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  • jchan
    02-15 02:44 PM
    You have a great plan, come to US on H1 and within 6 months get EAD and you are free from H1b crackdown by jumping to EAD. You think USCIS, Grasley, sanders, and anti eb folks are a bunch of idiots, they will send you and me packing with the same rfe they are hitting h1 folks with if everybody gets to pre file AOS and get EAD. that is why you need to strengthen ac21 by removing same\semilar job condition and other potential h1 like rfe's, otherwise you will drag us down along with you and turn ead into h1.

    Anyway I have made my point in this post and all my previous posts. ASK anybody who has been waiting for last 5 to 10 years without GC If what I said is wrong or laughable. I am not one of those bitter folks who says its my way or the highway. Good luck to you guys.

    Now it's clear. You don't want people to drag you down, even when they have had gone through everything, Labor, I-140, been in the country for 10 years, etc. -- I thought you had a noble cause from the older posts, but apparently I was wrong.

    This also started getting ridiculous. In my own post, and agreed by almost everyone else, I specially said to put on restrictions to those who can file AOS, e.g. with I-1140 approved, or with a PD older than a certain number of years. Where did you get the impression that every H1 can arrive this country and be on EAD in six months? Why did I found that the extreme generalization and scare tactic employed by you has an alarming resemblance to those from Lou Dobbs and Grassley?

    And to answer your last question, even with a PD of 2007, I've been in the US for ten years, but could not file green card due to company bankruptcy, layoff, etc. and I am 90% certain you've been here shorter than I am. Then should give up your EAD till everyone who stays here longer than you does?

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  • pappu
    03-05 09:05 AM
    If you guys read the letter a bit carefully, it says they do not have information about the country of chargeability and they cannot share it with us. For $5K all we can get is a breakdown of how many apps are there in each category and then it will be a guessing game of how many are pending for applicants from India/China/ROW etc. Just something to keep in mind.

    Can others analyze the letter too so that we can get the info we need rather than generic info.

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  • delhiguy79
    07-23 11:40 AM
    did any one try to get RN by calling USCIS ???

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  • Legal
    07-10 04:43 PM
    Isn't this old news? has been around for a while???


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  • coldcloud
    05-23 06:20 AM
    After all of that if your pay is greater than 75K and if you file separately you will not be getting stimulus package. This was the news i got confirmed from IRS over phone.

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  • prioritydate
    09-12 10:46 PM
    Just got the information from Murthy.

    RFEs or Denials May Not Be Based on Wikipedia Information

    The USCIS has been known to use an ever-growing number of publicly available sources, including internet sources such as Wikipedia. AILA members have been receiving denials based on the USCIS's use of information found on Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia to which anyone in the world may contribute information. As such, it should not be considered an objective or completely reliable source of information. SCOPS advised that it has notified the service centers and there should not be additional RFEs or denials based upon Wikipedia.

    It should be noted that, as a corollary, applicants and petitioners should not try to use Wikipedia as support for their filings or arguments, since it has been deemed an unreliable source.


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  • ksvreg
    06-15 01:59 PM
    Please provide good reasons to purse EB3 to EB2 thru another company. I am not getting enough motivation or strong points to port from EB3 to EB2. Please provide serious input. I will definetly purse new job for porting.

    Some of the reasons in my mind to go for EB2 thru new job:
    1. Immigration freedom (like financial freedom)
    2. All new and old eb2 filers are going to get green card before me. I am not jelous about them if I have filed my case recently. But my filing happend 7 years back. So, I should really think about it but not in terms of jealous.. it could be shame on my part...
    3. Immigration rules and regulation fluctuations..
    4. Early GC means, early citizenship. Chance to survive here in Federal, Navy, Army IT jobs with security clearnace if get citizenship early. Otherwise, govt. sector will also be saturated. My position is taken away just because of not gettting early GC.. Too much think ah!!

    Some of the reasons in my mind for not to go for EB2 thru new job:
    1. Unneccearily touching the immigration process one more time and is kind of risky when INS dig deep into and do micro auditing the old and new filings. Though my case is strong,, they some time create tensions... you know what I am talking about..
    2. I have EAD. Just like GC. So, what else make difference..
    3. After spending lot of years in North East winter weather, I moved to NC. Good place in terms of everything. If I start looking for job, not sure whether I get here or somewhere in cold.

