Tuesday, June 14, 2011

weapons of ww1

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  • mohican
    01-13 05:42 PM
    prince charming--we should talk. let me know if you are still in the mess--i am still

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  • nixstor
    03-05 12:31 PM
    Those of you who are thinking that you can write a SQL query in a snap, you are egregiously mistaken.

    The CLAIMS database, which contains the AOS/485 petitions is neither a SQL database nor a modern CRM application. AFAIK, It is a legacy Mainframe system and needs significant effort and rare expertise to extract the data.

    Ideally, The Country of Chargeability should be in there. But these systems were built around 92 or before and the requirements gathering probably might not have thought about retrogression or carelessly left it out. What ever it is, it is not in the electronic format, it is almost impossible to get the biographic information unless a physical check is conducted. We can cringe and cry all we want, but not a lot is going to happen on the CC

    The good side of the issue is, Since EB-3 ROW is beyond 2004 and we have per country PERM data (not completely accurate, but significant), our statisticians and operations research folks will break down both data and get some thing that is valuable and accurate above 90%. We can safely assume that more than 90% EB-3 Pending before 2005 belong to I, C & M.

    What bothers me is the requirement of the definition of Priority Date? You would expect some one in the CIS/NRC to know what a priority date is. Don't ya? Any ways, We are working with members who received the response to get a better answer from CIS to determine further action.

    Stay tuned and we will let you know.

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  • buehler
    06-19 03:44 PM
    One change I noticed.

    Now people can continue in the old system if the I-140 was approved or pending before the first day of the fiscal year subsequent to the the bill being enacted. So if the bill is passed right away, you need to have filed your I-140 before Oct 1 2007.

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  • coopheal
    11-18 08:00 AM
    Hope your ideas or similar ones work. But seriously�.. if someone isn�t contributing 50/100 bucks, will he/she be willing to get IV credit cards.

    From my experience I would like to say contribution is simple. Hard part for me was to convince myself that this was right thing to do. I don�t think it will be about monitory constraints for most of us.

    While we are brainstorming constructive ideas, I would like to suggest some fund raising ideas. ( I have posted this kind of ideas earlier but no solid response.)

    Instead of strictly relying on funding drives IV should consider alternative source of funding.

    Here are two most simple ideas

    1) Start showing Google ads on IV website. I am happy to see click on ads and generate some fund for IV

    2) IV branded credit card, its very simple Chase/BOA will be happy to sponsor IV credit card and pay 2% back monthly to IV if they can sign up 20,000 new customers.

    Keep asking for donating fund hits wall everytime, its time to work on alternative ideas.


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  • mrajatish
    07-17 06:40 PM
    I think SKIL/CIR etc are all carrots for the "would be" immigrants to slog their ass off - ultimately, American Congress will only do something if
    A. There is enough pressure from Business community to enact a change.
    B. Persistent efforts by organization like Immigration Voice in educating the lawmakers and using lobbyists like QG&A to get our voices heard.

    We have a legitimate cause but we have to use the right "modus operandi". We need each of the members of IV to go back and talk to their HR/Legal/Managers/VPs/CIOs etc to ensure that our voices are heard. Immigration Voice needs corporate backing and you can help here - make your employers aware of Immigration Voice and retrogression. Ask your employers to contact the Congressmen and Senators of your state on your behalf.

    We need a legislative reform and the only way to achieve it is to make your voices heard and your opinion count.

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  • imneedy
    05-18 10:29 AM


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  • walking_dude
    09-19 05:46 PM
    Great post, explaining IVs efforts. Thumbs Up.

    However, I don't think the critics will shut up. It's their job to be critical of everything, for no reason, including their own existence. It's a mentality that cannot be changed.

    Strength respects strength. If we have the strength to do things and make a difference (rallies, meetings, receptions, press conferences, paid ads), then that strength begets more strenght because other powers want us to join hands with them so that they can do their favorite things (AgJobs, DREAM etc).

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  • test101
    07-05 12:46 PM
    called Kennedy office at Washington: They said that the sentor is aware of it but do not know what he action.

    called kerry office at Washington: they directed me to the boston office.

    Called Cornyn office: They said the sentor is out of town and they will pass the issue for him. The one i spoke to does not know the position of the sentor on this issue.


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  • coopheal
    05-21 04:49 AM
    Thanks Pagal.

    Today starts with $200

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  • cygent
    07-18 08:29 PM
    On the same evening.....Seeta and Geeta are shopping for tamarind in a nearby aisle....for some reason (I cant be more vivid than this) they notice eachothers tatto's; one has EB3 and one has EB2..........CATFIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/I]

    In this case the Eb3-I tattoo is more like a tramp stamp :D based on what is happening to these folks now. I know, I am one of them :rolleyes:.


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  • Jaime
    09-20 01:27 PM
    I agree its a great idea, still most of crowd don't understand what are we asking and relates us to un-documented workers.
    Even within legal community most people who are pre-gc stage (H1/LE Etc) they don't have any interest; ppl came to me at work after rally to tell me that they are 4-5 years away from my situation so they didn't feel attending rally. Bigger the better, we need big crowd, NJ/NY/MD/DC/VA are worthless. We can try doing rally in Houston, TX area, we may find dedicated people there. But I feel it will be very tough to show heads rally in big numbers.

