Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • Michael chertoff
    06-10 02:28 PM
    Prediction for Year 2010 Looks good


    Based on current indications of demand, the best case scenarios for cut-off dates which will be reached by the end of FY-2010 are as follows:

    Employment First: Current

    Employment Second:

    China and India: March or April 2006

    Employment Third:

    Worldwide: June through September 2004
    China: October through December 2003
    India: February 2002
    Mexico: Unavailable
    Philippines: June through September 2004
    Employment Second:

    China and India: March or April 2006

    Make it :
    Employment Second:

    China and India: July or August 2006

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  • snathan
    07-22 11:22 AM
    I'm a South Indian and I have never had issues with Hindi or Hindi-speaking people. In fact, many of my friends are Hindi-speaking and I'm quite well-versed with the language as well (why not?). You cannot make a blanket statement saying that everyone speaking a particular language is rude or has bad attitude. Just goes to show one's ignorance.

    Just look around and see what's keeping this country together? You can move from NY to LA without having to think twice. Try doing that back home ;)


    Again its personal choice, desire and necessity.

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  • chitta123
    02-08 04:08 PM
    Thank you all for the quick and helpful replies.

    My current employer has assured me that they will not revoke my LC or I-140. It is a huge company and I think it will stick to its word. It will not have any use for the LC, I-140 anyway as the whole group was laid off and the product moved to India.

    So, it seems that if I transfer to company B they will be able to file for an H1 extension beyond 6 years based on I-140 approved with company A. I can then start my GC process with B again while keeping my old priority date.

    Once again, all your replies were immensely helpful.


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  • rajsand
    09-20 01:51 PM
    Yeah Macaca
    That hurts to see so many people using IV for tracking receipts on the day of the rally but not participating in the struggle IV is putting up just for them!!
    But know what I think as members we have really considered all of them as one..! I mean.. we should have given special attention to DC and the neighbouring states to fetch in max people.. 'coz we can depend on them for proximity..! we have majorly focussed on getting people from various states..well that again paid off .. 'coz news articles particularly mentioned people flew in from states as far as CA etc..

    We cannot consider a person from texas or seattle to be the same as one in DC / VA .. Its definitely hard to convince to attend a rally .. how can we convince to take a day/2 off and travel leaving family and rest !!
    Its sounds good and practical for some but many others will not concur!
    I think we learn from our doings...! we should next time try and rope in as many locals as possible than depend on people coming from afar!


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  • eb3_nepa
    06-25 05:22 PM
    Actually you are partly right. Only those who had paid the revised higher fee last year are eligible to get renewals for free. All those who had paid the regular fee (July filers) pay for renewal everytime

    Yes and ALL July 2nd Filers HAVE to pay the EAD and AP fees over and over again. Coz everyone that benefitted from the July 2nd drama was not granted the multiple ead renewal free deal. I am VERY sure about that.

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-05 10:47 AM
    Yes but dont you think that the Call Center would be notified about the same??

    Guess what I called again and this time the poor soul knew NOTHING about I-485 rejections!! :p He put me on hold and finally said, "We have received no such notice that they are rejecting I-485s, so if you applied it should be processed".

    So much for "educated" call center workers. If this call center was in India, atleast we would all get ONE answer. It may have been the wrong answer, but atleast it would be CONSISTENT :P


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  • GC_2004
    07-20 04:42 PM
    I completely agree with U. Let Us Fight.

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  • njdude26
    07-07 12:15 PM
    Does this atleast help in filing for 485 even if numbers are not available ?
    I think you will have some benefit out of this bill, albeit, indirectly. This Bill will exempt a lot of folks with advanced degrees from US and non-US universities. All advanced degree holders from US univs. (STEM and non-STEM) will be exempt. So, a person with an MBA flus a 4 year bachelors from a US univ. will be exempt. Also, folks with non-US STEM advanced degrees who have been working in the US in a related field for 3 or more years will be exempt as well. The family members of such folks are exempt as well. Consequently a lot of folks currently waiting in the pipeline may no longer be counted against the quota, thus reducing the clog in the pipeline. ANother benefit out of this bill is that it increases the quota from 140K to 290K. There fore, you will definitely see some positive movement in priority dates for people in your and other similar situations (this is the indirect benefit I was referring to). It is very hard to say at this point how much the positive movement would me. It will all depend on how many people will be exempt from the quota.


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  • needhelp!
    02-15 02:25 PM
    Did you get your three yet?

