Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • stucklabor
    07-10 05:14 PM
    I appreciate this update logiclife. This is all I (and I am sure many others) wanted, an update.

    If you see any bad word in my post, you can delete it and you have power to delete it.

    I felt thay many members asked for update (and I know there is no crtitical update) once in a while from IV core team.

    Any post from a IV core member makes this forum alive again and boost member's moral, as It shows that IV is still working.

    I posted a -ve post as I knew that you will post something in response to it, and hence proved.

    But using words like "barking dogs", God, I was not expecting that.

    Ghost, something must be missing in your character but I don't blame you, its bad parenting.


    ForeverGC, this is not the right way to ask for an update. You are like a spoilt child demanding attention by throwing a tantrum.

    I don't understand the point of people constantly asking for updates. Guys, we are a small group of people - 5000 members, only 1000 contributing - a small piece of the battle currently being waged over undocumented workers and border security. What can we, the IV core team, tell you? Every update is pretty much the same - we are trying to talk to Congressmen and put some provisions in the SKILL bill or other bill. What do they tell us? Keep educating Congressmen about your provisions, the same as you did for the Senate, and wait for the opportune moment or legislation.

    What is the point of hounding the core team for updates? And your post, ForeverGC, just made me want to resign from the core group as you just picked a fight with several people, one that we now have to step in to moderate. This is just a waste of energy for the people who have to moderate.

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  • rsrikant
    07-18 08:41 AM
    i am also in the same boat..

    some one please advice and relieve us..

    your help is greatly appreciated...

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  • Jaime
    09-14 01:21 PM
    Today! Today! Today!

    Today you make up your mind to attend the rally!

    We are your IV friends!!! Come join us in DC and change what's wrong! et's go together and fight for our hard-earned Green Cards!!!!

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  • sangmami
    07-03 08:50 AM
    Called uscis and asked what happens to the app already received by them?
    The rep put me on a hold..(guess went and asked somebody) and answered that all the app received will be put on hold(not returned) and said they will not process ead/ap too.Di anybody else tried calling and ask the same?did they tell the same thing?Just want to know if i interpreted it right?


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  • Legal
    06-30 09:39 AM
    I'm on a roller coaster....
    today I'm going upper..
    tomorrow I could be downer
    yeah...I'll be a free faller..
    I'm a nowhere to go stucker..
    or should I say I'm a sucker...:D

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  • meridiani.planum
    09-12 02:45 PM
    if Obama wins:
    + its better for the world in general. The last thing we want is more of GWB policies destroying both America's economy, civil rights, and respect in the world.
    - his best friend Durbin will again pick up the stick and start beating up on H1 sponsoring. EB will also get run over by the same bus.
    - FB immigration will be put in preference over EB, we are screwed.

    if McSame wins:
    + my taxes remain low
    - CIR is back. 13 millions illegals will get in line. points based system for EB immigration and we are all screwed again.
    - if McCain does not live through his presidency, the biggest country and economy in the world, with the largest number of nuclear weapons, the largest amount of military spending... the rome of our time, with nearly unlimited power and presence around teh world, will be run by a mayor of a small town. Rember her trying to get her brother-in-law police officer fired during her sisters divorce? And when the administrator refused her requests, he fired him? Remember how she emails people off-the-record from her Yahoo account? Remember how she CC's her husband on official emails? Do you want someone that stupid, who already abused whatever little powers a mayor and governor has, to be the commander-in-chief of the united states armed forces?

    Either way immigration-wise we are screwed. I think for the sake of the rest of the world we must wish that this time McCain loses this election. He has made a very stupid VP choice.


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  • senthil1
    06-19 04:45 PM
    There is no suprise on it. There may be 3 reasons for that
    1. It is deviating from grand bargain. Some republicans accepted CIR based on the condition that point system needs to be introduced. Cantwell amendment invalidates that in high skilled category

    2. Anything unlimited is tough to convince Senators as immigration concept is based on shortage of workers. Cantwell amendment has many exemptions for H1b and GC

    3. This has provisions which will make Durbin bill almost ineffective

    If some compromise is suggested in those three points then there is some possiblity. Otherwise it is going to be tough

    The word on the street is that the Cantwell amendment is not a part of the list of amendments that are currently floating around in Senate offices. There are 20 of them.

    Even Bernie Sanders has one more coming (Yes, it is related to H1B). But Cantwell amendment is not there in the list of 20.

