Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • h4visa
    03-17 11:19 AM
    Thats a good point Harsh. If they are reluctant to increase the H1 cap they can simply look for the talent in their own house (USA). After all we all are paying taxes and can contribute to the economy. and also we should seriously think about lobbying for issuance of EAD to H-4's once I-140 is approved.

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  • ajeetp
    07-02 01:14 PM
    My EAD renewal application was applied on 5/24 to NSC. I got an email on 6/13 saying my case has been approved. On line status says the notice has been mailed on 6/13. But, I have not yet received the card. Should I call USCIS customer service to enquiry about this problem. Thanks for your response.


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  • Hinglish
    03-20 07:01 PM
    Ahhh the wonderful red dots !!! .... I need more of those medals ...
    I like the red color better than the green color .... so guys will you be kind enough to give me some more ... pretty please

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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-22 07:43 PM
    Thank you H4 for all your efforts. I had +1 today. Got busy doing the easy work of putting those letters into envelopes and taking copies. I could do this all day, if only TX members would mail me those letters!!

    Cheers Needhelp! Yes the production part is quite theraputic :)

    I feel like this week has been a struggle for people. Has everyone who wants to contribute, sent their letters? We cannot expect anything to happen on its own folks. If you believe in this cause, send your letters and tell us here so you can give us all a little bit of hope to take away for the weekend. Thanks.


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  • rennieallen
    09-26 11:50 PM
    The problem with Per Country limits makes no sense when the same theory is applied to visa's granted because of Skill. Employability has nothing to do with ethnicity (in fact, there are laws that prevent this type of discrimination by employers). It just so happens that currently India and China, due to their educational focus has a lot of people with skills that American industry wants. Who knows, in 10 years this could change and those skills could come from Mauritius and Lichtenstein and then they would be backlogged instead.

    Franklin; I agree that per country quotas are discriminatory.

    What I am unsure about, is whether it is morally justifiable, and this hinges on whether it actually benefits the United States or not (many forms of discrimination against non-citizens are perfectly legal under the US constitution).

    I agree with Hermione, that given the current minuscule quotas the issue is moot (in fact, it was my intention to suggest exactly this, by pointing out that the last thing anyone needs to worry about is per-country quotas when the overall immigration levels are so tiny, and the per-country cap is so small).

    I am still on the fence, though, about the moral acceptability of per country quotas in the presence of rationale visa allocations (somewhere around 3 million per year by my estimate). I think at those levels (and with perhaps completely different percentages for the per-country quota) there may indeed be a moral justification (I simply don't know enough about cultural/social dynamics).

    I think everyone would agree that the US is certainly entitled to determine how it develops culturally (as is any country).

    In its present form of course, the immigration system is damaging the United States (e.g. RBD), so it is impossible for it to be morally acceptable from the US perspective (you can't balance the negative moral implications of discrimination against non-citizens, with the benefits to the citizens of the nation, when there are no benefits to the citizens of the nation).

    Significantly, it is most likely true that the present immigration policy is morally acceptable from (say) India's perspective, since it is resulting in improved retention of brain power for India...

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  • andycool
    06-11 08:02 AM

    As July visa bulletin indicate/predicted that for EB2-I it might reach up to March or April 2006 in FY2010.

    Is FY2010 is Jan to Dec 2010 or FY2010 ends at Sep 2010 for USCIS? My PD is Mar2006 Do I have to wait till Sep/OCT 2010 or till end of 2010 i.e. Dec?

    What is USCIS's Fiscal Calendar / Jan to Dec or Sep to Oct?

    I'm planning to go back to India so just wants to see, should I wait for 3-4 month more or it's going to be end of this year?

    Thanks a ton,


    USCIS fiscal Calender if from Oct- Sep


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  • ssingh92
    06-12 06:42 PM
    First - EB2s stop replying posts that were written in frustration and you understand why, They will not affect and take away your GC. Since you are not frustrated you have to start first.

    Second - EB3s - Frustration will never bring you anything and you can not move PD faster. Instead capatialize the situation that EB2s are getting GC. How you have to think and focus.

    I can give my example. I made network of some who got GC and have some influence in recruiting. After working 9 years for a big Pharma and got layed off, My one buddy got GC long back in EB2 , helped me and received job through him though I have to drive 220miles everyday.

    Am I frustrated yes!! More than anybody else here but has to calm down and think positivily.

    Hope my post will help you to reduce some frustration.

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  • guy03062
    06-30 10:31 AM
    As SKIL Bill is in both house (Congress & Senate), couple of co-sponsers/strong supporters in both house and probably easy to convince Senators/Congressmen compared to CIR, I am wondering what is IV's strategy (QGA) to push this bill?


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  • go_guy123
    08-21 02:50 PM
    India would be a good option for an Indian. For others I still think Canada and Australia are are the best options after US, in terms of standard of living, quality of life etc. It will take India decades more to achieve the same standards.