    Unable to decide about porting. Please provide your serious input so that I get good motivation. I have MS and have excellent skills in J2EE/WebSphere world. Not able to buy home due this EB3/EB2 porting in my mind. Because location change may happen if I decided to go for porting and place change happens due to that. And also not sure whether I need to look for Desi employer or corporate. I am with corporate now.. decade.


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  • harsh
    03-17 11:21 AM
    Since this bill has EB based provisions and does not have controversial guest workers program, would it make more sense to support this bill if it were to be tabled on senate floor instead of Specter's bill? Especially since house is totally opposed to any bill which has a guest worker program.

    Moderators and those involved with IV's lobbying firm give it a thought as this bill will be less controversial than specter's.


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  • amitps
    09-25 12:07 AM
    Hi - I have had a very bad experience with Fragomen, everything was filed correctly but the way they treat their client is pathetic. I have heard a lot of people are victims of this big corporation, lets get together to fix this.

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  • amitjoey
    06-14 12:48 PM
    Congratulations to everyone whose dates have become current. To all gurus. I wanted to know as to how does it work when it comes to procesing I - 485, what dates are important is it the filing date, or the Priority date? If two people file at same time with different priority dates who gets priority, one with earlier priority date or one with earlier reciept notice date or will the cases be treated at same level.

    Reciept date will not matter, as you can file on any day in the month of July. Earlier priority date will establish the preference. When dates retrogress, the PDs (priority dates) are again important. The date that is current will get the application processed first. Right now everybody can file, everybody will get EAD, AP but the actual application will be processed according the queue that is established with PD. I am not sure though. Check with lawyer.


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  • Hinglish
    03-21 03:51 PM
    It is just the way u wrote....put a poll and most of us will agree on that...
    I have been very clear on my statements..
    As if I really care about your thoughts, feelings ...

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  • alterego
    03-21 04:44 PM
    The USCIS/DOS set quotas for visa numbers because the United States does not want to be overwhelmed with immigrants. And these quotas are spread evenly through all nations and ethnic backgrounds. Considering the populations of the "oversubscribed" nations, this is justified. I can see where the immigrants from these nations feel "discriminated against" in the fact that they receive a smaller percentage (NOT NUMBER) of visas per capita than ROW countries. This does not make the system unfair. And if you think that certain countries get special treatment, think again; there are plenty of people in ROW (like me) who have been waiting for years as well!

    Yeah much of what you said is true, however when you keep harping on the words "equal" and "evenly" You are wrong. Evenly or equally implies each applicant has an equal shot at getting through in a certain period of time. That's my only beef with what you are saying.
    Once again however, let me state to you that the intent of US EB immigration law is not to be fair to you or me, it is to do what is best for the employer's skilled labor shortage.(Except in a few self petition cases recognized as in the national interest.)


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  • Prijay
    09-20 10:50 AM
    In fact I had the same thought! I did talk to a number of fellow participants on Sep 18th rally. Everybody seemed to welcome the idea!

    Come on guys, think over it...

    Which of the following news will attract the attention of the congress more?

    About 1000 Legal immigrants rally in Washington DC!


    Thousands and thousands of legal immigrants rally all over the country!

    It is very obvious that the total number of participants (put together) will be much higher in local rallies. For instance, I was the only one in the Sep 18th rally from my family. If it was local, all the four of my family would have been there! I am sure that this is the case with most of us!!

    Sep 18th was a golden day in our strong movement! We learnt a lot from the dedicated organizers. Many of the participants (including myself) have gained practical experience about what is involved in organizing a rally. Let us build up on this experience to organize multiple but simultaneous rallies in different parts of the country (in almost all the state capitals and big cities).

    I have a lot to share.... but can't do it more during my office time.
    Shall come back to you during the week end.

    Meanwhile, I would love to hear from others about this concept!!

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  • rdehar
    07-20 04:43 PM
    Even I have seen people at my client sites, filing 2-3 years after me get labors and I-140s, do a little 'I am going out to better job' dance and move on, while I have to turn down offers (with 30-40K salary increments !!)

    But take heart my friend, "every dog has his day" :D


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  • acecupid
    06-09 11:23 AM
    Just for information:

    Processing center:NSC
    Filed AP (paper filing) : May 6th, 2009
    AP approval : June, 9th, 2009

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  • suniel2008
    05-19 07:13 PM
    keep it coming guys greatwork IVBelow is the response I receieved from senetor, not sure if my email was read becuase I don't see any word about legal immigratnts in the response,
    Thank you for taking the time to share your views regarding immigration. I would like to take the opportunity to respond to this important issue.

