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  • general17
    07-16 04:13 PM
    I am on L1 Visa & I went to SSN office to apply SSN for my child (L-2 Visa). They refused to accept my application and they wanted Documentation from the appropriate government entity explaining the need for the SSN as per

    Please let me know what should I do next to apply for SSN.

    Hi Senior Members,

    Can any one answer to my previous question.


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  • cin45220
    03-26 01:07 PM
    Just to add.... porting process is legit for EB-2 as well. EB-1 is current now. :p

    The Indian CRAB is the story of how a fisherman kept a basket with crabs, uncovered. When asked, he replied " They’re Indian Crabs - If one tries to climb out, the others will pull it back in, hence there’s no need for a lid "
    The Indian CRAB - Contribute - MSNIndia (

    The CRAB STORY also applies to EB3. Whenever somebody talks about spillover to EB2, all the EB3s are against spillover and making comments that it's not happening this year. It feels like EB3s do not want EB2s to get GCs. If porting is legit, then spillover is also legit and EB3s need to accept that.

    Porting was always there and porting must not be more than 300/quarter this year (other wise EB2 PD dates would have retrogressed or gone back). Porting was not something started in FY2011 or FY2010. However, I do accept that the frequency of EB3-EB2 porting has increased slightly due to more US companies outsourcing IT jobs (bad economy -> more outsourcing to reduce costs{check the stock of CTSH!} -> demand for consultants -> resulting in firms like CTSH and small consulting companies agreeing to EB3-EB2 porting to keep talent). Outsourcing will not always result in all the US jobs to completely move to outsourced countries (I guess smart people in this forum already know that).

    There will be spillover this year and EB2 PD reaching DEC 2006 by end of FY2011 is a real possiblity. There is no need for EB2s to get all worked up when somebody ports or EB3s to get worked up when somebody talks about spillover. There is GC pie for everybody. Just be patient or do something to solve fundamental problems with GC process ( by participating in IV campaign).


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  • webm
    09-24 10:58 PM
    Apart from Deniel notice I also got LUD on I 140.

    Could it be related to old employer revoking I 140?
    Since I have transfered after 180 and did Ac 21 - am I covered.

    Prince - Did you get any LUD on 140 on the day you got this deniel e mail?


    Is your I-140 already approved before you invoked AC21?? Sorry to hear about your denial..keep hope and fight for the justice as much you can..Getting GC became mess now..

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  • uma001
    08-08 10:22 PM
    Hello PAL

    I also came to Toronto in 2007. I was a F1->H1B tired of the H1B dance through stamping,
    body shopper etc. I came in 2007, did MBA at U of T....doing well now. Yes Canada is tough job market but eventually it is working out....but hey US under H1B is tougher and worse. I never regret the decision. If I have to take the decision again, I will take the same decision.

    One thing for sure...I am definitely better than US H1B mess, changing place to place like nomads for projects and yes better than the 1.5 typical travel to work on jammed roads in India or hour long travel in Mumbai locals.

    I think of working in US in future but never under the mess of H1B body shopper. I will try TN1 visa (now 3 years). I am not against working on H1B but not under the desperate terms that one has to typically do if one has Indian passport. The way i see is that skilled immigration to US is over under Eb2-I/Eb3-I. A lot of people have yet to accept the reality.
    Go_guy when did you come to US, When did you go to Canada (Toronto).Which job are you doing now in Toronto?


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  • kate123
    02-25 02:40 PM
    I completely agree with you on this... But please note that JULY FIASCO DID HAPPEN... If it is against the law or if it is STRICTLY interpreted in the law then CIS or DOS would have never allowed to file for AOS during July 2007.

    Also, please see section E from

    If you see highlighted text below... one thing strikes me... It is not just availability of the visa numbers which decides when an applicant can file for AOS, infact to utilise visa numbers efficiently they made dates 'C' during July 2007...
    In other words It is up to CIS and/or DOS to move the dates...