    Here is the list of 20 amendments floating around in the Senate:

    Democratic Amendments

    1199 Dodd ---- Family parent visas

    1313 Webb ---- Community ties for Zs

    1236 Baucus-Tester ---- Strike all reference to REAL ID

    1332 Sanders ---- Employers to certify no mass layoff

    1344 Byrd ---- Border security immigration fee

    1317 Menendez ---- Increased family points in merit system

    1340 Brown ---- Employers post job at state agency

    1468 McCaskill ---- Repeat violators who hire undocumented workers

    1486 Levin ---- Iraqi religious minority refugees

    1386 Leahy ---- Refugee Scholars (may instead be 1289 on EB-5 investors)

    ____ Schumer ---- Tamper-proof biometric social security card (no language yet)

    1198 Boxer ---- Reducing Y visa cap by number of Y workers who overstay

    Republican Amendments

    1161 Alexander ---- Oath of allegiance for naturalization (may move to manager�s package)

    1255 Bond ---- Prohibits green cards for Z holders

    1473 Coleman ---- information sharing/sanctuary cities (Coleman is redrafting, new language not available)

    1335/1258 Domenici ---- Federal judgeship increase (redrafting)

    1490 Ensign ---- Preclusion of social security benefits

    1465 Graham ---- Enforcement, plus other potential agreed upon amendments folded in (redrafting, content not clear)

    1441 Grassley-Baucus Obama ---- Strike and replace Title III (small changes possible)

    1440 Hutchison ---- Touchback/strike and replace title vi (redrafting)

    1174 Thune ---- Probationary legal status triggers

    1318 Chambliss ---- Totalization agreement

    1282 Isakson ---- Preemption/Home Depot (redrafting)

    ------ Graham Criminal penalties/mandatory minimums for overstays

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  • Jaime
    09-04 04:54 PM
    Hey guys! In the best good-natured way let's look at reasons why not to attend:

    Money? = We can help you cover your trip expenses

    Time? = Many of us cancelled important business, if you try you can find the time!

    Fear? = Of what? We will make our voices heard, and it's our right! We have been abused! Nothing to fear!

    Feel lazy? = We all do! Make the effort, and then we can party when your green card arrives in the mail!

    Have a date? = The rally is better! If you don't get a green card then you won't have the boy or girl either!

    OK this last one was more tongue-in-cheek, but seriously guys, talk to us! What prevents you from attending? We will help you overcome the obstacles! Seriously!


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  • JazzByTheBay
    12-10 07:32 PM
    Not to take away from the spirit of your posting, but just to set the record straight - it was Immigrants Support Network.


    People feel as if they have achieved something big after getting an EAD. EAD is not a visa and EAD status is not a valid status. You in fact lose your h1b valid status once you invoke AC21.

    I have personally seen people change their attitudes as if they have achieved a gold medal in Olympics and talk big about "'Fingerp[rinting", about AC21, as if they have written the AC21 law. Does anyone know how AC21 came into picture on the first hand? There was an advocacy group called "Immigrant Social Network" that was behind the AC21. Prior to that, EB rules were extremely stringent with no portability.

    Everyone browses this website, gains knowledge and behaves as if he/she is an immigration expert and has achieved something big.

    We have been cajoling people. To what extent?

    Words cannot describe the amount of effort "needhelp" has been putting in. She still continues to be the same and claims that her morale will never go down and her commitment levels have increased. All the cowards, and so called smart asses - try to learn some good lessons from people like her.

    Life is not all about shopping at Macys, talking about fingerprinting, and watching TV, and spending hours on phones talking about how dealstobuy is different from or not about how CVS pharma sells the same item for less rate than rite aid. Life is not all about "sitting here doing nothing and talking about how different countries are rising and why one MUST not care for his own good"

    IV is a volunteer organization and every member is equally responsible member. If you try to elude, and act smart - it only reflects your dirty character.

    If you are here, do something. Yes, atleast something that you feel you can do. Please do not cheat those who are working extremely hard for your cause.

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  • Michael chertoff
    03-28 02:38 PM
    May I know how its related here...I dont want to start another Donor vs Non-Donor fight.:p

    It is related my friend, you need to update your profile. dont hide your information and try to get money from other members for DC Rally. I dont think i am asking anything wrong here. you need to updated your information.




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  • rinkurazdan
    05-31 11:01 AM
    You are right but unfortunately history has thought us that when it comes down to GC versus H1b everybody is willing to throw GC under the bus to get H1b provisions.

