 06:38 PM
    I recommend Rebacca Holt and associates in Los Angeles.

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