    There are currently over 38 million foreign-born individuals living in the United States, which accounts for nearly 13 percent of the total U.S. population. Nearly one-third of this foreign-born population is estimated to consist of undocumented or illegal residents; a clear indication that our immigration system is broken. While a number of bills have been introduced concerning various elements of immigration reform, the issue has yet to come before the full Senate. I am currently evaluating a number of policy options, and will remain mindful of your thoughts on this subject as we proceed in the 111th Congress.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with me regarding this issue. It is an honor and privilege to serve the people of the great State of Florida in the United States Senate. I take great pride in being a native Floridian, and I look forward to the tremendous opportunity to better the lives of all Floridians. I assure you I will work hard to represent our state to the best of my ability in the U.S. Senate. If I can be of any further help to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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  • amitps
    09-25 12:31 PM
    I would expect a minimal level of service from an expensive lawyer whether my company or my wife's company or I myself pay for it. We are their client. That is what they do not understand.

    Can you believe they took 10 days to inform us what docs we need to provide for the 485 filing even after the fact that we had called them the day in June when the priority dates became current. Even in the list of documents, they had "Certified Birth Certificate" and when we asked how do we get Certified, they were like oh just give a photocopy. We had already spent 3 days researching about this CERTIFIED BIRTH CERT. The certified concept is something which is not common in India but it is in USA and a company like Fragomen should know this - it is their job.

    Even after HR's multiple emails approving to start the filing 15 days later they ask us if HR has approved this - RIDICULOUS.

    We asked them for the copies of the filed petition, they took 1 month to provide them as they were TOO busy filing other applicants - fine but making copies and sending over should not take more than 20 mins.

    Now, I have been asking for a receipt for the money I paid out of my pocket so that I can get it reimbursed from my employer, they are giving me a hard time.

    All I expect is when we are paying so much money - they should provide services to us.

    All I know is if I was providing this level of service to my client, I would have been fired, but given that in this process you get stuck with a lawyer and cannot do much about it....they are using it to their advantage which they should not be...

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  • Kushal
    06-13 07:51 PM
    Congratulations to all IV members for being able to apply for I-485. This is GREAT news. Please please apply for your I-485 at the earliest. It would be best if your application reaches USCIS in the week of 2nd July. Here is the link to July Visa Bulletin:

    Remember that you have to be in the country to apply for I-485. We may soon have lawyer�s information on our website to answer your questions in real time. Not sure till the time we get confirmation from the attorney but IV is working on this and may post this information soon.

    This is GREAT development!!!!

    IV Core Team

    Hey man....thanks a lot for the great news. I don't know how to congratulate all the core members, but if you are in bay area just give me a buzz....what a relief.!!

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  • wellwishergc
    03-19 11:27 PM
    First of all, the interpretation of the new provisions itself is subjective. Different interpretations, corrections, amendments to interpretations, etc will lead to another mess, after the provisions pass into law. As you already know, IV volunteers are currently researching on the hard country allocation issue, which may arguably worsen the retrogression for Chinese/Indians.

    Let us assume that we are still able to pass the final provisions including the provision for amended soft country allocation. Imagine the number of applications that will flood the USCIS if the priority dates are adjusted to allow for all the eligible applicants. Do you foresee another backlog formation similar to the backlog centers that were formed for reducing labor applications and the mess they are in, currently?. Please note that the staff for USCIS will not increase, atleast for the next 1 year, until they figure out the volume of applications created with the new law and identify the magnitude of the staff shortage.

    Even though I do feel that the existing retrogression will ease, if the provisions under consideration are passed into law; however USCIS will still keep some form of retrogression to control the flow of applications, especially for the EB3 category. In such a scenario, it is preferable that the USCIS allows the 485 filing and provides the EAD. EB3 applicants will be better off knowing that their 485s/EADs are in process/available, while waiting for the GC. So, even if the Eb3 applicant has to wait for 2-3 years (instead of the current 5 years) to get his final GC, he is atleast not dependent on his current employer.

    I think, 485 filing ability is critical to the plight of EB3 applicants.

    I don't believe you are right. Cut-off dates are not established based on the USCIS workload and its staffing, but rather on the predicted balance between demand for and supply of GCs. Therefore if worst comes to worst we will see a backlog at the USCIS level again, ie their processing time will go way beyond today's 6 months. BUt if the DOS believes that they have enough GC available to meet the demand in each and every particular quarter they will adjust cut-off dates accordingly.

    07-23 03:34 PM

    05-09 12:03 PM
    Sent you a private message.

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