    This current bill is no exception, h1 increased from 65,000 to 115000 with triggers to increse it to 185000, but no provisions for green cards.

    a exclusive emendment with GC will be the only way out. nobody is offering such amendment and if somebody offers it might be ordered to lie on table.
    I think industry and their senators alike will be happy with quota increases...waht they will try to strike out is the extra fees....($5000 now) and also the retrictions on recruitment / displacement policy, which will make H1B useless as it will take umpteen number of months to get an H1B approved.

    This ammdt is still difficult to pass

    BTW, I cannot find the text of this ammndt on Thomas.|/bss/d110query.html|

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  • eb3_nepa
    05-27 11:10 AM
    I know i keep bumping this thread but I am surprised that no one has posted any experiences regarding the AP. I mean i see a TON of stuff about EAD renewals but nothing specifically about the AP. I guess ppl are more interested in making money than leaving the country (like ME ;) )

    (For all those who enjoy giving red and green dots, just to specify, the above comment was a JOKE).


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  • tinamatthew
    07-21 01:02 PM
    I filed I-140 on July 5, and was hoping to get the receipt by this week because as per the press release ( dated 7/13), NSC was supposed to be time complaint with regards to I-140 receipt date by 7/18/2007. But they again changed to 8/1/2007. You never know they will NOT change it again!

    Lets hope for the best

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  • pmb76
    07-17 03:18 AM

    Wanted to started this thread to get reviews on different law firms
    I can understand the quality and committment of lawyers can make a huge difference especially in this unprecendented situation where all EB categories are made current now and now there is a rumour that it would be retrogressed back probably sometime next week with a new visa bulletin.

    A lot of lawyers who are really committed and sincere to their client's clause: Getting them Green Card, are working overnight and over the weekend also so that their client can file I-485 ASAP and on the other hand few law firms are acting as slackers and not even responding to their client's emails.

    Anyway, I am interested in knowing everyone's experience ( good or bad ) with law-firms and their recommendation.

    My Own Case:-> I work for a multibillion dollar telecom company and joined this company almost 15 mos ago with a promise that they would start my GC immediately. Till Now, they have not yet file my labor. Their lawfirm is Larrabee in sanDiego. I don't have much experience with them as my application is still in my company's internal queue but based on the basis of my little experience, I would certainly not recommend them



    I would seriously consider Rajiv Khanna - Very responsive, never delayed my case and answered all my questions thoroughly. Imagine this:
    The best example is applying for 485 during the latest visa bulletin fiasco. Everybody in the community had a hint that USCIS may only accept a few applications for July. On the friday(June 29) before Jul 2 my missing document reached Mr. Khanna's office. Since they had too many applications to handle, the staff did all-nighters and sent my paperwork Saturday afternoon. It reached USCIS Monday July 2 at 9:00 am. Such commitment and hardwork is unparalleled in my opinion.


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  • addsf345
    09-29 07:55 PM
    I guess it's not about service. It's about job professionalism. There is no problem with Air Hostess or employees, but it is management. Let me give snap shot of my exp.

    My flight was from Bangalore --> Bombay --> USA

    Flight took off at Bangalore 60 mins late. Staff reassured that flight in Bombay will be waiting

    Once we reached Bombay they took boarding passes and tore them off. They said your flight already left, you have to go next day. Some passengers noticed that few passengers are still boarded into US flight with flight nbr given in our boarding passes. When everyone made an issue about this they said, it's overbooked so we can not accommodate.

    So their statement that flight took off was literal lie which is unprofessional. Also they deliberately delayed Bangalore flight which also they did not manage nicely

    Then they said go to Delhi there is a flight. We reached delhi there is no flight. There AI staff said not sure why they sent you here. Only option is next flight starts tomorrow. Next day they listed the flight but again they say it's cancelled due to technical difficulties and part has to come from other country and you can fly only tomorrow.

    By that time there were passengers of 2 days waiting. when every one made a big noise, they arranged a flight after 4 hours.

    They should have made alternate arrangements before all this mess and 2 days of waiting. Consider people with infants.

    I understand unfortunate things happen but deliberate lies due to mismanagement and moving you around just to buy time is completely unprofessional. I did not find this kind of unprofessionalism in other airlines, even though there are other bad experiences with them also.

    similar incident happened to my room-mate, may be little worse.

    The airline was aerofloat (russian) in this case.

    they boarded aircraft from bombay to ewr. aircraft started running on runway and after some unsuccessful attempts they came back to terminal. with everyone's surprise, the pilot announced that there is a techincal difficulty and unable to takeoff.