    I am pledging three more letters while the convincing campaign continues..Also trying to get something from my town's Mayor.

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  • greendream
    07-17 01:40 PM

    I would like to discuss about changing from EB3 India category to EB2 India category. Currently the PD for EB3 India is somewhere in October 2001. We know people with PD November 2001 to current waiting for GC to get approved. Now the questions I have and topic I would like to discuss are,

    1. Do you guys think that people with PD November 2001 to November 2002 should change the category from EB3 to EB2? (If they are eligible and if they want)
    If you have any reason that these people should stay where they are and wait, please share your opinion.

    2. Do you think that that people with PD November 2002 to November 2003 should change the category from EB3 to EB2?

    3. What about people with PD after January 2004?

    4. Where do we draw the line? We need to help our community to make the best decision on whether to move it EB2 category or stay where they are.




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  • Kodi
    06-22 04:02 PM
    When is this bill going to be voted on? I thought it was today but doesn't seem to be.

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  • chanduv23
    04-10 11:59 AM
    Those who do talk and blame in the anonymity of the web andnever do anything and keep hiding behind their closets expecting sky to fall are the one who "don't wear clothes"

    Folks - in all seriousness - why don't people come out of anonymity? Are you shy? Are you scared? I know, you don't come out because you don't wear any clothes.

    Things are bad for us - let us not blame IV. Utilize this time to mobilize the community. Lets build IV stronger. Lets build state chapters, lets all unite and do something about it.

    IV members have done a lot of things and keep doing things - the reason we see no result or minimal result is because the community has never never come forward to help. It has been a very few folks that actually did something.

    How long ca you think a few people can do everything for us? Should we all not take one step forward in helping ourselves?

    We don't. We want to sit behind the anonymity of the web and blame a scapegoat. Those who want to help are scapegoats. Blame IV - for everything.

    The reality is - IV needs a lot lot lot funds,IV needs manpower, IV needs your skills, IV needs your unity, IV does not need your criticism because if you criticize IV it won't help you.
    So you and I together - united we stand - we build IV - if we do not want to take that extra step - we all suffer.

    Some of us spent a lot of money - we did rallies and lobby days - shelled a lot of money frm our pockets - what else can you expect us to do? why did you not do rally or why don't you participate lobbying. why don't you talk to media, why don't you collectively network for the cause?

    Admin fixes - some members were begging in train stations to get signatures on the admin fix letter. People waited outside places of worship, parties, schools, and other places, they were ready to s[pend money and time on these things, but why did 30K + members not want to even sign the admin fix letter.

    Members are running marathons for IVs funds - some members are travelling to various cities to run for fund raising

    One extremely dedicated member had a fast food stall during a festival and donated all the money to IV.

    A lot of us have suffered with getting wrongful denials when we used AC21 - we started a campaign - but it just never picked up - some hundred letters went out to USCIS - and were ignored and we still see the same thing happening.

    How much can the same people keep doing things again and again. We do need more help. IV is nothing but you and me and all of us.

    For folks who are not happy with the visa bulletin. here is the reason why dates are not moving forward. USCIS are getting approvable cases with older priority dates and as they keep exhausting visas dates will not move forward. How the hell can USCIS get cases prior to 2001 ? The sad reality is - there are many cases - they could be "future employment, consular processing, labor subsitution, straight cases, cases lying withiout being adjudicated for various reasons ...... " as long as USCIS can get old cases to approve, dates will not move forward. If USCIS is sitting idle with no old cases, then DOS will move the date forward.

    How can we resolve the above? Infighting won't help. We must unite and get our issues resolved. We must work towards admin fixes, we must work towards recapture, we must work towards other positive things that helps us.

    Are we ready for helpingh ourselves? Lets stop infighting. Lets all join hands and help ourselves. Can we?

    We need some new generation members who can help us. Let all members pledge - we are all united - we will come out of our shelles - we will not do infighting - we will not blame others for issues tht we all face

    Remember what Mahatma Gandhi said " Lets not blame others for weaknesses we all possess"


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  • VSS2007
    06-30 05:57 PM
    Hi neerajkandhari,

    Can you tell me how many days took to get your physical renewed card by mail from "Card production ordered" date?

    I got my card today
    the old ead was expiring on sept 2008
    the new is expiring on sept 2009


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  • nrakkati
    03-20 08:41 PM
    Ask your attorney to write a letter in response to RFE and explaining the situation you never took the job with employer X though the H1B transfer or new is approved, this will clear the query of USCIS. One catch, you should have maintained a continuous employment with #2 and demonstrate the same to USCIS. Good luck!