    Actually its the quality of life why people are here on H1B.
    Barring that I dont see other reason.

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  • Macaca
    06-22 11:33 AM
    Just imagine this, you spend 6 months training an international grad, spend $5000 - $7000 per H1B and after 1 - 2 yrs, you will have to start all over again. After a couple of months, the "new hire" will just be angry at you (just look at all the people on this forum who curse bodyshoppers - and just to clarify - I am not implying that the company you start will be a bodyshopping firm) and he will quit your company and join someone else. And you will have to start the process all over again. The guy who you hired on H1B will be now join someone else and depending on your business, you will be left high and dry.

    I know this because the very first job I joined, the philosophy at the company was to hire fresh grads (the "get them cheap" works for American Grads too). My boss used to tell me "we can get two for the price of one". The year I got hired, the company recruited 15 new grads (a new "Product Development" dept. was being started) - and I was the only H1B. After 14 months, when the business started picking up, the company did not even bother to raise our pay or even recogonize us. Guess what happened? Over a period of 2 months, 12 of us quit for better jobs. Guess who now had to look for 12 people and at the sametime deliver the product to the clients on time?

    If I understand your argument then you can conclude that: faster EB GC processing will decrease wage supression.

    However, Kim Berry (in One Easy Fix For Immigration ( is saying that faster EB GC procesing will increase wage supression.

    Please rephrase the above and blog it at One Easy Fix For Immigration ( Thanks!


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  • pmurgai
    04-26 03:23 PM
    Thanks IV.
    Here's my one time contribution of $100 (receipt 5Y898678VG019823F)

    Keep up the good work...

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  • paskal
    09-04 02:58 PM
    Please be good enough to complete your profile, so we can communicate with you better! thanks...


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  • jthomas
    03-14 11:25 PM
    Should we send letters to the president about EB india category. The dates are moving very slowly..... etc..
    we have to do something or it will take years to get GC

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  • nixstor
    03-05 12:31 PM
    Those of you who are thinking that you can write a SQL query in a snap, you are egregiously mistaken.

    The CLAIMS database, which contains the AOS/485 petitions is neither a SQL database nor a modern CRM application. AFAIK, It is a legacy Mainframe system and needs significant effort and rare expertise to extract the data.

    Ideally, The Country of Chargeability should be in there. But these systems were built around 92 or before and the requirements gathering probably might not have thought about retrogression or carelessly left it out. What ever it is, it is not in the electronic format, it is almost impossible to get the biographic information unless a physical check is conducted. We can cringe and cry all we want, but not a lot is going to happen on the CC

    The good side of the issue is, Since EB-3 ROW is beyond 2004 and we have per country PERM data (not completely accurate, but significant), our statisticians and operations research folks will break down both data and get some thing that is valuable and accurate above 90%. We can safely assume that more than 90% EB-3 Pending before 2005 belong to I, C & M.

    What bothers me is the requirement of the definition of Priority Date? You would expect some one in the CIS/NRC to know what a priority date is. Don't ya? Any ways, We are working with members who received the response to get a better answer from CIS to determine further action.

    Stay tuned and we will let you know.


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  • kak1978
    02-29 10:04 PM
    I sent my letters today..

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  • NolaIndian32
    04-28 09:59 PM
    Just send $ 100.00 through PayPal


    Thanks Karthik!!!!

    We appreciate your support!!


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  • yanki
    08-08 12:38 PM
    I had H1 from company A with dates from 2005 to 2008. after working with Company A for one year, I moved to company B in 2006 (04/10/2006) and My H1 transfer with Company B is still pending. I got H1 RFE query from CSC last month with biglist of documents. Now I got news that CSC denied couple of H1s it seems recently..So can I ask company C to file H1 transfer petition so that even if CSC denies my H1 from Company B, I can maintain my legal H1 status. Or Can I ask Company B to file another H1 transfer petition at Vermont service center (because my company is in that region).

    Please advise me on this...Thanks a alot in advance.

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  • bitu72
    03-17 10:24 AM
    they did not have anything for Nurses...also i wish we can atleast get dependents out & 485 filing capablity.

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  • makemygc
    07-06 11:32 AM
    Postings on this thread are no longer related to the title of the thread. If people has nothing to add to this, please close this thread.

    06-26 02:03 AM
    I think the country based quota has been eliminated for the "merit based" quota. Am I missing something.

    02-18 12:54 PM
    CA - 1473
    TX - 475
    LA - 154
    Tristate - 123
    FL - 101

    KY - 55, MN - 39, MD/DC/VA - 37, MO - 34, PA - 24, IL - 20, MI - 19, GA - 16, RI - 14, MA - 9, WA - 7, NC - 6, OH - 4, WI - 3, NH - 2, CO - 2, KS - 2, OR - 1, NV - 1, NM - 1, NE - 1, MS - 1, AZ - 1

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