    Next flight was after 48 hours and that too from delhi. No need to say my friend spend 24 hours also at moscow airport and finally reached newark after 4 days finally. All these with no ground staff at bombay by aerofloat. Being young students, my friend and his groups helped like a coolie to shuttle all other elderly passengers bags to hotel and so forth. He is a very fair person and still doesn't blame aerofloat. He bought the return ticket for 760 with tax, where other airlines used to charge like 1200 or so.

    morale of the story: don't blame airindia for all the faults. I am sure there is lot to improve but it is not the only airline where things go bad. This is possible anywhere.

    and lastly, the OP who blamed airindia for not allowing duty free stuff bought at NJ at frankfurt - don't blame AI. It is the airport staff of FRA and not AI.

    For all those who think that only airindia is bad, go to google and search for reviews of any airline. Chances are very high that you will get such horror stories described by someone.

    The OP somewhere has an attitude that he is too important and shouldn't have any issues. Unfortunately the world is not perfect.

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  • IfYouSeekAmy
    08-06 08:39 AM
    Canada and Australia are good backup options. You want to apply for one of these countries as a backup while waiting for your GC.

    I m a new applicant for EB 3 gc born in india.....just starting my process......with my PD being sometime in later half of 2009,do u think canada is a better option?......EB 3 india right now looks like a good 10-12 years wait time!!.......pls advice about canada immigration and is it a viable option?


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  • gapala
    03-20 08:42 PM
    I guess nuthing :)

    Check this post # 9
    And answer this may be I can learn something from you :)
    So in this case if I work for EMP A and apply for a h1b thru EMP B as soon as the EMP B's petition is approved I lose the approved peition with EMP A ??? COLOR]

    In case you missed it, I did answer your question, read the other thread you will find it and I do not want to say "sure you have a lot to learn" not only from me but from others as well on this forum. Lets learn together through these discussions. :)

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  • gomirage
    06-14 11:11 PM
    First congrats to everybody here able to benefit from this great news. For the rest of the road still loooooooong to go. I'm just starting my labor certification process this month and I'm very new to this whole greencard process. Is there any advice I can have to expedite my application before retrogression hits again. Hopefully it will be a little while before CIS brings us to reality of life. Any help to a poor man will be greatly appreciated.

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  • DallasBlue
    09-04 09:56 PM
    Jaime - SUPERTASTIC!!!

    don't foget to send your info to

    => one more from lonestar state

    02-13 08:28 AM
    I think a change of leadership of IV is critical if we have to get anywhere. IV has not been able to achieve a single thing in all of its existence. Not a single thing, nada, zitto, zapata. Not disclosing the issues they are working on, not disclosing how the funds are distributed, not disclosing the lobbyist they are using. Who in the world calls that leadership!

    That is the reason that no one wants to contribute. First get some results, show people results for what they have paid for. Then ask for more money. Most people I talk to are confident that IV will achieve nothing given their track record. I tried to convince a colleague to join IV. He bet with me that they will not be able to achieve even this filing I-485 issue. He bet that he will join and pay if they did.

    I know IV works like dIVorced wIVes club and saying anything negative is taboo. Anyone saying anything negative is crushed with (p)curses. Only good mushy things are allowed here. So here it is: We will get our GCs by the end of the month. Hallelujah!

    But I am writing this for the benefit of IV and please take this as constructively as you can. As a member, I have full right to suggest a change of leadership when I think it can help.

    Nice to hear from you.
    Pls. update your profile so that you are not an annonymous member and can talk to you. We definately want your leadership skills and abilities since you have been with IV for past one year and seen how we have grown and struggled to reach where we are now. Do come to DC and help us. We need people like you to help us run around and meet lawmaker offices, contact other organizations, contact employers, communicate with IV members, manage forums, contact and manage media efforts, manage funds, manage lobbying efforts with the lobbyists, go to conferences and meetings to give presentations or to simply meet people hoping for help for our cause etc etc.

    We are just overwhelmed with so many tasks and most of the above tasks happen during business hours. So we find it increasingly tough to manage both our jobs and IV work. We are trying to do all the above and have requested all members to actively participate in at least their state chapters to help us out. I am sure you must have successfully led your state chapter, met all your lawmakers from your state, contacted your employer for support and have enough management experience and drive to get something done.

    Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this exciting possibility with you.


    05-20 12:32 PM
    Since you guys asked for the total - Here it is $1800.
    We need another $1600 to end the day to bring it to $3400

    I am just counting the pledges from the last 3 pages. Not the actual recieved.

    GO IV.

    Thanks to everyone that contributed today. we need to do better in the comming days.

    Thank You Amit for gauging the progress we are making...

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