    All Employment Preference categories except for Third �Other Workers� have been made �Current� for July. This has been done in an effort to generate increased demand by Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) for adjustment of status cases, and to maximize number use under the annual numerical limit. However, all readers should be alert to the possibility that not all Employment preferences will remain Current for the remainder of the fiscal year. Should the rate of demand for numbers be very heavy in the coming months, it could become necessary to retrogress some cut-off dates for September, most likely for China-mainland born and India, but also possibly for Mexico and Philippines. Severe cut-off date retrogressions are likely to occur early in FY-2008.

    Again, I am not trying to argue here. I am just trying to see from all the angles.
    Please correct me if I mis understood some thing.

    Read this pdf
    that will answer your question.

    Not a legal advice
    US citizen of Indian origin

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  • franklin
    09-26 12:55 PM
    Is this an estimate for EB or for all green card applications? Because I absolutely do not believe this is the number. There is just no about H1Bs issued to produce this number.

    It was the figure that the Kauffman Report found about a month ago when studying the potential for Reverse Brain Drain amongst other things. It as accurate a number that you will find.

    Remember, this is many years of cumulative build up of temporary work visas transferring to permanent residency path


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  • Libra
    11-15 12:11 PM
    Guys, instead of fasting, protesting or marching, join state chapters and form big groups and then meet lawmakers. Request them for recapturing wasted visa numbers and removal of per country quota. this will solve most of our problems.

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  • humsuplou
    08-11 02:41 AM
    Just send

    1. Complete apllication
    2.2 Photographs
    3. Copy of I-485 reciept
    4. Copy Last advance Parole
    5. Check.

    Thats it.


    Under the Fees section, it stated that if you filed your I485 on or after July 2007, and you paid the I485 fees, then no fees is required. Does that mean that I don't have to pay for the $305 for my advanced parole?
    My I485 was received sept 2007, and I paid for the I485 fees, offcourse. This is something that I'm not too sure.


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  • Tito_ortiz
    02-13 10:37 AM
    Guys, this is by far one of the best points ever made in this forum. This is actually our silver bullet. Open the eyes of people around the world that the US is not treating skilled immigrants right anymore. There are many countries out there which offer more career opportunities than here. By the way, what am I doing here?!

    Pappu, I sent the article to my cousin in China, asking him to publish his story. Please read his reply. He graduated from University of Chicago and went back to China two years after working in US.

    "This is another sad story about skilled immigrant.

    I want to talk about this issue from my perspective.

    I got my M.B.A in a prestigious US university and worked as a Financial Analyst in US for two years. I was thinking of applying for GC at that time because I had planned to stay in US. But, that winter, when I took a vacation in China, I decided to look for a job in China because I was very impressed by the economic development in China and wanted to capitalize on the opportunity. The Chinese market was/is in urgent demand for US-trained financial analyst. After some interviews, I got a very generous offer from a multinational company and quitted my job in US without any hesitation.

    Now five years has passed. Because of my excellent performance, I get two promotions in the past five years and am a director in my company. My boss, who is an american, lost his job and has to go back to US because my company cannot see any fiancial advantage to hire him anymore. I have never been happier. I believe that I made a very good choice five years ago. Most of my chinese classmates during MBA study are still struggling for their GCs and get stuck in their career development because of GCs. They are quite regret that they did not come back to China back 5 years.

    So what I want say is that, US is not a very good place to stay anymore. There are many golden opportunities in your own country! Many countries are becoming stronger and stronger. It's not 10 or 20 years ago. 10 or 20 years ago, US is the best place in the world to stay. But now, it's different. My friends in US make about $150k a year and cannot afford a luxury lifestyle. I make $100k a year and enjoy a very comfortable life in China. I built my own house in China, which is even better than my house in New Jersey before. I hired my own chauffeur, housekeeper, two nannies for my baby... I cannot afford these thing if I were still in US. How many americans can afford the same lifestyle as mine? I don't think there are many.

    My point is, be open to opportunities in your own countries or other countries in the world other than US. You will be happy to leave US several years later when you look back. Besides, if more and more US-trained scientists and professionals come back to their own countries and help their countries to develop, maybe in another 10 or 20 years, no one would want GC anymore."

