Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • vdlrao
    07-15 05:41 PM
    My understanding is they wait until last quarter to give the spill over. But this time they started giving the numbers in 3rd quarter itself. Keep in mind EB1 is current and Eb2 except I and C is still current.

    I expect to see at least 20k visa's issued to EB2 I and C.

    EB2 China wont take much visas because EB2 china PD cut off date was already Jan 2006 a year back. So it takes its reguler 9,800 visas for this 2008 fiscal year.

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  • gc_freedom
    06-27 02:19 PM
    I am also looking for the same and didn't find anything in FAQ on this and nowhere in the thread menu it has an option to start a new thread?

    Appreciate any pointer on this.


    Member Join Date: Jul 2007
    Posts: 30

    Which status Am I


    Any any reply to this post would be appriciated. whould anyone please guide me how to open a new post?

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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-21 09:52 AM
    I am not indian, I am chinese, and I attended the rally in DC. I am so touched by you brave indian people. while I feel such a shame that we only had much less chinese there. part of the reason is that IV is originally indian club. we got the message but kind of lack the close organization.

    Thanks for coming Elle - highly appreciated!

    IV is not intended to be an Indian club. You can help change that by encouraging more Chinese and other affected non-Indians to participate actively.

    Nevertheless, Indians do seem to be in the majority from those who are severely affected by legal immigration issues and are active. IV's membership demographics reflects that.

    If you have any thoughts on how to encourage more folks from your community or other non-Indians to participate please feel free to share here or PM me.

    4. we really need to study the illegal immigrant rally last time, how successful they were !!!!

    Any thoughts on that? Have you talked to any folks involved with such rallies?

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  • pmat
    06-10 02:25 PM
    Found this information in the current bulletin:

    Seems like lot of predictions made by gurus in the other thread might come true.


    Based on current indications of demand, the best case scenarios for cut-off dates which will be reached by the end of FY-2010 are as follows:

    Employment First: Current

    Employment Second:

    China and India: March or April 2006

    Employment Third:

    Worldwide: June through September 2004
    China: October through December 2003
    India: February 2002
    Mexico: Unavailable
    Philippines: June through September 2004

    Employment Fourth:

    Worldwide: It may be necessary to establish a cut-off date for September.

    Employment Fifth: Current


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  • kukitron
    11-08 01:37 PM
    This is a public and OPEN forum,
    Insulting TheOmbudsman it's just not acceptable, I though we were all H1B educated people who are open to discussion, not just a child crying and insulting as soon as someone contradicts you.

    I know many people who stopped comming to this forum (contributing), they just get tired of those insults. If someone has a different opinion, is immediately insulted



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  • snhn
    09-27 11:45 AM
    I probablly know the answer to my own question, but would like to know other opinions. My lawyere tells me this. Since the dates were current when I filed for my I485 in July, the application will be processed regardless of what the dates are right now. Another words, he thinks that even though the dates are showing as 2002, my application will be processed since when we filed, they were current.

    is this true. If so, then provided I pass background check in time, i should expect my GC in a year or so. but if I have to wait until 2002 Row becomes current, in my case 2005.. then I am majorlly scrwed...



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  • jingi1234
    08-04 12:00 AM
    Since you have not joined company B then why you worry whether they cancel H1b or not. As long as company A is having your H1b, nothing to worry & no need for reapplying for H1b transfer back to company A. There is no concept of H1b transfer, every company apply a new H1b when you join them and employer/employee relationship exist as long as they don't cancel H1b. Hope this helps.

    My friend has a similar situation.

    He transferred H1 to Company B and worked for 5 weeks and descided to come back to company A (He is 100% sure that Company A didn't revoke / calcel his H1 and he has valid H1 till 2009).

    IS this OK?

    Please help by clarifying...


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  • mohican
    03-16 06:49 PM
    My MTR was reconsidered--what a relief. Here is the response:

    "Service motion to reopen or reconsider:
    In the case at hand, the I-485 was denied because the underlying I-140 was revoked. However, the applicant is eligible for portability consideration under Ac21. Therefore, the applicant should have been notified of this eligibility before any final adverse action was taken on his I485. Pursuant to Part 103.5, Title 8, Code of Federal Regulations, the denied I-140 petition referenced above has been reopened/reconsidered."