    Note H1 to L1, H4 to H1, L1 to H1 is completely different, it is change of status - H1 to H1 is not change of status, so there is no question that you recent h1 is valid and past is invalid. Get an attorney, Good weekend

    Thanks wandmaker.


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  • franklin
    09-22 11:58 PM
    [[insert napoleon dynamite quote]]

    I'm perplexed.... "You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills... Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. "... or the one with him shouting at Tina the Llama to eat food?

    In all seriousness, I haven't had time to celebrate or let it sink in. That'll come soon enough, after the events of last week have settled

    I'm not going anywhere though. My battle may be over, but there's plenty of fight left in me :)

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  • saranus
    01-30 03:05 PM
    I am currently in US. I Have withCompany A for almost 2 years, I plan to do H1 transfer to Company B, Here I understand, I need to give last two months pay statements (ie., pay statement with Company A).
    I can join in Company B at any time once H1 Transfer done.

    At the same time, My Company A is planning to do H1 transfer to its sister concern Company C.

    Scenario A)
    Assume I transferred my H1b to Company B my own (using Company A's two month pay statement), then after 10 days
    my present Company A transferred my H1b to Company C,
    Ie., I gets pay statements from Company C.

    Queries #1)
    Can I join with Company B ?
    Should I need to produce Company C's pay statement if I decided to join with Company B ?
    Should I need to do another H1 Transfer to Company B ?
    becz, I did H1 transfer to Company B before I join to Company C.

    Scenario B).
    I didnot transfer my H1b to company B,
    My present Company A transferred my H1b to Company C,

    Queries #1)
    Can I do H1 Transfer after I join in Company C (with in 1 or 2 months) ?

    Could you please advise. Thank you.


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  • TheOmbudsman
    11-08 12:05 PM
    Hi Nycgal369,

    I am not your buddy :-)

    That's nothing new that Dems are pro amnesty. I am not arguing against that. Nancy Pelosi already said something in that regard I think. What I refute is the argument portrayed by misinformed members that the shift in power was caused significantly by the anti illegal alien position. It is not true. That's all I am saying.

    Contrary to belief of some members, I am not disappointed with this. I will continue to be your Ombudsman as usual and report everything, probably you will hear more good news for those who believe that amnesty is the way to go. Facts are facts. I am not here to defend any side.


    The Ombudsman
    "Your dose of daily reality"

    buddy I dont know if you watched chris matthews last
    night interviewing many dems who won. Several mentioned immigration reform as part of their mandate

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  • bekugc
    06-04 12:28 PM
    hi smartboy;

    as far as i know -> if spouse is working on EAD, she is NO LONGER on H4.
    and the agreed way of re-instating h1/h4 is via H1/h4 extension or amendment or via h1/h4 stamping.

    if she leaves US and wanna come back , then she can use AP.

    if she still has a valid h4 stamping in the passport, i guess she may be tempted to use it; but i dont know what the implications cud be at the POE. the IO can chk her SSN and find out easily that she is on payroll at employment and paying taxes etc and can question "well it seems like u were working, and now u want to come back to H4? did u quit ur job etc etc". im just guessing but these cud be very valid questions.

    assuming her h4 is accpted at POE, then she comes back to h4 nonimmig visa and is immediately not eligible to work.
    One may say that - oh ok, now taht im back in the US, let me use EAD again and get back to work. but this becomes like flipfloping and just misusing H4 for travel purposes.

    it may be a grey area, chk with a lawyer regarding this. who knows theoritically it may be allowed to flipflop between h4 and ead.

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  • coopheal
    05-21 09:10 AM
    Please contribute.

    05-28 11:36 AM
    Hi guys,

    This is what my lawyer said.

    If you/spouse have used your EAD or are using your EAD then your "Current Immigration Status" is "Adjustment of Status Pending/Parolee". If not then it is either H1B or H4.

    If you/spouse have actually travlled outside the US and re-entered using the Advanced parole, then your "Manner of Last Entry" is "Parolee". If not then it is what it says on your I-94 (H1B or H4).

    You do **NOT** need the $80 Biometric fee for the Advanced Parole.

    07-11 10:41 PM
    Hey guys,
    if you look at Page 8 of I-131, USCIS says that if you filed I-485 after July 30,2007, then you don't need to pay the $305 fees.

    Assuming one filed I-485 on 1st August 2007, will he/she be exempted from this fees? Anyone had been in such situation?

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