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  • gc_check
    03-26 01:32 PM
    Not many goodies this time..thats what all the analysts/experts seem to be predicting.
    True, Unless congress enacts a law allowing the usage of unused visa and or increase in available number for LRP, else EB2 with later PD must explore EB1 to get ahead of the EB3's porting to EB2 with old PD :( .. Well, the point is, NO other options except increase in visa / re-use unused visa from past years can help every one here. Everything else, discussed / debated will be a waste of time ...


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  • santb1975
    06-25 11:33 AM
    Check your state chapter boards for an urgent action item

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  • psaxena
    10-01 12:10 PM
    Nope I didn't mention anything about being the proud donor etc. in my first post. You are the one who wrote the comment to my post in the most indecent and disrespectful way, bringing the point of donor. For your reference I have pasted the first comment that you made on my post also for you convenience I have highlighted it as well. Also keep replying as I love to kick your rear again and again.
    Originally Posted by psaxena
    I bought my own private jet and I travel in that only. On top of it , to keep an eye on my own private jet's schedule(which flies only for me) I got website developed as well.

    Also, I got 5 strippers (sorry air hostess) to entertain me during the flight. Guys if you want to fly in my Private jet and avail all the facilities on board please call my dreamland office and speak to Ms. Fantasy and book up a ticket to neverland.


    Originally Posted by arunmurthy
    Guys like you are a disgrace.
    When a serious discussion is going on, do you really have to post??
    Just shut up and donate to IV by selling your jet!


    Dude you brought up the point of being a proud donor. Nobody gives a hoot if you donate or not.
    You are doing it for yourself and not for humanity.
    Get it right!

    And the way you behave shows what kind of background you have (UP/Bihar)
    So just grow up and learn how to respect others!!!


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  • sobers
    06-30 01:33 PM
    Ok the bill is on THOMAS.

    Here's the link to the bill|/bss/d109query.html|

    It's already been referred to the House Judiciary. Since it had to do with Competitiveness i'd rather much rather see it in the House Energy and Commerce or House Science Committee. Despite all their talk of 'welcoming legals, and pro-immigrant, anti-illegal immigrant" pronouncements, they haven't done much to help legals in the Judiciary Committee.

    logiclife: thanks for setting up the webfax. Appreciate all the work you guys are doing.

    Btw, in the senate skil bill (s 2691) i see a new co-sponsor added, TX Sen Hutchinson. Can you set up the Webfax in a way that we can email our Senators/Congressmen to request they co-sponsor their chamber's respective versions of this legislation? Thank1

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  • NolaIndian32
    04-26 06:29 PM
    You get us to $2536

    Go IV!!


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  • mpsamant
    07-19 11:28 PM
    u can, if ur labor is current for july bulletin ...

    For NIW you donot require labor.

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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    08-03 02:54 PM
    Meetesh V Patel
    MVP Law Group, P.A.

    is not so good. i would not recommend anybody to this law firm. they do not answer promptly, they do not reply your emails. the phone always goes to voice mail. horrible guys. but one time for H1B extension they did good work.


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  • HawaldarNaik
    06-15 09:49 PM
    Can someone tell me , about the INFO pass process. How does one create a INFO Pass appointment, what is the process , in case i want to know about the status of my 485 application. How soon do u get the appointment ? I am based out of Southern CA

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  • Tshelar
    05-18 08:29 AM
    Sent to Sen. Bond, Sen. McCaskill and Rep. Akin.

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  • GC_Fever
    06-28 09:43 PM
    I and my wife got our approved EADs in our hand in 17 days (Mailing day to USCIS to recevied date by us). Only strange thing is that my EAD is valid from 06/2008 to 06/2009. I thought the new EADs validity would begin when the existing expires. My existing EAD expires on 09/19/2008. I lost 3 months with this renewal.

    How can anyone explain this now? Isn't it a money scheme? Is it reasonable to loose 3 months when you had already paid for it? There is always confusion in this whole GC affair. There seems no option than to live with it and move forward.

    06-11 05:59 PM
    EB 3 India has become joke when u look over all the previous patterns. :mad:

    Yes, it is. I think, we need to start a separate campaign for EB3. Most of the stuff IV has been doing is geared towards helping EB2. Look at all the analysis and predictions threads. It looks like EB3 doesn't exist.

    07-02 08:50 AM
    I recommend my lawyers:

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