    My attorney says that what this means is that only my I140 that was revoked is now open and they have yet to make a decision on I485.

    My question to fellow members of this forum:
    1. Has any of you recived similar response to your MTR filing against wrongful I485 denial
    2. Please note that my case is slightly peculiar in that the I140 was revoked and aproved labor certification was substitued--if some one was in similar situation, please respond with specifics?

    My MTR was recieved my TSC on Feb 9th, i received receipt notice on Feb 16th and final approval was made on March 10th and the letter arrived on March 16th. I am glad and thankful that they understood the urgency of my situation. Now the hunt starts for NEXT STEPS?


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  • rajuseattle
    01-14 06:45 PM

    I never heard about I-140 substitution. Are you sure your employer request USCIS to change the name of the beneficiary on the approved I-140?

    As far as I know I-140 is the petition by an Employer for an individual Employee, so it goes with 1 person and can not be substitute.

    Employer can revoke I-140 or use the underlying labor for some other individual.

    It may have been the case that USCIS by mistake approved 2 I-140 for the same labor and when they realise their mistake they denied your I-485 suggesting someone else already used the underlying Labor certification.

    I guess your original employer as well as USCIS are at fault. I dont think AC-21 provisions will help you either, bcos the USCIS rule is 1 beneficiary for 1 labor, their can not be multiple beneficiaries for 1 approved Labor.

    Please consult your situation with the experienced attorney and see if you can file MTR, since its not your fault and you are suffering due to USCIS/Employer mistakes for using 1 labor for 2 I-140 approvals.

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  • new2gc
    05-18 09:12 AM
    to MA lawmakers....


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  • weilai
    06-22 06:44 PM
    There is a possibility that
    - approval notice might be lost in mail
    - uscis misplaced her file

    Check with uscis what happened to her application for transfer and you might have to contact attorney depending on uscis' answer.

    Thanks for your reply, zico123. I checked the online status and it shows the case is still pending. That doesn't matter. She has a valid status now. The question is that how long she can work for the new company B while the application is pending? Thanks.

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  • mihird
    07-05 08:28 AM
    Isn't that good news? Atleast we wont have to redo the medical exams if that were true.. Or do you think this is a strategic move by USCIS to be immune from any lawsuits?

    I have always been of the opinioin, that the most correct thing for the USCIS to do at this point is to not return the applications, but hold them until Oct. When the window technically re-opens, just swallow everything that is on hold - the window technically only needs to open for a few seconds for that to happen.

    The other thing they should also do is accept all 485 applications till the end of July and process them likewise.

    Giving everyone EAD/AP benefits does not hurt....they can then line up all the 500-700K people and issue the green cards as per visa number/PD/RD availability...


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  • grupak
    03-15 08:52 AM
    Should we send letters to the president about EB india category. The dates are moving very slowly..... etc..
    we have to do something or it will take years to get GC

    There was an IV campaign for writing letters to the President. The deadline was March 11th but I presume you can still participate by writing the letters for admin fix. Templates are on the main page.

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  • jkays94
    06-09 12:08 AM
    After watching Senator Kennedy say that the "highly skilled" are adequately taken care of under the H1-B program and thus that there is no need to work on EB amendments, then watching Bernie Sanders have his anti-H1 amendment passed under the guise of a scholarship program not to mention his claim that H1 workers replace laid off American workers, and to have Dorgan (the master of the poison pill amendment that probably killed the bill "for now") rail against the H1 program while constantly complaining that "fruit of the loom" underwear is no longer made in the USA and to see Senator Ensign's effort to reform the merit system to give high skilled workers more points shot down, one can safely conclude we have little chance attaching provisions for our cause to other bills. Any attempt to try to pass pro-legal legislation will likely meet strong opposition from the pro-undocumented lobby, not to mention the propaganda disseminated by NumbersUSA, Alipac and Co., IEEE etc etc who have managed to sneak in their provisions into CIR. Unless we can lobby stronger and dispel the myths perpetuated by these groups we face a very uphill battle. Recently these groups have been quoting a Tata executive saying that they pay their H1 workers lower wages than an American would receive. When the pro-legal immigrant groups fail to counter these accusations or fails to deny them, then they become accepted and give leeway to restrictionists to accept them as fact when they are not.