    On our next rally (hopefully soon) we should all carry placards but this time with ONE single slogan:


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  • agiridhar
    06-13 12:51 PM
    A friend of mine transferred his H1b from company A to company B. He applied for the H1b transfer and then started working on company B. His H1b from company A expired while his petition was pending with USCIS. He received an RFE after 3 months. Company B responded to RFE but received one more RFE for the previously responded RFE. Now my friend fears that his H1b transfer petition may be denied. Would it be possible for my friend to return to company A and apply for H1b under premium processing even though his H1b with this company expired couple of months back? He has been working all this while on the basis that his petition is still pending with USCIS. Any suggestions or advise would be much appreciated.
    Legally you can start working for company B once you get the receipt.

    think there is no limitation on number of H1's filed for one. so you can go back to company A for the H1 or go to a new company C for that matter.

    and as always get a lawyers opinion.


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  • garybanz
    09-20 09:54 AM
    Agree with you 100%. Instead of 'forming' state chapters in the last moment, they need to be established, nourished, strengthened and developed over a period of time. A grassroots movement needs strong roots in all regions.

    With all due respect, it was a disaster. They ended up scaring Americans - by holding Flags of thier countries, holding US flag upside-down or disrespecting US flag in other ways. This provided fodder to anti-immigrants to scare Americans of an 'invasion' of law-breaking aliens.

    We need to learn lessons from them, in not committing their mistakes

    As of now, idea doesn't look good. 10 people marching in Detroit, 20 in Minneapolis, 40 in New York, 100 in California - will it even be a rally, in the true sense?
    Agree with you 100%. Instead of 'forming' state chapters in the last moment, they need to be established, nourished, strengthened and developed over a period of time. A grassroots movement needs strong roots in all regions.

    With all due respect, it was a disaster. They ended up scaring Americans - by holding Flags of thier countries, holding US flag upside-down or disrespecting US flag in other ways. This provided fodder to anti-immigrants to scare Americans of an 'invasion' of law-breaking aliens.

    We need to learn lessons from them, in not committing their mistakes

    As of now, idea doesn't look good. 10 people marching in Detroit, 20 in Minneapolis, 40 in New York, 100 in California - will it even be a rally, in the true sense?

    Do you really think the numbers will be that bad? Look at the improvement in turnout in DC from San Jose? Every movement political or not builds gradually. The idea is to make it easy for people to show up rather than ridicule them for not showing up.

    We asked people to show up at the rally giving up (1) A day�s pay ($400 to 1000) (2) Spend money on travel where ever the buses were not available ($$) (3) Spend time away from home. That�s a little difficult for people who have not seen a single person from IV yet (which is most of us). On the other hand many people who attended the rally in San Jose did not mind traveling all the way to DC�Can you think why? Do you think Indian�s in CA have a different mindset compared to those in TX or NY/NJ?

    IMHO, we need to do more work at grass root level. If rallies are local and on a weekend then more people will turn out. Not only will there be better turnout, many of these same people will being more passionate about their support to IV and might start showing up in out of state rallies and protests.

    Many of my colleagues did not even know until yesterday when I showed then the news articles that there was a rally like this in DC. Unless we have local chapters with an organized structure which meet regularly/ even if it�s a conference call, you cannot expect mass mobilization�this is Politics works!!

    I think the DC rally has caught every ones attention, this is the right time to push the drive for local mobilization, it will be tragic if we lose the momentum now.

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  • anilsal
    09-21 08:10 PM
    and was operating at 40% output. It was "Airborne" tab in water every 3 hours. A fellow chapter person chose coffee and breakfast at Starbucks on the morning of the rally, I chose "Airborne".

    But I kept my plans to attend as I booked my tickets (40 days in advance). I talked at the lawmakers's offices on two days non-stop for 20 minutes, occasionally flashing my handkerchief.



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  • miapplicant
    10-10 09:20 AM
    My spouse & I can make it to Troy.

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  • desi3933
    03-23 04:30 PM
    OP, Desi3933?

    I-797 validity dates determine employment authorization.

    Belle is incorrect, IMHO.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin


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  • GiveGCNow
    06-30 06:21 PM
    Some rats are trying to scare you ...............Dont worry just chill!!

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  • vamsi_poondla
    09-19 07:07 PM
    If we support DREAM act, they will support SKIL bill.

    Who are they?, they do not have any voice or vote anywhere. They are ILLEGAL, they broke the law.

    Congress and Senate are dominated by Democrats. If they think that is best for USA what is your problem? Wherever our interests meet, we need to support other things. Also if amnesty (for lack of better words) is given by US Govt, (with proper border enforcement), then they will not be illegals. Hope you are getting big picture.

    I personally had many meetings, they echoed the opinion that we are doing the right thing. That is the way things work in the capital. And they have very great opnion of Patton Boggs.

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  • NolaIndian32
    06-24 01:07 PM
    Called and left message today.

    10-20 09:06 AM
    My H1B 6 years will be finished in February. My I140/485 were filed in August and I will be laid off on December 31. What options do I have now?

    - My employer had filed my immigration papers at my current work location. They are willing to relocate me to different location but are not sure on the impact of change in address. Can I relocate with my current 140/485 filed for current address?

    - Can my H1 be extended based on approved labor? I can then move to new location with same employer on renewed H1B and start the entire process again?


    03-24 10:26 AM
    I agree , especially if it fits majority of them ( and the 'types' of them ).
    One needs real diversity in US population. There are too many here from EU.

    It's really meaningless for you to keep talking about "too many here from EU". This country is formed by those people from EU(and American Indians) to start with. If you were here two hundred years ago, you were part of them, no one will ask you for GC. Those people who came to this land two hundred years ago and their descendants are now recognized as Americans. They are no longer English, German, French, Italian...etc. They are Americans and this is their country which is called United State of America.
    When this country starts the immigration law, does the law say only people from Asia is limited to 7% and not for people from EU ?
    If this country today has no limitation with immigration and welcome anyone to come and stay forever at any time. This country will not be a great country anymore and I am sure many of you will not care to come to this land anymore but seek for another place.

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