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    06-02 09:41 AM
    Good job. Best of luck to all of us.

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  • akbose
    04-26 12:28 PM
    Transaction ID #9R925187D47583011

    Happy to be a part of IV .


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  • gk_2000
    05-24 05:36 PM
    What is donor access? Can I have it too? I have contributed $100 (in this thread)..

    And can you delete my red's?

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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-26 11:02 PM
    Okay, so I just went a bit crazy with posts, but seeing everyone's efforts gives me hope! GO IV!

    Today, thanks to kind friends, I received 24 more, taking my count to 235 :)

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  • swamy
    12-10 03:35 PM
    I am guessing the presumption behind logiclife's post is that we're all responsible, thinking and educated adults who shouldn't have to be begged and pleaded with to behave with decency or show some common courtesies at the least. If IV was formed a few months ago, then it's understandable tho not excusable that people who have legitimate ead/ap concerns just talk about it on the forum and then leave. But if someone's been around for more than a year and still has not participated in a meeting or contributed in other ways its truly pathetic. Even tho I don�t track every piece of news on immigration, I consider myself fairly well informed and day by day the outlook only gets scarier. Today at lunch, we were talking about junk forwards and poking fun at those who send them and a friend mentioned how he has been getting so many fwds with anti-immigrant messages these days(my friends are obviously pro-legals, somewhat ambivalent about illegals but not the lou audience type & don�t lose sleep over a bunch of poor busboys/gardeners crossing the border). This anti movement is growing powerful by the day with clear agendas and goals but theres no countervailing pro-movement to speak of except iv, only sympathisers. Yesterday Lou was on tv promoting his book to princeton club in new york. After Lou had chewed off on the illegals in response to a question, another member conveniently queried him on what he thought of the top end of the immigration spectrum worked. After labelling H1b a disaster(in other words people like us are here in the US because of a broken program) he sought to portray congressional hearings as some farce as apparently only Bill Gates was invited to speak this year. He ofcourse didn�t mention that orgs like CIS, numbersusa and others were invited last year when his friends like Tancredo were running congress, orgs that would be labelled as hate groups in normal times in the halls of congress helping set policy! And then he said that 75% of H1bs goto Indians in the US who work for Indian companies domociled here to just to outsource American jobs. Not only did he make a chillingly racist assertion based on a complete lie, he was implicitly advocating shutting down the only legal avenue to immigrate for people like us who didn't win a genetic lottery and were born into the right family! This, in New york of all places and that too at Princeton club after dissing about 'elites' and how 'acquiescent' some were!! Voicing some legitimate concerns of the common man along with radical or divisive agendas are nothing new but he's taking it to new levels. That's why as someone else already said elsewheer, iv shld be more than a bulletin board to discuss legitimate ead/ap concerns- it�s the only openly pro-immigrant(EB)movement. There are a few opinion journalists penning a piece here & there but that doesn't help much. Some of us are in cozy well paying jobs who are certain to get gc's and can wait however long it takes but that�s no reason to sitby and let others who are not so certain about their future struggle alone. And finally, we all have been yelled at and its not the end of the world so getover it dontr be such friggin crybabies!

    06-14 10:57 PM
    Great Job IV Team. It wouldn't have happended without your dedication and hardwork.Thank You.

    Donated $100 on June 14, Receipt ID: 4149-1504-4372-5152

    Best Regards

    07-17 02:10 PM
    PD Nov 2001 - Nov 2002 -> I would say no point in switching to EB2.

    Labour + 140 will take atleast 12 months and another 6-9K US$. Not worth it because even otherwise you might have your GC within 12-25 montha from now.

    PD Nov 2002 and beyond : Have to actively consider switching to EB2. Myself being in this range, I am doing the leg work and waiting to hear on what happens to the recapture bill. If it does not happen then these PD's should switch if they can and qualify.

    Instead of being jealous towards EB2 bonanza , I think EB3 applicants should make use of this Eb3->EB2 conversion option and participate in the bonanza.

    Yes, it costs additional 9K . Consider that the price of the ill advised decision to go in for Eb3 to begin with.

    An opportunity to get past this GC mess and start realizing your dreams on both personal and professional front.

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